tagErotic HorrorHellcat's Revenge Ch. 01

Hellcat's Revenge Ch. 01


(I had thought the story of hellcat at an end with chapter three of The Alter. However I was not quite satisfied with the ending and when the requests began to come in that I continue the story of this poor girl and write her further adventures I was more than happy to give in. This sequel begins just two days after the altar’s rape and breeding and will encompass her escape from the evil demon. It might run a little long so please forgive me.)

Charna spent the next two days locked inside a cage with a steel collar around her neck that was linked to a thick heavy chain which seemed to be sunk right into the stone. She had tried in vain to somehow free herself from this collar but had only succeeded in making her fingers raw. She was curled up in one corner of the cage when the door opened with a hard thud. The light that washed over the stone floor was blocked out suddenly as Ajeroth came to stand in the doorway his evil laughter filling the room. She had wanted to believe it had all been a nightmare that she would wake up in her bed at any moment but as she raised her head slowly the mere sight of the demon proved to her that all of this was real. The demon stood in the doorway light washing over his form and glistening against his evil looking talons. She noticed that the claws upon his feet were shorter and more curved than the ones that graced the tips of his thick fingers. It was the first time she had been able to take in the details of her captor and her eyes widened at the sight of his skin thick and resembling granite. His form was massively huge standing nearly nine feet tall and thickly muscled but it was the sight of his pulsing hard cock that frightened her and tore the scream from her lips. The thing appeared to be more than 2 feet in length and as big around as her upper arm. She backed up against the back wall of her prison shaking her head as he stepped into the room with the menacing sound of claws striking stone.

She could now see the entire chamber that held her cage and her eyes widened with terror at the sight she found greeting her deep blue eyes. Along one side of the chamber lay settled three long tables with shackles and straps at each end. One table looked to be made of steel with long extensions for arms and legs with leather straps upon each long section. The second table appeared to be made of wood and more of a rack with ropes that would attach to each wrist and ankle. Along the top appeared to be two large wheels locked in position with small wooden pins. The third table seemed to be made of stone with small opening set in place at about the right place between the shackles that placed the holes between wide spread legs. Her eyes traveled up to the wall behind the tables and a scream of fear clawed at her throat when she saw the racks and shelves upon that wall. Each rack and shelf appeared to be covered with wicked looking shafts and devices of torture including barbed whips and jagged edged clamps. The slight light that the room had been graced with came from a fire pit that was settled along the other side of the chamber leaving the torture area in shadows. Beside that fire pit was set a tall x shaped cross and hung upon that wall was a wide variety of branding irons and torturous metal devices. Her scream echoed as she shifted her wide terrified eyes back to the approaching demon.

Ajeroth had let his little slut rest for two days so that she might recover from the altar and birthing. He didn’t want to push her too hard just yet it was still amazing that she had survived the altar’s breeding. When he stepped into the room the look of sheer terror and dying hope upon her face made his already hard cock pulse and swell with a need to rape his bitch again. He groaned taking a great deal of pleasure at the look in her eyes as she shrank back against the stone wall of her imprisonment. He had not touched a female in more than two days even turning away his usual sluts just to wait for this moment. He watched with pleasure as the girl’s wide terrified eyes took in the chamber in which she was imprisoned. The sound of her screams would be music to his ears like a sweet wine he would savor.

The fear and terror that were rolling off of his slut in waves feed his dark lust and he feasted upon it when she saw the side of the chamber used to brand his bitches. He would enjoy hearing her scream as he raped her mercilessly and would enjoy the feel of her tight cunt stretched around his thick cock. He would feast well upon her fear and her pain as he put to use each of the three tables slowly breaking his whore with agony. He would make her beg him for mercy and laugh as he became crueler each time she begged him. With a chilling evil laugh he reached down one large hand and began to stroke the hard length while he spoke to his little slut. He would break this little bitch until she begged him to rape her every night. He stepped closer to her cage letting the door close behind him while his voice echoed through the prison chamber.

“Well my slut I hope you have rested well. The demon you gave birth to is now finding his own bitch to rape and breed you fed him well with your fear my sweet bitch. Now that you are healed it is time for you to learn that your place will always be to crawl at me feet. You are bound to hell and cursed to live forever and now you will know true pain slut while I break you. First however I intent to enjoy your screams while I rape each hole you have and claim it for mine slut.”

