tagNonHumanHell's Housewife Ch. 02

Hell's Housewife Ch. 02


Book Two

"The Succubus made me do it." Reported Jim Caldwell, the local Trekkie/Area-51/UFOlogist conspiracy nut.

"You shouldn't read that trash, Jimmy." Admonished the prim, proper, flat-chested Sarah. Adjusting the tight bun of her graying hair, to maintain as much dignity as was possible in a supermarket checkout-lane.

"That's just what they want you to think, Mrs. Cox. The National Intruder Magazine is where the REAL journalism happens!" reported the lanky, paranoid young man. Fixated, Jim slowed down the checkout line as he became engrossed in the sordid tabloid.

"She turned my girlfriend into a pornographic statue using her demon magic, then she gave my best friend so many orgasms that he went into a coma....Reported accused rapist Terrence Filmore, pleading his innocence." Jimmy was reading the article out loud, including quotes. Sarah frowned; it was important to refute the National Intruder, as they'd reported on some of her previous exploits!

"The succubus used her demon magic to take control of my emotions, otherwise I never would have groped those twelve co-eds! It....It wasn't me..." Jimmy was getting into the quotations! "It was like....having sex with the succubus put a...a...lust spell on me! I couldn't help myself after that!" Sarah slapped the tabloid out of Jimmy's grasp.

"Harumph! You can read that smut on your own time, thank you very much!" she said icily, while loading milk and cereal onto the conveyor.

"You'll see Mrs. Cox! There's so much more out there than most people realize! This....this world we live in....it's just a...a sugar-coated topping!" Flustered, he gesticulated wildly, drawing amused stares from the other patrons. "There are powers.....forces...around us that most people are clueless about!" Oh Jimmy. Better if you don't know.

The urges hit her again as she was loading up the groceries in the parking lot. Impossible....can't be.....again? She tried to dismiss the sensations, but when her hair started to redden, when she felt her breasts blossoming upon her chest like bread-dough rising in an oven of female potential....she knew. There was no doubt.

"Two summonings!? In the same week?" This was unheard of! Knowledge of her Truename was too scarce! Or...it should have been too scarce! The odds were astronomical that two occultists in the same week would - "RRUNNNGH!" And yet, as unlikely as it was, she'd prepared for such an eventuality! Sarah hoped no one in the parking lot would notice as her face lost its fine lines and crow's feet; youthening in seconds. She had perhaps a minute before her growing breasts would bust out of her dress but...Her ass! In quick jerks, her hips stretched and widened, while her ass rounded out into twin hemispheres of lust that caused her dress to ride higher! She had to hurry!

Prepared, she put the milk, ice-cream, and other perishables into a cooler she'd brought along for such an eventuality. Then, she hurried into the back, wrapping herself in a thick blanket to contain the conjuring burst of fire and brimstone. She was able to shimmy out of her clothing before her increasingly voluptuous anatomy caused any further damage. Concealed tightly, she nonetheless tried to keep resisting the magical compulsion even after her wings began to form. She held out even as her fingers lengthened into blood-red talons, but when her tail began to thrash, she-


The music was an odd touch. A thick, pulse-pounding beat intended to arouse primal aggressions. Most diabolists preferred absolute quiet to maintain concentration; the better to control evil beings like Sarah. Of course, she didn't need to be such a bitch whenever summoned. But the thing was, she HATED being summoned! She had a life of her own! What...did these occultists think that her kind just sat around on fire all day, waiting to be wrenched from their homes for evil purposes? Whenever possible, she had to destroy her summoner, and the occult information that allowed him to cast the spell. It was the only way she'd ever have peace to raise her family.

"MISTRESS OF FLAME AND LUST! YOU ARE MINE TO COMMAND!!" Rasped a harsh, guttural voice. It seems her reputation was spreading. The demon stood erect to her full Amazonian height, swishing her hellish tail as she surveyed the surrounding. Grey, blank concrete, again. But this time adorned with yet more candles, more black cloth, and obscure runes of ancient evil inscribed in....sheep's blood! A step up! Ah...but the window....

That explained the music! A neon sign was barely visible from her vantage point...flickering pink lights proclaimed: TITOPIA! Triple X! Yes, the aura of palpable lust would make conjuring succubi ridiculously easy. Allowing the caster to invest more energy in control. The summoning circle was even more secure than the last one, with tertiary inhibitor wards! There was no way to attack the human directly....

