tagIncest/TabooHelping My Older Sister

Helping My Older Sister


Another day of record breaking heat. After a brief afternoon swim, I lounged around by the pool like I normally did, wearing my sunglasses and drinking lemonade. I suddenly heard my sister's high heeled footsteps making their way towards me.

"What are you doing tomorrow?" she asked.

Knowing her, she wanted help regarding her work. She's been that way ever since she landed an internship at the local news station, and was working like crazy to become a news anchor.

"Probably the same thing I'm doing now," I casually replied. "What else is there to do?"

"How about you be my camera man? It'll only be for a few hours."

I lifted my sunglasses and looked at her. "Camera man? Why would I do that?"

"One of the correspondents for the morning news is moving to an affiliate in Southern California. The producer thinks I'll make a good fit as a permanent replacement, but he wants a demo of me reporting to see how I do."

"So you're going to film some news stuff and you want me to hold the camera for you."

She smiled and nodded. "Yep. Obviously you're not my first choice. I had a professional camera man who works for the network ready to help me, but he got called for an assignment at the last minute. Since you're not doing anything, I figured I'd just ask you."

"Thanks for the vote of confidence sis," I sarcastically replied. "But why don't you just wait for the cameraman to come back? He's obviously a better choice. I don't know anything about cameras."

"Well that's the thing. The producer is looking for an immediate replacement and I'll have to get my demo to him as soon as possible. He says he really likes me for the job, but I've got to show him something first so I can be considered."

"I don't know. I mean, I'd love to help you, but I have no clue how to operate one of those big bulky cameras."

"You won't be using a professional camera," she replied. "The producer says that we can simply use a home recorder and that would be good enough."

"Don't you have anyone else? I'd probably suck at this and ruin your chance to work on tv."

She paused and gave me a reluctant look. "Well that's the thing. I've asked other people to do this for me and they've all declined."

"Really? I didn't know you were that much of a pain in the ass," I joked.

She gave me a stern look. "Very funny. I'll have you know that I am very professional and well respected amongst my peers. It's just that...the filming will take place at a nudist resort. That part scared a lot of people away."

I nearly choked. "A nudist resort? Couldn't you have thought of a better place to film your demo? Try a zoo or a park or something. Jeez..."

"Yeah, me along with every other wannabe journalist," she said sarcastically. "Besides, it's not like I chose that place. With the recent heat wave going on, the producer of the morning show wanted the insight of the local nude resort because they're in the sun all day. None of the other correspondents were willing to do it, so this gives me a chance to show that I'm up for anything."

"Apparently so," I quipped. "Sounds like your boss is a real smart guy for wanting to send you to place like that. I'm sure he's got other motives, if you catch my drift."

"I'm not going to get naked in the video if that's what you're implying. Only an idiot reporter would do that. I'll be fully clothed when I interview the nudist."

"This still feels kind of weird to me, Brooke. I mean, holding a video camera while you interview some naked guy might be kind of creepy."

"I'll give you $100 and you get to look at free boobs all day," she said bluntly. "How about that?"

I paused and thought for a moment. "You know, you should have just started this conversation with that sentence about the boobs and cash. You can count me in. I'm actually starting to look forward to it."

"I thought you were more sophisticated person than that, but apparently not."

"I am a sophisticated person. But I also like boobs and cash."

She smiled, "We'll leave tomorrow at 8 am. It's a 2 hour drive and I expect you to act professionally once we get there."

"Of course I will. I'm always professional when I work."

Brooke winked at me, reached in her pocket, and handed me the $100 for being her cameraman.


The next day. We arrived at the nudist resort after a long drive and I had no idea what to expect, other than spending the day watching my sister interviewing naked people. I found myself becoming more and more excited by the second. What guy doesn't like seeing naked women?

Brooke's instructions to me were clear: Be quiet and let her do all the talking.

I was only there to hold a camera while she did all the professional work. I really didn't mind. Being able to spend a few hours looking at naked women was all I needed.

