tagIncest/TabooHelping Mother

Helping Mother


It was just past midnight when Andrew stumbled home after being out drinking with his friends. The party had been broken early up by the cops, but not until after he and two friends managed to finish off the remaining half bottle of tequila before running out the back door.

The eighteen year old high school senior fumbled with his key in the door, trying not to wake his parents. In the foyer he breathed a sigh of relief as he quietly closed the door behind him. On his way to the kitchen to get a glass of water before going to bed, Andy noticed that the light had been left on and froze in the doorway at the sight before him.

His mother, Jessica, had her back to him and appeared to be reaching for something in the sink. She was bent over the edge of the counter. Andy's eyes widened as they traced the curves of her legs up from her bare feet to the hem of her nightie that was pulled up exposing her thighs. As she squirmed around, her legs shifted causing the black lace hem to occasionally lift up high enough to reveal a glimpse of her panties. It was obvious to Andy that his mother's panties matched the dark orange satin nightie that only barely covered the rest of her. His cock responded to the sight before him, despite the fact that it was his own mother that he was leering at, and began to stiffen.

Jessica, a mother of two, had always been athletic and at 42 she still had the body to prove it. She was a tall woman, 6'1", with a thin athletic frame. Her thick dirty blonde hair fell in a tangle past her shoulders. Normally, she would never wear lingerie around the house, but knowing that her son was out for the night she figured that she could quickly wash out a glass before heading up to bed without anyone seeing her.

She was wrong.

Oblivious of her audience, or the show that she was giving, Jessica continued to move around while bent over the sink. Andy has always been very aware of how attractive his mother was, but since she mostly wore conservative clothes around the house, he had never had a chance to truly appreciate her body. He leaned against the wall while taking in the sight before him. As his mother's legs shifted from side to side, her ass jiggled and the hem of her nightie danced across her firm ass. His eyes settled on the thin black lace hem of her nightie under which her long beautiful legs disappeared. He shifted his weight slightly while watching the show, causing the floor to creak.

"Andy? Is that you?" His mother sounded anxious as she turned her head to him.

Turning to face her son she felt relieved until she remembered what she was wearing, then she wondered how long he had been standing in the doorway watching her. The thought of someone besides her husband seeing her in such a sexy outfit made her blush.

"I'm stuck. I need your help." She pleaded with him.

Andy didn't move as his mother turned her body, offering him a frontal view of her outfit. She wore a dark orange satin nightie that didn't even cover half of her thigh when she was standing up, which explains why her panties were only barely covered when she was bent over. The nightie was held up by two thin spaghetti straps and trimmed with black lace. The front of her negligee was slit up her left thigh, nearly up to her belly button. Given how her body was twisted around, the two sides of the slit had parted and Andy could clearly see his mother's entire thigh and the thin black waistband of her panties, which he had already discovered was a matching orange satin.

"I came down to wash a glass, but my wedding ring fell into the sink. I tried to get it, but my bracelet got caught on the garbage disposal. Can you help me get out?"

His mother's right arm was stuck in the sink and prevented her from standing up straight. As she spoke, her body shifted and he was periodically treated to a view of his mother's pussy pressing against the thin satin fabric of her panties. His mother's hair fell across her left shoulder, covering her one breast, but her other was mostly visible to his hungry eyes. The top of her nightie was also trimmed in black lace and only covered her breast up to her nipple leaving most of her soft flesh exposed to him. The neckline was cut deeply offering her son a tantalizing view of the valley between her breasts, framed in black lace.

Andy ignored his mother as she spoke. His attention was drawn to the flashes of her panties and the bouncing of her breasts beneath the thin material. Each glimpse of his mother's panties triggered an increase in blood flow to his hardening cock.

"Andy!" She snapped. "Don't just stand there staring at me like that. Come over here and help me." She knew that she had a sexy body and what effect it would have on a teenage boy, but she never expected to see her son gawking at her like that. Realizing that her own son was looking at her body in a way that only her husband had seen caused a tingle between her legs that rippled through her body. In an instant, she felt vulnerable, confused and desperate.

Andy snapped out of it and finally returned to reality.

"The first thing I need to do is turn off the disposal. We don't want any accidents."

Jessica turned back around and resumed her futile struggle against the drain while her son walked across the room to her rescue.

"Step aside a little so I can reach the switch." Andy knelt beside his mother and opened the door under the sink. He searched around a little until he found the off switch against the back wall. While looking for the switch he felt his mother's warm thigh brush against his arm several times. After finding the switch he kept up the act of looking and managed to press the side of his face against his mother's smooth thigh. The close physical contact made his cock swell further in his pants.

"Any luck finding the switch?" The impatience in her voice was palpable.

