Hell, Yeah Ch. 06


I flipped past glossy photos of the city waterfront and parks, and lists of hotels and shops before finding page thirty-seven, cleverly entitled 'Night Life'. Half way down was a short paragraph, circled enthusiastically in red pen.

"Mac's Pub, 118 Main Street. Recently under new management, this lively, atmospheric pub is the place to be any night of the week. The food is standard pub fare, but quite excellent. Best Yorkshire Pudding outside of the UK. Live music on weekends which you cannot miss. The service is first-rate and the prices moderate. Free parking. If you only visit one bar in town, it must be this one." I looked up into Shaun's ecstatic face. "That's wonderful, Honey."

"Wonderful?" Shaun picked me up and swung me around. "It's more than wonderful. Tourists: hundreds of them, maybe thousands. Just think about how good this could be for us!"

Us: I liked the way that sounded. Laughing, I held on to Shaun's broad shoulders for dear life. "I am thinking about it, only my brain is a little dizzy right now." We stopped spinning, but my head didn't. "Is this why you were late? Had to spread the news, huh?"

Shaun shrugged, leaning down to kiss the top of my head. "Perhaps. And then some of the guys bought me a pint."

I glanced up into Shaun's face. I thought he'd seemed a little more chipper than usual. I didn't think I'd ever seen him drunk, but it was nice to know he wasn't completely impervious to alcohol. I didn't have it in me to be mad at him; he relaxed so rarely now that he owned the bar.

"I suppose you're hungry then? Would you like a sandwich?"

Shaun hugged me again and kissed me thoroughly. "Hell, yeah!" He seated himself at my kitchen island, watching eagerly as I pulled sandwich fixings from the fridge.

One of the nice things about Shaun was that he wasn't a picky eater, which was lucky for both of us since I wasn't much of a cook. I did have two specialties, lasagne and sandwiches, although you were taking your chances with the former, since I sometimes burned the bottom. Sandwiches however were practically foolproof.

I plunked a huge roast beef sandwich down in front of Shaun, chuckling as his hazel eyes grew wide. "Do you want a beer with that?"

He shook his head. "Milk please."

"Chocolate milk?"

"Ah, the nectar of the gods. Yes, please."

I poured one for him and one for myself then settled in on the stool next to Shaun to watch him eat. He didn't so much as eat the sandwich as he did inhale it; I couldn't help but wonder if he'd had any dinner. Without being asked I fixed another sandwich, only to watch it disappear in the same manner.

"Better?" I asked as Shaun rose to put his dirty plate in the dishwasher.

"Much, thank you." Shaun came around the island to stand in front of me. He reached down and entwined his fingers in the hair at the nape of my neck, tilting my head towards him. He kissed me lightly, building the pressure as the kiss deepened. I could feel my heart accelerate as it always did when we kissed. I marvelled that the intensity of his passion still had the power to shake me to the core.

"I love you." Shaun whispered, his lips hovering above my own, his gaze was fixed intently on me; the hazel depths of his eyes flickered and darkened.

I couldn't speak, couldn't move.

Shaun kissed me again with lingering sweetness; he tasted of chocolate milk and promise.

I broke the kiss this time with a gasp. There was a flicker of uncertainty on Shaun's face that twisted my heart painfully. How funny that he didn't already know how I felt; I was fairly certain I'd been blatantly obvious these past few weeks. Smiling, I reached up and brushed a wayward curl from his forehead. Shaun closed his eyes, leaning into my caress. I could hear his breath hitch in his chest.

"I love you, too."

Shaun's eyes flew open, brightly hazel this time, lit with a spark of wondrous disbelief; but he said nothing. We stared at each other for a time in silence. It was strange that such a conversation could take place with so few words and somewhere as mundane as my kitchen. I felt as if we should be on some remote tropical island, or a windswept beach, or atop the Eiffel Tower; anywhere but my tiny kitchen. It was odd how the most romantic things could happen at the most unexpected moments and in the strangest places.

"It was the sandwich, wasn't it?" I joked after a time, watching Shaun break into the cocky grin I knew and loved.

"Well..." Shaun laughed. "That and you're the most amazing woman I've ever met."

"So it was the sandwich; I should have made it sooner."

"I should have told you sooner."

I brushed my finger across Shaun's stubbled jaw. He hadn't shaved for a few days and I was surprised how much I liked the texture of it: rough and soft at the same time. "Your timing was perfect. You're perfect."

Shaun chuckled. "Hardly." He turned his head to kiss the palm of my hand; pleasure sparked in my chest. There was an answered flicker of response on Shaun's face. How easy it was between us to light that spark; how lucky we were.

