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Helping Hands


Shelly had been a quiet person for as long as she could remember. It wasn't actually a choice she made, but when you were the youngest of four, and when your older brothers were as boisterous as they were, one had no choice to be anything but quiet. It did not help that her mom had left when she was so young that she had almost no memories of her. She was three years old at the time, and Shelly didn't talk for almost a whole year after her mom left.

Now Shelly was eighteen and finishing up her last year of high school. It was just her and her dad living in that big old house, just outside of Boston. Soon she would join the path of her older brothers and go off to college. College plans were about all she and her brothers had in common. Physically no one would ever think they were related. All of her brothers were massive. Joe, the youngest of the three was six foot three inches tall and played outside linebacker for his college. Jack and George, the other two brothers both played basketball when they were in college. Jack was now married and living in California with his wife and two kids, and George was living and working in Manhattan at some kind of high powered financial job.

Joe went to Boston College, but he would often spend his weekends back at home with Shelly and her dad. When they were in high school together, when she was a freshmen and he a senior, he was so overly protective of Shelly that none of the boys at school would talk to her for fear that her big brother would beat them to a bloody pulp.

Maybe Joe was over protective of Shelly because she seemed so fragile. She was tiny compared to her brothers. She was barely over five feet tall, and she couldn't have weighed one hundred pounds soaking wet. While her brothers all had dark, course hair, Shelly had the fine blonde hair of her mother. She also had her mom's features. Her mother had always looked so young. When she left her family, it was rumored that she had run off with one of her former students.

Shelly hated how young she looked. She couldn't get into an R rate movie without showing her ID. When she drove anywhere, people would point at her thinking that she was some 13 year old that had stolen her parent's car. When she was 16, a police officer actually pulled her over thinking she was barely a teenager.

With her tiny frame, and her baby face, Shelly was often mistaken for a freshman, or even a middle school age child. This drove her mad.

Shelly was in her room studying for a big chemistry test, when she got the phone call that changed everything. Her brother Joe had crashed his motorcycle, and it was bad. When she got to the hospital, Joe had already been rushed into surgery. She was told that he was in stable condition, but he had broken a lot of bones. Her father got to the hospital about twenty minutes after Shelly. He was more mad than shocked.

"I told him not to ride that fuckin thing! How does he expect to honor his scholarship now"?

Shelly just sat stunned for hours in the hospital. She did not say a word to anybody.

Joe came home almost a month later. He was barely recognizable. His once handsome face now was marred with red scars. His entire upper body was in a cast. He had shattered both arms, fractured his color bone, and suffered a herniated disc in his back. He was lucky that his back didn't break. Joe's spirit did not escape injury either. Shelly did not see him smile once as she tried to make his old room comfortable for him.

"I am sorry I have to put you through all this Shell. It kills me to have to burden you."

"Please Joe. I'm your sister. The least I can do is look after you until you get better. And they are going to cut those casts off in about a month. It's no big deal."

It was a big deal, but Shelly loved her brother. What else could she do? She was going to have to do everything for her brother. With his whole upper body in casts, he could do nothing for himself. She would have had to wipe his ass even, if their father didn't install a bidet in Joe's bathroom.

Shelly was feeding her brother some soup for dinner, when they began to plan out his schedule.

"I get home from school around 3:30, so I can feed you a late lunch then. The doctors say you should have a light dinner a couple of hours before you go to sleep, so I was thinking some soup. Then I can give you your bath and dress you for bed."

"Thanks again Shelly. I don't know what I would do without you."

She saw her brother form a weak smile for the first time since the accident.

"Though getting bathed by my little sister is not something I am looking forward to."

"Well if you weren't such a big idiot she wouldn't have to bath you." Shelly smiled at her brother. She loved him so much, and this accident, as horrible as it was, was allowing the two of them to become close again.

Shelly's next day at school was uneventful. She got home, fed her brother and then got some homework done. After dinner she ran a bath for her brother. He looked so helpless as he walked into the bathroom with his torso in that big cast.

