tagAnalHelp Me Please My Husband

Help Me Please My Husband


"Well, if you need someone to come in and do that part for you, let me know."

As soon as the words left her lips, Amy froze. Maybe the most awkward 5 seconds she'd ever endured.

Shit. Why did I say that? I don't know her well enough to joke like that. I don't even really know Ryan. Maybe he's...Maybe we could actually...Oh jeez she's going to hate me.

Amy and Michelle were Work friends. Michelle had trained Amy the year before and they had become a really good team. They were about as friendly as coworkers can get without ever taking their friendship outside the office.

It wasn't that she didn't like Amy enough for that. Michelle often thought about inviting Amy over for dinner or drinks. It was just that she in Amy lived in different worlds. She was 31 and 5 years married. Ready to start a family, if they would just go for it already. She was relaxing evenings, 2 glasses of wine, A little TV and good, satisfying, effective if somewhat uninspiring sex every weekend. On quite a few weekdays too, whenever it seemed like waste to put the wine bottle back with just a little bit left. And she was legitimately fulfilled. Mostly.

Her husband Ryan was 32 and wonderful, if not anywhere in the neighborhood of perfect. He was forgetful and disorganized, but he cherished and respected her in a way she'd never known. He had friends he'd go out with or play golf, but he'd never choose their company over hers. They were best friends. He was happy with their love life. What it lacked in adventure it made up for in frequency. He was honestly quite satisfied with all of it. Almost.

Amy was only 2 years younger than Michelle, but it might as well have been a decade. Amy was single and not otherwise attached to anyone. She liked to drink a little and dance a lot. She went on dates, but she really just wanted to be by herself for a while. She liked sex, but the space between one night stand and committed relationship was difficult to navigate. She tended toward the couple of fuck buddies she'd known since college. It was safe and satisfying. Though it lacked the adventuresome nature of a cozy horny committed romance, it was still fun in the way no strings sex can be. She was genuinely content. More or less.

Amy and Michelle never had these kinds of conversations. Up to this point they'd talked plenty about their home lives, but they'd never gotten deeper than what they did that weekend, what movies they'd watched or maybe a little about plans for the future. Nothing more personal.

On this day though, having lunch as usual, Michelle said "Amy, can I ask you something really personal, like about sex?"

Amy, surprised, said "Yes, of course." Excited that they might upgrade to a more meaningful level of friendship.

"Do you like Anal Sex?"

Amy nearly choked. Coughed, sputtered, drank some water. "What? Um Wow. Why?"

Amy saw that her friend felt a little foolish to be so blunt, and didn't want her to back off.

"Yes," said Amy. "I do like it. Um...honestly I like it a lot. I haven't gotten to do it in a really long time though. But why do you ask?"

"It's something Ryan wants. He'll tell me it's not a big deal and it's not important, but I know he really wants it. I want to do it for him but it's just hard. I mean I just can't seem to do it. We've tried a couple times and just couldn't make it work." Michelle paused and then lowered her voice to near whisper. "It hurts too much or I feel just too uncomfortable. I just want to figure out how to get to like it, or at least get used to it."

Amy said, "Well obviously you shouldn't do anything you don't want to do, but..."

Michelle interrupted.. "Oh I know. I wouldn't. And I know he'd never want me to. But...I don't know. I love him, and he's never done that, and he really wants to, and you know I believe we'll be married for the rest of our lives. Which is great but it means that he'll never get to do that. And I feel, I don't know, not guilty or anything. I mean, but I'm not against it or anything and I feel bad if he goes his whole life without it. Is that stupid?"

Amy smiled, "Not at all, it's actually one of the sweetest things I've ever heard."

They talked about it awhile. And bonded in a way they hadn't before. Amy told her that she'd done it with her last real boyfriend. It had become a fairly regular part of their normal sex life. That had been almost 4 years ago.

"I miss it. Honestly, I really do. It's just something you know, you have to be comfortable with that person. And I don't know. You can't do it on a date, and it's not really, like on the list of benefits in my friends with benefits arrangement."

They laughed a little and really enjoyed this new depth in friendship that probably should've been there all along. Amy talked a little more about it. She liked the super sensitivity. Once she had gotten over her initial freak out, the pain really was more like pleasure and she'd come to like it pretty quickly. But the truth was that Michelle may never really like it or even feel comfortable. "Most women don't." She said. And both of them sighed.

