tagLoving WivesHell's Angels: The Extra Session

Hell's Angels: The Extra Session

byJohn Randolph©

The biker leader will call when he is ready to use the wife again.

Several years ago ukresearcher wrote the excellent "Hell's Angels". It ended with a wife having promised a follow-up session after opting to have cooperative sex with the leader of a biker gang. I offered the author my outline for that next story or to write it myself. I received no reply, hence the following:

The original story "Hell's Angels" started with Michelle and her husband Tony on a picnic that a biker gang interrupted. The huge leader Jake told them they were invited to a party, and they were not allowed to decline because Michelle was the vital ingredient for the entertainment. She was faithful, innocent, young and beautiful, and highly sexed with especially great legs. Any man's dream.

To try to avoid being immediately gang-raped by the twenty gang members, she had flirted with Jake and raunchily teased him into giving her a private bike ride with sex afterward implied. She rode away behind Jake while flashing a lot of naked thigh and leaving her husband Tony behind with the other bikers. Tony could see what she was trying to do, but was surprised she had the moxie to speak out.

While she and Jake were alone she persuaded him to just have sex with her and not give her to the others. She promised that he couldn't believe how grateful she could be. Jake fucked her at a cheap motel then later let Tony secretly take her home, avoiding a gang-bang.

After she and Tony were finally home she defiantly answered his question about what had happened with Jake in the motel, "I was busy getting well fucked."

After demanding all the details, he shockingly found out that she had promised Jake she would be willing, and she had fully lived up to that promise. But she had been surprised at what that entailed.

When Jake had kissed her, she discovered a metal stud in the middle of his tongue. Then he stripped her, got between her legs, and used it to give her clit unusual sensations resulting in several nice orgasms!

Then he wanted to fuck. Her next surprise was that he had a stiff, unusually huge Prince Albert cock, pierced and with two metal studs for giving a woman extra pleasure. And the piercings did! As he fucked her to distraction the studs in his cock turned out to be scary but exciting, and not damaging!

He was so big that as he slowly, slowly worked himself all the way into her, he had pleasantly stretched her while giving her orgasm after orgasm. The PA metal studs had added indescribable enjoyment inside her even more than the tongue stud had greatly pleasured her clit. She loved the studs! At this point she was not thinking much about Jake as a criminal rapist. She was too busy cumming!

In the remaining hour he had twice put his cum in her, giving her many more orgasms while using several positions. She had enjoyed them all, and joyfully described to her husband a final 'two-pillow missionary position' designed for deeper penetration!

In between she had eagerly sucked Jake back to readiness, mentioning how she had wanted to give him pleasure in return for all her great orgasms! Tony had wondered at the two pillows he had seen lying on the cum-filled sheets and was now livid from her seemingly cheerful attitude!

He had initially demanded a detailed accounting, but had finally rebelled at her joyful account. He was not at all happy with all this, especially how she had obviously enjoyed herself so much.

She was unrepentant. She had always been loving and they had both been totally faithful. All this other was to prevent her being raped by twenty animals. She had no choice, why not try to enjoy it?

Tony shouted, "Fuck it!"

The final shocker to her husband was that it wasn't over. She had promised Jake that she would go with him again for a longer time when he was ready! Tony exploded, "She still owes Jake hours of fucking?"


Our story begins with Tony under stress as Jake's phone call is expected but overdue!

Tony had thought long and hard about this crap not being over. Sure her fucking Jake had been the least of two evils, but didn't she realize that it was still evil, as well as rape? The after fuck, as he thought of it, loomed large. It was even to be a sort of 'date' based on her somewhat coerced promise!

He had a cousin Frankie who had grown up practically like a brother with him but now lived three hundred miles away. Frankie's life had not been angelic. Far from it. So, Tony met Frankie at a town halfway between them desperately seeking his help.

Frankie told Tony that he had a long history with certain dependable people who could quietly remove Jake as a problem without his body ever being connected to Tony or even his city. The people in question trusted Frankie implicitly, but it would cost $25,000. Tony had no problem with that amount and knew of a way to pay secretly. As they parted Frankie told a much happier Tony that he had but to phone a certain number and speak a certain cryptic message. $25,000 would not be required in advance.

