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Helping a Friend


My husband and I had been married for 10 years. It was a second marriage for both of us. We were both divorced for the same reason. Our spouses were addicted. His to alcohol, mine to pot. Originally our divorce agreements had us each with 50/50 custody but within a year the children all realized they were best off with us. We had to blend our families. It was tough but in the end we all bonded.

I was now 42, my husband 47. We had just stepped into empty nest phase and we were loving it. The house was clean, nothing got lost, less stuff got broken. We could and did go out more.

When we were divorced singles our married couple friends kind of did a slow fade. We both had the same experience. At first they'd invite us along, but after a while we were left out of invitations. In some ways it's hard. You not only divorce your spouse, you divorce a whole way of life. Your married friends were uncomfortable around you.

I was 32. At 5'3", 130 lbs, long dark hair. No one wanted me around their husbands. I could see why. They would flirt with me. Sometimes a little too much. Now at 42 semi-regular gym visits had kept my figure. My hair was shorter. Now it came between my shoulder blades rather than the middle of my back, but now I was married.

My husband went through the same thing. In his case the wives didn't want their husbands hanging out with a single guy. At 5'11" 180, dark hair and green eyes, he had his share of divorcees chasing him.

When we married we made a goal out of making new friends. In some ways it was hard. Our old friendships, like most people with young children, were built around the parents of kids our kids went to school with. Those people had already moved on from us and we're a little uncomfortable around our new spouses.

To make friends we joined social groups on Meetup. It worked, we created a network of people we enjoyed.

One couple we met was John and Alison. We were not close to them. They were at least 10 years younger than us. John was too loud for us. Alison was a very pretty, sweet and shy girl. She was 32, a little over 5', maybe 100lbs. She had pretty natural blonde hair cut in a cute pixie. We would often end up talking to her while John ignored her.

A few months after we met them, Alison showed up at an event alone. These were usually couples events so that was unusual. Alison usually gravitated towards us. We asked where John was. It seemed John had left her for another woman. Well, kind of, John had moved another woman into the house. They had no shame about it. He would have sex with her in front of Alison telling Alison she should join in. Alison would go to a bedroom when this happened, but that made her a prisoner in her home.

Alison had already got an attorney but she did not have a place to live yet. Her family was too far away and her job was in town. She was still living in the house with her soon to be ex and his girlfriend.

Since John knew what was coming, he already had a lawyer and had frozen their accounts. It was going to take a few weeks before she could save enough for the deposit and first month on an apartment.

Alison wandered off to chat with others. We remembered how it was when we got divorced how our social circle disappeared.

After a while I said, "We have room. We could take her for a couple of weeks."

My husband said it was OK with him. I trust him completely so I had no issues with her being in the house.

We approached Alison with our offer. You could see she wanted to accept, but thought she was imposing. She refused saying she didn't want to be a burden.

My husband wandered away leaving me to talk to Alison alone. I told her the kids were at school so we had plenty of room. I told her about our experiences with friends after our divorce and wanted her to know she could count on us.

She gave me a hug and said thank you. We agreed she'd pack some stuff and move in the next day. My husband saw the hug, assumed we'd worked it out, and came back over. She looked at him shyly, promised not to be a burden, and thanked him.

He assured her she was not a burden.

The next day, after dinner, Alison showed up with 3 suitcases. I helped her unpack. It was about 9 when we were done. Alison said she was tired and asked if we minded if she went to sleep. We told her she did not need to ask permission and that she could come and go as she pleased. Also the kitchen and all the food washers to use. We told her to save her money till she could afford the place she needed.

She hugged me again and went to her room. She emerged about 1 minute later. She called me over.

"I forgot something to sleep in," she said shyly.

I told her not to worry and asked if T shirts were OK. She said that would work. I went off and grabbed 3 of my husband's old T shirts. Since she was so small they'd fit her like a dress. Well, an extremely short dress.

Alison was no trouble. She cleaned up after herself and even after us. If she was home she would cook. We listened to her vent and offered advice when asked. We mostly listened.

Before heading to bed she would often say, "Thank you for being there."

