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Helping a Friend


My friend Sam knew I was desperate for sex and knew on how much I wanted to experience some. I had just gotten hold of some toys, DVD's and lubricant and was enjoying pleasuring myself. One day she sent me a message saying for me to come up for the weekend and spend some "quality time" with her and her older husband, Peter.

Arriving at Sydney Airport, we greeted each other and was guided back to her and Peter's car. We made small chit chat on the way back to her place which wasn't all that far. Arriving there, we had a fantastic lunch and drink before Peter had to go out and do a couple of things, leaving Sam to help me unpack in the spare room.

"Did you bring anything with you?" She asked.

"Yeah, a dildo, vibrator, lubricant." I replied getting them out of my suitcase to show her. It was only a 6 inch one of each, after all I had just started and was working my way up.

"Hun, a 6 inch is fine but if you are going to suck Peter I better let you know he is a 8." Sam informed me.

"Ok." I replied.

"Don't worry, I will get him to be gentle." She assured me, giving me a hug from behind.

That night, once the dinner dishes were done, the event would happen. We all stripped off together, Sam laying me on the bed both of us moving to the top of the bed. Peter sat on the chair at the edge of the bed, stroking his erect penis. The only time he would come between us was to unload his semen into either of us, anally or orally. Sam on top, she soothed me down by her soft touch and her soft kisses.

"Oh yes." I quietly sighed.

As she reached towards my clit, she moved apart so Peter could see.

"Keep going." He said. Sam knelt down and blowed in, nibbling on my clit. All of a sudden, I felt wet.

"That's it hun, let it flow. It's ok." She said. Each time cum was coming out I sort of gave a push and moaned.

"Oh yes...keep it flowing, that's it." She encouraged.

All of a sudden it got too much for me.


"Hun, Peter is coming over. He is going to squirt his cum on your chest and I am going to lick it." Sam said.


I watched as Peter's cum fall on my breasts, Sam now licking it. Sam then went back to my clit, Peter now on his knees behind me, moving his penis forwards and backwards. My mouth was now licking his ass.

"Sam, vibrator please." I whispered.

She leaned over, applied some lubricant on the vibrator, and slowly inserted it in me. She moved my hand from the side of me to the vibrator, taking her hand off it and grabbing the dildo and doing the same for herself, giving Peter double pleasure.

With every pulsating urge from the vibrator I was breathing in rhythm. It was almost pant like as if you are in labour having a baby and waiting to push.

"I'm ready." I announced meaning I was ready for Peter's penis.

"Oral or anal?" He asked.

"Oral." I replied. I sat at the edge of the bed, Peter standing in front of me, his 8 inches staring at me. I licked his penis to get the feel of it and slowly I took it in.

"MMMMMMUMMMMMMPH." I moaned as it was slowly sliding in.

"That's it hun, you are getting there." Sam said but I wasn't listening. I was too consumed in Peter.

"I'm ready to fire." He said looking down at me. I gave him the look to say, ready.

"OH GOD, SHE'S DOING IT! SHE'S DOING IT. CUM ON LET ME CUM MORE." Peter encouraged himself. Finally I could not take much more.

Peter slowly took his penis out of me, Sam at the ready to take it from there on. Sam was on all fours so this gave me my chance. I was going to lick her from behind. About 10 minutes of sucking, licking, nibbling her ass, out she poured. She was cumming and so was Peter.

We all collapsed on the bed, panting trying to catch our breaths. Once I caught mine, I went over to Peter and sat between his legs, stroking his penis to make it erect. I kept on stroking it until I saw some cum squeeze out, which I liked. I nodded to Sam to lube me up, which she did, followed by a condom that Peter put on.

I laid on my back, closing my eyes waiting or it to happen. Peter on top of me, his hands beside my head and he slowly went in me. As he thrust, I thrust back grinding each other. He took his time working himself in me.

"FUCK ME! RAM THAT COCK IN." I ordered him and with that, with one final thrust he was in me, all his wetness mixing with mine. Peter just kept on thrusting and jerking in me.

"...OH...GOD...YES!...YES...CUM IN ME...JACK AWAY..." I cried of relief.

Peter kept pounding me for almost an hour before he gave up. The whole time, Sam massaging her breasts and fingering herself at the same time.

Peter needed to get some rest so Sam and I went into the bathroom and ran a bath. She had a great big bath. While we waited for it to fill up we stood there naked and just softly kissed each other. She helped me in the bath, she rested herself against the back of the bath, my back was faced towards her.

"Thankyou." I said leaning my head by and kissing her on the lips.

"Anytime." She smiled, her arms moving to the front of me and began soaping me down.

As we were about to get out of the bath, Peter came in. Sam and I looked at each other. We sat facing each other, our legs wrapped each others and we began sucking each others breasts.

As the water was getting cold, we got out of the bath, dried each other down, Peter still beating his penis and we fell asleep on the bed.

The following afternoon as I was leaving, Sam handed me a present.

"Open it when you get home." She said hugging me.

When I got home, I discovered that the weekend was caught all on tape...better rush out and by a 8 inch vibrator now.

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