tagMatureHell Hath No Fury Ch. 06

Hell Hath No Fury Ch. 06

byD.C. Roi©

Tim Jackman was looking for an apartment. He was living at home, but his retired parents were selling their house and moving into a condo in a retirement village. That meant he had to find a place of his own. He scanned the Jamestown "Bugle" and spotted an ad for a relatively inexpensive furnished apartment. The address wasn't far from police headquarters and the rent was in the range he thought he could swing on his pay. He picked up his phone and dialed the number in the ad.

"Windrift Apartments," a sultry feminine voice said.

"Wow, does she ever sound hot!" Tim thought as the wonderful voice caressed his ear. "Ah...I'm calling about your ad for an apartment in the 'Bugle'," he said.

"We have several openings," the voice said. "How big an apartment are you looking for?"

"Ah...a...a one-bedroom, I guess," Tim said. The voice was really something. Husky, and captivating, it had a surprising effect on him. He was getting aroused from talking to a woman he hadn't seen about renting an apartment. Damn!

"Whoever that is, she's probably fifty, fat, and frumpy," he told himself. The argument did little to stem the swelling in his groin. "I...ah...can I, ah, make an appointment to come over and look at one?" he stammered.

"You don't need an appointment," the voice said. "I'll be here all morning. Just come over when you have time."

"Ah...I...I'll be there in about a half-hour," Tim said. "Ah...my name's Jackman...um...Tim Jackman."

"I'm looking forward to meeting you, Tim Jackman," the voice said. "I'll see you in a half an hour."

It actually took Tim forty-five minutes to get to the apartment building. Just in case the woman who he'd spoken with turned out not to be fifty, fat, and frumpy, he took a shower and put on some decent clothes. He was pleased to find that the apartment complex was a fairly new collection of boxy buildings located in a low-crime neighborhood. It looked well-cared for. He parked in a space marked "Visitors" in the parking lot and followed signs that directed him to the office.

The woman who the stimulating voice belonged to was anything but fifty, fat, and fumpy, he learned, when he walked into the office.

The woman smiled at him when he walked into the office. "Hi," she said. She got up from the desk she was sitting at and walked to where Tim stood. "You must be Tim Jackman. I'm Carol Ann Allenstein, the manager." She offered him her hand.

Tim shook hands with her, and when he did, he felt electricity run up his arm. "Ah...hi," he said. "You...you're right, I...I am Tim Jackman."

Carol Ann was something else! About five-nine and quite slim, she was deeply tanned. Her shiny brown hair, which hung to the middle of her back, was done in that crimped style he'd never learned the name of. She had on a knee-length white skirt which was cinched around her impossibly tiny waist by a wide black belt. She also had on a skimpy white top decorated with black dots, which was held closed by black buttons. The top ended some distance above the belt, exposing a delightful strip of tan, flat belly and a nearly-perfect navel. Over the top she wore a white jacket. Tim looked at her and swallowed hard. She was dynamite!

Carol Ann seemed to sense his discomfiture and grinned. "You said you wanted to look at an apartment?" she said.

"Ah...yeah," Tim gulped. "One bedroom, I guess."

"OK," she said, "I'll show you 214. It's only one bedroom, it's really nice, and the rent's reasonable." She smiled at him warmly. "It's near the pool, and it's near the manager's apartment, too."

"Sounds...uh...good," Tim gulped.

"Come on," Carol Ann said, walking out of the office, by him. She started down a hallway toward a flight of stairs.

Tim watched her walk away from him for a second or two, then he started after her. Watching Carol Ann go up the stairs was quite enjoyable. Although she was thin, her bottom was taut and finely formed and her hips swayed wonderfully as she mounted the stairs. Her long legs and well-formed calves looked very inviting. By the time they reached the second floor, he had a real problem in his jeans. Carol Ann was one hot lady!

The manager unlocked the door to Apartment 214 and went inside. Tim followed her. Inside the cozy apartment, she smiled at him warmly. "This is all there is," she said. "What do you think?"

Tim looked around. "Ah...it's...nice," he stammered. The apartment was small, but the furnishings were nice - mostly new - and it was clean. To the right of the door was a small combined kitchen-dining nook. To the left of that was a small living room. The living room held a sofa, chair, and even a TV set. There were two doors in the wall at the far end of the living room.

"The bathroom's through that door, there," Carol Ann said, indicating the door on the left. She pointed to the door on the right. "The bedroom's in there." She gave Tim a very interesting look.

"Does that look mean what I think it does?" Tim wondered. He decided he had to be imagining things. It wasn't as if he was some kind of hot-looking stud or something.

"Would you like to see the bedroom, Mr. Jackman?" Carol Ann asked.

"Ah...sure," Tim replied. "Why not?"

He watched Carol Ann walk across the living room, then he followed her. She opened the door and stepped inside the bedroom. So did Tim.

The bedroom was large and airy. Tim was surprised to find that it had a king-sized bed. That he hadn't expected. "It's...ah... very nice," he said.

"That door over there is the closet," Carol Ann told him. "It's pretty good-sized."

