tagIncest/TabooHell-Bent For Incest

Hell-Bent For Incest


Author's Note: Welcome to my Halloween contest entry. After going pretty dark the last two years I decided to go the other way and provide some good old fashioned clean dirty incestuous fun with a Halloween twist. Disclaimer: This story does not focus on one type of incest, but several different family pairings. Enjoy. LC68.


"Mark!" Melanie yelled from the other side of his door as she pounded on it, "Open the door you little shit. I know you have my lap top!"

"Mom said I could use it because you broke the screen on mine, remember?" He called out while closing the porn site he'd been surfing.

"You've had it all day. I need to use it!"

"I'm busy!" He shouted, scanning the browser history to get rid of the videos he'd been watching.

He stopped when he saw one called, "Big sis makes it better." He hadn't watched that. Or had he? It sounded familiar. He saw the date on it was yesterday. Did he watch it last night when he was using his sister's lap top to work on his Essay?

He was tempted to click on it; after all he did like those videos. Odd considering the only way he'd want to touch his sister inappropriately would be to choke her. Well most of the time, sometimes he did think she was kind of sexy. Then she would do something bitchy and he would be back to wanting to kill her.

"Huh." Mark grunted when he saw a few other brother sister titles throughout the week.

"I'm not waiting anymore!" Melanie announced as she walked into his room.

"Melanie!" He shouted, spinning around in the old office chair dad had given him. "What the fuck, I'm not dressed!"

He was sitting at his desk in his boxers and there wasn't anything near him to grab and cover himself with.

"Oh, gross!" Melanie scrunched up her face. "That's disgusting, just sitting around in your underwear. What if mom came in?"

"Mom and dad are on their way to New Hampshire. They won't be home until Sunday morning." He rolled his eyes. "And mom would knock."

He thought about getting up and grabbing his jeans from on top of the pile of clothes on his dresser. Seeing she was disgusted, he figured he would just stay as he was, it would get her out of here faster.

"You would answer the door for her, me you ignore." She walked into the room and over to the desk.

"You should talk," Mark pointed to her chest. "Wear a damn bra, you pig."

Melanie looked down at her white sleeveless t-shirt. Her breasts weren't big, but far more than a mouthful and were prominently displayed, her nipples visible through the flimsy material.

"Wear some pants perv." She replied, pointing down at his crotch which, like her tits, was well defined in the tight boxer briefs. "No one wants to see that little thing."

"Of course its little, its hiding from you." He smirked. "Bet your boyfriends can only get it up when you're facing away from them."

"Funny, asshole." She retorted, "At least I get the real thing, you get your hand."

"Is that the real thing I hear humming real loud when I come in from work late at night?" He laughed at the look on her face.

"You prick!" She crossed her arms, "Why are you always so mean to me?"

"Why are you always so fucking bitchy?" Mark asked.

"Because you always make fun of me." She stared down at him, her big blue eyes filling up. "You're always mean to me first."

"Oh, come on, Melanie. Don't pretend I hurt the feelings you don't have."

"I'm not ugly." Her lower lip pushed out in a pout. "You always make ugly jokes like just now, saying guys will only fuck me doggy style."

"Maybe they think it's your face and can't tell the difference." Mark started to smile, then stopped, when she lowered her head.

"That's not funny. I'm not a dog." She told him. "I don't say you're ugly."

"Um, yeah you do." Mark reminded her.

"I'm kidding, I think you're really cute."

"See? And...what did you say?" He asked, confused, "You just say I'm cute?"

"You are." She gave him an odd smile. "You're a good looking guy, little brother."

"Okay, what do you want?" He gave her a suspicious look.

"No, really." She went on, "You have that thick wavy black hair and intense dark eyes."

"Intense?" His sister was setting him up for something.

"Yeah like you know, bedroom eyes." Melanie gave him a flirty little smile, the kind she used on the guys at school. "Really sexy."

Even as Mark looked at her like she'd lost her mind, she wondered why the hell she had said that. Telling her brother he had bedroom eyes. Where had that come from?

"Come on, Mark." She stepped up close to him, so she was standing between his legs. "Do you really think your big sister's ugly?"

"Well, no, not really."

"Think I'm cute?"

"I..." Mark stopped and blinked, staring at her as if he had just noticed her.

