tagFirst TimeHelping Out My Best Friend's Wife

Helping Out My Best Friend's Wife


Todd and I have been friends for over a decade. We got married the same year and then subsequently divorced the same year. While I have remained single, enjoying the benefits of being financially stable, fit and "a total catch", Todd got remarried last year.

Julie is Todd's new wife. I really liked her when they first met and started dating. Being guys, Todd and I didn't talk about the way she makes him feel, or really, if he even loved her.

As their relationship progressed, Todd changed. Our trips to the bar for a beer during the game, or to the casino late night to try to take down the house, got fewer and far between. I guess that is the natural order. And I could understand it.

What I didn't understand was the effect Julie had on Todd both emotionally and physically. As their wedding approached and then passed, Todd put on weight...a lot of weight. It was almost like he was eating for two. He always started dinner out with a fried appetizer, "for the table." Then a salad with extra dressing. He finished every tater tot on his plate. He never passed up dessert. He was getting huge. Additionally, he was a beat-down shell of the man he used to be. The constant berating Julie subjecting him to was wearing away at his soul.

The marriage was having a similar effect on Julie. She was getting bigger, too. She didn't start off as petite, by any means. But the desserts and apps and security of being married had added maybe 40 pounds to her. And not good pounds like tits and ass. It was all thighs and gut. As she got bigger, her attitude did too. Nothing that Todd did was right. He was always a "fat dumbass." She took every opportunity she could to find a fault in him. I don't know why they stayed together.

Anyway. Todd decided to throw Julie a surprise 37th birthday party. He bought her a spa package as her gift. While she was out getting pampered, Todd set-up for the party. He ordered some deli trays and a cake and the obligatory chips and dips. He sampled them all. He bought a few cases of beer and wine. He even concocted a Juli-tini. It was seemed like a Cosmo to me, but I guess it is the thought that counts.

Todd expected Julie home at 8, so we all arrived about 730 and parked around the corner. At 8pm, right on the dot, we heard the garage door opening as Julie pulled in. We all hid around the corner, behind furniture, wherever we could. The lights were out as Julie opened the door. As the lights came on we all screamed, "Surprise!"

And it worked, Julie was surprised. But her initial shock quickly turned to embarrassment. Here we all were dressed for a party; showered, made-up. And then there was Julie. She walked in with her hair up in a tangled mess of a pony. She was in these gross, dirty leggings with a sweatshirt that looked like it was from college and may not have been washed since graduation.

Any benefit that Julie may have gotten from the massage and facial were gone. She went from calm to pissed in zero seconds flat. Instead of the "thank you for comings" and "you shouldn't haves" that you expect at a birthday party, Julie made a beeline for Todd, grabbed him by the hand and pulled him upstairs and into the bedroom. The door slammed and we all could hear the reprimands being screamed at Todd. "How could he do this to me? I look like a mess! What are you thinking? Of course you couldn't get this right!" Et Cetera. I could tell this was going to go on for a while. I wanted to distract everyone and try to change the heavy mood that had encompassed all of us.

The room was dead silent except for Julie's tirade upstairs. I walked over to the stero. I lifted up my bottle of beer, saluted the bedroom upstairs, yelled, "Happy Birthday Julie!" and cranked up the music. Everyone laughed. It was perfect to break the mood. We all went back to chatting and drinking.

The bedroom door opened and Todd came out a little bit later. He walked up to the railing like he was the preparing to address the nation. And I am sure that there was the same preparation in his remarks. "Julie is so glad that you all could make it tonight. She will be down in a few moments. Please enjoy yourselves."

Todd came down the steps, but went right into the kitchen. I should have gone to check on him, but I was pretty sure I was going to get laid. I wasn't going to leave this MILF. As I chatted with Lori for the next half hour or so, I saw Todd a few times at the bar. But otherwise he was just hiding in the kitchen. Lori needed to powder her nose and I needed another beer. I headed to the bar via the kitchen. Todd was sitting at the table. He had an empty tumbler of Bourbon next to him. The bottle of Makers was missing about 6 shots. The wax seal was on the table next to Todd's glass.

"That could have gone better, Huh?!" I tired to lighten the mood. He wasn't having it. The booze, the pressure, the humiliation was all more than he could take and he broke down. He was miserable. He hated his life. Julie was a bitch. Look at what he had become. All of it.

