Hello Sailor


Hello sailor,

I know you're somewhere out there in the Persian Gulf, fighting the good fight for freedom, democracy and the American way, but I hope this letter finds you well. It's hard to believe that I'm already in my third trimester. You won't be home in time to watch your little girl be born, but she's already kicking. I can feel her. She's going to be a fighter, just like her father.

My belly has grown so much since the last time you saw me, swollen with the fast developing life that I now carry within my womb. Do you remember what it was like during my last couple of pregnancies? Do you remember how wild my pregnant body used to drive you? My breasts were so big and sensitive. They're even bigger now. It seems like they just get bigger with each pregnancy. Maybe when you finish this tour you can come back and play with them for yourself.

I've been so horny, and without you here to take advantage of my pregnant body, I've been masturbating every day. Hell, I've been masturbating almost every hour! My hormones must be working in overdrive or something. In fact, honey, as I write this I'm just sitting here in that silken night robe you like so much. It barely covers my milk filled breasts, let alone my baby bump, but the silk just feels so good against my naked skin.

Just thinking about you makes me so hot right now. I know that you are going to jerk off when you read this, and that just makes me feel that much hotter. Yes. I'm slowly rubbing my hands over my swollen belly, tracing an invisible line down to my juicy cunt. You know that I'm already wet down there. As I play with myself, I'm pulling down my soaked panties and tossing them across the room. Oh yes, it feels so good... but not as good as if you were here to fill me up again and again.

Sometimes, I like to get naked and take a long, warm shower, enjoying the sensations as the water runs over my naked body, dripping down my breasts, pregnant belly, and of course my sexy ass. It's gotten even bigger too. Everything about me has gotten bigger, but my ass... wow. You are going to love it. When you get home, I'm even going to let you fuck me up the ass again. I know you haven't done that in a while, but given my condition, I think it's understandable.

Because I'm so far along, the doctor's have ordered me to stay at home, so I mostly just longue around in bed or on the couch. I bet you love the mental image of your pregnant wife waiting for you, sprawled out across the bed, just like I was the night that you knocked me up again in the first place. I remember how horny you were. You had just come home and taken me, right then and there. You were so rough, so manly... I loved it. I loved feeling your cock buried all the way into my waiting cunt. And I loved that burning sensation as you shot your hot, sticky seed deep into my womb. Good job, sailor, because your swimmers found their mark again.

But it's still not the same without you. Every night, before I go to sleep, I close my eyes and think of you. With the lights off, I spread my legs and work my cunt, slowly getting nice and juicy. And when the pleasures of orgasm finally wrack my body, I scream out your name. But it's a poor substitute sailor. No, I want you, my husband, my lover. I want you to come home, lay me out on the bed, and fuck me six ways to Sunday! I want you to cum deep inside of me, filling me up, making me pregnant once again. And the thought of that is what keeps me going every day.

Only a few more days to go until I deliver and I know that you won't get back in time to enjoy my pregnant body. I still remember how much we made lover during my last two pregnancies. Those were good times. That's why I've been taking pictures of me, naked, playing with myself, even with the dildo. I've also used the digital camcorder to record some videos. When you get back, you can look them over and enjoy them. Maybe they'll even inspire you knock me up. Again.


Your loving, and extremely pregnant, wife.

P.S., I'm so horny...

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