His older sister was an attractive girl. Her long, curly, dirty blond hair was down and mussed as if she'd been sleeping before she came in and her eye makeup was smudged. Standing there bra less in a little tank top and a pair of denim cut off she reminded him of the expression, 'the freshly fucked look'. As if she'd just had a boyfriend over and had to get up out of bed.

Freshly fucked? Mark frowned, he loved that expression, and look, but to see Melanie like that? His eyes continued to wander up and down his sister's body and he noticed she was watching him with a sexy little smile on her face.

Sexy? Yeah it was, she was looking at him the way she looked at Bill, his friend from school she always busted his balls about, saying she was going to fuck him some day. Melanie had spent a lot of time at the beach over the summer and her long legs were deeply tanned.

The shorts showed those legs off well, but did even better things for that hot little ass of hers. Mark had to admit his big sister did have a fine ass and legs, and for that matter? Her tits were pretty damned hot too. Not big, not small, but perfect and right now her nipples, her very hard nipples, were poking through the shirt.

She was standing between his legs and those nipples were at eye level and a sudden vision of her lifting her shirt up for him leapt into his mind. Followed by him fondling them, sucking on them. His bitchy sister's tits. His bitchy sister, sinking to her knees, taking his cock out and...

Mark was hard, his cock warm and pulsing along his leg and straining against the tight underwear.

"You're pretty damned sexy, sis." He whispered, surprised by his own words. Not as surprised at the raging hard on between his legs however. Or the image of pulling her shorts down and burying his face between her well-tanned, supple thighs.

"You think so?" She gave him a huge smile.

"Hell yeah." He returned the smile. "Look at you, you're beautiful, you have those long friggin legs and," Unable to stop himself, he licked his lips, "Your tits look amazing."

"Hmm," She purred, her hands cupping her breasts through the shirt, "You like your sisters tits, Mark?"

"They're perfect, like the rest of you." He wasn't kidding. God his big sister was fine. As fine as any of those 'sisters' in the movies he'd jerked off to.

"Is that why your cock is big and hard?" She pointed to his crotch and a shiver went through him when her soft pink tongue slid across her full sensual lips. Mark bet those lips were soft and yearned to kiss them. Them and the soft wet lips of her pussy.

"Yes." He told her, "You get me hard, Melanie. So hard I jerk off to you sometimes." Whoa! He wasn't supposed to tell her he'd done that!

"Your cocks not the only thing that's hard." She placed her hands on his arms and squeezed.

"My little brother's not so little anymore are you?" She sucked on her lower lip, "You got a pretty hot body yourself, Mark."

"Not as hot as yours, sis." He was beginning to sweat and was rubbing his finger tips together, imagining her nipples between them. "God, look at those tits!" They were so close!

"Wanna see them?" Melanie lifted her shirt high enough for Mark to see just the sweet curve of the lower part of her breasts.

"Oh yeah."

"Ask nice!" She laughed and he smiled, he really did love her laugh....and her.

"Please." He gave a poor imitation of her pout, causing her to laugh again, "Please big sis. Please let your little brother see your pretty tits?"

"Seeing you asked so nicely." She pulled her shirt up, exposing her breasts.

Melanie cried out in surprised pleasure when, before her shirt was even all the way over her tits, Mark's mouth was on her right nipple. With a moan she stripped off the shirt, tossing it to the side.

Grabbing her brother's hair, Melanie shoved his face hard into her tit, arching her back to feed her nipple to him. Mark switched to her other nipple, this time teasing his tongue around it first, before sucking it into his mouth

"Yeah, suck your sister's tits!" She groaned. "You think about them all the time, don't you?"

"Hmm-mm" He nodded as he continued switched back to her other nipple, while fondling both breasts. "Not just your tits either, sis."

Letting her tits go, Mark continued tonguing her nipple while unsnapping her shorts. Melanie giggled and wiggled her hips, helping him push the tight shorts down her thighs. Mark let them go and she gave a sex shimmy, causing the shorts to fall to the floor at her bare feet.

His hands slipped around her and she squealed when he grabbed her ass and squeezed hard. His mouth left her breasts and kissed her soft stomach.

"God, you're sexy, Melanie."

His fingers hooked into her red thong, but before he could pull it down, she pushed him back into his chair.

"No fair, you're having all the fun." Dropping to her knees between his legs, she grabbed his boxers and tugged on them. "Let me show you what I've been getting off to."

Mark lifted his hips, allowing Melanie to pull them down and watched as his long thick cock sprang free.

