tagErotic HorrorHellcat's Revenge Ch. 02

Hellcat's Revenge Ch. 02


Ajeroth enjoyed the look of pure terror upon his little slut’s face as she scrambled back from him. He would teach her what her place was and he began to stalk her slowly letting the fear build and feed his hungers. Those wide blue eyes the heaving breaths as she panted for air in complete terror caused his cock to itch for her again and he reached down a clawed hand to stroke it slowly. He stepped slowly closer to her his claws clicking against the stone as he listened to her beg for mercy. There would be no mercy for his little bitch she would scream for his pleasure. Unable to hold his hunger for her any longer he stepped forward dropping to his knees he reached out a single clawed hand and pinned her to the stone driving the air from her. He reached down to her legs as she tried to close them and forced them apart using his weight to force her open. He placed the massive head against her wet cunt and grinned down at her as he gripped her hips and lunged forward forcing the enormous length into her tight pussy with a roar of pleasure. He felt her squirming under him her screams like sweet nectar to his ears as he fed off her pain and her fear. He would use this slut again and again until he was sated and then he would begin her training.

Charna tried to scramble away from the demon but it was difficult with her hands trapped behind her she didn’t have the leverage she needed. She scooted further her eyes widening as his cock twitched and he began to stroke it slowly taunting her with the sight of what would soon be raping her. Her breath heaved with terror as she tossed her head long dark locks dancing against the floor and a cold sweat of fear shimmering upon her pale skin. The high firm globes of her breasts bounced lightly as she fought with her terror her deep blue orbs wide and staring. She tried begging pleading for mercy as he stalked toward her but the grin of pleasure on his face told her he was enjoying it too much. When he stepped closer dropping before her she screamed in terror and tried unsuccessfully to scramble away. She felt the beast pin her forcing her legs open as she struggled helplessly against him. She knew she had lost any fight as the thick pulsing head of his cock came to rest against the silken folds of her cunt. She was shaking her head when she watched that grin of pure malice cross his face and then searing agony filled her as he plunged into her. His nails dug into her hips as he held her while she began to squirm and struggle screaming in pain as his cock tore into her depths. The stone beneath her offered no give as the thick cock drove deep into her depths making her shriek in horror and pain as she tossed her head helplessly. She knew that her ordeal had just begun and that soon she would be voiceless again with her screaming. Tears of shame and horror slowly gathered in her deep blue eyes as she closed them slowly waiting for her fate she wished she would just die she had been forsaken.

Ajeroth felt the cunt stretch and tear around his cock as he buried the entire length deep into his bitch. His roar of pleasure turned slowly into a growl as she shrieked and struggled under him trying to get free. He dug his claws deeper into her hips watching the tears that formed in her eyes he began to fuck her slowly at first pulling his aching cock back until just the thick head lay between her torn lips and then plunging forward hard and fast. He ground his hips against her rolling inside her before he pulled back each scream fueled his dark hunger and he began to fuck her harder and faster plunging his cock in and out of her tight cunt. Each time he withdrew he could see the streaks of her blood mingled with the juice of her cunt and knew that soon she would be screaming in orgasm. He reached down one clawed hand with an evil look burning in his eyes he found the small button of her clit and began to rub it slowly feeling her body shudder around him. He laughed as he slowed his pace taking long slow thrusts in and out as he mauled her clit with a single finger loving the way she shuddered under him. He would have her cumming around him before he began truly taking his pleasure of her then he would fuck the bitch senseless and leave her screaming for more. He enjoyed the quickened breath and the racing of her heart as he built the pleasure inside her with an expert skill. He knew how to tame his bitches with a combination of excruciating pleasure and pain.

