tagIncest/TabooHelping Dad

Helping Dad


"Strange," I thought as I parked behind dad's car in the driveway, "Car's here. Dad must be around somewhere. Surely he would have a light on if he were in the house. On the other hand, I don't see him anywhere around out here in the yard, maybe he has gone for a walk somewhere."

Mom's pancreatic cancer had finally run its course and she died last Saturday. She had been diagnosed after falling ill one day while she and dad were returning from a brief trip to the coast. They were nearly home when she really got to feeling badly so he drove directly to the Emergency Room at the hospital where, fortunately, the on-duty staff checked her over and admitted her for observation and tests. Dad stayed with her the rest of the day and on Sunday, then, by mid-afternoon on Monday, Dr. Wilson, an Oncologist, gave dad the bad news.

Now, a short five months later, mom had succumbed to the cancer, services had been held and mom's remains were in an urn on the living room mantel and dad had begun the struggle to accept the fact that mom was gone.

Seeing no lights and assuming that dad was away briefly, I opened the unlocked back door and made my way, uninvited, into the house. Feeling no need to slam the door to announce my arrival, I gently eased the door closed and made my way toward the den.

I arrived in the doorway between the dining room and den and paused as my eyes adjusted to the dim light emanating from the silenced TV and noted that dad was home after all. He was sitting in his lounge chair staring vacantly at the flickering images on the screen, clearly oblivious and seeing nothing of the cartoon action.

I took another step into the darkened room and said, "Dad, what's wrong. You never sit in a dark room and stare at stupid kids cartoons?"

Dad jumped as if awakened from a deep sleep and said, "Carrie, I didn't hear you come in. What on earth are you doing back here so soon? Can't be but two or three hours since you left."

In silence, I knelt at his side wrapped my arms around his neck and said, "God daddy, it's a long, sad story. Lets fix a cup of coffee and I'll tell you all about it."

Seated at the kitchen table, I sighed and said, "Now daddy, you asked why I came back so soon after being here earlier. Well, when I arrived back home, Randy was seated in the living room staring vacantly at the TV set, actually, he looked pretty much the same way you did when I came in a few minutes ago. Anyhow, he was looking at something about a thousand yards the other side of the TV set and jumped about a foot when I spoke and broke into his thoughts."

"It seems that he had a call from his Aunt Lillian while I was over here. His Uncle Bill suffered a stroke yesterday and Randy is going to go help Lil run the ranch," I added.

"My God Carrie, just like that? Hell, that's kind of sudden isn't it? So, when are you two going to leave?" Questions poured from dad in such rapid-fire succession that I had to hold up my hand to stop the flow.

I giggled softly and said, "Easy dad, give me a chance. First of all, Randy is loading his things into the pickup right now as we speak," I said. "And I'm not going with him. We talked for a while and, although I guess we have kept the news from you and mom so she wouldn't have that to think about while she was so ill, things have been going down hill pretty steadily for a long, long time."

Dad broke into my outpouring and said, "Jesus Carrie why? What's wrong with you two anyhow?"

Sadly, I said, "Dad I, oh shit, both Randy and I have known for a while now that sex is about all that ever got us together in the first place. I guess that if fantastic fucking were all it takes to make a marriage work, we would be together forever. Unfortunately, being the best lay he has ever had and his great big, wonderful cock just isn't doing it for either of us anymore. God dad, we can't float through life joined at the groin with little else to bind us together." Seeing the growing concern on dad's face prompted me to add, "And don't be blaming him either. I'm as much at fault as he is; there are a million things I could have done at one time or another that just might have kept us together. We both let whatever opportunities there were slip away so here we are."

Never in my entire thirty-five years had I used language as coarse around my parents nor had I ever heard anything even close to it from them so my words must have shocked dad to the core. Much as I tried when I was growing up, I never did hear much of anything issue through their closed bedroom door. The only clue was the rhythmic squeaking of their bedsprings whenever they made love. If either of them ever said a word, it had to have been in carefully controlled whispers.

Dad quickly recovered from my words and said, "So that means it is all over between you two?"

I nodded silently then said, "As far as the marriage goes. Right now and, I guess, for the foreseeable future, neither of us has plans to take up with anyone else so don't be terribly surprised if on the rare occasions when we see one another..."

