tagIncest/TabooHelping a Needy Couple

Helping a Needy Couple


Barbara and I had just walked in the bedroom when she turned her back to me to sweetly say, "Unhook my neckless, please." She placed her hands behind her neck and lifted up her long blond shining hair to give me the space.

She let her hair fall back down her neck after I had unfastened the clasp. She turned around to face me. I drew her to me for a long sexy kiss, our very first kiss.

Smiling at me she said, "Now let's get undressed and get in bed."

She removed her blouse then turned around. "Unhook my bra., please."

There was no hesitation on my part. She turned to face me again to give me a perfect view of her beautiful breasts. I thought about leaning down for a kiss, but since this was the first time she had ever exposed them to me, I thought I had better wait.

While we continued to undress in front of each other, my mind went back to when we first met. That day I was driving in the city and noticed a man holding a sign which read, "Please, we are hungry." He looked reasonably dressed. Then I noticed a lady standing on the other side of the main intersection holding a similar sign. I drove on and began to think about them. I often do charity work, so I decided to see if I could help. I wasn't interested in giving cash because I wanted to be sure they would get food instead of drugs or booze. I turned the car around and headed back. The traffic light turned red as I approached the man.

"Hello there," I said to the man. "Do you really want food?"

"Yes, we've been evicted from our apartment and right now we are broke."

"Is that your wife on the other corner?"


"OK, I'll buy food for you if you will get in the car."

"Thank you. Will you pick up my wife too?"

"Of course. Get in the car. I'll have to make a U turn down the street and come back for her."

I drove around and made it back to the lady standing on the other corner. After both were in the car, they introduced themselves as Bill and Barb.

"I see a MacDonalds just down the street and I'll stop there," I commented.

Bill responded, "That will be fine. We haven't had anything to eat as yet today."

While we were in the restaurant, Bill and Barb told me they had been laid off at the manufacturing plant that was closing down. They had been evicted from their apartment for lack of money with no money for food.

They seemed to be a likeable couple and my heart went out to them. I thought I would make them an offer.

"I have an idea. I live in a three bedroom house by myself. You could stay for a few days in my house until you earn some money. Barb could do a little housework since I haven't cleaned up the place lately."

Barb was the first to speak. "That would be so nice of you. We really appreciate the offer."

We picked up a bundle of clothes Barb and Bill had temporarily left in the care of their apartment manager. I suggested they occupy my spare bedroom and use the hallway shower to cleaned up. Later that day, I wasn't too surprised to see that Barb was a beautiful lady now that she had showered, combed her hair and dressed in more suitable clothes. The next day, Barb and I went to the supermarket to stock up on food while Bill was answering a help wanted ad

Each night Barb and Bill went into their bedroom. I could hear noises coming from their bedroom that sounded as if they were having sex. I felt envious that I didn't have a lady to share my bed.

It took a week for Bill to find a job, but it would be two weeks before he would receive a pay check. The next day Barb and I were at the super market and I had just paid the bill. We were walking out to the car when Barb said, "You have been so good to us, I don't know how we can repay you for your generosity."

"It's my gift to you," I said, slightly embarrassed. "I like to help people."

"I've noticed you don't date," she said as she gave me a sideways glance. "Don't you have a lady friend?"

"No, not right now," I answered with a hint of sadness in my voice.

"You're a handsome guy. I think the ladies would go for you. I know I would."

That statement rather flustered me. "You are married, so I know I couldn't date you. Bill would be very offended and might even shoot me," I jokingly said.

"We didn't tell you the truth when you picked us up. We're not really married because he is my brother."

I was shocked, "But you two sleep together and I assume you have sex."

"We sleep together because we have only one bed. We had only one bed when we had our apartment."

I countered, "But I hear sex noises coming from your bedroom. What about that?"

She was temporarily quiet as if she was trying to figure out what to say. "We do have sex, but I don't let him fuck me. We do it mostly in a six nine position."

My only thought was to comment, "Guess that keeps you both sexually satisfied and probably a good idea so you won't get pregnant."