Ajeroth chuckled wickedly as the words seemed to sink into her little slut’s mind and her eyes widened even further than they had been. His thick cock ached to be buried inside her tight cunt as she screamed and begged. He continued to stroke the thick cock feeling it swell against his palm as he slowly stalked toward her cage watching her frantic search for escape. There would be no escape for this little whore she belonged to him now and she would learn that the hard way. He stepped up to the front of the cage grinning down at her with a mouth full of dripping fangs that would soon find her flesh. The look of stark fear in her eyes as she shook her head and tried to claw the collar from her throat made him drool in anticipation. She would be so much fun to break in feasting upon her screams and tearing at her little body before her marked her with his brands.

Charna’s eyes widened filling with pure terror as he heard his gravely voice echoing through the room more from what he said. She shook with fear her eyes captured again by the motion of his large hand stroking slowly up and down the hard cock. When he began to cross the floor toward her she nearly shrieked and began to claw at the collar around her neck her eyes darting over the room seeking a way to escape him. No matter how hard she tried she was helplessly chained inside the cage at this demon’s mercy and she knew that soon she would be screaming again. The thought made her scream and shake her head violently while she tried to crawl away from him. Her voice cracked with horror as she began to beg and plead softly her eyes wide with a stark fear.

“Please don’t do this to me please let me go I swear I won’t tell anyone where you are or what you do but please oh god help me please don’t do this I beg of you”

She watched as the grin slowly spread over his black lips drool dripping down upon the bars of the cage like some animal hovering over its prey. She trembled against the cold stone wall desperately trying to free her neck from the collar and chain as he stood before stroking that monstrous cock with an evil delight. Her breath quickened causing her firm rounded breasts to rise and fall heaving as the fear welled up inside her and any hope died in her mind. She watched as he bent slowly taunting her as he reached for her cage door and she screamed in complete mindless terror.

Ajeroth growled in pleasure looming over the cage as drool dripped from his fangs to land before the helpless slut. The absolute fear and horror that were growing inside his bitch set fire to his blood stroking his dark lusts like wind stroked the wild forest fires. He enjoyed the sight of her firm flawless breasts heaving with her quickened breath and the sound of her heart racing in her chest. Her fear was like sweet candy to him and when she began to beg his cock shudders. The sound of her begging was sweet indeed but he would never let this little cunt go she would remain his for all eternity and feed him with her screams. Slowly he leaned down reaching with agonizing slowness for the cage door. He was rewarded with a delicious scream of terror that broke from her lips and he pulled open the cage door unable to wait any longer. He would have her now he would enjoy raping her slender body before he began breaking her to his will. Wrapping his massive hand around the chain his let his power melt it from the stone and be pulled it free from the floor. The grin that spread across his lips was pure cruel evil as he began to slowly dragging the fighting girl toward him and closer to her horrid fate as his bitch.

Charna’s wide terrified eyes watched every slow movement the demon made knowing she was helpless to stop him from raping her brutally. The thought that this was to be her fate for all of eternity nearly shattered her fragile mind but somehow she remained in tact. When the chain melted from the stone becoming separate her eyes widened in shock before he began to pull her from the cage. She grabbed a hold upon the cage bars franticly trying to resist the pull fighting against his strength even though she knew it was useless. The wicked grin that spread over his face as he dragged her form the cage sent chills down her spine and drove a spike of fear through her racing heart. Her small hands were no match for his demonic strength and they slowly pulled free of the bars as he pulled against her chain. She fought him but inevitably he dragged her from the cage as she began to scream in fear. The look in his eyes alone told her that this rape would be far worse than the first and that she would scream until her voice broke before he finished with her. Her small hands came up as he pulled her free and she tried to claw at him in her mindless fear pulling against the chain to try and escape her fate.

Ajeroth felt the girl fighting against him holding on for dear life to the bars of the cage and he laughed evilly giving one vicious yank against the chain. Nothing would stop him from raping this slut for hours until he was sated with her body. Her screams were exciting him more causing his cock to thicken and pulse hungrily for her cunt as he dragged her out of her cage. He enjoyed her struggles and when her hands came at him to claw and rend he let her tear at his flesh for a moment using the pain to fuel his evil needs. When he grew tired of the fighting he grabbed her wrists wrenching them savagely behind her and used the chain to trap them there. He wrapped the chain tightly around her wrists nearly cutting off her circulation before fusing the chain together leaving her helplessly bound. He reached up grabbing the collar around her neck to hold her in place as his free hand slowly began to drag over her slender body. He trailed his claws over her flesh before bringing his large hand up to maul at her breasts while she screamed and struggled against him. He grinned as he leaned close to her ear sliding his clawed hand down over her naked belly and gripped tightly at her mound loving the scream of pain that echoed from her lips as he spoke. He growled in pleasure as she screamed and arched her back trying to pull away and he simply forced his hand between her thighs thrusting one clawed finger up into her tight quivering folds. He drank in the sound of her shriek of terror and pain as his claw dug into her tight cunt walls.

