tagErotic CouplingsHelping My Sister-in-Law

Helping My Sister-in-Law


My wife asked if I could go over to my sister-in-law Cindy's place. She couldn't get her car started that morning. Normal Cindy is a pain in the ass. She will ignore you unless she needs your help. I ended up driving over to see Cindy. I checked the ignition and the car wouldn't turn over.

"When did you last get the battery changed?" I asked her.

She replied that it had never been replaced. I had my tools with me and I pulled the battery out. I went to the auto supply store and got a new one. When I got back to Cindy's I installed the new battery and the car fired right up. Cindy came over and put her arms around me and planted a kiss right on my lips.

"I don't know what I would do without you Greg."

That was certainly unexpected. I drove back home and told my wife that her sister was taken care of. A few days passed and my wife asked if I could go over once more to Cindy's. She had another task for me. This was getting old but I drove over once again. Cindy greeted me at the door.

"I wanted to thank you properly for fixing the battery."

Cindy once again kissed me hard on the lips. Her chest was pressed into mine. I was sort of shocked by her attention. I guess I just got into it and my hands went right to her breasts. Cindy had big tits and I was now rubbing them on the outside of her shirt. Cindy pulled me into the living room and we found ourselves on the carpet getting into it.

Cindy pulled off her clothes and I followed suit. Her tits were bigger than I imagined. Those nipples were large and light brown in color. I lowered my face and started to suck each one in my mouth. Cindy took hold of my raging cock and she stroked me until I was stiff. Cindy then pulled me on top of her body. To be honest, I never thought my sister-in-law would ever get like this. I just couldn't pass up the opportunity.

I rolled over and got in between her thighs. My cock head was pressed against her clit. I thought Cindy was going to go crazy.

"Fuck me hard Greg, I need you."

I didn't waste anymore time. I pushed my mushroom in past her folds. Cindy was so tight. It took me some time before I had my dick in her the whole way. Once I had my cock buried Cindy brought her legs up around my back. I took my sister-in-law like some cheap whore that morning. I was pumping my dick into her the whole way and Cindy was practically screaming for it.

I got Cindy's legs away from my back and I pressed them to her chest. I stretched out and began to pound her pussy as hard as I could. I hate to admit it but Cindy's pussy felt so good. It was much better than making love to my wife these days. My wife didn't seem to want sex much and here was my eager sister-in-law squeezing my dick with her pussy muscles.

We must have fucked a half hour or so. I had a big load stored up and I was trying to hold back as long as I could. All that friction on my cock made me lose control. I blasted my hot seed into Cindy's tummy there on the floor. God did she howl when she felt my sticky cum hit her insides. Cindy's body shook as she milked my load from my spitting cock. She later told me she had two large orgasms as I filled her belly with my seed.

We finally calmed down and I left my cock inside Cindy. When I did pull out my cum started to run down Cindy's ass. Man was that some hot fucking. Cindy said she had fantasized about the both of us fucking but she could never find a way to make it happen. This ended up being more than a one shot deal. I would steal over to Cindy's place when my wife wasn't around.

Cindy loves to ride cock. She will normally get me hard with her mouth and then get over top of me. I will put my hands on her hips and push her down onto my rod. Cindy will slide up and down my pole as I reach up and pinch her nipples. I just love seeing those big titties bouncing up and down as I pump my piston into her belly. The other good thing is that Cindy loves it when I take her raw. No rubbers for when we have sex. She loves the feel of skin on skin.

There is only one problem now. My wife began to wonder where I was going all the time. I only have so many good excuses to give her. I also think Cindy would love to have me on a regular basis. She has brought it up on more than one occasion that I should think about leaving my wife for her. For now I still get sex from the both of them so I will ride it out for awhile if I can.

I often wonder if other guys have the same problem as I do. How do you satisfy two women at the same time? My cock is constantly raw and I wonder if my wife notices how chafed my cock is. I will keep on fucking both of them until I can come up with a solution.

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