And then, Amy felt so relaxed in her new found closeness, and trying to put a little humor on a somewhat negative ending, she casually joked, "Well, if you need someone to come in and do that part for you, let me know."

And now it was quiet.

Oh my God, I just offered to let her husband fuck me in the ass. What the hell is wrong with me? It's kinda hot... Stop jeez, she's never going to speak to me again. Don't let her... Just apologize... or something.

"Michelle, I can't believe I just said that. I don't..uh..I didn't mean that at all. I just..I mean it was a joke..Like just a funny line, you know. Just to lighten the mood or make you not feel too bad. This is uh..."

"Amy. Amy. It's fine. It's fine." She put her hand on Amy's. "It's ok. I get it. I do. I understand. That took me off guard at first, but it's fine. Really. Ok"

Amy sighed and forced a smile. "Ok...Thanks."

Michelle gave a little chuckle. "I'll keep it in mind though."

Amy blushed.

Michelle squeezed her hand, "I like this. I like talking about real stuff. Telling secrets and being closer. We should've done this a long time ago."


Back at her desk, Michelle was trying to work. She couldn't concentrate at all. She kept replaying the conversation. She felt a little dumb for having brought it up at all. But she loved how her friendship with Amy had changed in an instant. She'd always really liked Amy, it felt very natural to be more personally friendly with her.

Suddenly, there were all sorts of things she wanted to talk to her about. They could go shopping or go to a movie. She laughed to herself.

Jeez I've got a friend crush. Oh no. What if she doesn't want to be my friend.

Michelle smiled and went on working. But there was something else. She kept thinking of what Amy had said. That she could fill in for her to do that other thing. She kept focusing on how cute it was that Amy felt guilty about making a perfectly innocent joke. She thought of herself as a very a good friend for getting it, for not taking offense, for letting her friend know everything was fine.

She was trying hard to avoid thinking about the truth. It kept pushing its way back every time she pushed it away. Eroding her defenses like the rising tide. At some point she caved in and thought about it.

She'd known it was a joke immediately. And funny too. She had been taken off guard, that was true. But by herself, not Amy. She had acted quickly to hint at being surprised and then being understanding. That seemed like what a normal reaction should be. Because the truth was ridiculous

In that short moment of silence, Michelle had gone to a place that she could hardly reconcile with her everyday life. She could see herself. In her bed. On her bed. On her hands and knees. She could practically feel Ryan behind her. His thighs, hips, his belly rhythmically slapping against her ass. His cock filled her up. Withdrew. Filled her again. Every time, turning up the intensity on the burning tingling that sparked from deep inside her. Like electricity, it transferred from her pussy to her clit, intensified and shot out to every part of her body. She loved the way he fucked her.

She knew. She could tell. The way he held her hips. The way he'd place his hand. Fingertips on the small of her back, palm at the top of her butt. The way he'd playfully rub his fingers down the line. From the beginning straight down to...the hole. Her ass. There wasn't really wasn't a sexy way to say it. Or think about it.

Maybe that's part of my problem. I don't know. Maybe.

She could see it. Feel it. Right there. She could see Amy sitting in front of her. Amy who missed that feeling. She invited Amy into her fantasy. Telling Ryan to stop, bringing Amy to the bed. Watching. Her husband's face and her friend's, as he entered her.

Sitting there at lunch. In public. In front of Amy. Imagining her husband fucking her friend in the ass, and loving it. In the span of a few seconds, warm, going on wet.

Amy's apology had snapped her out if it, and she played it cool as best she could. She was shocked though. She was hot. And surprised by just how hot. Embarrassed. She pushed it out if her mind. But here now, an hour or so later, she couldn't get the image out of her head. Not jealous or disappointed, just hot and horny. It seemed ridiculous, but she had to admit it

Oh jeez I want him to fuck her. Ryan. I want you to do this. Fuck her. The way you want to. She wants it. Give it to her.

Michelle shifted in her chair. Crossed her ankles. Left over right. Legs stiff. Thighs pressed together hard. She bent her knee, and moved her left thigh up and back down. Held tightly together. Cotton dress pants, silk panties. Fabric on flesh. Getting wet. Shifting her thighs, the hot skin gliding gracefully against itself.

Oh my God, I need get out of here.


Ryan normally gets home before Michelle by about a half an hour, so he was a little surprised to find her car in the driveway when he got home. He was even more surprised to find her sitting naked on their kitchen table waiting for him to get home. Not patiently either. She'd said the wait had been unbearable. Right before she pulled him on top of her.


