tagSci-Fi & FantasyHell's Kiss

Hell's Kiss


Argunthal's first breath was tainted with the metallic odor of blood and the dull reek of dirt. Wrinkling his nose in disgust, he forced his eyes open, receiving a dim, blurred view of stone walls and a female figure. As his mind and vision came into focus, a rush of panic hit. Where the hell was he? How did a village blacksmith get here?

"Look what finally woke up. Thought you were dead for a while. Oh, don't bother trying to move, those aren't going anywhere."

This last comment was directed at Argunthal's testing of the rusty chains that bound his wrists to the wall, arms held above his head in an unforgiving metallic grip.

"What did you do to me?"

The woman, whom he could now see to have dark hair, and oddly reddish skin under her angular, black armor, simply smirked in response.

"My superiors need labor for the mine here, and maybe some other things. That's you, human. Assuming you don't just die, that happens often enough as well."

This was not exactly the answer he was hoping for. In fact, it was essentially the opposite.

"Let me go, and I won't kill you. Promise."

The maddening smirk gave way to a low laugh. Putting a hand on her hip and slightly shifting her weight to one leg, the demon jailer replied,

"Even if you somehow managed to break out of those, you'd be the dead one. Ever wonder how hell got its reputation? Can't imagine you want to find out. Besides, I'd advise being a good little human if you feel like eating this lifetime."

The demon had now crossed over from an irritant to simply an enemy. Argunthal grunted, anger pounding blood faster through his veins. Staring defiantly at the jailor, he began to pit his arm against the rusty manacle.

Raising an eyebrow that, on close inspection, was composed of tiny, horn-like bumps instead of hair, the demon laughed again.

"I've been in this body for three hundred years, and most of them down here. I've never seen anybody, human or otherwise, get through that chain."

She hesitated for a moment, looking him over, and then continued,

"Yeah, sure, you're a big one, but that's thick metal. Trust me, you'll want that arm for the mines later. Don't wear it out here."

The only response she got was a somewhat deeper breath, followed by a faint but audible creak of metal. Argunthal grinned a little, flexing harder against the chain. He looked up, taking in the full sight of the soon-to-be-dead demon. What he saw was unlike any human woman he'd ever encountered. Her strange, red skin was like a sheath over her slim but powerful muscles, which disappeared into a breastplate, plateskirt and gauntlets made of a strange black metal, twisting at bizarre angles into a deadly-looking shell. She didn't bother with boots, which made sense, seeing as her legs ended in claws that would be more at home on a dragon than a human. While those were certainly shocking, they weren't as much so as the dark, nearly black horns that began just above her temples, curving back until they seemed to point forward again, towards her midnight black lips.

"Turned on, human? It's fairly obvious," she dryly remarked, gesturing to a member that was now a bit less than flaccid.

"Nothing personal, but no way in hell. Or up here, either. Succubi are way more fun than any cock I've met in three centuries, and I'm not exactly looking to get the free trial from some miner the patrol grabbed."

Ignoring the damnably taunting, seductive tone of her voice, Argunthal continued to strain against the manacle, flattening his back against the wall as the links began to bend under the pressure. He openly smiled in triumph. This was going to be fun.

Beginning to show a bit of interest, the demon stepped a bit closer, re-appraising his musculature. While her face still didn't show much besides disdain, an undertone of curiosity was emerging.

"Keep back, hell-bitch. If this chain breaks, and I assure you it will eventually, you are beyond fucked. Hear me?" he grunted between breaths.

"Hell-bitch, hmm? Clever, aren't we? That's Zalana to you. Mistress Zalana, actually." She was clearly attempting to sound haughty, and she succeeded to an extent, but there was definitely something else there now.

A tooth-shuddering squeal of iron echoed through the stone room, bringing a shocked look to Zalana's demonic face.

"Alright, Salon-a, or whatever the fuck that was, your choice here. Run like hell, and you might get away. Let me out, and I won't kill you. Or, my favorite, stick around and see what happens when you go around capturing slaves for whatever you said this was."

