Helping Hands


Steve hiked a thumb at his friend. "Did you really do his brother?"

Sighing, Liz answered, "He had a rough night. I thought I'd cheer him up. He was nice and didn't go telling everyone he knew." Arching her eyebrows, she asked, "Are you two nice like he is?"

Both men nodded and answered, "Yeah." She didn't know whether to believe them or not, but considering she was sitting bare-breasted in front of them and their naked erections were only a couple of feet away, it was a little too late to worry about it. She crooked her finger and beckoned them to her.

As soon as they were within reach, Liz cupped their balls in her hands, stifling a chuckle at the slightly uncomfortable looks on their faces as they stepped apart. Just like their chests, Steve's orbs were covered in dark hair, while Kyle's were smooth shaven. Steve had a slight advantage in length and girth, but the head of Kyle's cock was bulbous, and she could almost feel it popping in and out of her aching pussy.

Sliding her fingers upward, she curled them around the throbbing erections and gave them a few strokes. Overwhelmed by having two such gorgeous cocks at her beck and call, she leaned in and wrapped her lips around the head of Kyle's cock.

"Holy shit," he groaned as she massaged him with her lips and swirled her tongue over him.

Liz kept stroking Steve's cock while she sucked Kyle's deeper into her mouth. Kyle put his hand on the back of her head; while Steve reached down to squeeze her left breast. Moaning around Kyle's cock, she slid her lips over him a bit faster.

"Let me have some of that," Steve said while tweaking her stiff nipple.

Letting Kyle pop free of her mouth, she turned to engulf Steve's cock. Her tawny curls bounced as she sucked him, taking as much of his big cock as she could handle. After a few hungry sucks, she returned to Kyle's stiff member, giving it a few teasing licks before taking him in again.

A drop of pre-cum welling up from Kyle's cock filled her mouth with flavor, prompting another moan. When she turned back to Steve a minute or two later, he rewarded her as well. Soon enough, she had to concentrate on one cock at a time, needing her hands to keep the eager young men from gagging her as their excitement built.

Kyle and Steve were both grunting and groaning, obviously near to an explosion in her mouth. That wasn't where she wanted their cum, though. Sliding her lips back to the tip of Steve's cock, she let it pop from between her lips and looked up at the sweating faces above with a coquettish grin. She lifted her bottom enough to pull down her shorts, and then stood up so she could sit on top of the picnic table.

Parting her legs as soon as she sat down, she gave them a good view of her baby-smooth sex and reclined back onto her hands. Expecting one of them to take the initiative and fill her full of cock, she was nonetheless quite happy when Kyle sat down on the bench instead and buried his face between her thighs.

Liz leaned back and groaned, her toes curling to grip the edge of the table as Kyle's tongue danced over her. She opened her eyes when Steve's shadow blocked out the sun just in time to see him bend down and suck her right nipple. Twining her fingers into Steve's dark hair, she reveled in her fantasy coming to life.

His brother had needed more than a little instruction when she guided his head between her legs, but Kyle had obviously done this before. She writhed on the table and lifted her hips toward his talented tongue as it danced over her folds. Steve sucked her nipple hard, actually pulling the areola into his lips along with the stiff bud. Her fingers tightened in his hair and she gasped when he let her nipple pop from his lips to take in its twin.

A surprised yelp burst from Liz's lips when Kyle sucked her clit, wiggling his head back and forth at the same time. Steve let her nipple go and straddled the bench, lifting one knee onto it. His twitching manhood only inches from her lips presented an easily read sign of what he wanted. As soon as she opened her mouth, he fed her his cock.

Liz fought against her gag reflex as Steve fucked her mouth and Kyle devoured her pussy. When she croaked a little, Steve pulled his cock out of her mouth, trailing thick strands of saliva, and tapped it against her cheek with a chuckle. "Damn, you know how to suck a dick," he remarked.

After a quick swallow, Liz opened her mouth wide and wiggled her tongue. She had just enough time to gasp from a sharp jolt of pleasure shooting up from her pussy before Steve stretched her lips again.

Moaning and whimpering around Steve's cock, Liz could feel the first tingles of an approaching orgasm dancing through her nether lips and behind her mound. Those tingles built rapidly into hot sparks, and her mouth opened even wider to let out a cry of bliss.

Steve pulled back, dribbling more pre-cum and said, "Think you're about to make her pop."

"Uh huh," Liz whimpered in confirmation.

Kyle took that as a cue to center his attention squarely on her clit. As soon as his sucking lips pulled the bud in and he wiggled his tongue over it, Liz gave a warbling cry and exploded in orgasm.

Her body lurching from the tidal wave of ecstasy crashing down on her, Liz grabbed the edge of the table in one hand, and pulled Kyle's face tight against her with the other, yelping and moaning as she came. He continued to fervently lap her pussy, and her thighs clamped down around his head.