In the evening she'd often sit on the couch with us watching TV or chatting on her iPad. She'd usually sit next to me. Twice she fell asleep on my shoulder. When I woke her she gave me a shy smile and apologized. I told her there was no need to apologize, we all need hugs when we're stressed.

A few times we went out we took her with us and made sure to include her. We didn't want her to feel like a third wheel.

One night we did go out without her. When we arrived home she was asleep on the couch. She was wearing one of my husband's t shirts. It had bunched around her waist. She was wearing a cute little pair of white lace bikini panties.

My husband went and got a blanket and covered her up.

The next morning Alison caught me in the kitchen.

"I'm so sorry I fell asleep on the couch."

"Why? This is where you are living. It's OK to fall asleep on the couch," I replied.

"Thank you," said Alison. Then in a very shy voice, "I didn't have a blanket on me when I fell asleep."

I told her my husband had covered her up. She looked a little embarrassed.

"Oh," she said. "Ummm... Was I... Umm...I mean."

"Relax," I said. "Your T shirt was around your waist, you were wearing adorable panties, and looked super cute."

"Oh my god," she said. "I didn't mean for your husband to see me like that. I'm sorry."

She looked panicky.

"Alison, it's no big deal. He's seen plenty of women in his lifetime. You needed a blanket. He gave you one."

"OK," she said.

"But you did look pretty damn cute." I added with a smile.

We both laughed. That night my husband and I were watching TV. Alison came out of her room in one of the T shirts she said hi and headed to the kitchen to grab a coke. We watched as she went by. The T shirt barely covered her ass and we saw flashes of panties as she walked. Nothing obscene. In fact she probably did not know we could see it. As she came out of the kitchen she asked what we were watching. I told her. She asked if she could join us.

Usually by this time of night we have undressed for the night. I was wearing a ribbed pink tank top, and my favorite pair of, relax in, shorts made from cutting the legs of sweatpants. I didn't always wear the same top. I almost always wore the shorts. I had 4 pair exactly the same. My husband normally wore a T shirt and soft cotton workout shorts. Neither of us look sexy. It's comfort.

We said of course she could join us. She took her position on the couch next to me. She curled her knees up under her. The T shirt slid up flashing her panties. She blushed and quickly pulled it down over her knees. Again she leaned against me while we watched.

After about 2 weeks she was very comfortable walking around in the long T shirts. I don't think she really knew how little they covered, especially if she wore a thong, but she was cute, and it gave my husband a little thrill. He's a good man. What's the harm in a little thrill. Actually, I had to admit, I liked looking at her too.

Everything was pretty chill and normal until Friday night. It started with a little joke. We were going out to dinner. We asked Alison if she wanted to go. As usual she said she didn't want to be a 3rd wheel. I insisted. She asked about my husband.

I said, "What guy wouldn't want to be seen with 2 hot sexy women."

She shook her head. "I have no idea when the last time I felt hot or sexy was."

"Well," I said. "Let's get you sexied up."

Actually, it sounded fun. I hadn't played dress up with another girl since my teen years and now here we were, 2 grown women, looking through clothes together and deciding what to wear.

We started in her room. We created 3 piles. 1: too plain, 2: probably appropriate 3: my husband would be thrilled if she wore that.

We then went in my room and did the same. We then took pile 3 from both our stuff put them on the bed, side by side, and started deciding which we would wear. We were laughing and having fun. We kept daring each other o try on something more daring.

In the end she pulled on a short black sheath that clung to every inch of her skin. It ended 2" below her crotch.

"How about this," she said.

I looked, "you can see the lines of your thong through the material."

She reach under the dress, shimmied out of the panties, and then asked, "Is that better?"

We both giggled.

I picked a dark green dress. It was low cut and would show off a lot of cleavage. Not that I had a lot.

"Wait a minute," I said

I went to my drawer and pulled out a pretty thong and push up bra. While she watched I stripped naked and put them on. Then I put the dress on. I looked hot. Looked hot.

My husband was due home any minute. He knew we were going out. He just didn't know how hot the chicks he was going out with were. He walked in the door and stopped. We were both posing in the living room.

"Don't move," he said.

When he came back he had his camera. He's a bit of an amateur photographer. We had fun posing and taking pictures. We kept teasing him that the more he worked us the bigger our appetites would be when we headed out for dinner.