We were both quiet for a little bit as we started driving home. Barb broke the silence, "Do you think I am sexy looking?"

"Of course I do."

"I was just thinking about being nice to you since you are so nice to us."

"What are you suggesting?"

She rather slowly and thoughtfully said, "You are a handsome guy and I could probably enjoy time in bed with you."

"Wouldn't your brother be upset?"

"No, he wouldn't care. He even mentioned last night that it would be alright with him."

All I could say was, "Wow! I think you are very sexy and I would love to be in bed with you."

She glanced sideways to me and said, "Why don't we go home, put up the groceries and then go into the bedroom?"

"Sounds like a fantastic idea."

My attention came back to where I was in the beginning of this story. I had taken Barb in the master bedroom and we were now undressed. Barb looked toward the master bedroom bathroom, "Why don't we jump in the shower first. I think it would be better to have clean bodies."

"I agree with you. Let's do it."

We stepped in the shower. We soaped and rubbed our bodies together. I especially took time to soap and massage her beautiful tits. We rinsed off and got out of the shower. Soon we were in bed without a sheet on us.

Now she took my very hard erection in her delicate hand as I moved my hand over her shapely body. Her breasts were very inviting for me to kiss and fondle. I couldn't wait any longer to explore between her legs. My fingers gently felt her pussy while one finger slid between the lips. We had more sexy kisses which warmed both of us. She was wet enough for one finger to easily slid into her hole. I pulled it back out and massaged her clit causing her body to sexually flinch.

Our mouths opened for a wet kiss as if we were going to devour each other. When we broke the kiss, I turned around in bed so that I could see and lick her pussy. She immediately knew what she was to do by taking the head of my cock in her mouth. I rolled her up on top of me in a comfortable six nine position. I could feel her mouth going up and down on my cock and thought she had better slow down or I would cum too soon.

I softly commented, "Let's slow down and make it last."

She didn't say anything, but I could feel her tongue slowly swirling around the head. Then she started licking up and down my cock going all the way over my balls, too. My tongue was now slowly moving in and around her pussy lips and all the way to her ass. It was still daylight and I had a good view of her pussy and ass.

A few minutes later, she rolled off of me and I moved between her legs. She spread them wide and pulled them up to give me plenty of room to sink my cock fully in her.

She sexily commented, "That's the first time I've had a big one in me since my ex-husband and I split up."

I didn't say any thing, except I moaned with pleasure.

I was slowly making back and forth movements. She was beginning to push up a little faster and was moaning. I speeded up and knew I was about to cum. My sperm began to spew out in spurts as she was frantically pushing up to me. Then she gasped as if she couldn't breath and my groans mingled with her groans and grunts.

When we had relaxed and laid side by side, I wondered if she would tell her brother.

"Are you going to tell your brother?"

"Sure, why not. This is no secret between the three of us. When I tell him tonight, he will be ready for a blow job. He was tired last night and I didn't give him one."

I didn't think about her sleeping with her brother while we were having sex. Now I realized I had to share this beautiful creature with another man.

Barb continued, "Just because I sleep with and satisfy my brother's sexual needs, doesn't mean we can't have sex as long as we are staying in your house."

I thought about that for a few seconds and decided it could be a good arrangement.

We had dinner that evening when Bill came home. After we moved to the living room to watch TV, Barb looked at Bill to say, "Bill, I want you to know that I was in bed with our host."

Bill glanced at me then back to her, "Oh, I expected that. That's OK with me."

"How did you like my wife," Bill addressed me.

"Your wife! She told me you are her brother."

"Is that what she told you? You can believe her if you want to."

That left me puzzled. Were they married or were they brother and sister.

Barb then spoke, "Don't pay any attention to him. Sometime he doesn't know what he is talking about."

Bill then looked at Barb, "OK, it's whatever you want to say. I think it's time for us to go to our room."

I sat rather stunned not knowing what to think. It wasn't very long before I heard sexual noises coming from their bedroom. I assume she was giving him a blow job, or if they were married, maybe he was fucking her. I'll probably never know. I began to look forward to tomorrow when Bill is at work and Barb and I will be in the bedroom again.

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