Charna screamed in pain as he dug in his claws and slowly drew the cock from her depths until just the head lay inside her. Her eyes snapped open and wide as he lunged back into her slamming his cock deeper into her body as she struggled and squirmed beneath him. She arched her back and she screamed in pain as he rolled his hips against her grinding the thick cock deeply before he pulled back again. Then it began he started to fuck her mercilessly plunging the huge cock in and out of her while she screamed and shuddered in agony with each violent thrust. When he reached down finding he clit and beginning to rub it her eyes widened in shock and fear as jolts of pleasure mingled with her pain. She shook her head violently trying to pull away as he started to torture her body making her enjoy the rape. She shrieked as he slowed his pace sliding the massive length in and out with almost tenderness and heated her body with his touch. She gasped for air as her heart began to quicken its pace and she squirmed under him the jolts of pleasure swirling around in a maelstrom of sensation. Her wide tearful eyes locked upon him in shock as the maelstrom began to tighten in her belly curling like a spring at the very core of her. Her tight cunt started to weep her juice as she arched her back fighting against the waves of pleasure trying not to give in to his touch. It was no use in moments her body went taunt and she screamed as a powerful orgasm tore through her body causing her tight cunt to ripple and shudder as it tightened around the thick demon cock.

“Yes that is it slut cum for your Master surrender to me bitch. My slut likes that thick cock raping her again and again doesn’t she. Yes bitch cum for me soak my cock whore.”

Ajeroth growled out the words as he felt her orgasm rocking her body her tight walls gripping at his cock and soaking it with her nectar. He groaned in pleasure the scent of her wafting up to him as he continued the long slow strokes inside her quivering cunt taking what was his. He had watched her fight the pleasure he gave her only to lose herself to it and now it was his turn. He would rape her like a true bitch he thought as he lifted her from the floor and slowly turned her upon his cock. He loved the feel of her gripping cunt twisting upon his length and once he had her turned facing away he bent her over pressing her face against the stone. He drew back a hand and viciously slapped her ass as he began to piston his cock in and out of her without mercy. He growled in pleasure as he took her hard and fast driving himself deep into her as he balls slowly tightened. His thrusts became erratic and frenzied as he felt his own release building inside him and his massive cock started to punish that tight little cunt slamming deeper with each thrust. He stiffened suddenly roaring in pleasure as his cock swelled and began to pulse exploding his thick black seed deep into her body as he continued to fuck her harder as he filled her with his cum. He loved the way she screamed and squirmed beneath him helpless against his lusts and he could hear her praying it was over. It was far from over he thought it had just barely begun. With a loud roar he pulled his still spurting cock from her tight battered cunt and gripped it in his hand as he let the rest of his hot seed spray across her back and into her hair. He grinned wickedly as he pressed the head of his cock against the tight star of her ass and began to push forward enjoying the resistance the muscles gave against his invading length.

Charna panted softly for air and soon began to scream once more as he lifted her from the floor turning her upon the cock that impaled her depths. She could feel her walls twisting around him slowly tearing further under the pressure before giving to allow the cock to slide against them. She struggled against him as he bent her over pressing her face against the floor her ass lifted upon the cock that impaled her cunt. When the savage slap landed upon her soft skin she shrieked in pain begging him to stop as she squirmed against the stone. She was helpless to stop him as he began to fuck her deep and hard thrusting violently into her torn cunt. She arched and screamed in pain her pleasure washed away under the force of this rape while he used her viciously. Each savage thrust tore into her leaving her screaming in pain and tossing her head against the floor. When the thrust became erratic the thick cock swelling inside her she wailed in horror knowing what was coming as he thrust harder brutally forcing the cock deeper. Then she felt him slam deep exploding the hot thick cum into her tight sex as she shrieked in pain. She panted softly for air whimpering as he pulled from her tortured depths and sprayed his hot cum across her back dripping it into her hair as it lay sprawled around her. Her breath caught in her throat as she felt the massive head pressing against her tight ass as she begged him to stop. As he began to press forward slowly spearing the tight ring with his huge cock she began to tremble and scream in fear helpless to stop him from raping her ass.

Ajeroth growled at the shudder that passed through her as he slowly pushed the head of his massive cock inside the tight star. He could hear the tender muscles ripping under the pressure. He gave a roar and thrust hard into her forcing the muscles to give around his cock and buried the entire length into her tight little ass drinking in her agony. He wasted no time as he began to fuck her tight ass with long savage stroked pulling back until he slipped free only to plunge inside her again. As he raped his little slut he began to drag his claws down her back leaving long bloody welts in her soft creamy flesh. He plunged his cock in and out of her tight ass as she shrieked and writhed beneath him helplessly trapped to his lust. Each thrust he gave brought a groan of pleasure as soon his release began to build again. She would learn her place one way or another he would have his toy at his feet willing slut to his pleasure. These thoughts spurred him on and he reached down gripping her hips and began to fuck her harder and faster with long savage thrusts. With a wicked grin he let his cock swell until he could feel the ring of her muscled squeezing tightly upon him. He began to lose himself to the pleasure of her ass and grunted out words as he fucked her mercilessly and laugh evilly with each word.

