tagGroup SexHell Night Pt. 01

Hell Night Pt. 01



Ten male pledges waited nervously in one of the large bedrooms of the fraternity house. None of them knew what lie ahead, but each was sure it would be a long and memorable night. Still, each had made it this far, which was more than could be said of the other guys that started the pledging process with them, and each was convinced they could handle whatever might come their way.

The pledge master, Murph, walked into the room and immediately had the pledge's attention. "Ok, girls. It is time for the next activity. I need you fuck-nuggets to take your shoes and socks off," Murph declared with authority. The pledges did as instructed, removing their shoes and socks and leaving them in a pile by the door. "Good. It's nice to see you faggots following instructions before more difficult tasks begin," he said with a grin. "Now, you will follow me. You will not speak or make one fucking sound, is that clear?"

"Yes, pledge master," they answered unanimously.

"Excellent. Now shut the fuck up and come with me." Murphy led them out the door and down the large hallway that led to the second floor landing. Before they got to the landing Murph stopped abruptly. The first pledge in line, a puny little freshman wart who was clearly not paying sufficient attention, bumped into him. Murph turned around quickly and punched the pledge in the stomach. The pledge groaned and slumped to the ground immediately. Murph reached down and pulled the boy up by both ears until he was standing and facing the pledge master. "Don't ever fucking touch me again, you little piece of shit. Watch where you're walking and pay attention to what you're doing or this night will never end for you, cocksucker," exclaimed Murph. The boy stood silently and quickly nodded his head in agreement. "Wait here, girls, and don't any of you fucking move. In fact, I don't even want to hear you fucking breathing," said Murph, and he turned and walked down the stairs.

The pledges stood silently in a single file down the dark hallway, their bare feet cold on the wooden floor, and Sam, another awkward freshman who committed to pledging this fraternity, could barely make out any sounds from below. He had no idea what was next but he just prayed this night moved by quickly so that his pledging could come to an end. After a couple minutes Murph returned with two fraternity brothers. One was holding rope and the other a blindfold, and Murph stood to the side to explain what was about to happen.

"Look, pussies," he started, "We will be bringing you down one at a time. You will be blindfolded and your hands will be tied behind your back. If you think this is too severe and you can't handle it; if you choose not to trust us, then now is your fucking chance to leave. This is the only fucking chance you're going to get, so if you're too scared or too much of a fucking pussy, then I suggest you do everyone a favor and get out. If you choose to stay, then you have chosen to trust us and anyone unable to complete the tasks will be dealt with severely," declared Murph. After waiting several seconds to see if any of the pledges backed out, Murph continued, "Fine then. You've been warned."

He approached the first pledge and, with the help of the other brothers, the boy's hands were tied behind his back and a blindfold was wrapped around his head. As they proceeded to leave, Murph turned back and said, "Once again, I don't want to hear a sound. I don't even fucking want to know you assholes exist. If I hear any sound up here you will all be punished so severely you will pray to God and Jesus you were dead." With that, the pledge master walked off leaving the remaining pledges to stand erect and silent in the dark hall, too scared to inhale.

After what seemed ages, Murph returned with the other two brothers to tie up and blindfold the next pledge. Again, they led this boy away and left the others to stand quietly in the hall. This routine continued until it was Sam's turn and, as he was the seventh in line it seemed like hours had elapsed since this little exercise had begun. Murph approached Sam and pulled his arms behind his back where they were tied together. Next, one of the brothers covered his eyes with a blindfold and he was led, or pushed rather, out of the hallway. The three brothers helped to escort Sam down the stairs and into one of the adjoining rooms.

As Sam entered the room he heard not a sound. He could tell the room was dimly lit, and his bare feet were still standing on a hard wood floor, but beyond that he had no clue about his surroundings. Once inside, Sam was brought to a stop and he waited for his instructions.

"Pledge Tack, you have been brought before us tonight for two reasons," began Murphy confidently. "First, to be asked a series of questions. Second, to perform a task. If you succeed in that task you will be presented with another. Do you understand?"

"Yes, pledge master," Sam bellowed loudly.

"Excellent," Murphy continued. "Pledge Tack, you have taken it upon yourself to pledge this fraternity. You have been successful so far. Do you continue to freely partake in the initiation activities of this fraternity?" Murph asked.