Tony came home and told Michelle everything about his visit with Frankie and gave her the special triggering contact info that would even bypass Frankie. When Michelle received Jake's call, she should immediately call that special number, and hell would quickly arrive to meet the Hell's Angel!

When Tony continued talking about how much he hated the very thought of Jake's upcoming evening to 'well fuck' her again, Michelle rebelled and reminded him that this fell under the heading of a promise, and she was faithful to her promises. Remember, it had helped prevent her gang-rape!

She was adamant that they should just follow through with Jake's visit. He would honor their agreement, and the rest of the biker gang would never know anything. Jake's follow-up fuck session would be regrettable, but after that the entire matter would be in the past.

When Tony asked her about the promises in her wedding vows, she gave him such a hard time for several hours that he finally gave in and backed down from using Frankie's plan. But by giving in to her he felt like the wimp of all wimps, and his depression deepened.

He wondered about Michelle's eager sacrificial attitude. All she was asking Tony to do was meekly stand by, insanely jealous, as his wife practically went on a date to be well fucked again by this big-cocked Prince Albert bully! Enjoying herself for a much longer time than before! How would their marriage be affected by this period of pleasureful fucking and sucking? Certainly not improved.

He was tortured by suspecting that she was actually looking forward to being licked by a tongue with a delicious stud in the center followed by a stiff PA cock whose metal studs had previously driven her crazy! He was not happy just waiting for Jake to schedule it and then for her to just 'grin and bear it.'

Then he became additionally tortured by his thinking how 'bear it' reminded him of the thought of her 'baring it (becoming naked)', or since condoms would not be used, even 'bearing it (Jake's child)'. She had confirmed that last time (as he had suspected), she and Jake had gotten to know each other a lot better while talking between fucks, and this time they would not come together as strangers.


One Tuesday morning soon after Tony had left for work, Surprise! Jake rang Michelle's doorbell! She had expected him to call her first and set up an evening visit, but surprising her suited his plans better. When she saw him and opened the door he enveloped her in his big arms and kissed her before stepping inside, "Did you miss me, sweet Michelle?"

She smiled and said, "I thought you would call first, but I am fully prepared to keep my promise." Jake fondled her ass, and she felt his studded tongue go into her welcoming mouth and bring back memories of copious orgasms from having her pussy licked. Then she remembered the even more enjoyable studs embedded in his pierced cock, and her pussy moistened.

Jake said, "Go change clothes for another bike ride, a longer one this time."

She hurried upstairs and changed into some tiny shorts, a sexy thong, and a thin top that was inches shy of reaching her waist. She left her bra off and felt her nipples brushing against her top. She almost forgot to remind herself that she was married, and this upcoming pleasure-fest was being criminally forced on her even though she didn't intend to fight it. As her husband had said, it was still rape!

When she came down, Jake said, "You are the sexiest young lady I have ever seen." Then he took her to the sofa and began a sensuous make-out session. He fondled one breast after the other then cupped and rubbed her pussy with his big hand as his tongue invaded her mouth, and her eager tongue dueled with his in return. As her hands went to his upper arms feeling his muscles, she felt herself becoming wetter.

She told Jake, "I love my husband. I told him everything that we did the other time, and he's having big problems with us having another session. He calls it what it is, a second rape. But I made you a promise, and I intend to fuck your socks off. But only today and never again."

He said, "I've kept my promise, too. The other bikers have probably forgotten that you exist."

Their retired neighbor across the street, Randy Wilmer, had luckily witnessed Jake at their door kissing Michelle. Tony had him secretly on salary for almost constant lookout, but when he called Tony at work he had to leave a message. Tony was in a meeting and only got it after an hour, then called him back.

Tony left from work and started the half-hour trip home, not sure what he was going to do, but pissed that he had been right about Jake just showing up without calling, and still pissed that he had allowed Michelle to talk him out of using Frankie's underworld connection to come and kill Jake.