"SARAI'EROTHKOK! IT IS BUT A SIMPLE TASK YOU SHALL PERFORM!" This one was a lean, wiry man in his 30's. His hair was spiky and brown, his face contorted in a rictus of passion that drove men to the heights of power, or depths of depravity. His left eye was partially closed, even though his right was wide open. Perhaps some neurological disorder....or exposure to dark, and forbidden powers.

"What is your bidding....mighty mage?" She moaned, her voice impossibly seductive. There was always a flaw, humans never thought of everything; and any summoner could eventually be beaten. She had to! A man of this expertise could conceivably conjure her every night! It would put a terrible strain on her marriage unless she destroyed him soon!

His damaged left eye actually had a red iris, contrasting with the blue of the other. He'd been around the bend more than once! Outmaneuvering him could be quite a challenge!

"YOUR TASK IS ONLY TO RECEIVE MY MALE SEED WITHIN YOUR HELLISH WOMB! THROUGH YOU, I SHALL BREED A FORCE OF CAMBION SERVITORS TO CARRY OUT MY OWN DIRECTIVES! ONLY WHEN MY SEED IS WITHIN YOU SHALL YOU BE PERMITTED TO RETURN TO THE CESSPOOL OF TORMENT AND HORROR FROM WHICH YOU COME!" Hah! These assignments were the most fun! And she was getting an idea. The demoness' eyes glowed with an infernal light, and a potent brimstone-based sexual attractant exuded from her crotch. Though her 'Master' shuddered visibly as she began her seduction, he was not yet through.


"So be it!" agreed Sarai'erothkok, who was eager to be done with this and get back to her 'cesspool of torment and horror'. She licked her lips with a tongue that seemed twice as long as normal, her stinger tail caressing legs....thighs....slipping in and out of her hot, bare pussy, as she squatted lower to the ground. A quick scan of unconscious, non-verbal cues confirmed the man's preferred position: Sarai'erothkok postured herself on hands and knees, tail raised, sharp wings stretched wide as her naked sex glistened before the summoner's hardened rod. She wiggled her ass to signify readiness to receive his seed.

He thrust into her with as much joy as desire. Throbbing cock pulsed out and in....in and out...*SLUCK*...*LURRP* Her copious lubrication was nearly boiling with hellish heat, yet the intensity only heightened the pleasure. The smell came on full force. It was not a pleasant, seductive perfume, it was an obscene, putrescent odor of corruption. Yet the man craved it instantly! The vile, demon-rut-musk seared his nerves and boiled his mind in lust. The fact that this perverse odor multiplied his raging libido created an air of guilty pleasure; guilt which served only to make him more rigid as he thrust into her.

The rutting demoness had a plan, which sadly would require more time than she hoped; but her plan would end this, by ensuring that this summoner never had a chance to summon her again! She couldn't put any spells on him directly, but.... Her cunt soothed and caressed the male, she did not go merely for the quick orgasm, she teased and tweaked his lust. Driving on his desire with the motions of her ripe ass, and the experienced control of her womanly sanctum, honed through millennia of every conceivable sex act. For Lilim, such liaisons were never boring or tiresome, each man's energy had a slightly different aura; and their lust was always sweet. It was like a buffet with two and a half billion gourmet meals, no two exactly alike.

Moaning with passion he hunched over further, their bodies locked into bare-backed copulation. By leaning further, he could reach the swelling grandeur of her bobbing breasts. He kneaded the perfect, female globes as a drowning man clutches a life-raft, and Sarai'erothkok allowed herself a monstrously reverberant screech of primal passion. It was just as good today as it had been with Julius Caesar, but over the past 80 years, most men's cocks had become slightly larger, and the Lilim could not, would not stop. So long as their were men that desired sex, Lilim would be close at hand, to feed and destroy.

By foregoing the quick orgasm, she heightened the tension throughout the sorcerer's entire body, slowly raising his breath, pulse, and desire into a frantic fever pitch, knowing exactly where and how to pinch of the pleasure to prevent him from blasting off too soon. With a howl of frenzied desire, he finally spurted into her, finally came. His flesh shook violently as potent, virile sperm swam eagerly into the demoness' moist passage. He gurgled incoherently, his entire body releasing all tension, all energy in this single spurt.

