tagMatureHell Hath No Fury Ch. 02

Hell Hath No Fury Ch. 02

byD.C. Roi©

Passion In James County IV: Hell Hath No Fury

Chapter 2

Tim Jackman finished putting on his uniform in the locker room of the Jamestown police station. He was a good-looking young man of twenty-one who stood six feet tall, had brown hair and blue eyes, and weighed one hundred and ninety pounds, thirty pounds more than he'd weighed in high school. He was also more muscular than he'd been in high school because of the hours he spent daily working out to keep himself in shape for his job.

After he had his uniform on, Tim joined the other officers working night shift in the roll call room to await their nightly briefing from the sergeant who was the night shift supervisor.

Tim was finishing his first year as a patrolman on the Jamestown Police Department. After he graduated from high school, he attended a local community college and got an associate's degree in law enforcement, then he joined his hometown police department. He was still attending community college at night, working toward his bachelor's degree in law enforcement.

He told his parents, who weren't thrilled by his choice of careers, that he intended to become a lawyer eventually but now, after a year in uniform, he knew he never wanted to be anything but a working cop. The only career change he contemplated was promotion to sergeant and assignment to the detective division.

He found a seat near the back of the roll call room and, along with the rest of the night shift, waited for the sergeant to appear and give them their patrol assignments for the night.

Sergeant Dawson, a bulky man with dark hair and a bushy moustache, who wore his wire-rimmed glasses perched on the tip of his pointy nose, walked into the room carrying his clipboard in his hand. He looked around at the officers who comprised his shift and nodded. "Listen up, people," he said. He glanced down at his clipboard. "Here are your assignments for the night."

Ten minutes later, Tim and his partner and field training officer, Lex Dumont, walked out of the station, headed for their patrol car.

"You mind being recorder again, college boy?" Lex asked. He was the senior member of the two man team, a fifteen-year veteran of the streets. Normally the junior officer was the driver but Lex, who was computer-phobic, hadn't managed to master the intricacies of the computer terminals the department had installed in all of the cruisers. That meant Tim was passenger officer ever since they began working together.

Tim laughed. "No problem, old-timer," he said. "You know where all the donut shops are better than I do, anyhow." He liked his partner who had earned the reputation of being one of the best patrol officers on the force. He learned a lot from Lex; every night brought new lessons which helped him improve his police skills.

"Damn smart-assed kid," Lex muttered. "You know I don't eat donuts."

"Yeah, I know," Tim shot back. "It's those cheese Danish at Flossie's you're addicted to."

They stowed their gear in the car, got in, and Lex started out of the parking lot while Tim put them in service using the computer terminal.

"I don't see why we have to have those damn computers in the cruisers," Lex grumped as he headed for their patrol sector. "There's nothing wrong with radios far as I can tell." He snorted. "Actually, I never minded using call boxes, for that matter."

Tim didn't respond to his partner's comments. He and Lex had the radio versus computer argument at least once a month and he wasn't in the mood for it tonight. "Be nice if we had a quiet night for a change," he ventured.

"Yeah," Lex agreed. "Actually, seeing as how we're patrolling the high-rent district tonight, maybe it will be quiet." Their patrol area, known as the East Sector, consisted of mostly high-value residential properties. There was little or no criminal activity in the East Sector, other than an occasional prowler complaint, and those almost always turned out to be unfounded.

They had been assigned to Central Sector, the downtown area. It was a busy district, filled with rowdy bars. Working there helped keep their arrest statistics up, but left them drained at the end of the shift. Despite the heavy workload, Tim liked working Central Sector because the action gave him the experience he knew he'd need.

They managed to get half-way through their shift without having any calls. The only police work they did was issue one traffic ticket for speeding and a warning for the same offense.

"Working this sector sure is boring," Tim commented after he gave the second driver, an older woman, her warning.

"Yeah, it sure is," his partner agreed. "I'll talk to Dawson, maybe I can get him to reassign us to Central Sector again."

"I sure hope he does it," Tim said. "Jesus, for all the calls there are up here, you could cover this sector out of headquarters."

Lex turned onto a shadowy residential street and the patrol car cruised slowly past the huge, dark homes. The officers peered out the windows of the police car, surveying the darkened houses, looking for anything that might be out of place.

Tim spotted a house he knew only too well. "That's where Heidi used to live," he thought, experiencing a funny feeling in his stomach. "I wonder if she still does."

He could finally think about Heidi Tate, his former lover, without too much pain, but it took quite a while for him to get to that point. He remembered the last time he saw Heidi, three years earlier. He'd gone over to her house - the one they'd just cruised by - just as he had several times before...


Heidi met him at the door and they shared a long, passionate kiss.