"Good," Tim said. "I have to tell you, I didn't expect a king-sized bed, though."

Carol Ann giggled softly. "My husband and I own this building," she said. "When we renovated it after we bought it, I talked him into putting king-sized beds in all the apartments. I like having a lot of play room and I figured other people would, too." Her eyes were hot and she gave Tim a smile that made him feel as if his heart rhythm was out of synch.

Tim found it difficult to breathe. Either she was coming on to him or he was having a really wild dream. "Ah...yeah," he gulped.

"So you like the idea of having a king-sized bed, Mr. Jackman?" Carol Ann asked.

"Ah...yeah," Tim replied.

"You know what I'm talking about, don't you?" Carol Ann said. Her voice had a strained quality Tim hadn't noticed earlier.

Tim nodded some more and swallowed hard. "Yeah," he said. "I...I guess I do."

"Are you married, Tim Jackman?" she asked.

"Ah...I... ah...no," he replied.

"That's nice!" she said. She moved a little closer.

Tim could smell the scent of her perfume. It was mesmerizing.

"You're kinda cute, Tim," Carol Ann murmured.

Tim shrugged. Should he make a move on her, or shouldn't he? He noticed that she had gone from calling him "Mr. Jackman" to "Tim," and wondered what the change meant.

"What do for a living, Tim?" the gorgeous apartment manager asked.

"Cop...ah...I...I'm a cop," he replied. What was wrong with him? He seemed to have developed a stammer and he never had one before.

"I don't think I've ever rented to a cop. Having you living here might make the other " Carol Ann purred. "Do you like being a cop?"

"Ah...yeah. I...I do," Tim replied. Not only was his heart rate out of whack, breathing was a problem for him, too.

Carol Ann smiled warmly. "Is there anything else I can show you?" she purred.

Tim could think of a few things he'd like her to show him, but he wasn't sure how she'd react if he suggested them. "I...I don't know..." he stammered. He took a deep breath.

Carol Ann moved closer. Her alluring gray eyes surveyed him. The look in those captivating eyes was very tempting. She licked her lips.

"What the hell?" Tim thought. The woman did tell him she was married, but she was acting like she wanted him to make a move on her, so... He put his hands on her bare waist. Her skin was incredibly smooth and very warm.

The next thing he knew, Carol Ann was crushed against him, her lips were glued to his, and her tongue was probing into his mouth. A soft, urgent moan came from her and her body was moving enticingly against his.

Tim made no effort to hide the tumescent organ confined in his pants. He clutched her to him and let it press against her.

"Would you like to try out the bed, Tim?" Carol Ann gasped after their electrifying kiss ended.

"Yeah...I...I'd love to," Tim gasped in reply. He slid his hands up her warm, silken skin, under her loose top, onto her firm, bare, hot breasts. He couldn't believe she wasn't wearing a bra, but then it didn't feel like she really needed one.

Carol Ann groaned and gyrated her hips against his swollen cock. "Yeahhh!! Oh, yeahhhh!!!" she moaned. "Damn, Tim Jackman, you sure do have nice hands!"

Tim teased the tips of her swollen breasts to full tumescence then, his hands trembling, he stripped her jacket, then her top, from her. Then his quaking hands slid down and opened the belt and fastener at the waist of her skirt. The garment dropped to the floor.

Her eyes aflame, Carol Ann stood before him naked, save for a lacy white string bikini. Tim gazed at her ravishing form. Unclothed, she was as lovely a woman as he'd ever seen! It was obvious she took very good care of herself. Her lean body was a marvel! Her breasts, though small, were perfectly-shaped. She had a flat belly and gently rounded hips. Her legs were lithe, firm and muscular. Her deeply tanned skin was smooth and taut.

"My God, you are gorgeous!" Tim whispered as he gazed on her lovely nude form.

Carol Ann didn't speak. Instead, her hands went to work on his clothes, opening the shirt and stripping it from him. Then she opened his pants and pushed them down over the distended pole that wanted desperately to escape the prison of clothing that confined it. "Oh, wow!" she whispered, then her warm fingers wrapped around his cock. "You're really something, Tim Jackman!"

Tim's legs were quaking and his chest was heaving. His head was swimming with wild, erotic sensations. He watched the gorgeous woman sink slowly to her knees in front of him, then he gasped when her lips encompassed the tip of his swollen shaft. "Gahhhhh!!!" he cried. "Damn!!! Oh, Damn!!!!"

Carol Ann's lips administered erotic magic to Tim's cock, making it swell even more. He kept his eyes shut. If he watched, he knew he'd lose control! He was terribly close to doing just that. Then the irresistible caress of her lips was gone, as was the light touch of her hands on his bare buttocks.

Tim opened his eyes. She wasn't there! He looked around desperately, trying to figure out where she'd gone.

"Over here!" Carol Ann called. Her voice came from behind him.

He turned. She was lying on the bed, legs splayed, arms outstretched, beckoning to him.

"Take me, Tim!" Carol Ann urged. "Now! I need it!"