When we got out of the car, my jaw nearly dropped when we saw the owner of the property, a middle aged woman. Connie was completely nude when she greeted us at the main lobby. She was a curvaceous woman and her large breasts swayed when she walked. All of us shook hands and I tried my best to look away from her breasts, but I don't think she minded. Her smile was radiant and infectious, and she was like a bright ray of sunshine.

"It's nice to finally meet you," my sister said in a cordial manner, not caring about the nudity.

"The feeling is mutual," Connie smiled. "I was never a fan of phone or email, so it's wonderful for us to meet in person. I'm old fashioned and I enjoy doing things the way nature intended, hence the reason I'm a nudist."

"I can tell," my sister politely nodded. "You have a beautiful resort, ma'am. It seems like a great place to lounge and relax."

"It is. Everyone here loves it and no one wants to leave. It's the perfect place for like-minded nudists. We really got lucky finding this location."

Brooke pointed to the small video recorder I was holding. "Speaking of which, we'd love to get started doing our interviews with you and the residents here."

"Great! Follow me. I've arranged for a private bedroom for you and your camera man to get set up. It's always a wonderful opportunity whenever we have a chance to publicly cast our lifestyle in a positive light."


We followed Connie to the guest bedroom and she unlocked the door.

"Thanks so much," Brooke said. "Maybe we'll use the room later if we need a break from the heat. I think we're ready to shoot now."

A dumbfounded look came over Connie's face. "Excuse me... but clothes aren't allowed onto the property. I assumed that was clear based on our communications. We don't make any exceptions to that rule."

"Oh...I thought...I thought you understood that my camera man and I would be fully dressed."

"This is all my fault," Connie said with a heartfelt look. "I feel absolutely terrible about this. I should have communicated the rules better. I know you came all this way to film a news clip and I'm very sorry."

"There must be some sort of exception..."

"I'm so sorry. We can't allow clothed visitors into our environment because it would destroy the atmosphere of a hedonistic lifestyle. I know how important this is to you, and I really wish I could help, but the only way that you and your camera man can enter the nudist area is if you two get naked."

At that point, I felt horrible for my sister. She was so excited to have the opportunity to finally prove herself and fulfill her dream, and it was suddenly dashed by simple miscommunication. Her face said it all, and she looked devastated.

"We'll do it!" my sister suddenly blurted out.

A look of determination and bravery suddenly came over her.

Connie looked surprised, but in a good way.

"You have no idea how happy that makes me," she replied. "I was looking forward to you interviewing our guests, and I'm extremely glad it's going to happen."

Brooke smiled, "And I'm glad to have the opportunity."

Connie opened the room door for us with an elated look on her face. "Right this way. You and the camera man can get undressed here and I'll wait for you on the property. I'm assuming this is the first nudist experience for the both of you."

"Gosh yeah. It is. I feel scared and excited at the same time."

"That's a normal feeling. But I think you're going to enjoy the wonders of nudism by the time you're finished today. My advice would be to take a deep breath, throw off your clothes, and embrace your newfound sense of freedom."


My sister and I were in the guest bedroom with the door closed. It was just the two of us after Connie went back to the nudist area.

"You can't be serious about this?" I asked. "Did you even hear what she said? She expects us to be naked. Naked!"

Brooke looked at me with desperation in her eyes. "Look, this really means a lot to me. It's incredibly tough to become a news anchor and I would be absolutely crushed if I lost my chance when I had it. I would regret it for the rest of life if I lost this rare opportunity. So please, can you do this for me?"

With a plea like that, it was hard to argue with her. Being a news anchor was her lifelong dream, and now she so close to getting hired as a news correspondent. Of all the things she did for me over the years, I had to return the favor.

"Fine," I said reluctantly.

She suddenly became excited and gave me a big suffocating hug.

"Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I owe you big time. Now let's get started. I've got some ideas for how we can film this. I'll conduct the interviews from behind the camera, and we'll edit the footage later to include an introduction with me on camera, professionally dressed. No one needs to know that I was naked for this."

"Great, so which one of us gets naked first?"

Brooke suddenly came back to reality. "Damn it! This is going to be harder than I expected."

"Hey, it was your idea sis," I replied, rubbing it in.

"Look, how about I throw in an extra $100 if you get undressed first? You're always good at breaking the ice when things get awkward."