"Thanks again Shell. "

"Of course, you would do the same for me. It's no big deal." But today was a big deal, in her mind. She was so nervous about bathing her brother. She hadn't seen him naked since they were both kids, and now she would have to see him and touch him. She actually had never seen a grown man naked, and to be completely honest, she was a little bit curious.

"Ok, so I will take your sweats off, and then just sit in the tub. The water shouldn't go above your mid-stomach so your casts won't get wet. Let me know if it's too cold or hot."

With that Shelly unceremoniously pulled down her brother's pants from behind. She nudged him towards the tub and braced him as he eased himself into the water.

"Fuck you are so heavy." She was using every ounce of strength to brace him, as he sat in the tub.

"Well if you weren't a little midget this would be a lot easier."

Joe sat with a splash. The bath water soaked the front of Shelly's white T-shirt. Joe could see the outline of her tiny breasts. He noticed that her nipples were hard, and that they were proportionally quite large compared to her little tities.

"Fuck I am too horny. Now I am checking out my little sister." Joe thought to himself.

Shelly busied herself by grabbing a sponge and lathering it up. Finally she looked at her brother in the tub. She couldn't help but giggle.


"You barely even fit in the tub. This must be your first bath since you were a kid."

Joe looked comical sitting in the tub with his rigid torso in a cast, and his long legs bending to squeeze in the tub.

"Yea, I can't remember the last time I took a bath. In the hospital a nurse would just give me a sponge bath in my bed."

"Was she cute?" Shelly giggled.

"He was ok." They both broke out in laughter. All the tension left the room. Shelly started at her brother's massive size 14 feet. She carefully scrubbed his calves, avoiding the stitches on his right one. She chatted idly with her brother about her day at school. She was trying hard to seem at ease as she worked her way up his leg.

Internally she was a wreck. She didn't dare glance up at her brother penis for fear of how she might react, but she was about to move up his legs to his thighs, and she knew that she couldn't postpone the inevitable any longer. While talking about her chemistry test, she scrubbed her brother's knee and quickly moved up his thigh. From the corner of her eye she could see her brother's cock, and just like the rest of him, it was massive.

Shelly wasn't naïve when it came to the physiology of guys. She had seen plenty of cocks when she looked at porn on her computer. There was a big difference, however, at seeing a cock on the computer, and now being within inches of one.

She kept talking about her day as she sponged up his thigh, and there it was. His cock was lying on the other thigh. It was flaccid, but it was still huge! She kept talking as if it was no big deal, but the sight of such an erotic weapon made it hard for her to concentrate.

"What did you say?" Joe asked. "You were talking about your test, and then you kind of trailed off."

"It's nothing." She lied. "What do you plan on doing tomorrow?

She finished the one thigh and went to the one with her brother's cock lying on it. She sponged his leg right up to his organ. Then, without hesitation, she grabbed his cock with her little thumb and forefinger, and moved it to the other leg. It was the first time she had ever touched a cock. It felt soft like velvet. And the touch sent a bolt of electricity between her legs.

Her brother's voice went up an octave as she moved his tool, but he continued talking. She finished his leg quickly, and there was only one more thing to wash. She dipped the sponge in the warm water and quickly brought it to his cock.

"God it was big! How big would it get?" She thought. "How does he get that monster into girls?"

She noticed that the bottom of his shaft had short prickly hairs on it, like he shaved it a while back. She sponged his member very quickly, and then almost as an afterthought, she cleaned his massive balls. They had also been shaved some time ago. One of his massive sacks barely fit in the palm of her dainty hand. She rinsed the soap of his cock and balls quickly.

"You are all done."

"Thanks sis, I know that had to be weird," Joe said.

"It's no big deal. Here, let me help you up."

Shelly let him use her as leverage as he stood up, and when he did she noticed that his cock had grown. It wasn't rock hard or anything, but it definitely wasn't flaccid anymore.

"I just gave my brother an erection." The thought sent a warm feeling between her legs.

She dried off her brother quickly. Once she got close to his cock, she marveled at its size. "Shit it's still getting bigger"! It had already swollen to the thickness of her wrist.

Shelly pulled her brother's pajama bottoms on, and she had to tuck his cock in, in order to pull them up.