Michelle was pleasantly surprised when Jake stopped kissing her and started a conversation. He still used his hand to gently twist her nipple under the brief top.

"Michelle, in the Marlon Brando movie about bikers the young town girl was attracted to him and asked what do you bikers do for fun, do you go on picnics?

"Marlon replied in agony, 'We don't GO anywhere, we just GO!' But I want to take you on a picnic today. Would you like that?"

She was delighted and said, "Oh yes! Great idea, Jake!" She thought, "Apparently he has a nicer side."

He said, "I know a fancy unattended lake house that we can break into."

And they left to get food and beer and go there.

Tony arrived to an empty house but immediately got his handgun from their bedroom. He saw no note but saw her cellphone on the kitchen counter. Then he had no idea what to do next. So, he went across to Randy's who told him the two of them had walked down the block and left on a loud bike.

Jake's arm had been around her with his hand cupping her ass. Unfortunately, she had looked happy, quite happy, too damned happy! They had kissed for quite a while with his hands moving under her top. Then they rode away.

Tony asked what she was wearing and cursed when he realized how fuck-able she must look. And did her tummy have to be bare? He jealously wondered if she was even wearing panties. He was in real pain.

She had promised Jake the other time that she would be gratefully willing. That thought involuntarily triggered an image of her on her back opening those beautiful legs and smiling as she stretched her arms out in invitation and raised her knees! Now he had a headache, and there were tears in his eyes.

The image persisted, and now an imaginary Jake was sporting a huge erection and moving his hips forward. He easily entered her halfway, and Tony saw her head go back with mouth wide open and thought he actually heard her cry out. Now it was a splitting headache!

At the lake house instead of the bedroom Jake had steered her to the sun porch. They took in the beautiful view with him behind her lightly brushing both nipples with her back tightly against his muscular chest. His cheek was beside hers in an attempt to be romantic. Again trying to impress her he said that he had been looking forward to finding time to spend with her, and not just for the mind-blowing sex.

As they ate lunch and drank beer he pointed out that he had taken a big risk just for her by not having the protection of his gang nearby and could be vulnerable to his enemies. She should appreciate how he had kept her from his boys who would be angry if they knew about the great pussy, mouth and ass they would not get to ream out.

Surprisingly, he then started talking about his past. A little about his childhood. How he had a flair for computers and within a few years how he had become wealthy from having his own company. How he had first ridden a bike as a hobby, then had sold his company and eventually gone to the dark side, becoming a gang leader. She found herself enjoying his revelations.

Then she was allowed to talk for almost an hour about her childhood and some of her interesting experiences in high school and college. She was enjoying herself even more. Was this brute of a Biker-Gang-Leader-Rapist trying to create some sort of relationship with her? And why?

"Suck my dick, woman."

During all this talk they had broken twice for her to suck his dick, but surprisingly no fucking yet. She was impressed with his restraint.

Late in the afternoon he spooned her during a welcome nap lying outside on a big mat until supper. As they went inside and ate it was getting dark. He had spent hours trying to romance her! Still no fucking!

She wondered at his attempts to impress her. If he naively thought she would get emotionally attached to him while being coerced into a sex-fest that she would admittedly both love and hate, he was dreaming!

Then it was time. They fucked intensely during a long, passionate session that lasted until after dark.

It was late, and she anticipated being taken home, but when he spooned her again on the bed for another nap she knew that the sex wasn't over.

Around Midnight they woke up to his plan of a final round of fucking 'His Special Way'. This time he added a surprise that both shamed Michelle and nearly drove her out of her mind.

Jake had planned this unexpected session for Midnight before taking her home after she believed that the fucking was over. He had become reluctant to give Michelle up after tonight as he had promised. Now he would try to shock her so much sexually that she would comply when he demanded another session!

Finally the intense, unbelievably demanding Midnight sex was over. When she had recovered enough to speak she asked, "What have you done to me? I've never experienced anything like that before."