Michelle: Hey, do you want to want meet for a drink?

She and Amy didn't text often. When they did, it was usually about work. She wasn't sure she'd ever talked to Amy on a phone that wasn't at the office. Mostly they just...

Amy: Ok. Where?

Michelle: Um. You might have to help me there. Any ideas?

Maybe this was a bad idea. She probably thinks I'm too square to hang out with. God, does anyone say square still? Did they ever? Or is that just in movies?

Amy: O'Malleys. It's not far from work.

Michelle: Ok. Cool. 6?

Amy: Yeah. Ok.

Amy: Did you leave early today?

Michelle: Yeah. 3 hours til the weekend was just more than I could handle.

Amy: Right. I get that.

Michelle: Yeah. Anyway. Ok see you tonight then.

Amy: Ok. Sure.

Yeah maybe this was dumb. She didn't seem interested. I'm being stupid. Ah well. The hell with it. I guess we'll see.

Michelle put the phone down, looked up at Ryan. "So I guess I am going to go then. You sure you don't mind?"

Ryan was sitting on the opposite end of their couch, rubbing her toes. "No. Please go. That's cool. Do you want me to go?"

"No no, we're fine. I mean I don't want you to NOT go. I...you can if you want to."

Ryan smiled. "It's fine. Chill. Go out have some fun. I'll be ok."

Michelle looked awkward. She got up and walked. To nowhere in particular. Nervous. "Will you be ok? What are you going to do? Want me to make you something for dinner before I go?"

Ryan laughed out loud. "I think I can manage. I know how the microwave works and everything. Michelle rolled her eyes. Ryan got up and hugged her. "You nervous to go on a date with your assistant? That's adorable."

She shoved him away. "She's not my assistant anymore." She paused a moment. "And it's not a date. A-hole."

He threw his hands up "Ok, ok. So what is all this really about anyway?"


"What What? C'mon. What's going on today? Coming home early. Table sex. Which I'm certainly not complaining about. Going out with Amy? What's up?"

Michelle shrugged. "I don't know it's hard to explain. Amy and I were talking and I just realized that we'd been friends a long time, but never did anything together. Then I just got to thinking our lives have gotten a little...you know...routine. And I was thinking about you and sex and..."


"And...I got horny and wanted to do something fun.?"

Ryan shook his head, but smiled. "Ok. I guess that'll have to do."

"What are you going to do while I'm gone?"

Ryan sniffed and raised his eyebrows in snobby sort of gesture. "Oh the usual darling," Bad English accent. "I'll cook a steak, have a brandi or three and fine cigar."

Michelle mimicked him, "So then my dear husband. Pizza and video games is it?

"Why, I'm shocked woman." He dropped the accent. "I might watch porn too."

She backhanded him to the chest. "Good god. Still?"

Points to the table. "After that?!"

Shrugs. "I mean, it was amazing. But I keep thinking about it and then I just start getting the itch."

"You're impossible. Save it. I won't be late."

Michelle traced a finger down Ryan's shirt, chest to belly. Michelle leaned in quickly and kissed him hard and deeply. Her tongue parted his lips and reached inside. Her hands reached around and pulled him hard toward her. She pulled herself off of him reluctantly, and smiled.

Michelle turned and walked away. She stopped, bent over slowly and put on her shoes. She walked to the door, opened it, left. She never once looked back. He never once took his eyes off her. She knew it.


Michelle had passed the sign that said O'Malley's maybe hundreds of times going to work and had never really noticed. A supposedly Irish style pub that didn't seem any more or less Irish than any other bar. Inside it was dim but not dark, noisy but not loud. A nice place to sit and have a drink and talk a little but not too much.

Amy waved to her from the bar when she walked in. She was nervous when she walked over. Why? She wondered. Amy hopped down from the bar to give Michelle a quick hug. Then they both climbed back up.

The bartender was a tall guy with nice eyes. "What can I getcha?" Not a model, but not bad to look at.

Michelle was flustered. It seemed like twenty years since she'd order a cocktail. It actually only been about 6 months but those outings weren't particularly common.

"I uhhmm. Ahh. Whatever she's having."

"Vodka and lime then," he winked and turned.

"Would ordering a Tom Collins be a little too obvious for this place?" Michelle asked, trying to make conversation.

"Ha, maybe" Amy smiled. "It's nice to see you out of the office Michelle, seriously. What did you want to talk about?"