Tim fell atop her and felt her fingers wrap around his cock. Ecstasy raced through him as his rigid shaft began to sink into her. His hips surged downward, burying his stave in her. He felt her legs wrap around him and her hips began to work frantically against his. It felt as if she was trying to suck him into her! It was incredible!

"Gimmmeeeeee!!! Gimmmmeeee!!!" Carol Ann groaned, her hands clutching him, raking his back. Her wonderful, muscular body toiled against his. She was one of the most exciting women he'd ever been with!

Tim would have preferred to take things slowly, but Carol Ann didn't give him a choice. Her response to their love-making was so wild that he could do little but respond the same way. He thrust into her vigorously and could feel his erection sliding in and out of her snug, humid gash. His release hurled forward, unstoppable. "Gahhhhhhhhhh!!! Ahhhhhhhhhh!!!!" he cried as, with sensations so intense they were almost painful, his juices flooded into Carol Ann's pulsating channel.

When Tim came, Carol Ann did, too. "Eeeeeeyeahhhhhhh!!!! Eeeeeeyahhhhhhhhhh!!!!" she screamed, her fingers digging into Tim's back, her legs clamping vice-like around him, as her body went wild. "Yeahhhhhhhhhhhh!!!! Oh, yeahhhhhhhhh!!! Gimmmmeeeeeeeee!!! Gimmmmmmmmeeeeeeeeeee!!!"

Tim had never known a woman who came as wildly as Carol Ann. Her body writhed and bucked against his for what seemed like ages. At last she relaxed, releasing him from the fierce grip she had on him. He rolled off her and lay on the bed, gasping for breath.

"Damn!" he heard Carol Ann say. "Jesus, Tim! You're something else! Damn!"

Tim rolled on his side and looked at her lovely face, still flushed with passion. "You're pretty amazing, yourself!" he whispered.

"I want more!" Carol Ann said. The level of hunger in her voice surprised him. Her hand sought his softening cock. "I want more of what this wonderful thing just gave me!"

"Uh...I...I'm not sure...I don't think I can..." Tim cautioned.

Carol Ann wasn't listening to him. She slid down and took his sticky column in her mouth and waves of ecstasy again began washing over him. The attractive woman's lips once more worked their erotic magic on him, and soon she had him as hard as he'd been before their first coupling.

"Do me again!" Carol Ann cried. "From the back!" She got to her knees on the bed next to Tim, her dripping gash near his face, inviting him to pillage her once more.

Tim got to his knees, moved behind her, gripped his swollen wand in his hand and, after placing it at the center of her opening, he sank it once more into her slender body.

"Yeahhhhhhh!! Oh, yeahhhhhhh!!!!" Carol Ann mewled. "Gimmmmeeee!!! Gimmmmmeeeeee!!!!"

This time Tim was able to control his thrusts into Carol Ann's marvelous body. He watched, and felt, her muscles ripple as rapture roiled in her.

Deliberately, he slid his cock in and out of her. He leaned forward and clasped her breasts, letting the nipples protrude between his fingers. With the extra leverage the position afforded, he began moving with more force.

"Harder!!! Harder!!!" Carol Ann groaned. "Give it to me harder, Tim!!!"

Tim responded ardently to the plea of the lovely female impaled on his swollen cock. His thighs slapped against hers as he increased the force of his thrusts. Her body slammed back to meet his thrusts.

"Nowwwwwwww!!!! Oh, Godddddddd!!! Nowwwwwww!!!!!" Carol Ann cried, "Gimmmmmeeeeeee!!! Oh, gimmmmmmmeeeeeeeeeee!!!! Nowwwwwwwww!!! Nowwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!!!!!!!" Once again, she exploded into paroxysms of ecstasy.

"Yeahhhhhhhh!!!!" Tim yelled, exploding once more into the warm opening which was engulfing and caressing his cock.

Spent, they collapsed onto the bed. Tim, too used up to move, remained laying on top of Carol Ann's lithe body. Neither of them moved or spoke for quite a while.

Finally, Carol Ann slipped out from under Tim and rolled on her side so she was facing him. "Jesus!" she said. "I sure as hell hope you're going to take this apartment!" She giggled. "I'd love it if you were living here!"

"I think I'd like living here," Tim agreed.

Carol Ann caressed his face with a slender hand, then she looked at her watch and sat up. "My God!" she exclaimed. "Look at the time! Damn! I have another appointment in ten minutes!" She kissed Tim, then got out of bed and started donning her clothes. "Damn!" she muttered as her luscious form disappeared under her clothing. "Shit! I wish I hadn't made that damn appointment!"

Tim finally found the strength to get up and put on his clothes.

Once they were dressed, they walked to the door of the apartment. Before they exited, Carol Ann moved against Tim and pulled his face down to hers. Their lips joined in a fiery kiss. "I...I hope you take the apartment," she said when the kiss ended. "You gonna?"

"I'll take it," Tim said. This was definitely where he wanted to live!

When they got downstairs they found a young couple waiting at the manager's office. Tim smiled at Carol Ann, then he went out to the parking lot, got in his pickup, and drove out of the driveway. "Well," he thought as he drove down the street. "I guess I've found myself an apartment."

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