He collapsed thoroughly exhausted, so content and satiated that he fell asleep upon the bare cement. The slumbering wreckage of his conscious mind pickled in total pleasure. And almost as soon as he began snoring, her belly seemed taut. Arching her back with a hellish grunt, the demoness caressed her swelling belly as it bulged heavier with fast-growing offspring. Lilim had enormous leeway, and control over their fertility that mortal females could never match. Steam escaped her moist skin as her flesh ripened with unholy fecundity. Ripples appeared on her perfect skin as the unnatural horror, a Cambion gestated within her. Such a creature existed outside the natural order, and was not bound by the laws of magic that restrained demons. Her belly pulsed into the third trimester in less time than it took to say it. Her tightening nipples were ripe and dribbling with hot milk in preparation. Cambions were metaphysical wild-cards, disruptions that could cause great harm when released into the world. And this one would be no exception.

While the father slept, there was a burst of steam, water, and cloying brimstone smoke as the Lilim birthed her unwholesome spawn. For fiends of her breed, giving birth was as much a pleasure as pain, and thus Lilim had no compunctions, indeed even excitement when their summoner wanted them to breed young. And Sarai'erothkok had lost count of the horrors she'd birthed over the centuries.

The cambion progressed into a toddler in mere seconds, suckling the ample nourishment from his immortal mother. Limbs lengthened, thickened, grew. Skin tightened and matured, bones popped and cracked amidst the fluid, smoke, and heat of demonic birth.

Long before 'Dad' finished his contented nap, the hell-steam hissed and flowed around a tall, muscular form which was....identical to his own! An exact replica of the father stood there, confusion and intensity on his face, wiping off the last of his mother's milk from his face. The Cambion was a complete copy, indistinguishable from the slumbering summoner. Identical down to his fingerprints....and his DNA.

"Rape....murder...." he breathed, as though these words formed the totality of his existence. "RAPE!! MURDER!!" The cambion cried happily, as though reaching an awesome revelation. Shambling to the rear of the building, he found a rusty crowbar in a corner, clutching it gladly as he repeated his mantra, before rushing out the back door with rigid penis fully and powerfully erect. The only other words he would remember would be his father's name: 'Victor Callow', and he would have a fascination with video cameras as he committed a crime spree that even the most hardened metropolis would not soon forget. The Cambion would turn to dust within 24 hours, but his fingerprints, DNA, and semen samples would remain, and forensic scientists would find them especially easy to identify.

"That was a nice touch; I was afraid you'd lost it, girl." She was short, but not a small woman. Though the Stripper had a petite frame that was scarcely over 5 feet, her awesome breasts swung lazily through the air like bloated soccer-balls. Rigid nipples tented the red fabric of an almost threadbare bikini, the entire bosomy package jiggling with the promise of licentious exhibitionism.

"I HATE being summoned, Semiramis. I NEVER want to be summoned." Explained the naked, sweaty, glistening demoness beginning to rise to her red-clawed feet.

"Heeyyy I hear you, girlfriend! We all know the feeling! Oh, and I go by 'Samantha' this century. Just so you know."

"Then why did you help him find out my Truename? Don't deny it, these mortals were good, but they would have needed help, and you're not at all surprised to see me."

"Yes, well you're not the easiest demoness to find! The others worry that you've gone soft, but after tonight...." The demonic stripper giggled girlishly, as her eyes flared with a burst of hellish, blood-red light. "They say you've been playing house!"

Sarai'erothkok rolled her eyes. "I....I'm a...I'm married with a family. And before you ask, he doesn't know anything. He thinks he's married to a middle-aged, suburban P.T.A. mother." 'Samantha' was incredulous.

"Doesn't know? You mean he isn't a slave?"

"Of course not! We have a real relationship!" Sarah retracted her wings, claws, and tail, becoming merely a statuesque, red-headed Amazon of impossibly-sculpted beauty. Having accomplished the task for which she was summoned, she could now leave the circle, though she still couldn't directly harm the summoner. The police would take care of that! All that the stripper-demon could say was a simple query;

"But...why? Is he hung like a horse?" 'Sarah' grunted in disgust...how to explain....

"For thousands of years you and I....and the others....we've seduced armies of men, led the weak-willed to their doom, cock-first." Samantha smiled, but urged her friend to continue. "I've toppled emperors, led Holy-Men into mortal sin, deceived, tricked, destroyed countless lives. Throughout the...the whole 20th century, I felt that, well....that I had peaked. I'd done everything a Lilim aspires to, you and I can tell countless stories of seduction and destruction. And...and that's it." Sarah's red eyes faded back to a common brown as her gaze became introspective.