Curious, dad said, "When you see one another, what?"

"Well dad, I imagine that if we aren't seeing anyone else, we both will be horny and will find some way to locate a bed we can use for a little while. I hope this news doesn't upset you too much daddy, but that is the way it is," I said.

After that, we sat in companionable silence for a few minutes. At last, dad looked up and with a hint of tears in his eyes said, "Honey, I'm so sorry...for both of you. But, at least, you do have each other, even if it will be for infrequent visits."

Noticing his teary eyes, I quickly got out of my chair and knelt at his side so that I could hug him. I said, "Oh daddy, I'm so sorry. It was very inconsiderate of me to talk about sex, especially at a time like this in your life. Please forgive me, I don't know how I could have been so stupid."

Dad drew in a long, deep breath and reached to return my hug. In doing so, his hand bumped into my ample left breast, something that must have been extremely embarrassing for him as he quickly jerked his hand back away from me. I laid my head on his shoulder with my lips close to his neck and, this time, he managed to return my hug without bumping any intimate parts of my body.

I kissed dad on the neck and said, "Oh daddy, you needn't be embarrassed simply because you accidentally bumped into my tit. Damn things are in the way most of the time. I don't mind at all." I giggled and said, "Matter of fact, it felt kind of good so I won't mind at all if you overcome some of your puritan scruples and do it again sometime...accidentally or on purpose, whatever."

Dad never did get a chance to respond as just then, there was a knock at the back door. I stood quickly and went to discover Jenny Frink, dad's next-door neighbor, holding a foil and towel covered casserole pan that was obviously very hot.

Dad stood and said, "Jenny, what on earth have you done? You shouldn't be doing this, you have your own problems."

Jenny said, "Oh hush. After the way you and Mary helped me while John was laid up after his accident I would be a pretty sorry excuse for a neighbor if I didn't do a little bit. Besides, I know how much you enjoy lasagna and since I was making some for myself, I just made a little extra for you as well."

I reached to relieve Jenny of the dish and sat on the counter and thanked her for taking the trouble to see to it that dad had a hot meal. I didn't mention that the pantry and refrigerator already had enough stuff other people had brought to feed the entire neighborhood.

Dad thanked her as well and invited her to join us. I got another cup and poured some coffee for her and seated her next to dad while I returned to my seat on the other side of the table. Jenny's husband John had suffered a fall at work almost a year ago and was hospitalized in a coma for weeks and weeks before she had to make the terrible decision to permit removal of life support and let him go. The strain of waiting for him to recover as well as the horror of letting him expire had taken a terrible toll and mom and dad had worked hard to ease her suffering. The onset of mom's cancer had pretty much put an end to their efforts although, in addition to caring for mom, dad did continue to do a few things for Jenny.

From my position seated across from Jenny and catty corner to dad, I had a perfect opportunity to observe them as they talked. I knew that dad was sixty years old and guessed that Jenny must be about fifty seven or eight and wondered idly if anything would come of their close proximity and similar personal situations. Unbidden, I felt a slight twinge of jealousy and gave myself a mental kick for even letting myself think badly of them somehow getting together.

A few moments later, I stood, rinsed my cup and made my departure, leaving Jenny and dad sitting at the table engaged in conversation.

Back at home again, I helped Randy pack his belongings and once everything except for the few things he would use in the morning was loaded, we tied a tarp over the load and went inside. I suggested making a pot of coffee but Randy declined saying, "I better not, I want to get an early start and need all the sleep I can get. A glass of Merlot would be nice though if we have any. That ought to help me relax and get to sleep."

I stood to get the wine and returned in a bit with two filled glasses. "Better not get too sleepy too soon with this stuff," I laughed as I handed him his glass. You have at least one more important task before you go. Maybe even two."

Randy raised his glass with eyebrows lifted and said, "Oh? And what else do I have to do?"

I nodded down toward my groin and grinning, said; "You didn't think I would let you get away without one last roll in the sack, did you?"

We arose, extinguished the lights and made our way to the bedroom where the partially consumed wine was deposited on the dresser and we turned into each other's arms. I mashed my breasts into Randy's chest and with pudenda rubbing, our passions quickly built and Randy guided us to the bed where we tumbled down, giggling, and began fumbling all of our clothing off to be scattered haphazardly on the floor to either side of the bed.