"I see it, it's all the way in the back though." Andy lost his balance while reaching for the switch and his other hand grabbed on to whatever it could to prop himself up - his mother's thigh. While stretching for the switch he was acutely aware of the fact that his hand was pressed against his mother's naked flesh, inches away from her pussy. His cock lurched in his pants, straining against his shorts. He wasn't alone; Jessica too felt a tingle course through her body as her son's strong hand grasped her leg. She thought she should say something but she knew that it was innocent and didn't want to embarrass her son nor did she want him to move his hand.

"Got it," he exclaimed after holding out for a moment or two. "Ok, now let's get your hand out of there." He released his mother's leg and stood next to her in front of the sink.

He took her wrist in his hands and pulled and twisted while trying to free her. After several minutes he was ready to give up.

"I have an idea. On the nightstand in my bedroom there is a bottle of baby oil. Maybe a little lubrication will get me out of here."

"Ok, let's try it." Andy dutifully released his mother's hand and went to retrieve the oil. He crept into his parent's room trying not to awaken his father in the process. Minutes later he returned to his original spot in the doorway to the kitchen. With his mother again focusing on freeing her hand he watched her long legs shifting and the hem of her nightie bouncing across her ass. He felt a guilty thrill every time her panties came into view.

"Andy, is that you?" Jessica turned her head and caught her son staring at her. "Don't just stand there staring. Come over her and help your mother!"

"Sorry." He said sheepishly as he hurried over to her.

"Ok, let's try that oil." She instructed.

Andy opened the cap to the bottle and in an attempt to squeeze some oil onto his mother's wrist he ended up getting the oil everywhere. In addition to her wrist, both of his hands and the sink were now coated in a thick coating of baby oil. Andy put the bottle down and used his hands to rub the oil all over her wrist and arm.

"Ok, try again." He said while stepping back. His eyes fell onto the curve of his mother's ass while she pulled on her arm.


"I've got an idea." Andy said as he stood behind his mother. "I'll pull on you from behind. That should do it."

She didn't say a word as her son's oil covered hands landed on her thighs. Andy pushed the hem of her nightie up and grabbed her flesh to get a better grip. "Ready?"


Andy's hands clutched his mother's thighs as he pulled back on her body.


"Not yet, keep pulling."

Andy felt his grip slipping thanks to the baby oil and tried to move his leg into a better position. His foot hit a small puddle of oil that fell onto the floor and slipped out from under him throwing him forward. His mother fell forward beneath his weight and ended up bent at the waist over the edge of the sink. Her head was pushed down near her trapped hand and her ass was left on glorious display as the back of her nightie fell down her back her fully exposing her panties.

As they fell forward, Andy's oil covered hands slid from his mother's thighs. His hands effortlessly glided across his mother's tight stomach and up to her breasts, coating her skin in baby oil along the way. Both mother and son froze as his hands cupped her breasts. Andy's bulging cock was forced against his mother's ass, nestled between her cheeks. Between her hard nipples in his hands and his rock hard cock pressing against her ass, there was no denying that they were both getting turned on.

Andy slowly squeezed and kneaded his mother's soft breasts without thinking about what he was doing while grinding his cock against her ass.

After a long second passed, Jessica finally broke the silence, "Are you ok?"

It took another moment before he could respond.

"Yeah, I think so. You?"

"Mmmmmm....." His mother moaned against her better judgment while he rolled her nipples between his fingers. "I'm ok."

He could hear her breath quickening as she spoke. Unconsciously, Jessica found herself pushing her hips back against her son's cock.

With one hand still cupping his mother's breast, Andy moved his other hand down her body. His hand was eventually blocked where his mother was bent over the sink. He removed his hand and replaced it on her thigh.

"What are you doing Andy? I'm your mother." She tried to muster up a stern voice but fell far short of disguising her enjoyment.

"I'm helping you mom. Just like you asked." His hand moved around her hip as he spoke. Andy paused briefly as his fingers made contact with the edge of his mother's panties before continuing to slide over the top of her satin covered pussy.

"Ohhh..." Jessica moaned sharply as her son's hands pressed against her now wet pussy. She felt so vulnerable and out of control as her son had his way with her body, but she couldn't find the will to say no.

His mother's back arched as he rubbed her through the thin fabric. Her moaning became louder as he brought her closer to an orgasm. He pulled his hand away long enough to slip it inside the waistband of his mother's panties and slid it easily across her moist pussy. His middle finger passed over her clit before sliding between her soft pussy lips. His mother came as soon as his finger entered her. Her pussy pulsated against his warm finger as she panted.

"Oh yesss...." She moaned into the sink.