"Not this time. For all I know, once I get naked you're suddenly going to change your mind. Then I'm the one who's left looking like a complete asshole."

"Damn it," she groaned to herself. "Okay, if I get naked first, do you promise to be professional about it? I mean it. No teasing, no jokes, and no demeaning comments about my body. This is the hardest thing I've ever had to do in my life, and I don't want you making it any harder on me. It's for the sake of my career."

"Don't worry about it. Trust me, I'm just as worried about you teasing me. We're both going to be naked and I'm sure we're equally nervous about it."

She nodded. "You're right. I'll go first. Can you at least turn around while I get undressed?"

"And stare at the wall? What's the point? We're going to see each other naked anyway."

"Why do I get the feeling that you're looking forward to this?" she asked with a sly expression on her face.

"Are you kidding?"

"Just admit it and we'll get this awkwardness out of the way."

I sighed, "Fine, you've got a great body. There, that's all you'll get out of me."

She unbuttoned her shirt and tossed it on my head.

"You perv," she joked. "I knew you were a creep."

I took her shirt off my head and threw it on the floor.

"You're breaking the rules. We're not supposed to tease each other remember?"

Brooke unbuttoned her pants. "My mistake. You're right. I'm sorry. Now here it comes."

She reached behind herself to unclasp her bra, and with little hesitation she tossed it aside and stood topless. I was a total loss for words seeing her tits for the very first time. They were average sized, but perky, with bright pink nipples which were almost glowing.

She dropped her pants and panties at the same time, and kicked them away with her feet, leaving her completely naked for me to see. Even though she was my older sister, there was no denying how beautiful and stellar she looked. I had to do everything in my power to keep from gawking lewdly at her sexy nude body.

"Oh...nice..." I mumbled.

"That's it? Nice?" she asked with her hands on her bare hips. "All that healthy eating and hours spent in the gym, and that's all I get?"

"Fine. You're beautiful. Stunning. You're tailor made for television."

She nodded. "That's much better. Now it's your turn little brother. Maybe that was a poor choice of words since you're not so little anymore, but I'll be the judge of that. Now get naked."

For me it was a lot simpler. I came dressed in tshirt and shorts, and all I had to do was yank them off and I was unclothed in an instant. A part of me actually started to feel aroused being naked in front of my sister to see. I never considered myself an exhibitionist in any way, but I understood the appeal. Brooke's eyes never left my penis the moment it became exposed.

"There, now we're both naked," I said.

"Not bad," she replied, gazing at my cock.

"What are you thinking about?"

"Two things," Brooke smiled. "First off, this isn't what I had in mind when I wanted to become a news anchor. And I definitely didn't imagine this happening when I agreed to film this news clip at a nude resort. Secondly, you look good."

"Thanks. Just remember, I'm doing this for you."

She laughed, "Right, I owe you one."

"Now let's get to work. Are you nervous?"

"God, I am. Being naked around you is one thing. At least I'm comfortable around you. But being naked around total strangers is going to freak me out. My biggest fear is walking around and seeing people stare at me."

"Can you blame them?" I asked. "You're beautiful. And I thought you liked being admired? Just a minute ago you were telling me how much you worked out and ate healthy in order to look good."

She gave me her stern older sister look. "That's totally different. I stay in shape so I can look presentable on tv...with my clothes on. I never imagined having to do this naked."

"Hey, don't forget that this is your idea."

She took a deep breath and calmed herself down. "Yeah, you're right. I'm just really nervous. We're going to walk out that door and onto the nudist resort, interview a couple of people, and then we'll get dressed and leave. If I don't have the courage to do this, then I don't deserve to be on tv. Television is way harder. So I'll just think of this as an obstacle towards my dream job."

"You've always been a tough girl," I said as encouragement. "Besides, it's not like you know any of these people. So who cares if they saw you naked?"

"Good point. But it'll be kind of weird if I'm on tv and they remember that they saw me here ass naked."

"They're nudists Brooke. They're not going to care."

She took another deep breath. "You're right. Now let's do this."