Once naked and spread flat on my back, I spread my legs invitingly and Randy covered my supine form. I reached for the massive erection that had given me so many thrilling orgasms and gave it a couple of tentative strokes before I guided him to my glistening cleft. A split second later I felt the glorious thrill as his erection began to penetrate the center of my being. Randy, ever considerate, did his best to enter me with caution but I put an end to that notion and gave a mighty thrust upward and sighed contentedly when our pubic bones met with a crash. My impulsive move ended the gentle lovemaking and we began an abandoned thrashing, heaving and thrusting that continued until my pussy was filled with hot cum.

After the peak of our passions subsided and with my legs locked around his loins, the better to prevent Randy slip from the hot wet folds of my pussy, I continued a gentle bucking and thrusting that kept Randy hard and me hot. Finally, my second or third orgasm began to peak and I shouted, "Oh God Randy, fuck me and fill me with another load of cum."

Our second rise to the peaks of lust was much slower but, at that, the glorious feeling of hot cum spurting to the very depths of my being came all too soon and, once again, we fell back and allowed a feeling of euphoria flow over us.

Reliving the delightful sensations elicited by Randy's huge cock brought a smile to my face that did not escape Randy's eye and he said, "So, care to share what it is that is making you smile that way?"

I grinned and said, "Oh I was just remembering how good it feels to have your cock trying to get inside my womb so those little guys wouldn't have so far to swim."

Alarmed, Randy sat up and said, "Oh my God, you don't think...?"

I laughed and said, "Relax, I'm still on the pill. Doesn't mean I can't enjoy having you try to drive your cock all the way to the very center of me."

We got up and showered together. I soaped Randy all over before I let my soapy hands begin to fondle his cock. He was slow in coming back erect and I reached a soapy finger to his anus. With my middle finger inserted as far as the second knuckle, I began to fuck in and out in sync with my hand strokes on his cock and he quickly achieved the state of erection I desired. I leaned against the tiled wall with my ass thrust back and Randy was quick to take the hint and soap my butt being careful to coat my asshole finger deep with the slippery soap.

A moment later I sighed in contentment as I felt his massive cock slide into me until his balls slapped against the outer folds of my pussy. I reached down and would have stuffed his balls into my vagina if I could have. Instead, I had to be content with the feel of the hairy sack as I rubbed it against my dripping slit.

Randy reached to fondle my tits with both hands while I fingered my clit with one hand and pressed his balls against my sex with the other. Between erotic moans of contentment, soft sighs and grunts, I urged Randy on, saying, "Oh God Randy fuck me, fuck me. Fill my ass with cum."

All too soon, Randy gave a mighty lunge, drove his cock as far into my ass as he could and hot cum began to flood my bowels.

Spent and clean, we stepped from the shower, dried each other and returned to the bedroom.

We paused at the edge of the bed and burst into laughter. Our earlier antics had created a large puddle of cum in the middle of the bed and there was nothing for it but to strip and remake the bed with clean sheets.

Afterward, with the wine finished off and the lights off, I got into bed on my side and Randy snuggled up against my backside. I lifted my leg, reached back until I could grasp and pull Randy's cock up against my pussy, sighed and drifted off to sleep.

We must have slept without stirring for, upon awakening early the next morning, Randy's hard cock was still between my legs and his arm was draped across me such that his hand was cupped around my breast.

"Mmmmm," I murmured languorously, kicked the covers off, rolled over onto my front and got up onto my knees. A moment later, Randy kneed his way between my spread thighs and, once again, I experienced the delightful sensation of having my pussy stuffed with his throbbing manhood. I reached back so that I could finger his cock at the point of contact with my pussy and, a moment later, slid one finger in alongside his thrusting dick.

The combination of his hard cock and my thrusting finger soon caused the familiar tingling sensation I knew would soon result in a great orgasm. My moans became more and more insistent as I begged for the release I knew Randy would provide. His fierce pounding, bucking and thrusting grew in intensity and, a moment later his cock swelled even larger and hot cum began to spurt and flood to the very core of my being.