He said he didn't care, it would be worth whatever it cost just to be seen with 2 such sexy women.

Then I remembered Alison wasn't wearing panties. Given all the posing and moving we did I'm sure my husband noticed and captured it in photos. In fact I saw her dress slide up a bit far myself a few times. I noticed she shaved. No big deal. I did too.

He finished taking photos and ran upstairs to change. We grabbed the camera to see how they came out.

"Oh my god," said Alison. "You can see my pussy in that one."

I laughed. "True, but at least it's a cute pussy."

She punched me in the arm.

There were about 4 you could see her pussy and 5 where the dress slid up and showed her ass.

"Do you want me to delete them," I asked.

"He's your husband," she replied. "If you don't mind him seeing them, I don't. He's a nice guy and I trust him."

I thought about it that I really want my husband to have pictures of another girls ass and pussy. I realized it didn't bother me. He was a good man. I was secure in our love. If he saw a photo of a woman or painting, I wouldn't care. So why would I care about this?

"Nah," I said. "He's a good man, and you are beautiful. Let him have his thrill."

She laughed and said, "As if being out with the 2 of us isn't enough of a thrill."

We were chatting and laughing as my husband came down dressed for dinner. He looked good. Whatever cologne he was wearing smelled good.

We got in the car. Alison climbed in the middle seat in the back so she could chat with us more easily. If I turned around to look at her I was looking right up her dress. I doubted my husband had the same view.

We parked, and ever the gentleman, my husband opened the doors and help us out of the car. Alison's dress slid halfway up her ass. She quickly pulled it down and apologized.

My husband said, "No worries. You look great."

We headed into the restaurant. We had reservations and they sat us almost immediately. We had a corner booth where each wall had a bench. My husband slid into the corner. I slid in from the other side next to him. Amy slid in on the other side of my husband. Boy girl seating is not unusual in restaurants. I only noticed because at home she usually sat next to me.

We had a great dinner laughing and talking. Alison told us she found a great place, but it was not available for 4 weeks. She said she might be able to move in with a work friend till then. We told her that was silly and she was welcome to stay with us. She thanked us for being so kind and good to her.

At some point in the conversation I whispered to my husband, "How far has that dress slid up."

He whispered back, "She's got a cute pussy if that's what you're asking."

I kissed him on the ear and said, "Pig."

He laughed.

We paid the bill and headed home. It had been a fun evening. My husband and I headed to our room. I started to unzip my dress.

My husband said, 'Stop."

"Stop?" I asked. "Why?"

"I've been looking at pussy all night long, but it's not the pussy I love. I want that one."

Mmmmmmm, I liked that. I knew he was mine. It's nice when he tells you. However I was having fun still.

"Oh, so another woman gets you all hot and bothered and you think you'll settle for me to satisfy your lust?"

He smiled. "Pull that dress up," he said.

Pulling it up my thighs a little. "Like this," I teased.

"Pull it up," he said.

I pulled it up over my panties. I gave him a pouty look and said, "But I'm wearing panties."

"Get them off," he said.

I grabbed the sides and slowly pushed them down over my hips. Now he was looking at my bare pussy.

"Is this what you want," I teased.

"Close." He said.

He led me to the bed and lightly pushed me on it face down.

"Show me that ass," he said.

Face down on the bed I got on my knees and raised my ass.

"But I thought you wanted pussy," I said in a pouty voice.

"I do," he said. "I can see it from here."

He certainly could. He got down on his knees and started eating my pussy. If he couldn't see what he was doing he could certainly feel his way around. His tongue felt so good. I was instantly wet.

"God you taste good," he said.

I was close to coming. His tongue was keeping me on edge. As I neared my orgasm. I picture of Alison's cute pussy flashed in front of me.

I don't know why, but I said, "Do you think it tastes better than Alison's?"

As I asked it I pushed my pussy full in his face. With his tongue on my clit I came. Hard. While I came I was picturing Alison's pussy.

Now he unzipped his pants and pulled out his cock. I love his cock. It's bigger than average but not crazy big. He got behind me. My head still on the bed. My ass up in the air. I was so wet he slid right into me. As soon as I felt him fill me up completely, I came again.