"Come on." Shaun reached for my hand, pulling me to my feet and leading me towards the bedroom. "I love you, now I think I should prove it."

"Hell, yeah! But payback for the sandwich? That won't come cheap!" I followed eagerly, already feeling my body respond to the mere suggestion.

Shaun undressed me with swift hands, stopping only briefly to admire my bright red bra and panties. He shook his head and chuckled as he divested me of those too; then he wrapped his hands around my waist and literally tossed me on the bed.

I landed with a squealing bounce, laughing hard as my ambitiously domestic attempt to make the bed that morning was erased in a split second of flying limbs and bouncing breasts. Shaun stumbled as he tried to removed his socks, causing me to laugh all the harder. Grimacing he tackled his belt buckle, his fingers fumbling.

"How come you can undress me with no problem, but you can't manage yourself?" I teased. I wiggled to the edge of the bed and sat back on my heels to watch him struggle.

"More motivation?" Shaun asked. "I like what's under your clothes more than what's under mine."

I giggled. "That's funny, I feel the opposite." I reached out and covered his hand with my own, stopping his awkward attempt at freeing himself from his pants. "Let me do it before you hurt yourself."

Shaun shrugged good-naturedly, giving himself over to my attentions with willing eyes. I wrestled with the stubborn belt buckle, laughing triumphantly as I bested it. With equal determination I tackled the barrier of Shaun's fly. Freed, I pulled his jeans off with a swift tug, laughing as the bulge in his boxers was revealed.

"I didn't even do anything yet!" I chided, testing the heat of his cock through his boxers; it leapt at my touch.

"You don't have to do anything," Shaun moaned as my exploration grew bolder. "You just have to be around and it does that."

I smiled slowly, leaning in to kiss him once through the fabric of his boxer shorts before I pulled them down too. His lovely erection was formidable and it made my heart race just to see it. I wrapped my hand around its generous girth and leaning in further, ran my tongue around the swollen head.

"What are you doing?" Shaun gasped, touching my hair softly, holding my head gently in place. "I'm supposed to be paying you back."

"I'm making friends. I'm sure I owe you one from some time before. Besides, I enjoy it." I circled the head of his cock with my tongue again, revelling in his indrawn breath. A small drop of moisture rewarded my efforts; I wiped it away with my tongue.

"You enjoy it? I didn't think nice girls enjoyed it." Shaun's voice was gruff, but I knew he was teasing.

"Well, I'm not exactly a nice girl." I picked up the pace of my attentions to his cock, just to prove the point.

Shaun's fingers were woven into my dark waves, grasping the back of my head with iron tenacity. I let him guide my movements as his erection slipped past my lips and into the heat of my mouth, past the writhing wetness of my tongue. A long, constant moan tumbled from Shaun's lips, louder than the noises he usually made; I knew I must be doing something right.

I continued to lick and suck his cock, trying to get as much of his formidable eight inches in my mouth as possible; it always seemed that much bigger when I was trying valiantly to get it in my throat. Shaun's length was hot and steely, and growing bigger every moment.

Glancing up through my lashes I could see Shaun watching me, a look of studied concentration on his face. Beneath his intense gaze I could sense a little glimmer of another emotion which I now recognized for what it was: love.

Somehow that made every physical moment between us more important, more significant. I'd hardly been a virgin before I met Shaun, but I'd never been with a guy who I really and truly loved the way I loved Shaun; it coloured everything between us with a vitality I hadn't known was possible. It was wonderful and I wanted him to feel everything I felt, as brilliantly as I felt it.

"Stop, stop!" Shaun gasped, pulling my mouth from his cock slowly, watching my face as he emerged from between my lips.

I smiled saucily but said nothing; I already missing the solid length of him and the sense of fullness it gave me.

"You are trouble," Shaun laughed, grinning widely. His breathing was rapid, and I could see the rhythm of his quickened pulse beneath the wonderfully delicate skin of his erection. "You're rushing things again."

"I am?" I giggled, watching with greedy eyes as Shaun sat down on the bed beside me and caressed my thigh. "I'm still on simmer over here, you're the one rushing things."

Shaun's chuckle shot right through me. "I beg to differ. I'm just going to have to even the score."

Laughing, I laid down on the bed, stretching my curves out, loving the way the soft duvet felt under my naked back. Shaun watched my progress with lust darkened eyes, reaching out to touch my nipple gently; it hardened instantly, drawing a deep chuckle from him.

"I love your tits." Shaun confessed, moving closer and running both hands possessively over my D-cup breasts. "I love the rest of you too, but I really love your tits." There was a playful edge on his voice that made me laugh.

"I'm so glad you approve," I giggled, watching with bated breath as Shaun bent his head to my breast. "Because they're attached, you see; so they're not going anywhere."