"Yes, pledge master," responded Sam.

"The choice is yours and yours alone, Tack. This is hell night and, as the name suggests, it will be the most difficult night of your short worthless life. By agreeing to partake in these activities do you absolve this fraternity from any responsibility?"

"Yes, pledge master."

"By agreeing to these questions you acknowledge that you trust your pledge master and your fraternity brothers, is that correct?"

"Yes, pledge master."

"Very well. May you be successful in your endeavor," concluded Murph.

Suddenly, hands gripped each of Sam's arms and he was led forward a few steps and abruptly halted. "Your first task could not be more simple, Tack," began Murph again. "You are to walk forward very slowly until a brother leads you away. Is this in any way unclear?"

"No, pledge master," said Sam.

"Then proceed."

Sam placed his right foot in front of him and came down hard on multiple sharp objects, smashing them to pieces as they crunched loudly around the room. Sam jumped back instantly, thinking he had stepped on glass.

"Pledge Tack, you were given a direct order to walk forward slowly until a brother takes you away. Failure to do this simple task will immediately eliminate you from consideration from this fraternity," the pledge master stated. When Sam hesitated to move forward, the pledge master grew audibly upset and grabbed Sam from the back of his neck. "Pledge Tack, are my instructions unclear or are you just one stupid mother-fucker?" Murph asked.

"No, pledge master."

"Then I'd suggest you put one foot in front of the other, and right quick, or my foot is going to find your ass." Sam certainly didn't want that, especially suspecting he'd fall flat on his stomach over pieces of shard glass. Sam raised his right foot and it came down again on millions of tiny, sharp pieces that cracked underneath his pressure. As he tried to maintain his balance, Sam moved his left foot and it came down on more crackling pieces. He cautiously proceeded forward, right foot then left foot, until he had moved about five paces. His feet were wet with either sweat or blood, Sam couldn't tell which, but he continued to move forward as instructed for fear of being knocked down on the glass.

Finally, Sam's left foot came down on a smooth surface, although thousands of tiny, prickly shards were left clinging to the bottom of his foot. A brother reached out and grabbed his arm to lead him away. The rope was untied, releasing his arms, as Sam was pushed into a large beanbag chair. An invisible person lifted one foot and then the other to wipe away whatever was on the bottom. "Good news, Tack," began Murph. "You were successful in that task and, so, will be awarded with another, more complicated one. Are you prepared to move on?"

"Yes, pledge master," Sam answered.

"Fantastic," replied Murph as Sam was lifted out of his seat and escorted out of the room. It seemed as though he was being walked quite a distance, as a brother held onto each of his arms. Maybe I'm just walking in circles, he thought. After a few moments, Sam was squeezed through a tiny doorway where Murph awaited him with new instructions. "Pledge Tack, you will reach out and grab whatever is in front of you," he said.

"Yes, pledge master," answer Sam. He lifted his hands and reached out to touch what lie ahead. He felt something cold and hard, and his hands came to rest on top of it.

"Do you know where you are?" inquired Murph.

Sam ran his hands over the area in front of him and he quickly realized he was standing in front of a sink. "Uh...a bathroom?" Sam stammered.

"Hey, check out the genius we have pledging this semester," called out Murph and Sam heard a loud cackling of laughter. Are all the brothers watching me, he wondered?

"Yes, dick-face, you are in the bathroom. Once again you will be instructed on what to do and you are expected to follow those instructions without fail. Do you have a fucking problem with any of this?" finished Murph.

"No, pledge master."

"Fantastic! Now, get on your knees," Murph ordered. Sam lowered himself to the ground and got on his knees. From behind, hands turned and pivoted his body to the left. Next, he heard Murph again, "Pledge Tack. You will stretch your arms out in front of you." Sam did as commanded and his hands bumped against something hard. In reaction, Sam raised his hands a little bit.

"Pledge Tack, grab the thing in front of you," Murph continued. Sam lowered his hands and they came to rest on something very cold and very hard. "Please feel free to explore the item in front of you. When you think you know what it is, please inform us," the pledge master stated.

