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Helping Hands


Something wasn't right. My body was sore, my head was pounding. I slowly cracked open my dry eyes. I looked around. I was strapped to a gynecologist table by my wrists and ankles. There was a man in his early 20s standing there in jeans. He was ripped. He grinned at me. I just started.

I didn't ask where I was. I didn't ask to go. I didn't ask what was going to happen. It didn't matter where I was, he wouldn't let me go. And I would find out what is going to happen soon enough.

"Are you thirsty?" He asked. I nodded yes. He walked over to me with a glass of water. I sipped out of a straw. He grinned and walked over to a tray. "Are you hungry?" I nodded yes. If there was poison in the food or water, well at least I wouldn't live for long through whatever this nightmare was.

"Hmm. You're vegetarian. So. Would you prefer 4 cheese ravioli, a bean and cheese burrito or lentil soup?" I stared, shocked. He looked at my face and laughed. Again, I didn't ask. It didn't matter how he knew what he knew, it wasn't like he'd tell me anything I asked anyway. "Burrito." I said quietly. He nodded.

He brought over a plate and started feeding me. "God you are so cute, I wish you mine." He sighed sadly. "I really like you too. You are so unlike anyone else who's been here. You don't ask questions, or beg, or cry, or plead, or bargain. You just accept. Plus the dimples in your ass are adorable."

I blushed from head to toe. I had never had another guy look at me that way, let alone talk about me like that. He laughed. "Maybe I'll call you Bashful." He mused.

He set the plate down and looked at me with meaning and said firmly, "Behave." I nodded. He started slowly kissing my neck, moving up to my chin, my lips. His hot breath against my cold skin made me shiver. He pressed his tongue into my mouth, and slowly, hesitantly I did the same. He chuckled as he kissed me, slowly rubbing my scared dick. But slowly, as he kissed me and rubbed me, to my disdain my cock grew warm and hard.

He started planting his kisses on my chin, my neck, my chest, my stomach, my hips, and finally right above my red, angry cock. He slipped his lips over it, massaging the tip with his hot, wet tongue. I moaned and thrust my hips up, begging for his whole mouth. I didn't care if it was a guy, I didn't care if I was strapped down, and I wanted to go deeper. He chuckled and to my disappointment lifted his face off of my rod.

I sighed sadly and stared up at the cement ceiling. Suddenly, I felt something cold on my ass. A finger, slowly rubbing circles around my hole. Then the finger stopped and was replaced my something else, that was much more uncomfortable. Slowly, the tip of some sort of tube was pushed inside me. I tried to wiggle away from it, but it did no use. Something was swelling inside of me. It grew more and more uncomfortable until suddenly it stopped. Warm water started seeping through my insides. It felt so warm and pleasant, I felt full and relaxed.

The nice, warm full feeling started growing less and less pleasant. I started feeling too full, like my insides were about to burst. "PLEASE, STOP!" I moaned, as spasms rolled throughout my insides. I heard the man laugh, his voice sweet as if a little kid was asking for a cookie before dinner. "Not yet, gorgeous. You still have another 2 liters."

I moaned as the spasms and cramps were all I could think about, I felt like my insides were going to rip open. The water flow stopped and he deflated the ball inside of my just enough to slip it out. Immediately he plopped a well lubed plug snugly in my ass. It hurt so bad, being stretched out by the plug. I had never had anything in my ass before other than the tube, and it burned. My cramps were getting worse and worse. He walked back over to where my head was and wiped a damp washcloth across my sweating face.

"Don't pretend you don't like this just a LITTLE bit. You're dick is semi-hard." I glanced down and sure enough, my dick was wavering, trying to decide if the pain was pleasurable. "I don't usually do this, but I just thought I'd let you know, my name is Avery." He smiled before his mashed his lips onto mine, kissing me desperately. He climbed up on top of my and shoved his long, slender cock in my face, pressing it against my lips. I opened my mouth hesitantly and he slid into my mouth slowly, gently fucking my face.

"Oh god your tummy swells so cute, you look like you're pregnant. God I wish you were. I wish you were my little boy wife, would you like that? Hmmm? You want to be my little boy wife?"

He moaned as he pressed his cock deep in my throat. I almost gagged, but he pulled out just then. He got off of me and inspected my stomach. I was rock hard despite that fact that I was crying from the pain of my stomach and the humiliation of having a plug in my ass, keeping me looking like I was pregnant, and having just been fucking in the face.

"Awww, baby, don't cry, here, I'll let it out, okay?" He gushed. He slowly pulled the plug out of my ass, and had a bucket waiting for the water to gush out. It wasn't the only that gushed out, as pieces of my meal shot out with the fire hose of water gushing from my ass.

Avery patted me dry with a towel, started licking my abused hole. I squirmed in delight, his warm wet tongue gently soothing me. I could feel myself growing with pleasure, I wanted to cum so bad. He lifted his head from my ass and noticed my swollen dick. He smiled with triumph.

He lubed up my raging hard on and sat on it, moaning as he plunged himself on my rod over and over again. I started thrusting upwards, eager to get deeper into him. I had never fucked an ass before. It was so much hotter and tighter than any pussy I'd ever had. I moaned, pushing myself further into him. "OHHH GOD YES! THAT'S IT! FUCK ME HARDER OLLIE!" Avery screamed as he impaled himself on my dick. I couldn't stand it anymore, as his hot ass contracted around my thick meat, I shot loads of skeet into his small, hot ass. He released his hot sticky cum all over my face and chest, crying out in pleasure.

I collapsed back onto the table, tired and sore, my body aching, inside and out. I just wanted sleep. Avery kissed me on the cheek and whisper in my ear, "Do you want to sleep in a nice warm bed?" I nodded sleepily.

"Do you want to be loved?" I nodded again. Who didn't want to be loved? "Do you want to be taken care of?" I nodded again. "Did you like what just happened?" He whispered seductively, nibbling my ear. I moaned and whispered, "I have no idea."

"I'll make you a deal. Come live with me for a month, you can sleep in a nice warm bed, I'll pleasure you any time you desire, you'll never be chained or abused, and I will give you anything you desire. All you have to do is be my wife. Make me breakfast and dinner, wash laundry and pleasure me in bed. Also you must have two enemas weekly. Just try it out for a month. Please?"

"Undo my wrists and ankles, and give me a minute to think about it," I mumbled lazily. He undid my straps, and leaned back over me. I threw my arms around his neck and moaned, "I want to be yours."

He threw his head back and laughed as he picked me up and carried me out the door.

At his car there was a man standing there, waiting. Avery walked up with me in his hands, naked and dripping cum, and the man helped Avery put my limp, sore body in the passenger's seat of his car. "I told you I would find the perfect boy for you." The man snickered to Avery.

"I know, Preston, but I never thought you'd offer up your straight little brother." Avery responded.

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