The orgasm went on and on, even after Kyle pulled her knees apart to escape the vice-like grip of her legs. When it at last let her go, she collapsed limp on the table, her legs dangling in Kyle's lap. She was panting for breath, dripping with perspiration, and twitching from the electric jolts still dancing through her from head to toe.

"Holy shit," Kyle said with laughter in his voice as he wiped her juices off his face.

"Oh yeah, that was sweet," Steve added.

"Oh my god," Liz managed to whimper, and then sucked in a noisy breath. "You got me so good."

Steve growled. "Man, I want up in that pussy."

Liz laid a hand over her still heaving breasts. "Oh lord. Let me catch my breath." She glanced down at Steve's cock, still glistening with her saliva. "Ah — god — that's gorgeous."

Steve stood up wiggling his erection suggestively, prompting Elizabeth to giggle. "Yours too. Such big, hard cocks."

"So who gets sloppy seconds?" Kyle asked.

An idea popped in Liz's head and she said, "Guess how old I am."

Steve waved a hand in front of him. "No way. Ain't fallin' for that."

"Whoever wins get to go first," Liz countered, sliding her hand down her body and parting her nether lips.

The two men looked at each other, their expressions dubious. Then Kyle hesitantly said, "Thirty-two?"

"Thirty?" Steve offered.

Smiling, Liz pointed at Steve and said, "You win."

"Oh well. I guess you were closer." Kyle shrugged and sighed.

Liz shook her head. "I didn't say that. I said he won."

Kyle reached down and gave her ass a squeeze. "Okay, it was your game, so how old are you?"


Both men's eyes widened. "No way," Steve argued.

Liz sat up and spun around so she was facing Steve with her legs hanging off the edge of the table. "Afraid so. Still want to fuck an old lady like me?"

"Why don't you let me show you?"

After throwing her head back and moaning, Liz slid down off the table and turned to place her hands on it. She bent low, wiggling her ass, and Steve moved in behind her. He gave her butt a spank. "Damn, that ain't no thirty-nine year old ass."

"Mmm — you're so sweet." Liz then looked at Kyle and patted the table in front of her.

Kyle didn't waste any time in climbing up on the table, but Steve was well ahead of him. The big man grasped her hip with his right hand, guiding his cock with the other. Liz gasped as the tip slipped inside her, and then groaned as he pushed his hips forward.

"Fuck, that's tight," Steve growled.

"So big. I love it," Liz said in a breathless voice as Kyle lay down in front of her. "Take it slow. I want to feel that big cock."

Steve chuckled and worked his hips in slow strokes.

Moaning from the feeling of Steve stretching her, Liz looked up into Kyle's eyes and licked him from root to tip. His cock bobbed upward against her tongue and then tapped her in the chin after she traced the ridge below the large helmet. Steve was letting her feel every inch and throb of him as his cock stroked her.

Kyle lying on the table in front of her provided the opportunity to fulfill her earlier daydream, so she pushed up on his knees and lapped his hairless orbs. Having never been with a man who shaved his nether regions, she found the feeling exciting, and set to tonguing his balls with curious delight.

A yelp burst from Elizabeth's lips when Steve slammed his cock home hard and fast after one methodical stroke. His cock retreated just as slowly as it had since he'd first filled her, but then dove back in again with a powerful thrust. His loins collided with hers in an audible slap, quickly followed by an even louder one as he spanked her ass.

Kyle was obviously ready for more than a tongue washing over his balls, and pushed his erection straight up in the air with a thumb as an indication of that. When Steve's cock again rushed into her depths, knocking at the entrance of her womb, she opened wide and filled her mouth with hard young cock.

"Fuck yeah. Suck it," Kyle muttered as she bobbed her head over his lap, her curls bouncing and her breasts swinging.

He slipped free of her lips once when Steve pounded his cock into with even more force and caused her to cry out. Kyle's slick member barely had time to slap against his hard lower abs before she scooped it up and brought it back to her eager mouth, though.

Filled from both ends, Liz was in heaven. Her fantasy, as good as it was, couldn't even begin to compare to the reality of two young studs fucking her. The pace of Steve's thrusts steadily increased, and Kyle started tugging down on her head, forcing her to take him deeper. Much to her surprise and delight, Steve slid a hand between her legs to rub her clit in a fast back and forth motion.

The additional stimulation soon had her gasping around Kyle's thick organ. She could feel another, even stronger orgasm swelling deep inside her. The first tickle heralded a rapid rise, and the building ecstasy stole her ability to concentrate on Kyle in front of her. She let him slip from her lips, loosing out a loud wail.

Steve's cock pounded into her — fast and relentless. His fingers on her swollen bud sent her soaring toward a peak. The jolts of his body colliding with hers forced Liz to brace the heels of her hands on the edge of the table and lock her elbows.

