Helping Hands


"What do you miss most now that you are stuck inside all the time"? Shelly was just trying to make small talk, but as she asked this question, her sponge came down on her brother testicles. She scrubbed them longer than she had the night before, and then she moved on to his other leg.

Joe had to take in a big breath of air as she asked the question, so he wouldn't moan as she touched his balls. He had been so horny of late, and the slightest touch would get him hard. He could feel something stirring down below, but he was afraid to look down. He focused instead on the back of his sister's head. He concentrated on the patterns that formed in her golden hair.

"Uh, not ride a bike again that's for sure. This whole wreck has really fucked shit up," Joe finally answered Shelly's question.

His sister was working quickly down his leg. His eyes fell from her head to her torso. From his angle he could he could see her little tits jiggling as she scrubbed his leg. Joe could feel his cock get a bit harder.

Shelly was scrubbing his calf when she addressed what had been on her mind this whole time.

"So I obviously haven't shaven any guy's junk before. You are going to have to walk me through it."

"It's not rocket science Shell, but of course I will help you. Thanks again; I know it's weird, but I have been itching like crazy the last few days. "

"Of course Joe, It's no big deal; just think of me as that male nurse in the hospital." With that, Shelly had finished sponging off her big brother. She could still see that his big cock was semi-erect, but she was not going to let anything stop her from helping her brother out at this point. She was also very curious as to what that big tool felt like. Would her little hand even be able to wrap all the way around it? She didn't think she would even get close to being able to do that.

She grabbed the bottle of shave gel and looked up at her brother. "Ok so this is going to be a little weird I will admit it. Should I do your balls first, or does it not matter"?

"It doesn't matter Shell. Just be careful down there, I am going to need that little guy when I get out of these casts."

"Little guy?" Shelly thought. "No fuckin way!"

"Just make sure you put on enough shave lotion and then just shave slowly. The base of the shaft is easy, but the balls are a bit tricky. You have to pull the skin taught, so it doesn't get nicked by the razor," Joe instructed her.

Joe's cock looked so good to Shelly as it glistened with the bath water. Joe slouched a bit in the tub, so that his legs were hanging over the edge, and his groin was just above the water line. His massive balls were lying half submerged in the tub.

Shelly took a large amount of shave gel in her hand. This was no time to turn back. She reached down to head of her brother's cock with one hand and pulled it off of his thigh. With her other hand she started lathering up his shaft. Joe could not watch. He closed his eyes and put his head back. The instant his sister started to lather up his shaft he thought he was going to cum. He knew in a matter of seconds he would be fully aroused. He had to say something to his sister. The scent from the feminine shave gel hit his nostrils and even it was arousing to him.

"Shell, I haven't been able to you know, release any tension since the accident. I'm sorry if my cock gets hard. It's not because of you or anything, he lied; it is just what it does, when it's touched in my state of mind."

Shelly could feel it growing harder under her hand as she lathered him up. "Fuck it is getting even bigger!" She spent a little extra time lathering his shaft so that her little fingers could explore the soft skin that was becoming so hard under her. She was right about one thing. Her hand did not even get close to wrapping around his girth. She pulled away for a second to grab the razor, and she noticed that she no longer had to hold her brother's cock up. It was standing fully erect away from his body. Shelly's pussy quivered. She felt another drop of her dew slip down her leg. Her panties must have been drenched. She could not remember ever being this aroused before. His cock had now grown to about the girth of her lower leg. It was long too. She could probably stack her hand four times on his length and still his big mushroom head would peek out from his last hand. How could any woman get that monster in her vagina?

"Don't worry about it. I'm a doctor, I have seen many erect cocks, it's no big deal." She giggled at her little joke.

She looked at her brother. She saw him, with his head back and his eyes closed. His chest was rising and falling rapidly under the torso cast.. She recognized that he was as turned on as she was. And, right in front of her, the biggest piece of evidence, his huge erect cock coated in shaving crème was inches from her.

She grabbed the razor and slowly traced from the spot where his massive shaft connect to his body slowly up towards his cock head. There was sparse black course hair on his massive shaft's base.

"The hair only goes about halfway up Shell, so you don't have to go the whole length. It gets too sensitive close to the head anyway. Nice and slow just like that, perfect. And then, just rinse of the razor after every few passes." Joe was struggling to speak. It took every ounce of concentration to not groan with pleasure. He had never had his cock shaved by anyone, and the experience was very erotic. He could feel his sister's little fingers trying to grasp his cock to hold it still as the other hand drew slow deliberate shave strokes. Because his cock was so slippery from the shave gel, she kept having to regain her grip on his cock. Her fingers constantly moving on his shaft was the closest thing to a hand job that he had had in way too long. The pleasure was becoming unbearable. Joe feared that he was going to cum all over his sister as she shaved him.

"Shell." He hoarsely called to her. "Can you, uh, stop for a sec. My cock is just too sensitive right now."

"Ok, that's fine." Shelly wondered what actually he meant. Was she hurting him with the razor? "Did I cut you Joe? I am trying to be as careful as I can."

