Help is at Hand Ch. 02


Ron fucked her hard he was desperate to release the pressure building in his scrotum clad balls. He pounded into Marilyn again and again feeling the hapless woman climax again and again. The pressure kept building and he knew he would not be long before he came again.

"Marilyn I'm going to cum in you're tight little pussy one more time so get ready."

"Oh god Ron save some for my 'tits';" she said, "I love it when a man cum's onto my 'tits' its so, so, erotic." Marilyn replied.

By this time her hips were almost a blur as she struggled to keep up with Ron's constant thrusting penis. Ron's prick began to swell his buttocks clenched violently pushing the thick ropes of cum up the core of his pounding cock. He drove deeper and grunted.

"Jesus I'm cumming again"

Ron felt the first two jets erupt from his aching cock and he pulled out of the sperm filled pussy and let the rest pump over Marilyn's half naked body. The string white semen covered her belly, her dress, her breasts, her bra and finally her face and neck as Ron blew his load all over her. Then shuffling forward he presented the head to Marilyn's half open mouth and when she took it inside he pumped the last few dribbles onto her tongue. Then he rolled to one side and lay back as the two women feasted on his flaccid prick and balls their tongues lapping the excesses form the shaft and his aching scrotum. He knew he was done and he lay there enjoying the feeling as they licked him clean.

Ron must have fallen asleep for when he woke both women were sitting on the couch both wearing a robe. Ron guessed Marilyn must have been wearing Geoff's because he could no imagine her wearing a blue towelling robe of her own. He lay listening they were discussing what had happened and how it could affect their friends,

"Jesus Kathy, where did you find this stud?"

"I didn't find him he found me. He rescued me from a flood and then repaired my car. I don't quite know how he got that huge prick inside me it just seemed to happen and I was so bloody frustrated with Geoff being away for so long."

"I know what you mean I was so worked up seeing him spew his seed inside you knowing you like me cannot take the pill that I had to try and get myself off. When he pulled me into your lounge and lay me down with that fucking great prick standing out like a ram rod I just froze. I could not seem to stop, it was as though he had me under some kind of spell. I just lay there and let him pull my bloody panties down and when he licked my pussy I was out of it. He did not rape me I let him just fuck me stupid. God knows what Charles will say if he sees my breasts they are a mass of love bites just like yours." Marilyn said.

Geoff will not see mine I kept them covered when I was at the hospital"

Then she went on to tell her friend how she had pulled her panties off and straddled her husband on his hospital bed and had guided his erect cock up into her stretched pussy and let him cum into me without taking any precautions.

"Just in case Ron's got me in the club." Kathy added as an afterthought.

"Christ Kathy do you think he might have; what would Geoff say?" Marilyn asked her.

"You can wipe that smug smile off your face my girl, with what I've seen him pump into you, you could be in the same boat."

"Oh God you could be right I had not even considered that Charles is always so careful, he pulls out of me and covers me with all that white sticky stuff. I've never let him come off inside of me. Do you really think I could get pregnant from just one night of debauchery?"

"Why do you think I got Geoff to cum inside of me? Of course you could be pregnant you are not on any kind of contraception and its perfectly natural for Ron's seed to fertilise you; but enough of that what are we going to do I don't think Geoff's little pecker is ever going to satisfy me after Ron's huge cock, what about you?"

God Kathy you're right Charles is fairly well blessed in the pocket billiards club but when you compare him with Ron's massive prick there is no comparison."

Ron lay on the carpet listening but not letting them realise he was awake he had been worried that one of them might report him to the police and claim he had raped them but the more he listened the more he thought he might be on to a regular thing. Marilyn pondered and said,

"All of us on this section of the estate are recently married, the houses were reserved for first time buyers. I think Brenda, Anne, and Charlotte may well be interested"

"Interested in what?" asked Kathy, "you seem to be one jump ahead of me and don't take that the wrong way." she added smiling.

"Well I thought if we formed say an aerobics class to be held at one of our places on a Saturday and Sunday our husbands would think nothing of us going on our own. If there were to be only the two of us they might suspect we had a different agenda. But if there were to be a group of us I'm sure Ron would be delighted to fuck us all even if it was two of us a day. He managed to cope with both of us and we would not want to wear the poor bugger out by asking him to fuck us all at the same time would we now?"

Kathy looked at her friend in a completely new light.

"You devious sod." Kathy said, "I know Chloe, Sandra and Christine may also be interested; but do you think Ron would go along with it."

"I think it's a splendid idea Ron said sitting up I would be only too willing to meet up with any of your friends and Saturday and Sunday would suit me down to the ground. Ron said sitting up.

"Oh God Ron I had no idea you were awake I'm sorry if we talked about you without you being included in the conversation." Kathy whispered guiltily.

"Think nothing of it but I'm going to have to get up and shower you can't send me home like this and Kathy I saw some fine old scotch in the cabinet do you think I could help myself?"

"I don't think I have any objection to that Ron. "Then looking at Marilyn she added, "You have helped your self to everything else we both have, now haven't You."

When Ron came down he was still naked and the two housewives could not help but look at what he had hanging between his legs. Both had to agree it was bigger flaccid than either of their husband's when they were erect and Kathy could not help but walk up to him and give him as kiss whilst her hand went down and firstly she cupped his balls and the stroked his lengthy appendage. Ron returned the kiss and whispered,

" Kathy, If you want me to come over tomorrow to take you to hospital I will, but I think we had better give that a bit of a rest don't you?"

Kathy gave him the biggest smile she could muster and replied,

"I only wanted to feel you up Ron I really don't think my poor pussy could take another battering or could Marilyn could you darling."

No but I'd like to prepare something for when you two get back if that's ok by you Marilyn replied.

Then she slowly opened her robe and flicked her thumb several times over her reddened clitoris so that there would be no mistaking what she had in mind.

"What about this aerobics club?" asked Ron.

"We will need to discuss that every night of this week and then every night until Geoff is discharged from hospital what do you say Marilyn?" Kate said with a cheeky grin on her face.

"I will see if I can get away without Charles becoming suspicious. I'll tell him you need company whilst Geoff is away. Marilyn said winking and smiling.

Ron grinned as he dressed and sat looking at his two new conquests each sitting with their robes open revealing all they were only willing to share with the new man in their lives, whilst he sipped Geoff's expensive twenty five year old malt whisky. Thinking that when the scotch was first made these two women were not even born.

The aerobics club would it get started well that's another story so you will just have to wait and see but the birth rate in the newly weds population on that part of the estate seemed to be unnaturally high over the next few months if that is anything to guide your wildest guesses.

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