She didn't bother trying to hide it anymore, she wanted something. Zalana was close enough now that Argunthal could feel her breath, far hotter than that of a normal human. He knew she was there, but kept pulling on the chain that still bound his left wrist. Or at least he kept pulling until she began to speak, in a sultry tone that was nearly impossible to ignore.

"Most male demons couldn't break that thing. That means you have something they don't. Something I want."

She paused for a moment, letting the significance of her words sink in before continuing.

"Remember what I said about the succubi? Well, there haven't been any assigned down here for quite some time. Nothing but imp-cock around, and that's not exactly appealing."

Right about there she reached out a claw-tipped finger, running it down the mass of his ribcage, just lightly enough not to draw blood. She leaned in even closer, dropping her hypnotic voice to an irresistible, enticing whisper.

"You know you want to give it to me."

Damn it, she was right. Argunthal stopped mid-pull, involuntarily shivering at the thought of penetrating the demon. Grimacing, he shook his head, trying to stop the strange new thoughts.

"Come on, now... the truth doesn't have to hurt, does it? Why not just give in?'

Pausing for a moment to look him in the eye in a way that was both erotic and terrifying, she reached down for his manhood in a smooth, confident motion. His doubts evaporated again in a cloud of ecstasy as her fingers stroked the shaft, just enough to make themselves noticed. He sucked in a sharp breath, contracting his back muscles and throwing his head back in response to the pleasure. Zalana's wicked-sounding laugh echoed in his ears as he limply eased the pressure on the chain.

"That's better, isn't it? Sure you don't want to reconsider?"

His eyes widened a bit as she punctuated the remark with a lick of her lips, revealing a tongue that was extraordinarily dark, and perhaps a little longer than it should be. He couldn't help imagining how that moist streak of midnight would feel in action.

As if reading his mind, Zalana stood, slowly extending herself to her full height in a very pleasant unfolding, and planted a clawed hand on his chest, pushing him back to the wall. She moved her head towards his, letting him feel her unnaturally warm breath for a moment before extending her tongue to lightly, smoothly touch his neck with its tip. While Argunthal was somewhat alarmed at the fact that her tongue had stretched to the length of his forearm to accomplish this, he was far from complaining.

Any further doubt in his mind was obliterated as she sank to a crouch, moving the ragged remains of his clothing aside like a spiderweb as she caressed him again, bringing his manhood to its full length. The first touch of her velvet tongue brought forth a clear drop of precum, and he couldn't help but thrust his hips forward. Zalana was unperturbed, effortlessly maintaining control by slamming his pelvis back into the wall with a smooth motion that didn't interrupt her more enjoyable actions in the slightest.

After licking up and down his shaft a few times, taking a blissful eternity on each pass of her tongue, Zalana planted a tiny, very warm kiss on the very tip of his penis, paused for a moment to look straight into his eyes with mesmerizing red pupils, and circled him with her lips. He shut his eyes, overwhelmed by the moist, hot embrace of her demonic mouth. He'd caught a glimpse of some fairly sharp teeth earlier, but they didn't seem to be an issue now and he wasn't about to stop and check.

Zalana seemed to be reaching a rhythm, the tempo of her movement intensifying as her lips slid back and forth over his cock, bringing greater waves of pleasure with every second. He could feel his seed reaching readiness in his already-aching testicles, and wanted nothing more than to pump the demon's mouth absolutely full of cum.

A near-perfect, lubricating mixture of precum and saliva was smeared over him, making the entire experience even more pleasurable. The deep heat of coming orgasm came nearer and nearer, about to explode, when... she stopped.

Giving his painfully hard cock a gentle pat, Zalana stood back up, wiped her mouth and took a step backwards.

"What, did you really think I was going to let you cum? Don't be ridiculous. Nice cock, sure, but not that nice." Every word was dripping with a sense of smug superiority, burning in Argunthal's ears like a hot iron.

She turned to walk away, saying over her shoulder, "Enjoy the feeling in your balls, stud. I'm going to go find something else to play with."

