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Help a Friend in Need


You got the text. Your friend was in need. She got into trouble. She liked to bet on sports and was on a losing streak. The past two weeks she borrowed money from her, but you told her it was the last time. But again she is persistent and keeps texting you for more money. The last text seemed kind of urgent and asked if you could meet her somewhere. You agreed.

About 10 minutes away, you drive to a local hotel and meet her in the bar. She is frantic. She doesn't know what to do. Her bookie said she has an hour to come up with the $1200 she owes him. She doesn't have it. Neither do you. You couldn't give it to her even if you had it.

She had about a 1/2 hour until he shows up to collect. The biggest amount she could scrounge was $350. Hopefully he would accept this for payment. You start to ask her how she got into this. All she said over and over again is that she has a problem. At the bar she orders several shots and asks you to join her.

You try to comfort her by rubbing her back and talking to her, but there is no consoling her. She said, "This isn't enough. I did this to him before. He told me I would have to face consequences if I short changed him again. You should go. I don't want you to get involved in this. GO! PLEASE GO!" You gather your stuff and is about to go when suddenly...

"Miss Davenport, I hope you have my money." She hands him the bills and calmly he says, "Tsk, tsk. Short changing me again. Who is your friend?"

"She was just leaving."

"Well, I think she can stay for a little while," as he grabs your wrist. You shake your head and agree.

"Please, let her go. I am the one who owes you."

"Indeed, you are. Indeed you are. Follow me ladies."

Both of you are scooted along behind him by a couple of large men accompanying him. You all get into an elevator and get off on the 9th floor. He heads to the last door in the hallway and opens up the room.

"The manager here is a degenerate gambler. As part of his payments to me, he allows me to use a room or two at my convenience. Sandra I think this is the last time you are going to short change me. I warned you and you didn't listen."

The two men grab her. They tie her hands behind her back. She is scared, but doesn't fight or scream.

"Dee, don't worry it is just me they are after."

"Dee? That is correct. You see your friend here has been a very naughty girl. I warned her time and again, but about every couple of months we end up back here. You see she gets in trouble and as payment I take what I want from her, right here."

You didn't understand. But as he goes over and rips her shirt off, you understand.

"See Dee. I love to use this whore from time to time, but I sooner would rather get my money. Maybe by showing you what a whore she is, it would embarrass her and you, that she would start paying her debts."

The men strip her. He grabs her panties and shoves them in her mouth. "You can be too loud for my likings."

Both men stand on either side of her and stretch out each arm. He walks over and roughly twists her nipples. He licks her cheek and walks behind her. He grabs the riding crop from the table and proceeds to whip her ass. She screams through your panties. The muffled screams excite you. Part of you wish it was you.

He looks at the men and nods. They bend her over a chair. He continues whipping.

"Dee, it appears that you are not hating what you are watching." He sees the fire in your eyes on how this is turning you on. "Would you like a go on your friend's ass?" You just nod and take the crop. You feel the warmth in the handle and tentatively begin to whip. He comes behind you and helps you flick your wrist harder so it lands harder on her ass. You continue without his guidance. You are getting into this. He moves up behind you, his hard cock rest firmly against your ass.

"It appears my plan is a failure. I doubt you are embarrassed at all. Well I have a better idea." He motions to the men and they throw your friend on the bed. The two guys take turns fucking her. The bookie whispers in your ear. You agree and sit on your friends face.

"Lick nigger. This is the last time you borrow from me as well. Use that tongue!"

She goes to town on your pussy while the men start fucking her in the ass. You keep shouting at her and degrading her. Every slur, she licks faster and harder! The bookie is now naked. He stands on the bed and pushes his cock in your mouth. You grab his ass. He pushes your head against the head board and fucks your mouth. It doesn't take long before you start to cum. Your moans intensifies his feeling and soon cums after you.

He kisses you and asks if you would like to go downstairs for a drink. You two get dressed and go downstairs as the two men are left fucking your friend...

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by Anonymous

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by Anonymous07/15/18

Seriously though?

Besides the rushed, choppy writing, you really really lose me once you drop the N word for literally NO reason. Offensive. Very bad taste, very bad form.

Probably the least sexy thing I have read on thismore...

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