Helping Melina


In the nick of time, an arm slid itself between the lasers and the doors opened up. 'Do you really think I'm finished with you, you fucking moron?' She said, grabbing him by the shirt and pulling him to her door. She unlocked it and pulled him inside, immediately tugging at his pants and pulling them down. She shoved him backward onto the bed and he fell, his ankles still trapped in his pants. Quickly she pulled down his boxers, revealing his shrinking cock.

'We can't have this now can we?' She said. He looked up at her as she dropped her skirt to her feet and ripped her shirt off, her gorgeous body on display for him. She placed her left foot on the bed, spreading her legs for him to see her pussy. Then she began to moan as she rubbed her own slit with two perfectly manicured fingers.

Immediately Kyle's cock began to harden again, and Melina began to insert first one, then two fingers inside her own cunt. She leaned back, her eyes shut and sighed heavily as she pleasured herself. Finally kicking off his pants, Kyle sat up, removing his shirt and turning around. He lay down so his eyes were directly beneath Melina's snatch.

He reached his right hand down to his cock, slowly beginning to stroke it as he watched Melina toy with herself. Using his free hand, he reached up and grabbed Melina's hand, adding two of his fingers to her penetration. Kyle continued to jack off as he and Melina plunged their fingers inside of her wet pussy, her moans louder than ever before.

Melina stopped and stood up, before kneeling with her knees either side of Kyle's face. She leaned forward, grabbing Kyle's cock and sliding her hot mouth over its head, her tongue massaging it thoroughly. Kyle moaned in approval as he pulled her pussy down to his face and his inserted his tongue inside her pussy. He felt Melina suck hard on his cock and he reached up and spanked her ass in approval.

She moaned her pleasure into him and continued to suck his pole. Kyle began to flick his tongue against her clit and in response Melina impaled herself on his cock. Kyle grunted loudly as she deep throated him, swallowing with her throat and causing Kyle to buck in pleasure.

Not wanting him to cum yet, Melina sat up, moaning softly every time Kyle's tongue flicked her clitoris. She reached a hand down to her snatch, using her index finger to rub her bud hard as Kyle went to town on her cunt, ploughing his tongue deep inside her.

Fearing she was about to orgasm herself, she rose herself off her face and crawled up the bed to the headboard. Seconds later, Kyle was behind her his cock poised at her pussy. Melina tried to sit back on his meat, but Kyle pulled back, standing up to pick something off the floor.

Then, kneeling behind her again, hot breathe on her neck, he guided her hands to the headboard. Working quickly, he tied her hands there with his belt. Now Melina knelt facing the headboard, her hands fastened at the top, completely vulnerable.

'Fuck me, please...' she pleaded to him, her pussy aching for release and dripping with juice. Kyle moved closer behind her, placing his cock against her pussy. He reached around, grabbing her enormous breast before thrusting himself forward to Melina's grateful scream. He started off slowly but before long he quickened his pace as he fucked Melina doggy style, his penis sliding in and out of her cunt.

She was moaning heavily as he fucked her, pulling against her restraints in order to slam back against him for full force. The headboard slammed against the wall with every thrust, and slaps filled the room as Kyle's cock slammed in and out of Melina's cunt. Just as she was about to achieve orgasm, Kyle pulled out of her cunt.

'Fuck you...' she said, laughing in a disappointed way. Kyle spanked her soundly and she screamed in pain.

Kyle ignored her cry and lifted her up, sliding his feet under her so his head was behind her looking at her back. He positioned his cock beneath her snatch allowing it to slide inside. The moment it was in, Melina began to bounce, forcing her pussy up and down its length.

Kyle thrust back up into her, meeting her in mid air with resounding slaps echoing around the room. They grunted and moaned with every thrusts and the headboard rock with Melina's efforts. 'Fuck me... Oh fuck yes!' She moaned to him as his cock pistoned in and out of her.

'That's right Melina. Fucking take it! I'm fucking you and you can't do a thing about it.' Melina's screams grew louder and louder. 'But you like it don't you! You fucking want it! Uh! Fuck yes! You want it!' Her screams were now at fever pitch as she continued to approach her orgasm. Her tits bounced against her body as her cunt was ravaged. 'You fucking want it Melina! Fuck! Scream for it! Fucking scream for it!' Kyle yelled.

'Fuck yes! I want your fucking cock! Fuck me! Harder! Harder! Fuck... oh! Fuck! Faster... faster...' her screams turned into gasps as she closed in on her orgasm. Sensing this, Kyle went into overdrive, slamming his cock deeper and faster. 'Fuck yes! Fuck me! I want it so bad! I'm yours! Fuck... oh yes! Fuck yes! Fuck me! I want it so bad! Cum for me! I'm cumming! Cum inside me! Fuck... oh FUCK!'

She screamed loudly as Kyle's cum and her orgasm hit her simultaneously, filling her completely. Kyle cock spasmed inside of her pussy. Her cunt clasped its warmth around his cock, milking spurt after spurt of virile semen into her womb. Kyle continued to thrust into her until the very last drop and Melina moaned softly as she came down from her orgasm.

Sliding from beneath her, Kyle reach over and untied her hands. Melina's wrist had minor abrasions from the treatment, but she seemed preoccupied with her recovery. Kyle dressed quickly, certain that she would not want him to stay the night.

'Hold on a moment.' She said, standing up and walking over to him, still naked. 'I forgot to give you something.' She leaned up and kissed him, her tongue exploring his softly. When they parted she stared at him seductively. 'I don't ever want to know your name, so that the next time we do this – and we will do this again – will be just as freaky.'

Kyle turned and walked out the door, pressing the call button for the elevator.


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