He started fucking me hard. Long hard jackhammer strokes. Each one drove my face into the bed. I grunted with each stroke. As he pulled back my body was yelling for him to shove it back in me. I was loving it.

"So seeing Alison's pussy gets you this excited," I panted. Then these words came out. "I may have to make sure you see it more often."

Somehow, that thought, made me cum again.

Now I wanted him to cum.

"That's it. Fuck me. Fuck me hard. Alison's cute little pussy get you all excited? That's ok. You can take it out on my pussy. Your pussy. You can fuck your pussy anytime you want. She gets you hot and bothered. I will take your cock anywhere. What do you think she'd say if we started to fuck in front of her."

With that, he stiffened up. I could feel his cock pulse as hot cum shot inside my pussy. I came.

We both collapsed on the bed, mostly dressed, sweating, and smelling like sex. I knelt over him and took his cock in my mouth. I loved the way it tasted after we fucked. My pussy juices, his cum, it smelled like sex. I licked him clean.

All of a sudden I had a thought. "I wonder how loud we were?" I asked.

Alison was staying in the room right next to ours. How embarrassing would it be if she'd heard us. Neither of us were ready for bed. We changed to our hang around wear and headed for the living room. I couldn't tell if we smelled like sex or if cleaning up my husband's cock just got that flavor and scent stuck in my nose, but to me everything smelled like sex.

We walked into the living room. Alison was on the couch. That wasn't unusual. What was unusual is that this time she wasn't wearing one of my husband's t shirts. She was wearing hers. It came to about mid butt. She was wearing a cute pair of boy shorts that showed a lot of ass cheek. I had to admit, she looked adorable.

Neither of us commented. I'm not sure what we would have said. She said hi like nothing was different. She moved to make room for us on the couch. As she often did, she leaned against me. She smiled at me.

That night I asked him what he thought was up. He had no idea. Just like a man.

Over the next week, this became standard dress for her when she woke up or was ready for bed. Different T shirts, some didn't cover her but, some 1/2 way down. Always with a cute pair of boyshorts or bikini panties. Nothing else changed.

One morning I was getting dressed. I was in my panties when I realized I forgot to turn the coffee on. I pulled on a T shirt and went to the kitchen. Alison was there.

"Hey there," she said. She looked at me in my panties and T and said, " that's a much better look than those sweat shorts."

I just said thanks. We had a little small talk and I headed off to get dressed for work. I couldn't get what Alison said off my mind. When I got to work I texted my husband and told him what happened.

Then I asked "Would you like me dressed more like Alison in the evening?"


"LOL, you don't have to think about it?"


I ended with "I love you."

"I am yours forever," he replied.

That night was a perfectly normal dinner. After dinner I went to change. I reached for my shorts. I looked in the mirror. I was wearing a cute lacy pair of boy shorts. They were low on my hips and covered maybe 1/2 my ass.

I thought of Alison. Then I wondered why my stomach had butterflies and I was feeling wet. I took off my bra and pulled on a comfy T. Then I went to the living room. Alison was already there.

"Oh my god, you look awesome," she said. I wish I was as pretty as you."

I assured her she was beautiful. "What makes you think you're not beautiful?"

"People don't look at me they look at you. I was never the pretty girl in school. I was always kind of awkward."

"Well you grew up beautiful," I said.

"Not really," she said. "Please don't be mad at me, but I've been trying to get you husband to notice me. I don't want to steal him. I just wanted to be noticed by a good guy. He doesn't even look."

Ohhhh. ... So that explained the change of clothes.

I laughed. "Oh trust me, he noticed."

"How do you know?" She asked.

"Because he's been fucking the hell out of me every night after seeing you."

She started to cry, "I'm so sorry. I can move out tomorrow. Please don't hate me."

"Hate you? I've been getting fucked silly every night! I should be paying you."

She looked up at me and smiled. She craned her head up and kissed me. Not quite on the lips but close enough that it meant more than a kiss on the cheek.

Then my husband walked in. He saw us on the couch. Two women he thought were beautiful, in each other's arms, in their underwater on the couch. He just stopped. He didn't say anything.

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