"All done." She looked at her brother and noticed that he was blushing a bit.

"Thanks sis."

"Of course."

That night Shelly had trouble falling asleep. She kept picturing her brother's cock. It was so big! She just couldn't believe that something like that could fit in a woman. Her hand drifted down to her pussy. She noticed that her tuft of blonde pussy hair was damp. She started to rub her slit up and down. She was so turned on. She absent mindedly rubbed her lubed slit up and down. Her fingers quickly found her clit. It was erect already. She began rubbing her little pleasure nub. She closed her eyes and imagined that big cock. She saw it growing in her mind's eye.

"It's so fucking big!"

She slipped a finger in her tight pussy. She was drenched already. In and out she fucked her pussy while rubbing her clit. Her finger going in and out of her pussy was making sloppy wet sounds. She tried to insert another finger.

"Ouch!" But the pain felt good, her cunt stretched around her two digits.

"His cock would be like putting my whole fist in there," she muttered out loud, with a feeling of trepidation and determination. She kept up with her fingers as she imagined they were his cock.

She tried a third finger, but it wouldn't go in. Her fingers were soaked to the second knuckle. Suddenly she got the tip of her third finger into her little pussy. She felt as if her pussy lips would rip with all the pressure. Shelly's entire body shuttered, and she came powerfully. Her vision went white as she came. And then she lay, panting in the glow of her orgasm. She felt guilty for a moment. Guilty for having an orgasm while picturing her brother's massive cock. Then she pictured it again, and her hand began to rub her cunt again. She smiled knowing that she would be able to see it again tomorrow.

Shelly fell asleep with images of her brother's cock bouncing around in her head.

The next day was another normal one at school, but Shelly could not focus on anything going on around her. All she could think about was her brother's cock. She had pictures of it like a sleeping dragon on his thigh, and then it growing more than twice its original size. She could still feel the heat it radiated as she touched it. How smooth its flesh was. Would she ever see it completely erect? How big would it get? How would it feel when it was erect? All these questions and thoughts kept Shelly from focusing on anything else the entire day at school.

Joe had an even worse lot. He sat at home all day thinking about being bathed by his own sister. He had told himself that it was no big deal, but as soon as she started sponging him, he couldn't help but get aroused. And when she actually touched his cock, it was as if a lightning bolt had shot through his body. God, he was so horny. He used to jerk off at least once a day, but since the accident he was unable to get any release. Everything was becoming erotic to him. He would get hard watching commercials, and he could do nothing about his raging erections. This could not go on. He couldn't stop thinking about sex and there was no relief in sight. On top of all of this sexual frustration, since he hadn't been able to shave his cock and balls since the accident, they had been itching him like crazy now that the hair was growing back. Could he possibly ask his sister to shave him? She was already bathing him and dressing him, would shaving him be any different? The itching was driving Joe crazy. He had to do something about it.

Shelly came home at the usual time and the two of them made small talk. She had a hard time looking her brother in the eye now. It wasn't just that she had seen and cleaned his cock. It was a pretty clinical procedure, and she was ok with it. Her brother needed her help. What was racking Shelly's brain was the fact that she had masturbated about the incident, until she came last night. And on top of that she could not stop thinking about her brother's cock all day. She had noticed at lunch time that her pussy had been in a state of arousal for most of the day. Her panties were wet with her pussy's constant lubrication.

At dinner her brother seemed distracted. He was barely talking to her and Shelly began to wonder what was wrong? Was he mad at her? Was he still thinking about last night's bath? Or was he just moody from being in the house alone for all this time? Finally, Joe answered these questions for her.

"Shelly I have to ask you something and it might sound kind of weird." He paused. "Tonight, when you bath me can you please shave my balls and stuff? I know you are going out of your way to help me and all, but I can't take the itching any more. I usually shave down there every other day. And I haven't been able to since the accident, and now that the hair is coming back, it is itching like crazy."

Shelly was relieved that this was all that was eating at her brother. Maybe last night was just another bath to him. He had plenty of them in the hospital, maybe he was used to someone seeing and cleaning his private parts. Maybe it was just her that was having all the problems with this situation.