"Fuck, look at this cock!" Melanie grabbed it, and squeezed, causing him to whimper, "Is this all for your big sister?"

"All of it, whenever you want it." He moaned when she swirled her pink tongue around the head of his cock, then gasped when she took him deep into her mouth.

"Mmmm!" Melanie moaned as she worked her lips down his shaft.

She managed to take him all the way down and her pussy gushed at the feeling of having her mouth stuffed with her little brother's cock. Mark reached down and cupped her tits, stroking her aching nipples with his thumbs. As a reward, Melanie bobbed her head rapidly.

"Goddamn, sis." Mark moaned, "You look good sucking my cock."

Mark loved the way her big blue eyes stared at him from between his legs, but not as much s he loved the sight of his cock sliding in and out of his sister's mouth. Damn, this was even hotter than they made it look in all those incest videos he whacked off to.

Melanie was moaning and whimpering as she sucked him and letting her tits go, he put his hands in her long hair and pushed on her head, guiding her sweet mouth up and down his glistening shaft.

Her eyes rolled back and her hips were working in circles as blowing her brother had her so excited she was squirming. Why the hell hadn't they done this before? She took him deep into her mouth and shook her head, causing him to moan, and cupped his heavy balls.

Mark's hips moved, and she stopped moving her head, letting her brother fuck her mouth. He worked his cock between her lips several times, then surprised her by grabbing her arms and pulling her away from his big beautiful cock.

"My turn." He grinned, standing and tugging her up to her feet.

Turning, Mark swept his arm across one side of his desk sending papers and CD's flying to the floor. Putting his arms around Melanie, he grabbed her ass again and this time lifted her, and sat her on his desk.

She laughed, but it turned into a long moan when he dropped to his knees, pulled her thong to the side and buried his face in his sister's smooth pink pussy.

"Oh, that feels good!" Melanie cried out when he plunged his tongue inside her.

Mark groaned at the scent and taste of his sister's pussy. Her hot, wet flesh was pressed against his face and his mouth filled with her sticky juices as he slurped on her hot little box. He ran his tongue up through her wet lips, and she moaned when his tongue encountered her swollen clit.

"That's it, little brother," She purred, her hands going to her tits, to tease her nipples, "Lick my pussy! Make your big sister come for you!"

Mark sucked her clit into his mouth at the same time her slipped two fingers into her and Melanie moaned her approval. Damn she was wet, and tight, he thought while thrusting his fingers in and out of his sister's pink slit.

Melanie put her feet on his shoulders and rocked her hips into his flickering tongue, working her clit against it.

"Yes, oh yes." She moaned, her fingernails digging into his scalp. "Keep licking, baby, please keep licking!"

Baby? That sent a thrill through him and licking faster while thrusting his fingers harder, Mark strived to make his sister come for him.

"Right there!" Melanie squirmed, rubbing her pussy in his face, "Right there Mark, just a little more!"

Her toes curled into his shoulders and her pussy tightening around her fingers, Melanie threw her head back and squealed as she came in her brother's face. Mark moaned as his sister bucked her hips, grinding her pussy in his face and her pussy contracted around his plunging fingers.

He looked up to see she was tugging hard on her nipples, stretching the pink skin. Her eyes were closed, her lips parted and her face flushed from passion. Damn his sister was beautiful! Why had he always made fun of her so much? Well one thing was for sure, he never would again!

"Damn," Melanie sighed as the last waves of her intense orgasm flowed through her, "I knew you'd be good with that tongue of yours little, Oh fuck!"

Mark had stood up and keeping her thong to the side plunged his cock into his sister's still quivering flesh. They both cried out when his sizable cock was engulfed by her hot, tight and forbidden pussy.

"Oh,God Mark!" She groaned when he pumped his hips, fucking her with long hard strokes, damn she felt good! "I can't believe you're fucking me!"

"I can't believe I waited this long." He responded while watching his cock slide in and out of her pink slit. "I've wanted this so bad, sis!"

"Oh, me too!" She leaned back against the wall and wrapping her arms around her thighs, pulled her legs back to her chest so he could fuck her even deeper.

Mark leaned closer, pressing her feet against his shoulders and causing her ass to lift further off the desk.

"Oh, oh, oh!" Melanie yelped each time he slammed into her. "That's it little brother, fuck me! Fuck your naughty big sister!"

"My sexy big sister." He corrected her, then smiled, "My beautiful big sister." He lowered his head and kissed her.