Sam felt all around the item. The surface was smooth on top, bent inwards toward the middle, and then came to rest on the floor. Knowing he was in the bathroom, Sam recognized immediately the item he had been touching. "Is this the toilet, pledge master?" he asked timidly.

"Why, holy shit, so it is. How very perceptive you are with your hands. Now, I'd like you to slide yourself forward until your chest touches the toilet lid," said Murph. Sam had no idea what was going to happen next but he did as he was instructed. "You will now place your hands on the side of the toilet," said the pledge master.

Sam positioned his hands to the side. He heard the lid of the toilet being lifted and could then sense someone standing to his immediate left. Next came the unmistakeable sound of someone pissing into the toilet and Sam instinctively turned his head to the right. Evidently this person had drunk quite a bit because the sound of piss carried on for an excessively long period of time, finally ending in a dribble.

"Pledge Tack, place a hand inside the toilet," Murph instructed. Sam paused for a few seconds before lifting his right arm and slowly dipping his hand into the water inside. As his fingers touched the water Sam hesitated, and when he did so someone from behind stepped up and pushed his hand completely in. Sam resisted the urge to gag, and braced himself for whatever followed. "Pledge Tack, you will find an item floating in the toilet. Grab it with your hand," came Murph's voice.

Sam was stunned for a moment or two and thought, I'm already in this mess I might as well just go on. Shit, how bad can it be? He moved his hand around in the toilet bowl until it bumped into something, but when Sam tried to grab it, the object moved away. He tried several times to grab hold of the thing and finally Sam was able to pin the mushy substance down. When he went to pick it up, the item began to sag and Sam thought for an instant that he was going to hurl chunks. Holy shit, he thought, I'm grabbing someone's turd. Oh my God, what the hell is going on here?

As Sam's fingers locked around the soft object he heard Murph bark out the next set of instructions, "Pledge Tack, you will now place that item in your mouth and eat it." This time Sam could not help himself gagging. I can't eat this thing, he thought, I just can't. With a trembling hand, Sam raised his arm until both his wet hand and the object he was holding were out of the toilet. His whole arm was now shaking uncontrollably.

"Pledge Tack, you will eat that immediately or be kicked out of this pledge class. Is that clear?" Murph barked from behind. When Sam neither responded nor moved, Murph lowered himself so that his mouth was next to Sam's left ear. "Look, you worthless scumbag, you were instructed to eat that thing. Your refusal to comply with this simple request is disrespectful. It shows a complete lack of trust in your pledge master and all your brothers. That is something we won't abide or tolerate. Now, I'm going to give you one more chance to eat that fucking thing before I personally kick the holy hell out of you!"

Sam had made it this far. He had gone through two months of constant humiliation and embarrassment. All he had to do was take one bite, right? He could do it. He was going to do it! He raised his right arm and brought it close to his face. The object in his hand was slippery and difficult to hold on to. As he moved it closer to him, part of it fell off and splashed back into the toilet bowl. The crowd behind him applauded loudly and encouraged him onward. When the object came closer to his face Sam immediately recognized its scent. Oh, thank god, he thought, it's a banana. It's a fucking banana! Sam smiled broadly and took a huge bite out of the wet, slimy thing. Everyone screamed and cheered, and Murph slapped Sam on the back in approval. "Well done, pledge Tack, well done!" Murph announced. "Congratulations, you have succeeded in passing both preliminary tasks this evening, which is more than some have accomplished. You have shown great judgment and, above all, trust in your pledge master. Now, you will be taken away to wait for the remainder of the pledges to complete their tasks before we move on to the next event."

Sam was pulled up from his kneeling position and his blindfold removed. As Sam blinked and adjusted his vision he noticed that inside the toilet bowl was a red bucket filled with clear water and the other part of the banana. The pissing brother must've peed in the toilet bowl while my hand was positioned in front of the bucket, he thought. As they led him out of the bathroom, Sam walked into another room where fraternity brothers were already seated and he noticed a large beanbag chair. On the floor in front of the crowd was sprinkled a large amount of potato chips and Doritos! Oh my God, Sam realized at once, that's what I stepped on, not glass. How funny.