Her casual, biting emphasis on the word "stud" was too much for him to bear. Breathing hard from denied orgasm and from sheer frustration, he ripped the chain from the wall in one tremendous movement.

"Not so fast, hell-bitch. Somebody didn't get her cum yet."

There was genuine surprise on the demon's face as she turned around to see Argunthal standing with his right arm free, breathing heavily and looking straight into her red eyes as he pulled out the second chain with a strength fueled by anger and lust. Taking advantage of her hesitation, he leaped the few paces between the two of them and grabbed the demon by the hair, pulling her face close to his.

"Word of advice: don't blueball a guy who can snap chains. It often doesn't end well."

As his cock pulsed, Zalana sensed his intentions. She let slip a sly grin, beginning to toy with her now- wet puss as she pressed her body close to his.

"I know you want to fill me up. Go on, you've earned it. I may be from hell, but believe me, that pussy will still feel like heaven."

Judging by the breathy quality of her voice, she was legitimately horny at this point. Argunthal smiled with grim satisfaction, unbuckling her armor with focused efficiency. She was more than happy to help, wriggling out of her plateskirt in a way that was almost painfully sexy. After a few moments, she stood fully nude, impressively long legs yielding to an astonishingly pert butt, topped by a slim waist and a pair of gorgeous breasts, each with a hard, black nipple at the center. The nipples were pierced with dully shining metal rings exactly like those that sat in groups of three on each of her pointed ears. With a pussy dripping juice that appeared to be evaporating as steam, she was an awe-inspiring sight.

Toying with her clit, she sighed to Argunthal, "Dive right in, stud. I want all of your human meat in there."

He approached with powerful deliberate strides, placing a hand firmly on her impossibly toned backside.

"Mmmm... yes, get a good grip. My pussy could really use it."

He let out a sound somewhere between a grunt and a laugh, enjoying the thought of what was about to come. This was not going to be a mutually enjoyable act. Oh no. This was vengeance.

Tightening his grip on her ass, Argunthal deftly spun her around, locking an arm around her stomach and guiding his penis to her ass with the other hand. She squirmed, gasping with sudden realization as his shaft met her anus.

"Relax. You denied me an orgasm, I'm just returning the favor."

He couldn't help but laugh, imagining her crestfallen expression as he stretched her ass, with only a few smears of precum as lubricant. Zalana fell to her knees, breathing hard with shock as the unexpected penetration pounded her asshole. She was surreally tight, and the warm lining of the passage felt downright heavenly on Argunthal's shaft. In less than a minute, he was once again at the edge of orgasm.

He paused, stopping mid-thrust as another malicious idea entered his mind. She was going to sentence him to labor, why not do the same? Pulling out, he lifted the Zalana up to her feet. She was too exhausted to resist very much, and simply gave him a blank stare as he plunged deep into her vagina, lifting her off her feet and holding up her legs, supporting her entire weight as he picked her up, bumping into her cervix as he released his seed almost directly into her womb.

Tossing the demon to the ground, he bent over to catch his breath for a moment before properly finishing the job. Looking around for a moment, he quickly found another set of chains like the ones that had held him. Hefting Zalana's near-comatose, fluid dripping form, he pressed her against the stone wall while shackling her wrists. Argunthal couldn't help but stand back and admire his handiwork: a once-proud demonic temptress chained in her own dungeon, panting as a mixture of cum and her own juices dripped slowly down her thighs. Revenge was sweet.

"Enjoy the birth, love," he quipped as he strapped on her sword belt, fumbling through the keys to find the one he needed to unlock the exit door. He was essentially nude at this point, which would be inconvenient, he was sure. Nothing to be done though.

After pondering his nudity, something seemed odd. On closer inspection, something was strange about his penis. The whole thing was slightly red, and not just from the chafing. That seemed to be the natural color, for some reason. Furthermore, his foreskin was nowhere to be seen, revealing a head that was notably darker than usual. He frowned. Maybe the joke was on him after all...

Shrugging, he opened the door and peered out into the passage beyond, still quite distracted by the aftermath of his "adventure."

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