Melanie returned the kiss as best she could while squealing and yelping from his hard thrusts. Their lips parted and their tongues waged war as her brother nailed her on his desk, her back against the wall like she was some slut he'd brought home from school.

She couldn't believe he was really fucking her! All those nasty brother-sister movies she'd watched, all the wet dreams she'd had about him and all the times she had listened at his door when he snuck his girlfriends in.

Melanie would listen to their moans and cries as he licked and fucked them and now it was her who was finally getting his big cock. The one she knew she shouldn't want, but had lusted after for months!

Mark grabbed Melanie's tits, squeezing them and playing with her nipples as he hammered away on her amazing pussy. Melanie moaned and sought out his lips, catching them in a deep hard kiss.

Feeling her lips against his while her other lips wrapped around his cock, and playing with her breasts, Mark was convinced this was a dream. Just one of the hundreds he'd been having of his sexy big sister for the last two years, ever since he'd spied on her blowing, then riding, her ex-boyfriend.

She'd been so sexy, so sensual, so fucking hot! Seeing his big sister as a woman, a smoking hot, insatiable little wildcat had stroked the fires of his imagination, instilling in him the taboo desire to be the lucky man she gave herself too and now he was!

"Stop!" Melanie pushed her hands against his chest.

"You don't like it?" Mark asked. The thought his sister might not be enjoying this sent a sinking feeling through his stomach.

"Love it!" She smiled and gave him a quick kiss. "But I want to love it my favorite way!"

Melanie slid off the desk and with a giggle grabbed his cock. Tugging on it, she led Mark away from the desk to his bed. Letting his hard wet cock go, she peeled her thong off, crawled onto the bed and lowering her head to the pillow, pushed her ass in the air.

"Come get it, little brother. Come fuck your big sister the way you know you want to."

Mark couldn't get on the bed fast enough, his eyes focused on not only his sister's perfectly shaped, firm little ass, but her glistening pink pussy framed between her thighs. Grabbing her hips he entered her in one long thrust and they both cried out when he resumed fucking her harder than he'd ever fucked any of the girls he'd been with.

But damn, none of those girls had been as hot as his big sis! Melanie looked incredible like this. Her sweet ass in the air, her long hair fanned across her smooth back and she was looking over her shoulder at him, her blue eyes wide and glazed over with lust.

"Fuck me!" She moaned. "Fuck me harder, Mark. Fuck me the way I've dreamed of you fucking me!"

"You dreamed of me?" He spoke between his gasps for air as he hammered away at her.

"Yes!" She told him, "All the time! I've gotten off to you so many times! Just laying in my bed, playing with my pussy and wishing you were there, licking it, sucking it, fucking me!"

"And I've dreamed of you blowing me and riding me." He replied, his hands running over her back, her sides, her ass, reveling in touching his sister's naked body.

"Well, were not dreaming now!" She laughed. "We'll never have to dream about it again because Mark, your big sister is going to be taking real good care of her little brother from now on!"

"And I'm going to make sure my cock is the last cock my beautiful sister ever wants!"

He emphasized his statement by squeezing her hips hard and tearing into her, hammering her so hard his balls were slapping against her pussy and the room was filled with the sound of their flesh slamming together.

Melanie's mouth was open and she was moaning continuously as her brother fucked her like she had never been fucked before. She had never let a guy fuck her this hard, but her brother could have anything he wanted from her. Today and every day from now on.

"Oh, oh shit." Mark breathed as his balls tightened and his cock twitched inside her.

"Come for me!" Melanie egged him on. "Come on, baby, come for your sister." She moaned when he fucked her even faster, "Give it to me Mark!"

Mark cried out as his cock exploded and Melanie squealed as long hot spurts of cum sprayed deep inside her. Mark continued to fuck her, each hard thrust ending in another warm squirt of his cum.

"Oh that feels so good." She purred as her younger brother continued to paint the inside of her pussy.

Mark gave her several more hard thrusts, his balls emptying the last of their contents into his big sister. He paused, his cock buried balls deep inside her, then whimpered when she contracted around him and milked a few more drops from his spent cock.

"Aw, that was a cute little noise!" Melanie laughed as she eased his cock from her and rolled over on her back.

"You making fun of me?" He asked, but with a smile on his face.

"Not at all. It's adorable and I want you to keep making it, but only with me." Melanie stretched her arms over her head, arching her back and pushing her tits out.

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