I held the camera as we walked out of the room together. It was scary for both of us. Being naked around each other was hard enough, but doing it in public was incredibly awkward and slightly humiliating.

We walked for several minutes on the open field before we finally saw other naked people. That's when the nerves really started kicking in. But at the same time, it was more comforting knowing that we weren't the only ones in the nude.

Connie waved at us and headed in our direction.

"Welcome to the wonderful world of nudism," Connie said with a bright smile. "Both of you look adorable."

Brooke looked down at her naked body. "Oh thanks. This is really intimidating, but you're making this so much easier for us."

"A big part of my job is to make people feel at home here, and to make them feel at ease with their bodies. I'm glad I was able to work my magic with the two of you."

She blushed, "Right. So, shall we get started with the interviews now? We'll do you first. It'll be brief, then afterwards my camera man and I will go around interviewing the other guests."

"Sounds wonderful," Connie replied. "I'm ready when you are."

My sister nodded at me, and then I turned on the camera. I only filmed Connie from her chest upwards, just above her breasts. Brooke stood next to me and waited until I was ready before she started asking her questions.

My sister suddenly switched to her professional tone of voice. "Obviously members of the nudist community are used to dealing with hot weather. So can you tell us how you're all managing to cope with this particular heat wave?"

"Sure, there's really no secret to it. Our lifestyle is more leisurely than the average person's. We spend our days relaxing in many ways; whether it's swimming, having a fruit smoothie, or simply lounging in the shade. There's a reason our resort is popular with retirees and couples looking for an affordable getaway."

"I'm sure the fact that everyone here is naked is a big part of the appeal. It must certainly help with the heat I'm assuming."

"Well that's the best part," Connie smiled. "Everyone here appreciates the nudist lifestyle and we can still find comfort in it, even with a record breaking heat wave. No one here has to worry about sitting in traffic of being stuck in an office. We're living how people were meant to live."

"Aaand that's a wrap!" Brooke said happily as I turned off the camera. "I've always wanted to say that."

Connie joyfully looked at my sister. "You were so good! I can't believe they haven't hired you already. You're a natural at this."

"Aww thanks. You're too sweet."

"I mean it. As an avid news watcher, I think you would make an amazing television anchor one day. I already like you better than most of the reporters I see on tv."

Brooke smiled, "Hopefully I'll get the chance soon. I hope these interviews today will show the news producer that I have the guts to go anywhere."

"If they have any brains, they'll hire you on the spot," she replied sincerely. "You're an incredibly talented young women and I wish you all the luck in the world. Now come here and give me a hug."

Connie walked towards my sister and they hugged each other. The combination of their nudity, beautiful bodies, and their breasts pressing tightly against each others was more than enough to send my arousal over the edge. My body couldn't fight my feelings anymore and I had an erection.

As soon as they finished their friendly hug, Connie turned to me with a look of horror when she saw my crotch.

"Um...excuse me sir, I don't mean to sound rude, but this isn't a swingers resort," she said with a concerned look on her face. "Displaying an erection or any sign of sexual arousal is strictly prohibited. It gives our residents the wrong impression. I hope you understand."

"Sorry about that," I replied in utter embarrassment. "It just happened."

"Don't mind him," my sister said, trying to laugh it off. "He gets that way sometimes. Don't worry, it'll be taken care of before anyone gets to see it."

"I hope so," Connie replied. "We try to maintain an orderly environment so that our guests can feel at ease here."

Brooke grabbed my arm and pulled me away. "I apologize again for my camera man. He's new at this and sometimes he forgets his manners. It'll be taken care immediately. Thanks again for the interview!"


She dragged me away from Connie and took me to an empty space behind a small building. We were out of sight and no one could see us, which was a good thing because my cock had become raging hard at that point.

"Holy shit, are you trying to get us kicked out of here!?" Brooke asked furiously.

"Seriously?" I replied. "You're acting as if a guy can control when he gets erections."

"Well you didn't get one the first time you saw either of us naked!"

"You two hugging each other and pressing your tits together is what did it for me. Guys tend to like that sort of thing if you didn't already know. Don't forget I'm already doing you a huge favor by being your camera man."

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