He was then led out of that room and across a large entranceway to another room where five pledges were already seated, and Sam noticed that one pledge was missing. He must not have made it this far, he concluded. Murph came from behind suddenly, "Sit the fuck down and shut the fuck up." He pointed his large finger in Sam's chest and continued, "As before, I don't want to know you're even alive in here. You will stay that way until further notice."

After an interminable wait, in silence, the remaining pledges eventually found their way to the waiting room. They had begun with ten pledges, now there were down to nine and the night was far from over. Sam wondered just how many would finally make it into the fraternity! He certainly intended on being one of them, no matter what he had to do.

Murph finally entered, "Alright dickheads, it's now time to move onto the next part of this night's schedule." In walked several brothers and they tossed the pledge's shoes and socks at them. Sam found his and proceeded to put them on and await the next challenge. When the nine pledges were ready, Murphy walked to the door and turned around. "You have already lost another of your pledges this evening, and we haven't even fucking begun. You assholes think you know what hell is but you don't know shit. By the time we're done with you little pricks you'll be begging us to stop," he told them. "Now, you will follow me out this door. When we are outside you will be split up into several cars. You are expected to keep silent until told otherwise," the pledge master said.

Murph opened the door and the pledges followed him out of the fraternity house and over to the parking lot. Once there, the pledges were blindfolded and their hands tied behind their backs once again. Sam was shoved into the back of someone's SUV with two other pledges. "I don't want to hear a sound," said a familiar voice. "Um, I won't take it lightly if I hear any of you talking." Sam and the other two kept quiet as the vehicle started to move. They sat close together in the back of the vehicle for what seemed like an hour. The driver made many turns, sped up on a highway, and then slowed down to a crawl. All the while the pledges were forced to listen to some obnoxious rap music that was so loud they wouldn't have been able to hear each other talk even if they had wanted to.

Eventually, the SUV slowed almost to a stop and made a turn to the right. They had turned completely off pavement and were now riding on dirt as the car gradually moved onward. In another ten minutes the vehicle stopped and the driver got out and opened the back door. "Ok assholes, this is it. This is where you get out," the driver said.

Sam and the other two shifted and moved until they were clear of the SUV, and then they were grabbed and forced ahead until they were positioned and made to stop. Suddenly Sam's blindfold was removed and someone untied his hands. However, when Sam opened his eyes it was so dark he could hardly tell the blindfold was gone. He was in a straight line next to the other pledges in the middle of an open field, and they all faced forward as Murph and the other brothers walked to the front.

"Gentlemen, we are now about to commence with the next activity. You will listen carefully to your instructions. As always, failure to comply with these instructions will eliminate you from the fraternity," Murph began. "Pledges, you will now strip," he finished. For a moment Sam thought he had heard incorrectly. Did he just say strip, Sam thought? Like get naked? Out here? When none of the pledges moved, Murph grew agitated and walked forward. He punched one of the pledges in the gut, and as that boy fell to the ground Murph screamed, "You maggots were given a direct order to remove your clothes. What the fuck are you waiting for? Take your clothes off right now or I swear to Christ you will all wish you were dead!"

The pledges began undressing themselves quickly. Each pledge removed their clothes and discarded them in a pile. When the pledges were completely naked and facing the fraternity brothers, Murph handed each of them a large white plastic bag. "You will place your belongings in the plastic bag you were just given. All of your clothes must be placed in the bag, except for your shoes. This includes your underwear and your socks. The only thing you are allowed to keep on is your shoes. Do you understand?" asked Murph.

"Yes, pledge master," they called out. The pledges did as instructed and put all of their clothes into the white plastic bags, then put their shoes back on. When this was complete, Murph turned to the brothers who then walked forward to collect the bags. The pledges, all naked except for their shoes, looked straight ahead and awaited what was next.

"Ok girls, listen up," Murph began, "Before we leave you here there is one thing you need to do. Should you survive this hell night and become a brother of this esteemed fraternity, you will belong to very prestigious club. As such, it is important to collect some personal details from each of you." The brothers next to him each took out a tiny plastic cup and walked around to place them in each of the pledge's hands. "Do any of you cocksuckers know what the plastic cup is for?" When nobody answered, Murph walked right up to Sam and pointed his hard finger into his chest. "What about you, genius? No guess?" he asked Sam.

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