Going home she sat behind him with her tits tightly against his back. She despised Jake-The-Rapist, but kept that to herself. This chapter of being well fucked a second time had been mind-boggling, but it was over! She had coped, and she told herself that she never wanted anything like this again.

She said loudly over the noise of the Harley, "Jake, you've treated me with respect. Thank you! Thank you for letting me skip the expected gang-rape the other day!"

To which he replied, "I promise I'll never tell my bikers about you! You're becoming very special to me."

She hoped that Tony would not need to hear too many details, but he might, so she resolved to truthfully tell him every single thing including all her thoughts and reactions if he was foolish enough to demand them. But she feared having to tell him about the Midnight session and what she had been guilty of. She might downplay that a little.

They had to stop about halfway to her home because they were having a loud, angry shouting match. She had mentioned that this second adventure was finally over, and they were actually going to part fondly. They were now even.

When she asked for confirmation he surprisingly told her in no uncertain terms that he would say when it's over, and he was determined to visit her again for one more session, because he just had to have her one more time!

She went crazy! When she got so upset, cursing like a sailor, he got extremely nasty. He said she really had no fucking choice. If she tried to refuse, his entire gang of bikers could just appear at their front door. He took her a block from home, curtly told her to get the hell off, and loudly sped away.


When she walked into her den her husband jumped up and anxiously exclaimed, "Are you OK? I expected you hours ago! It's nearly 2:00. How could anyone have sex for sixteen goddamn hours?"

She said she was OK, and agreed with him about the lateness, but said it hadn't been up to her.

He embraced her lovingly, but then said in a dull tone, "You're dressed like a fucking slut. Did a single unpleasant thing happen to you or was every bit of the fucking as wonderful as the first time? Do you still feel the same way about me? Are you falling in love with that asshole Jake?"

She defended herself, "We've been over all of this. Nothing has changed. He's a rapist and a bully, but at least I have have avoided being gang-raped. I had a right to try for pleasure, and I succeeded."

"Well thank goodness it's finally all over now. When you're ready I need all the details about the entire day. I want us to spend the next month trying to shake off the pain as we did after the first session.

"Darling, that has to wait. I have terrible news. That son-of-a-bitching criminal just went back on his promise to end it tonight! He used his original threat that the entire biker gang might appear at our front door unless I have a third session with him! What can we possibly do except humor the bastard one more time? I hate him!

"Also, it sort of seems like he's falling for me. Maybe even wants to romance me into leaving you. Wouldn't I make a great biker chick!"

"What the fuck? He can't do that. But I guess he thinks he can. It's become very simple now. He needs killing. Otherwise he can pull this shit forever."

"Tony, I don't know about killing. We're Christians. What about our morals? There must be some way out of this we haven't thought of. But honestly the only thing I feel now is helpless!"

"He's an animal without a shred of honor, but if he tells his gang about where we are, we're finished!"

"You're right, Tony. He probably won't come to his senses. We've got to figure out some miracle in a short time, but I don't want you going to prison.

"And even if we call the 'solution' phone number to come here when he shows up, it may be too late. He may just quickly spirit me away. Could Frankie's people just go find him before he comes back for me?"

"I don't know, Michelle but I'll bet they could. I'll talk to Frankie first thing in the morning."

"OK, I'll call Jake and try to reason with him. But not outright refuse him. Then he might think we are about to give in and won't expose us to the gang.

"Let's sleep a while, then we can make our calls, and after that I'll lovingly give you every dirty detail you insist on knowing. I know I had a lot of pleasure, but I'm still not ashamed of anything I've done!"

That morning when she made her call, Michelle had no luck trying to reason with Jake. He cursed her out, called her a bitch, and told her to 'get real'.

Frankie wouldn't talk to Tony about Jake over the phone, so they agreed to meet halfway that very afternoon. Tony was disturbed, because he wanted quick action.

They ate at home, and now it was time for Tony to know every detail of Michelle's ordeal.

"This time wouldn't it be better to omit the dirtiest details? Would just some level of detail be OK?"

"No, I won't have that! I can't always be wondering, and this time I need to know everything, including what was going through your head during each nasty sex act!"

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