"Thank goodness!" Shaun laved my nipple with the rough flat of his tongue, laughing deep in his chest as the groan I couldn't stop was torn from my lungs.

"I think they like you too," I gasped, feeling every pass of his tongue ripple down to my toes. The warm heat between my legs flared up under Shaun's practiced touch.

His response was an unintelligible murmur into the flesh of my breast, but I was beyond caring about words. Every sensation was focussed on the apex of my breast and the pleasure of Shaun's mouth on me; it made my toes curl. He continued to suck my nipples for a time, and I held my breath as he switched periodically from one to the other. The air in my bedroom felt cool against the dampened skin Shaun left behind when he moved to the opposite breast, but his fingers were hot as they took the place of his tongue. I couldn't keep quiet or still.

"Hey Shaun?" I asked breathily; Shaun raised his head, his dark eyes fixed on my flushed face. "I've been thinking."

Shaun waited patiently for me to continue, his sexy face poised just a fraction above my left breast; it was an erotic picture that practically unhinged me.

"I want you to move in with me."

Shaun's eyes flashed, his grin broadened. "What? Right now?"

I punched his rock-solid arm playfully, laughing. "Obviously not right now, you've got to finish what you started." I gestured towards my lower half and my pussy, which was dripping wet. "But then later, yeah. If-if you want to."

"Hell, yeah!" Shaun whispered before lowering his head to my breast again; his hand stroked down the length of my body to tease at the curls between my legs. The anticipation had me arching my back off the mattress; suddenly having his fingers there seemed like the most important thing in the world.

The contact of his finger against my clit made me peak loudly. Behind the brilliant flash of my orgasm I could feel Shaun move up the length of my body, fingers trailing possessively over the curves of my hips, waist, and breasts.

"So beautiful," Shaun murmured in my ear, stroking my body softly as I came down gradually from my release. "You have no idea how beautiful you are."

I smiled my response through the fog of sensation his fingers continued to create. I'd never thought of myself as beautiful until Shaun came into my life; he made me feel that way every day and I loved him for it.

"Please," I whispered, not wanting to wait a moment longer for him. I wanted him fiercely and completely and without preamble.

He rose above me, positioning himself between my spread thighs, gazing down at me with aggressive, lusty heat. His erection twitched, poised at my moist opening, its head pearled with the evidence of his own anticipation. Shaun groaned lowly, watching through heavily-lidded eyes as I writhed beneath him impatiently.

His entry was mercifully swift, the hard drive of his cock into me made me cry out. I was balanced already on the sharp edge of another orgasm; filled, so completely filled by Shaun.

"I love you," he gasped, thrusting again and again into the slick heat of my pussy. "I've always loved you." Shaun reached for my breasts, adding another layer of delicious sensation to the pressure already building deep inside of me. I could feel his generous length stroking me in places I'd never known existed before, drawing out the white heat of my impending orgasm.

I wanted to speak, to respond in kind, but every sound out of my mouth was wordless. In my head I uttered every endearment I could think of, wanting to put into words the feelings Shaun evoked with both his body and his affection. I held on to the hard, sinewy wall of his shoulders, afraid that if I let go I'd fly away.

"Still so tight," Shaun rasped gruffly, slowing his tempo, making me feel every inch of him inside me. "All this time and still so tight."

I smiled through the haze of my arousal, infinitely pleased that he was so pleased with me. He leaned in to roughly kiss my neck, just at the small, sensitive spot behind my ear. I slipped loudly over the edge, digging my fingernails into his shoulders and wailing through my orgasm as my muscles contracted in waves of pleasure.

Shaun continued his rhythm, leading me from one orgasm to another, whispering aloud the litany of my name against my neck, driving all rational thought from my head. I was suspended in a brilliant cloud of pure sensation and Shaun had taken me there.

His own release was a violent, sudden jerk; the heat of him spread quickly inside of me, pushing me again into a sharp burst of pleasure. I could feel every spasm, every contraction as we lay panting, trying to catch our breath, coming down off of the best moment we'd ever had together.

Shaun's hair was plastered sweatily against my neck and mingled with my own; his breathing harsh and quick in my ear. My own lungs were rasping in reply; my heart beating so frantically I wondered if it was audible. Shaun was a solid, reassuring blanket of weight above me, pressing me into the mattress in the most satisfying way. Everything felt so right that I didn't dare move.

"I love you Shaun," I whispered, feeling his weight change as he slipped from bliss into the soft beginning of sleep. He moved slightly to the side, wrapping me in the solid warmth of his arms, resting his head against my own; we shared one pillow.

"I love you Jackie." His reply was a faint sigh in the dark, and closing my eyes, I slept too.

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