"Sure Joe. Of course, I totally understand. If I forget to shave it drives me crazy." Why did she say that? Did she just tell her brother that she shaves her pussy? No, she didn't say pussy. He probably just thought she meant that she shaves her arm pits or legs.

"Thanks sis. I cannot thank you enough for all that you are doing for me. I don't know if I could have made it through all of this without you. "A tear welled in Joe's eye as he said this.

"Of course Joe, but you know that I love you. That's what brothers and sisters do for one another."

As it came close to the time of Joe's bath, Shelly became more nervous. She even was having anxiety about what to wear. These feelings felt so strange to her. She didn't think twice about what she wore yesterday, but suddenly she was nervous about it, as if it was the first day of school. She settled on some old jeans and a beat up concert T-shirt from a band that she liked in middle school. She went into the bathroom and began running a bath for Joe.

As soon as Joe heard the water running he shuffled into the bathroom. His sister was bent over the tub with her back to him. His eyes shot to her cute little ass. It was perfect! It was so small and round. Joe bet he could palm one of her cheeks with one of his big mitts. She bent forward further and her jeans slid down a bit revealing the dental floss thin pink string of her panties.

"Fuck I have to cum soon." Joe lamented to himself.

Shelly could feel the presence of her massive brother in the room. She also noticed that he hadn't said anything yet. Was he staring at her ass? She leaned even farther into the tub pretending that she was reaching for something on the far ledge. She could feel her jeans slip farther down her hips. If he was watching her ass, then he was going to get a show. She made sure that she thrust her ass out as she pretended to reach for that imaginary sponge that was just out of her reach.

Joe could feel his cock growing already. "Fuck, this is too much." He thought. He had to break the silence. "Hey sis thanks again."

She turned her head back, and gave him her best impression of a startled face.

"Don't sneak up on me! You scared the crap out of me." She grabbed a can of woman's shave gel from the side of the tub. "This is all I have to shave you. I hope you don't mind if your junk smells like a chick." She giggled. All Shelly could do to keep her nervous energy at bay was try to joke with her brother.

"At this point I couldn't care less how my junk smells. I just want the itching to stop."

"All right, let's get you in the tub then." She stayed on her knees, and reached up to grab the waistband of her brothers sweat pants and pulled them down along with his underwear in one swoop. She carefully kept her eyes only on his pants as she eased his legs out.

She nearly gasped out loud as she began to stand up to help her brother into the tub. His cock was not flaccid. It was semi-hard and standing at about a forty five degree angle from his body. "Shit it's even bigger than before. How could it be so big?" Shelly thought.

Shelly eased her brother into the tub attempting to ignore his obvious state of arousal. Was that from watching her ass? Was his partial erection because he was anticipating his bath? Maybe it just had a mind of its own. She had heard that men in their sexual primes, like her brother, would sometimes get a spontaneous erection. It wasn't fully hard was it? How hard would it get? Shelly suddenly had the urge to taste her brother's cock. See how it would feel in her mouth. Would she even be able to open her mouth wide enough to take it in?

She began scrubbing his feet just like she had done the day before, but she could not keep her mind from that massive rod in between her brother's leg. Tonight she would have to touch it. She would have to try to wrap her dainty little fingers around it. She would have to lather it up, and delicately run a razor its long length. She would have to cup his massive balls, lovingly soap them up, and gently shave them as well.

"Fuck!" Shelly felt a drop of moister escape her little pussy and run down her thigh. "I can't believe how turned on this is making me, she thought.

Luckily Shelly's thoughts were interrupted by her brother's voice.

"Once I get better I am totally going to repay you for all this Shell. I know you have better things to do then give your crippled brother a sponge bath."

"You're not crippled Joe. I am just helping you, the same you would help me if I needed it." Her delicate hands were passing his right knee as she sponged up his leg. She was a bit more purposeful than she was the previous night. She washed up his thigh, as his cock came into her view. It was so big and beautiful. It was lying along his left thigh, and its length seemed to go half way to his knee. As she sponged up his inner thigh, it twitched. It was a mesmerizing to her.

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