"Do you have...free will Semiramis? Do I? Do humans? Does the concept really exist? We are monsters; no denying it, no sugar-coating it. Is that all I am? All I...could be? I don't really know, but I do know that my old life...pleasurable as it may be...had lost meaning long ago. I want...I want to prove that I'm more than just a sex-monster with a single role. I want to see if I can do more than poison, and destroy." She turned back and looked the shorter, voluptuous demon in the eye.

"I've never...created anything! All those centuries, I never built anything, contributed to anything...positive. Could I? I'm sure you're going to jump all over me, saying how foolish, how impossible it is, and in a way you're right; Doing....what I'm doing, it's so unlikely, so difficult, that the challenge of it began to consume my thoughts about 40 years ago. It's the last great challenge; and I'm doing it! I spent the sixties and seventies preparing. And so far, I've been able to cohabit with a mortal man, raise a child, without enslaving him with sorcery, I haven't stolen his life-force, and he believes that I'm a decent human being! This...this endeavor means more to me than the sexual conquest of any emperor! It's just my way of proving to myself that I do have free will."


"I don't know yet. I just know that I'm going to build a family as safe, stable, and happy as I can." The hellish little sex-pot frowned and scrutinized the taller demoness, folding her arms and pacing with worry.

"You're right, I do want to jump all over you and smack some sense into you; but there's another reason we've been trying to contact as many Sisters as possible, there's a threat to our territory, our feeding grounds. Yes, even yours."


Terrence couldn't believe it! the hotel was full of these babes! She was devouring his cock! Pink, full lips from the blond goddess wrapped and enfolded his throbbing man meat in a sheathe of warm, wet bliss. As he lay back on the bed, spread-eagle he could do nothing but chuckle with the joy of it all! This was the most gorgeous babe he'd ever seen! She made the Sports Illustrated swimsuit babes look like hippos by comparison.

And she was deep-throating his dick like there was no tomorrow! Like she needed his cum, and so much of it! Terrence was afraid that tonight would be a bummer; he'd been meeting a lot of girls that just weren't impressed by his rock-hard abs, stylish center-part haircut, and classically handsome features. But this bitch was hot for his cum! And...more cum...

Terrence moaned in bliss, as the halo of blond hair covering his pelvis...but...but he had already cum! He'd....he knew he had spurted into her...twice at least. But....his cock just kept burning! His desire never diminished! The lust...the heat in his groin just kept building! And as she bobbed her head up and down upon his shaft, it was as if his dick kept getting...larger? He could feel his beefy meat stretching, growing harder and yet more erect. Terrence felt an increasing sensation from her tongue...or...there it was again! It was like the babe had...two...three? A swirling chorus of wet caresses bathed his rod from different directions at the same time. Even as what felt like multiple tongues licked his head and shaft, he felt a wet tickle at the sensitive under-side of his rod! Must be some tantric technique.

There! he was cumming again! She gulped down his seed like the nectar of the gods and...and there was more this time! A solid burst of semen gushed from him, and yet the bitch seemed to suck even harder! Where was it all coming from? Wherever he was getting it, he hoped he had plenty more! He never wanted this night to end!


Conventional street-wise lore held that a hooker who video-taped her clients took her own life in her hands, but Jade realized that such records could also serve to protect her, if she played her cards right. But who was she going to give *this* tape to? City Councilman Renfrow was a horny bastard terrified of his wife; and the potential scandal that could result from his extra-curricular activities....paid for using city funds, no less. And Jade, sensible 'working girl' that she was figured that a little bit of leverage might go a long way.

The half-Asian, half-Caucasian hooker had just begun her strip-tease (Renfrow liked some foreplay) when that frantic knocking began. Whoever it was, for whatever reason, Councilman half-demanded, half forced her to hide out in the closet.

The door opened upon a nearly-naked porn-star with smoldering violet eyes, a rich cascade of auburn hair, and impossible curves. Her bath towel was cast away to reveal female perfection that could have earned the slut starring roles in any adult-movie. It was as if a trance came over the portly, heavy-set, balding-blond politician as she glided into the room. His questions were stifled by...by a lick!? What a slut? The towel was off, boobs began bouncing, and Jade was forgotten from her lonely vigil in the closet.

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