Andy rubbed his finger against her as she came. He waited until her pussy again relaxed and then withdrew his finger. He released her breast with his other hand and took a small step back. Jessica felt her son's fingers pulling down on the waistband of her panties.

"Andy, you can't! I'm your mother."

Andy crouched behind his mother with his face level with her panties. He watched her soft flesh appear before his eyes as he pulled her panties down her legs. He stared intently between her legs at her exposed pussy as her panties fell to the floor. He could see the soft folds of his mother's pussy, covered in her juices, glistening under the kitchen light. A thin patch of blonde hair matted against her wet pussy did nothing to obscure his view.

Andy stood back up and pulled his shorts down, freeing his aching cock. He took her legs and pulled them further apart while also pushing her torso down against the edge of the sink. His mother's dripping wet pussy stared back at him from between her splayed legs.

"Andy, what are you doing?"

He slid his hand between her legs and ran a finger through her thin hairs, between her quivering lips and up to her clit. Pressing against her button he could feel her body shudder.

"Ohhh.... yess...." Was all she could get out.

Andy removed his hand and positioned himself behind her. The next thing that Jessica felt was the tip of her son's cock pressing again the opening of her waiting pussy. She involuntarily spread her legs further apart and pushed her hips against his cock as he penetrated her.

"YESSS.... Fuck me. Fuck your mother!" She practically shouted.

Andy felt like he was in a dream as his hard cock filled up his mother's tight pussy. She moaned with every inch of his manhood that entered her until he felt her firm ass cheeks pressing against his body. His hands moved to her hips while he reveled in the sensation of having his cock buried inside of his mother.

"Don't tease me son. I need it now!" She demanded.

Andy gripped her body firmly and pulled his cock out until just the tip was pressing against her pussy. Without giving it another thought he slammed his cock deep inside of his mother's pussy. Jessica tried to prop herself up with her free hand while her son pounded his cock into her. She had only had sex with one man in the past 20 years and had never experienced anything where she felt like she wasn't in control. She felt her pussy flowing and knew that she was ready to cum again.

In his drunken state, Andy knew that it would take a little work to cum so he pumped his cock into his mother has hard and fast as he could. His cock was slick with her juices as he fucked his mother while his father slept upstairs.

Jessica's body exploded with another orgasm while her son fucked her like a jackrabbit. Her pussy gripped onto his hard cock in a rhythmic pattern while her body shook from each wave of orgasm that washed over her. Being a selfish teen, Andy didn't slow down while his mother came. He kept pumping his cock into her, slamming her body into the sink with each thrust. Jessica's husband was a tender lover, but she was enjoying the roughness of having her son fuck her while she was trapped. She loved the feeling of being used in such a tawdry way.

Andy kept his hips moving as fast as he could until he felt something stirring in his cock. he knew that he was getting close and thrust his cock further into his mother's pussy with each thrust until he erupted inside of her. Jessica felt the first gush of his hot sticky cum filling her up. Her body responded with another orgasm while her son continued pumping his cum into her. Her pussy squeezed his cock draining him of his seed while she collapsed into the sink.

"Oh...." She moaned again.

Andy waited until his cock was empty and then pulled himself from his mother's pussy. She heard his zipper and then.

"Goodnight mom."

Drained of all her energy she turned to him.

"You can't leave me here like this."

Andy looked back at his mother. Her hair was tussled about her head and her eyes were filled with lust. Her soft skin was coated in a thin sheet of sweat from being fucked be her own son. Her nightie was bunched up around her waist and with he legs spread apart he still had a perfect view of her sopping wet pussy. He could see his cum oozing out of his mother's pussy, dripping down her thigh into a puddle between her legs. Her panties lay in a crumpled orange heap beside her. She looked like a wild animal, trapped and afraid. He decided to leave her there, wondering what his father would say if he found his wife like that.

Andy turned and flipped the light switch before leaving his mother alone and defenseless with his cum dripping from her body.

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by Anonymous05/17/18

The ENDING ruined it for me. The REST was very very erotic.

The son may be borderline sociopathic, but i am not qualified to judge.
He definitely is an egotistic asshole. That's why you ruined it for me: along the storyline i identified with him, but the edingmore...

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He should have told her he'd be back again in an hour.

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by Anonymous12/20/17

This is to Sarah when I fucked my mom bareback let load of my cum in her cunt. She screamed out loud she been my sperm bank and for the back guys that is all she let's fuck her. I know one thing you shouldmore...

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Got the idea from a porno.

https://www.pornhub.com/view_video.php?viewkey=ph5 7c054db8c7c9

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by Anonymous07/10/17

Like the story hope Andy pumped enough sperm into his mothers cunt and got her pregnant.i know i fucked my mom when i was young got her pregnant not just once but three times.still to this day i enjoymore...

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