He grabbed her bottom and pulled her against him, pressing his swollen member against her. He felt her go slack in his arms.

"Let's...let's go upstairs," she gasped when the kiss ended.

The minute they got to Heidi's bedroom, he began to strip her clothes off. Her fingers worked on his clothing at the same time. He loved helping her undress, and found having her undress him incredibly exciting. He found having her want him as much as she obviously did a very intoxicating experience.

Once their clothes were off, the lovers tumbled into Heidi's king-sized bed. His lips immediately went to her protruding nipples, and her hands sought his erection. Then, together, they slowly, joyfully, explored, caressed, and excited each other.

He caressed Heidi, watching her excitement rapidly build to a level of near-frenzy.

She rolled on her back and pulled him on top of her. "Oh, darling, please!" she groaned. "I need you. I...I don't want to wait! Take me, Tim!"

He felt his erection slide up his partner's belly between them and didn't have to be asked twice. He needed the ravishing nurse desperately. He felt her rigid nipples, hot points of need, jabbing into his chest.

"Take me!" Heidi urged, "Now!" Her voice was filled with urgency.

He raised his hips, then lowered them, and felt his rigid shaft slide into her warm, damp opening. He was in her!

"Yesssss!!! Oh, Lover!!! Yessssss!!!!" Heidi groaned, "That's what I need!!!!"

He began to move his hips and, together, the couple rode breaking waves of jubilation. Their bodies strained together while they exchanged lustful feelings.

Heidi's passion reached a crescendo, then blossomed into sweet, joyful explosions of bliss. "Yessssssss!!!! Yesssssss!!! Darling, yesssssss!!!!!"she cried as she came. "Take meeeeee!!! Take meeeeeeeeeee!!!!!! Take meeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!"

When Heidi came, so did he. His loins uncoiled in a burst of delight, exploding his juices into her rocking, twisting body. "Heidi!!!! Oh, Godddd!!!!!!!" he cried.

Afterward, still glowing from their shared joy, they lay in each other's arms.

Heidi kissed him. "I can't believe it!" she exclaimed breathlessly. "Every time we make love it's different, and each time it's more wonderful than the last!"

"It is, isn't it?" he replied. He took her in his arms and their lips locked in a longing, passionate kiss. "Want to go again?" he asked when the kiss ended.

Heidi shook her head and a serious look formed on her face. "Tim there...there's something we need to talk about," she said hesitantly.

"What?" he asked. He caressed her face lightly with his fingers. He didn't understand why she'd gotten serious and looked so sad.

Heidi took a deep breath. "Tim...I...I don't know how to tell you this..." she said, "...but...I...I have to...to stop seeing you."

He felt tears welling up in his eyes. "No!" he exclaimed. "No! You can't mean that!"

Heidi gazed into his eyes and nodded. "I do, my love," she said softly. Her eyes were wet, too. "I have no choice. I...what we're doing is wrong. If anyone finds out, I'll be fired from my job and I could be prosecuted."

"I'm not going to tell anyone," he protested. "You know I'd never do that!" He felt more pain than he believed it was possible to feel.

"I know you won't, but I've made up my mind," Heidi said. "I have to do this. I really do."

He couldn't keep anger from flaring up inside him. "So...so that's it, huh?" he asked bitterly. "I suppose now that you've got what you want, you want me to leave, huh?" The minute he said it, he was sorry. The pained look on Heidi's face hurt him almost as much as what she'd told him.

"Tim, I..." Heidi said. "That's not the way it is. I...what I'm doing...it's...it's best for both of us."

He got out of bed. "Yeah, sure," he retorted. "Sure it is." While tears streamed down his cheeks, he climbed into his clothes. Once he was dressed, he turned and started for the door. Before he went out, he stopped and turned to face Heidi, who lay on the bed, crying. "Have a good life, Heidi," he snapped.

"Tim..." Heidi said, tears rolling down her cheeks, "Tim..."


"Tim! Hey, partner," Lex said, "The goddamn computer's beeping. Do something about it, will you?"

"What?" Tim said, snapping out of his reverie, "Ah...OK." He glanced at the computer. "We got a call. Possible prowler, 1245 Westmont."

"Shit!" Lex said, "Jesus, I remember that address from when I worked this area ten years ago. That's old Mrs. Burke. There's no prowler. She's just lonely and wants someone to talk to. Oh, well." The car speeded up. "Where the hell were you, partner?" Lex asked. "You went away on me there for a while."

"I...I was just thinking about something," Tim replied. Would he ever be able to get Heidi out of his mind? He hoped so.

"When we get through with Mrs. Burke," his partner said, "how about we go get some coffee?"

"And a cheese Danish?" Tim asked. "Maybe at Flossie's?"

"Goddamn smartass kid!" Lex grumped.

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