"Want me to come all over that ass?" Steve grunted, his voice tight.

"Inside me," Liz instructed in a rush as the storm of orgasmic energy within her reached critical mass.

"Ah, fuck yeah," Steve growled, and dug his fingers into her hips.

Liz felt as if she was about to fly apart from her pent up orgasm, and then she felt the hot, roiling energy surge a final time.

"Yes! Yes! Yes! I'm..." The remainder of the words never emerged, drowned out in a tight-throated squeal as ecstasy exploded within her.

Steve grunted with every thrust, growing louder as she yelped in the throes of orgasm. Then he slammed his cock into her and roared, "Yeah!"

Liz could feel him throbbing and pulsing deep inside her tightly clenched canal. Her womb fluttered again, and she screamed as another wave of release ripped through her.

"Holy fuck. Yeah. Goddamn," Steve grunted as his big cock pumped her full of cream. His hips twitched involuntarily, every tiny movement sending Liz to another plateau of bliss.

A choked yelp escaped her when Steve jerked his sensitive cock free. Yet another aftershock of the most incredible orgasm she'd ever experienced rocked her. Steve's cum dribbled from her gaped canal, dripping down her legs and spattering on the concrete below.

She didn't even have the presence of mind to realize that Kyle had moved until his fingers dug into her hips.

Liz's hair whipped as she looked back to see the final instants before Kyle's cock penetrated her. "Oh my god," she whimpered as then the big head slipped into her, a flatulent sound emerging as he buried his cock in her cum-filled pussy.

The sound of the deep growls and moans emerging from Liz's throat shocked her a little. She hadn't even fully recovered from coming on Steve's cock before Kyle had filled her again, and her senses reeled.

Kyle wasn't playing around. He pulled back on her hips every time he thrust his forward, fucking her hard and fast. Steve's cum and her juices squirted out around his shaft every time he drove his cock home. Yelps and whimpers replaced her moans, summoned up by the shock of him taking her with all of his pent up need.

Spots dancing before her eyes from crying out with little breath to do so, Liz had only a scant second to realize that she was on the cusp of sweet oblivion once more.

"God! Gonna come again!" She screamed, and then stiffened as she felt chilly pinpricks awaken on every inch of her skin. Kyle's next thrust pushed her over the edge.

Liz knew she was screaming from the hoarseness of her throat, but she couldn't hear it over the sound of her heartbeat pounding in her ears. Kyle didn't abate his pace in the slightest, ravaging her climaxing body without respite. Only the tiniest bit of her awareness not caught up in the beautiful agony realized that he'd buried his cock inside her with a roar, flooding her depths with cum.

By the time Elizabeth caught her breath and her senses would obey her again, Kyle had sat down on the bench with his head resting on the table. Liz folded her trembling arms and rested her head on them with a weary moan. Cum dripped from her still quivering pussy, pattering on the ground below.

Steve's muscular arms wrapped around her, helping her first to stand, and then to sit. She slipped a hand between her legs, shuddering from the touch, and her eyes popped wide open when she felt how much cum was coating her fingers. She lifted the digits to her lips, licking them clean, which caused both men to groan and shiver.

Elizabeth's weariness dissolved with surprising speed, replaced by a burst of energy. She stood up and suggested, "Why don't the two of you go get in the shower while I get out the hose and clean up?"

Liz went to tinkle while the pair showered, in near disbelief at the amount of cum still flowing from her. They were still in the shower when she returned, so she skipped hosing down the table for the moment to join them, much to their delight.

A little twinge from her overworked pussy tried to discourage her when Kyle wrapped his arms around her from behind, his cock stiffening against her buttocks. The sight of Steve's gorgeous cock also rising sealed her fate, though.

Bending over in the spray of the showers, she gave herself over to the fantasy again.


Liz leaned back in the chair, fighting against the urge to moan as Troy answered her call.

"Hey, Troy. Just wanted to let you know that your two boys finished their eight hours."

"Good. You didn't have any trouble with them?"

Liz chuckled. "Oh no. No trouble at all."

"Did you make sure that they broke a sweat?"

"Absolutely. I worked them hard."

"I appreciate it. Like I said, I owe you one."

"And like I said, I'm holding you to it." A quiver of anticipatory pleasure rippled through her, and she said, "Well, something's come up and I've got to run."

"Okay. Good to talk to you, and thanks again. Bye."

"Bye," Liz said, and then pushed the end button.

What had come up was Kyle's cock, which she'd already wrapped her fingers around. His hand was down her top, fondling her breasts, while Steve had his hand down her shorts and two fingers buried inside her.

Though they'd finished their community service, it seemed that they were still ready to lend a helping hand.


Hope this got a few people hot and bothered. That's what I'm aiming for, and one reality I don't reject. Give me a vote, and maybe leave a comment. That's the fuel that feeds free authors.

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