“You like that slut? You like that huge cock fucking your ass? Give yourself willingly and you pain will stop bitch. Either become my willing slut or feel the agonies of my wrath. Oh you little cunt your ass grips so tightly against my cock I could fuck you like this for all eternity.”

Charna got her first real taste of agony when the demon plunged his thick cock into her tight ass tearing it open for his lusts. She arched her back with a blood curdling shriek of pain feeling the ring tear around him and his entire length driven deep into her body. She continued to scream as he began fucking the tight hole tearing into it without mercy as he drove his cock in and out of her. When the claws began to dig into her back she screamed and writhed against the floor desperate to escape the agony that pulsed through her body with each thrust. She begged him to stop begged for mercy as the blood began a warm trickle over her back dripping from her sides to the stone floor. She had never imagined when she set out from home on her walk that this would be her fate that she would come to know true anguish at the hands of a demon. Tears gathered in her deep blue eyes and steadily began to fall as she cried out for mercy. She could feel each growl of pleasure vibrating inside her with the length of hardness buried deep. Her screams of pain echoed off the walls and her eyes widened in terror as she felt him gripping her hips. It was then that he truly began to fuck her plunging the thick cock in and out of her relentlessly as she twisted and squirmed. Her body flooded with pain and humiliation she felt him swelling inside her setting the tight ring on fire with pain as he stretched it further. Screaming breathlessly she could do nothing more that shriek and scream as she began to hear his laughter his words driven into her mind. She would never give herself to this demon she would rather die a horrible death before surrendering to him. His words caused a flush of humiliation to stain her creamy cheeks as he continued his violent rape of her ass.

Ajeroth laughed wickedly as he plunged his cock deep into his little slut enjoying her screams and her begging as he raped her. Soon he knew he would have her begging for his rape begging for his touch as she crawled to him like a good little bitch should. He arched his back with a roar of pleasure his balls tightening as the thick hot seed boiled down the length of his cock making it pulse inside her as he exploded inside her tight torn ass. He growled as the seed spilled filling her tight ass with his mark before he pulled out of the torn hole. With wicked delight he grabbed her throwing her over onto her back before he reached out taking a firm tight grip in those long lovely locks. His massive cock drooled with pre cum and coated in the slime from her body pulsed in anticipation of what he would not do to his bitch. He would prove she was nothing to him but a hole to be used as he dragged her up to her knees before him. Enjoying the sounds of her startled gasps and whimpers he waved the thick head in front of her face loving the way her eyes widened as she tried to shake her head. Already the slut was retching with just the thought and clamping her mouth shut. With an evil laugh that echoed about the chambers he reached his free hand out to her face gripping it brutally as he forced her jaws open while she screamed. He loved the choked sounds she made with a torn voice and pressed the head off his cock between those soft lips. With a vicious growl he mercilessly thrust his cock into her mouth stopping just short of her throat so he could hear her muffled screams enjoying the feel of her retching at the taste of her own body. He spoke growling out the words as he began to fuck her hot little mouth still keeping his thrusts short of her throat he wanted to hear her wail.

“Now my little slut you will clean my cock until you again taste my seed. If you please me well I might spare you further agony bitch. Fail me and you will know pain like you could never dream of whore. You are mine for all eternity you will come to love my cock raping you senseless. Suck it slut suck it like the whore you are.”