Charna felt a thrill of satisfaction and a spark of hope as her nails dug into the beast’s chest and she tore at his flesh. The spilling blood burned her hands slightly but she no longer cared seeing a possibility of escape she continued to rake her nails over him opening long deep gouges. His blood was thick and black like tar rolling down his chest as she viciously tore at his flesh. When he grabbed her wrists pulling them behind her she screamed in fear feeling the cold chain wrapping about them and began to struggle in his grasp. She felt the chain wrapped painfully tight around her wrists seeming to melt into one fused length binding her arms helplessly behind her. She tossed her head the long dark tendrils of hair glistening in the light of the fire danced about her slender frame as she screamed fearfully while he pulled her to him by the collar. The touch of his large rough hand against her body reaching up to maul viciously at her breasts filled her with fear and pain his thick fingers bruising the firm round globes as she struggled helplessly. His claws left long welts in her creamy skin that pulsed and burned painfully as he dragged them down over her stomach. When he roughly grabbed the mound of her womanhood she shrieked in pain his grip bruising the sensitive flesh. She continued to shriek as he forced a thick clawed finger into her tight folds spearing her cunt and stretching her as the talon dug into her soft walls leaving her arched and screaming in pain. His voice rang harshly in her ears as he suddenly spoke taking pleasure in her screams.

“Never will you escape me slut do you feel that thick finger in your tight pussy? That is just a taste before my cock tears into you endlessly raping you until I have had my fill of it. Then I am going to fuck that tight little ass until it becomes bleeding and torn. Once I have filled your delicious little cunt and tight ass with my searing cum then I will rape that tight little throat. You are mine slut and tonight I will mark every orifice you have. Do you like the feel of your Master’s finger deep in your pussy hmm my little bitch?”

Ajeroth slowly began thrusting his thick finger into the slut’s cunt as he spoke letting his claw scrap at her inner walls. He loved the way she squirmed and jumped with each thrust and each word he spoke. Groaning in pleasure at the feel of her tight walls shuddering around his finger he slipped a second finger to the entrance of her sweet pussy and thrust it violently in beside the first. He took a moment to enjoy the catch of her breath and the shriek that followed before he covered her mouth with his own forcing his tongue past her lips with a bruising force. With one hand he held her tight against him with his other he fucked her cunt with two thick fingers his mouth devouring her screams while he used this moment to fuel his lust. The thick cock pulsed and thickened growing harder against the bitch’s stomach trapped between their bodies. When he could stand the wait no longer he pulled his mouth from hers tracing her face with his slimy tongue. He gave one last brutal fuck thrust with his fingers before he pulled them from her tight shuddering cunt lifting them to his lips. The thick digits glistened with a mixture of her nectar and her blood and he slowly slipped them into his mouth with a growl of pleasure cleaning the taste of his pet from them. He took a tighter hold upon her collar with a savage growl he threw her down upon her back on the cold stone floor. It was time his bitch screamed while he fucked her senseless.

Charna trembled in his grasp as he began raping her tight depths with his thick finger forcing it up inside her while the claw scrapped painfully at her stretched walls. Each word he spoke was punctuated with a savage thrust of his finger and sank into her mind feeding the terror inside her till she thought she would go insane. She felt her body begin producing juice to ease the rape and her muscles shuddering against him while he thrust into her. When she felt a second finger at her silken folds her breath caught in her throat as he forced the second one into her tearing her open and she shrieked in agony. Her deep blue eyes widened as he crushed his mouth over hers cutting off her screams as he forced his tongue past her lips. She retched at the feel of the slime coated tongue squirming around like a snake in her mouth and could almost feel him devouring each agonized scream as he savaged her tight walls. When he finally released her from the kiss her lips were throbbing with pain and she screamed as he thrust those fingers deep into her before pulling them away. Watching him raise them to his lips slowly suckling the taste of her off them she could see the streaks of blood mixed with her fluid and struggled to free herself from his grip. She heard the hunger in his growl as his hand tightened upon the steel around her throat and she found herself thrown to the floor. The impact upon the stone knocked the wind out of her and she found it hard to even crawl back away from him with her hands chained behind her she was completely at his mercy. She screamed in fear begging for mercy as he took a step toward her.

(To be Continued)

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