"No you are doing a great job. I am just..." he started. "It's been a long time Shell, and I am just, I'm just..." Joe fumbled with the words. "I am just too over stimulated right now."

"Ok Joe. I am just trying to help." Shelly's face blushed with the thought that her own brother had to stop her. She had gotten him too turned on. She had the power to turn her brother on so much that he had to ask her to stop. The thought made her pussy quiver.

"I didn't mean to over stimulate it. I have never touched one before. What should I do differently?" Shelly sounded so innocent to her brother.

"It's ok Shell. Let's just let the cock cool off for a bit. Maybe, if you switch to my balls it would be better."

"Ok I will switch to your balls. Let me know if you need me to stop."

"Thanks Shell."

She put a big gob of shaving gel in her right hand and reached down pass his huge, erect cock and began to lather up his balls. She looked up at her bother as she began lathering up his scrotem. His head was back and his eyes were closed.

His big balls were pulled tight up against his cock. She knew that they did this when a man was cold, or very aroused. She took her time lathering him up. She was relishing both, in the touching of her own brother's massive balls, and teasing him a bit. They had a lot more hair on them then his shaft, and the hair felt prickly on her soft skin. She wondered what they would look like after she had shaved them bald.

After massaging his rock hard sacks for as long as she felt she could get away with, Shelly grabbed the razor and began to shave. It wasn't as difficult as her brother described because the skin wasn't loose at all. As she shaved his balls she watched his cock twitch in anticipation. Then she saw something that surprised her. At the very tip of his cock a tiny bubble of a clear liquid had formed.

"Shit that must be pre-cum," she thought to herself; and the thought was very arousing. She new men would emit pre-cum right before they ejaculated. It cleaned out their tubes or something she remembered. Was she turning on her brother that much? What would it look like if that massive cock came. What would his cum taste like? How much would there be?

Shelly ached to rub her own pussy. She needed relief as well.

Shelly finished his balls quickly. She rinsed them and marveled at how much better they looked now that they were smooth. They just begged to be licked, or taken into her mouth. She had seen women in porn do that. Take a man's ball into their mouth and suck on them. And the men seemed to love it. She was quite certain that she could fit one of his massive balls in her mouth.

She spent some time inspecting them, studying every vein, marveling at their oval shape, wondering how much cum was in them, wondering how they would feel slamming against her as he fucked her madly.

She couldn't imagine that at all. She couldn't imagine a way for that huge cock to fit in her, let allow screw her madly. The force of those huge balls hitting her would surely bruise her.

Shelly pretended to shave a spot that she missed on his sack. She just wanted more time to touch and study them.

When she was satisfied with her work, she then turned to her brother and asked. "Should I try shaving the shaft now?"

He answered with his eyes still closed tight. "Yes, but go slow please and stop if I say so. I don't want to make a mess all over you."

Was he talking about cumming all over her? The thought of seeing his massive cock erupt in front of her drove her wild. She slipped her free hand into her jeans. Her pussy was soaked. Her sensitive lips were engorged and open. She was so turned on. She brushed her clit and it sent lightning bolts through her. She took her hand out from her pants and went back to work.

She wrapped her hand more tightly than she needed around the shaft of his cock. The force of her hand squeezed the drop of pre-cum out of his cock, and it slowly slid down his enflamed mushroom head and hung off the side.

"Hey careful!" He called. Joe was worried on one hand that he would cum all over his sister; and on the other hand, he was so blinded by lust and sexual frustration, that he hoped he would just feel some release.

"Sorry," Shelly said. "It's so slippery. Though, I think it is easier to shave when it is hard like this. What are you thinking about anyway Joe?"

Joe opened his eyes for a second and saw his gorgeous little sister holding his raging hard-on in her tiny hand. She barely got her tiny hand halfway around it. Her other hand had a razor and was finishing that last few swaths of his cock. Her blonde hair had fallen over her eyes, and she looked ravishing in her old T shirt.

"Shelly stop, don't move please!" Joe practically yelled at her. She could feel his massive cock twitch under her hand. It seemed to swell even a bit larger. How was that possible? His balls pulled in even tighter.

Joe closed his eyes and gritted his teeth. He used every bit of effort to stave off his orgasm. He wanted to cum so badly. But the look in his sister's blue eyes was too much. He couldn't break the relationship they had. She was his little sister.

She looked down as his massive organ swelled and twitched. I little more pre-cum oozed out of his cockhead; although, this time it seemed a little less viscous.

"Just finish that last patch please and quickly, and then let me sit here and cool off a bit. Thanks so much for helping me sis. I know it was weird, but I need the relief from all of the itching."

Shelly cleaned his cock of hair with one last swoop, and then splashed cold water on his tool. Then she sat breathless staring at her brother gorgeous bald cock. It looked even bigger than before, and the baldness called her to try to put it in her mouth, but she resisted.

She stood up quickly. "All done Joe. I will come back and dress you in a few." She didn't wait for a response. She rushed in the direction of her room.

"Thanks sis, I love you" She heard Joe call over her shoulder. She entered her bedroom, shut the door, and began to satisfy the ache she felt throbbing in her pussy.

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