"What?" Michelle looked puzzled. The bartender brought her drink. "Thank you," She smiled at him and dunked the lime down to the bottom. Swishing it around a bit and then taking a modest little sip. "Oh. I'll need to sip this slowly." She put down her drink and turned to her friend. "What do you mean talk about?" She said trying to sound casual.

Amy shrugged, "I don't know. After that conversation at lunch was a little weird. Then I got your text about getting a drink, which we never do. I just figured you needed to talk about something." She looked back toward her drink.

"Wait, What?" Michelle didn't know what to think and didn't want to anymore. She took a big sip of Vodka. She closed her eyes and swallowed. Shivered. Blurted "Listen. Im dumb. I just loved talking to you today. It's all I've been thinking about. I can't believe we hadn't done that before. I just wanted to see you again."

"Oh wow. I felt the same way! But when you left early, I worried that maybe I pissed you off or embarrassed you or something."

"Oh my God that's crazy" Michelle laughed and looked around. The bartender was talking to some other people. She whispered anyway. "I was the one who brought up the you..know..what. That's not exactly appropriate work commissary discussion."

Amy laughed. "That's true. That really came out of nowhere. I mean I almost choked on my sandwich."

"Yeah sorry about that. It just had been bothering me all morning. I get these things in my head sometimes and I just can't stop thinking. I was thinking about it and I just needed to talk."

"Oh well I hope I didn't make feel bad. I mean you're the normal one. Most women don't really like it you know."

Michelle finished her drink. "But you do. And that's cool"

Amy blushed a little. Downed the rest of her drink too. "Well I mean it's not like it's my favorite thing or anything, it's just that...uh..I mean.." Then she smiled and tried to hold in a laugh. She failed and clapped her hand over her mouth. Michelle saw her eyes sparkle and dance as Amy chuckled. "I lied. It is my favorite thing."

Both of them giggled. And Amy turned toward the bartender.

"Danny. Two more."

Danny the Bartender had been friends with Amy since college. They'd dated but didn't really go anywhere. Mostly because neither one of them really wanted it to. But they'd managed to become even better friends.

Danny came toward them ready to mix drinks.

"Vodka and Limes, sir."

Danny put the drinks on the bar. "Two VodkaS and Lime"

Amy deadpanned. "Do not grammarsplain me sir. There are two glasses of VodKA and two LimeSSS."

Danny threw up his hands.

"Humbly corrected."

Danny's head turned from Amy to Michelle.

"So you're Michelle."

Michelle was surprised. "Uhh yes I am."

Danny said "Amy talks about you all the time. For a long time you were "My Friend From Work." I had to start calling you Michelle. And why it's taken this long to get you in here is a mystery."

Amy frowned at him. "Hey."

Michelle interjected, "It's my fault. I'm a homebody."

Danny nodded. "I'm sure. Don't let her get you into any trouble then."

Amy rolled her eyes. She hopped off her stool grabbed her cocktail with her right hand, snatched a menu off the bar with her left.

"We're going back there. Send Ashley over in a minute and two more of these in a half hour."

Michelle hopped off and walked along with her friend. "He's not bad, huh?"

Amy grinned. "Yeah. He's alright. You'd like him. He doesn't do that ONE THING either."

Michelle stopped cold. Mouth dropped. Then hurried after Amy.


The women spent the next several hours talking, telling stories, ordering food, drinking and laughing. Michelle called Ryan to tell him she'd be out later, which he was enthusiastic about.

"He seems cool." Amy said.

"He's the best." said Michelle.

Amy told her about Danny. He bought the bar for very little and it was a dump. He'd worked like crazy to make it into a success, and even still he makes just enough to keep it going. They had gone on a few dates but it didn't lead to anything. Then they met again the next year. Without the pressure of dating, they became really good friends. Somewhere along the way they'd discovered they could have sex when it was needed and not worry about it. Michelle wanted to know how that worked without emotions being a problem.

Amy shrugged. "I don't know. Hasn't yet. But we don't think about it. I don't. I don't think he does." Thinking... "Truth is, it's not really something we're doing. It's just something that happens. Like every time I think it's probably the last time. Then a month or so later we'll do it again."

He'd come back and sat with them for a while before going home. Amy had said they'd probably leave there and go out to a couple other places she liked, but they never did. They sat back there in that booth all night. Making up for lost time. Telling stories and sending hopeful men away disappointed.

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