Charna squirmed helplessly under him screaming with each savage thrust that tore into her ass her body shaking with agony. When she felt that hot seed spraying inside her she arched her back with a shriek as she struggled against him trying to pull away as his thick cum seared into her tight ring. The pain she felt as the hot vile fluid splashed against her torn depths was incredible and agonizing. All she could do was writhe in agony and scream for mercy as she shuddered under him. She felt him pull out of her torn ass praying to god it was over with until she felt him grabbing her and tossing her over on her back. The tight grip in her hair that brought her to her knees had her wailing in horror as she realized what he was about to do. That thick torturous cock gleamed with a mix of cum blood and other things she didn’t want to imagine. Her deep blue eyes widened as she shook her head clamping her jaws tightly shut as she tried in vain to pull from his grip. The very thought had her stomach heaving in disgust as he waved the gruesome cock in front of her eyes. She fought helplessly as he reached out grabbing her face in a bruising grip and slowly forcing her jaws apart while she whimpered in fear. When he thrust the head into her open mouth the touch of that slimy cock against her tongue had her retching and gagging on the taste. A bright flush of humiliation stained her lovely face tears rolling down her face as he stop before entering her throat. He gave her a brief second the taste lying upon her tongue before he began to rape her helplessly mouth with short brutal thrusts that never reached her throat. His words brought a feeling of pure shame upon her as he used her and she knew it was all a lie he would never spare her pain he enjoyed it far to much to have any mercy upon her. Trembling in disgust she tried to pull away but his large hands gripping her hair held her in place bent over with his cock fucking her mouth while she gagged and retched. She knew this wouldn’t last long it wouldn’t take him long to force that shaft down her throat stealing her air from her and she shuddered at the mere thought.

Ajeroth enjoyed her muffled whimpers and squeals as he fucked her little mouth the thick shaft distending her jaw stretching it wide around him. He noticed that she wasn’t using her tongue or suckling but she would crave it in time and she would be punished soon enough for disobeying him. With a roar of anger he lunged forward forcing his entire length down her tight throat loving the feel of her muscles fighting him. He would teach her who she belonged to he thought as he began to fuck her throat with short thrusts never leaving the tight muscles and keeping her air cut off. He growled in pleasure as he gave his little pet her first taste of what her curse was really like. He fucked her throat with long hard stokes grunting in pleasure each time he thrust forward never letting her breath. He could feel her throat convulsing around his cock fighting to draw air each time he drew back to the head. When her throat began to bleed it made the passage easier to fuck and he groaned in pleasure as his thick cock began to pulse sliding easily in and out of her throat. His balls began to tighten once more boiling with the seed he would soon force her to drink. He continued to slam his cock deeper into her throat until her eyes started to flutter and after long moments of this he popped his thick head out of her throat growling down at her with a vicious snarl. He was close to his release and he wanted his pet to taste her food this time.

“Suck it slut lap at it with your tongue or you will feel what it is like to die only to discover you can’t die. Be a good bitch and suck the cock or fight to breathe”

Charna choked and gagged upon the taste vowing not to give in not to do as he commanded. Her deep blue eyes were wide and filled with tear and her long chestnut hair lying matted against her back was tangled with his seed. Her small slender frame trembled against the stone grating against her knees and her shoulder muscles strained against the bonds that held her hands behind her back. She flinched as she heard the roar of anger but didn’t have time to figure out why he was angry before he slammed his cock deep down her throat. Her eyes went wide as she found herself suddenly unable to breathe though she tried to scream in pure terror. Each thrust tore into her slender throat filling it and stretching her convulsing muscles as she struggled to breathe the taste of his cock causing her stomach to retch horribly. It felt like and eternity he continued this assault growling and grunting in pleasure as he raped her mouth. Her back arched as her eyes began to tear and flutter the world around her growing small and dark and at first she couldn’t understand it. Then she realized she was about to die her lack of air was killing her. She felt the searing hot pain as her throat began to bleed each thrust sliding along the torn muscles and dripping blood into her stomach. As her lungs burned and fought for breath at just the point she thought she would die he pulled back popping the head free of her torn throat. She gasped gulping down air retching against the head in her mouth as he spoke. His words stained her cheeks with shame and she would have lowered her head had it not been trapped upon his cock. She shuddered at the thought of enduring another throat rape and slowly she began to lick at the head of his cock curling around it as she slowly began to suck upon it. She couldn’t believe she was doing this but she had no choice and while a red flush of humiliation crossed her face she began to suckle upon the thick head of his cock trying not to retch. She felt the soft touch of a clawed hand stroking her hair and shivered softly his words rolling over her.

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