Randy's orgasm triggered my own and I shouted, "Oh God Randy, I'm cumming, I'm cumming. Oh fuck me, fuck me. Please keep on fucking me. Oh damn I love it when you fill me with cum this way."

Afterward, and before we cleaned up, we lay wrapped in a tight embrace; reluctant to face the parting we both knew had to come. Finally I arose, made a half assed attempt to stem the flow of our combined fluids as they dribbled from a vagina too filled to contain them and, still naked, fixed breakfast and made Randy a lunch. Then he was gone.

I returned to the bedroom, looked at the bed and shook my head in wonder. Giggling softly, I again stripped the bed of wrinkled and soiled sheets and, with no other clean linen with which to remake the bed, took all the soiled stuff to the laundry and got one set going so that I would have clean bedding to sleep on.

Once the sheets and pillowcases were in the dryer, I reached for the telephone but before dialing decided that rather than call, I would stop by and see for myself how dad was doing.

I found him on the patio with a lawn mower up on a table. He was standing looking at the machine and his lips were pursed. Jenny was seated in one of the patio chairs watching intently as dad tried to decide what was wrong with the mower.

Dad spotted me as I walked around the corner. His face brightened and he said, "Hi Carrie, what brings you over this time of day?"

Jenny turned and said, "Hi Carrie, you look bright enough for someone who has just been left high and dry."

I giggled and said, "High maybe but I doubt anyone would ever use the word dry if they saw the place before I cleaned up. Randy and I gave each other parting gifts before he left."

Dad looked up and said, "Huh," while Jenny had a good laugh and said, "Oh Carrie, that's precious." It was pretty clear that she got the message.

Wistfully, I said, "Yes it was. It's too bad about Randy's Uncle because but for having to go and help his aunt, we would probably have continued forever giving and receiving great sex and being pretty good friends."

I watched for a few moments as dad returned to tinkering with the lawn mower. Jenny explained, saying, "This damn mower of mine quit on me and your dad is trying to get it going again." She sighed and said, "I sure hope it isn't totally shot. I really don't want to have to buy a new one right now. Got taxes to pay before I can have another mower."

Dad got a wrench, unscrewed the spark plug, took one look and snorted. He held up the spark plug and said, "Well Jen, it looks as though a new plug is about all this thing needs."

He walked toward the garage and said, "Think there may be one in here somewhere. It should fit, I guess."

Once he was gone and unable to hear, I said, "Jenny, did dad ever eat last evening?"

Jenny grinned and said, "Yes Carrie, yes he did. He ate a couple of helpings of the lasagna. I would have made him eat some salad but the only green stuff I could find wasn't fit to feed to farm animals. I did feed him some dessert that he seemed to enjoy!"

I raised one eyebrow in a speculative manner and she continued, "Carrie, I hope you don't feel badly, but I just had to do something. I know your mother has been gone but a few days but, damn it, I had to do something and made him an offer he would have to have been dead to refuse."

I stepped close, knelt and put my arms around her and said, "Jenny, of course I am not upset. In fact it's better it was you than me I guess. If you hadn't knocked when you did last evening, I was on the verge of doing something no daughter, even one as old as I am, should ever even think of doing. If I didn't feel so badly for dad, I would be ashamed of myself for ever harboring such incestuous thoughts."

Jenny cocked one eyebrow, nodded thoughtfully and said, Carrie, don't fret about it. If that is what was required to snap him out of the funk he was in, then I say to hell with what the rest of the world says. Maybe between us, we will keep his mind off the way your mother went." Sadly, she added, "Won't do me much harm either. I don't believe for a moment that John or Mary would deny either of us a chance to feel good once in a while."

Just then, dad's voice broke in asking, "Ok you two, what's all the whispering?"

I stood, turned to dad, threw my arms around him and said, "Dad, Jen sort of told me what happened last evening after I left. I want you to know that I couldn't be happier...for both of you. I think it is great that you are able to help one another this way."

Dad's voice was thick with emotion when he said, "Damn it Carrie, your mother..."

I laid a finger over his mouth and said, "Daddy, you know mom would never object to you guys being able to comfort one another. Personally, I think it's great you have one another to, to....lean on."

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