I wanted to get back to Lori, but I couldn't leave my buddy. He unloaded everything. It was a lot. She hated him and resented him for making her into the fat bitch she was. He went on forever. He was sobbing. He kept pouring shot after shot. As he got drunker, he got more emotional. Sobs turned into full crying.

Lori popped her head thru the kitchen door. She was wondering where I was. I made that little shoulder movement and head twitch to say that I couldn't leave him. She frowned but nodded that she understood.

Todd continued to vent. I was learning more about his life in this 45 minutes than I had learned in the last year. I didn't realize how much he was drinking. I didn't know that he was missing days at work and felt like he was going to get fired.

He was pouring another drink when Julie blasted in through the door. "So this is where you have been cowering! You threw this party and now you are leaving me to entertain these morons on my own. You really can't do anything right! Can you?"

She slammed back out the swinging door. I watched her leave. I could see the stunned look on her friends faces at being called "morons" as the door swung back and forth.

That was pretty much the end of the party. People started to make excuses to leave. Some stopped by the kitchen to say thank you to Todd. Most just escaped. Todd had a few more shots and totaled almost the whole bottle. He was starting to collapse onto the table. I didn't want him to pass out there, so I helped him up. My thought was to get him upstairs into his bedroom. But his new mass and his drunken legs were going to make that impossible. Instead, I decided to drag him over to the couch in his study and drop him there. He fell in a thud on the leather sofa. I brought him a bottle of water and brought the trash can over. I had a feeling he was going to need it. I grabbed a throw from the closet and covered him. I made him as comfortable as possible.

I turned around to find Julie standing in the doorway. She had cleaned up well. She had on a black dress. It was a little tight in the top and around her ass. She looked good, for her. She had a glass of wine in her hand. She took a long slow drink. The wine glass lowered from her lips. As she opened her mouth to speak, I mentally prepared for a profanity laced outburst. She was going to let loose. And I was the only one there to take it.

But, that isn't what happened. She broke down and burst into tears.

She dropped to her ass and plopped down right there on the threshold. She let loose the waterworks. She was miserable. Her life wasn't turning out like she thought. Yada Yada Yada.

I had never seen this side of Julie. She almost seemed human. Like she was not a robot from the planet of Bitch.

I felt bad for her. Sitting there on the tile floor, crying into her Chardonnay, mascara running down her face. I grabbed her by the hand, helped her to her feet and led her to the family room. I grabbed a beer on my way. I had a feeling I was going to need it.

We sat, her on the couch and me in the armchair next to it. She opened up to me. She didn't want to be this way. Todd had changed. He had changed her. He was always drunk. He didn't do anything around the house. He wouldn't even shower if she didn't make him. Her tears subsided and so did the anger. It was more about just getting it all out now. She went on. And on. And on. I learned even more about him, from her. I took it all with a grain of sand, but it all sounded very plausible to me.

She finished her wine and I finished my beer. We sat there in silence for a second. I didn't know what to say or what to do next. I figured silence was better than saying something wrong.

I couldn't handle the silence anymore and asked if she wanted another glass of wine. I was going to get a beer anyway. She told me just bring the bottle. I walked to where the bar was setup, via the study. I wanted to check on Doug. He was still passed out in the same position I had left him in.

I grabbed the two bottles and headed back to the family room. Julie was up and was surveying the damage from the party. I handed her the bottle of wine and she emptied it into her glass. I sat on the couch. She grabbed a few of the empty glasses and made like she was going to start to clean up. Instead, though, the tears started again.

"I am sorry I was such a bitch earlier. I really do appreciate the effort he put into the party. I was just surprised and unprepared. I didn't want all of my friends to see the shambles my life has become." She took another big swig of her wine, between sobs. "And now I have to clean all of this up by myself. Todd won't be good for anything tomorrow."

"I'll help you get this place put back together. It won't take us that long if I help. Two sets of hands will bang it right out."

As the words left my mouth, I could see a physical reaction in Julie. She put her wineglass on the end table and fell onto the couch next to me. She tumbled onto her side and started to wail. I didn't know what I had said, but I did know it was something. Somehow I had done something wrong. I put my hand on her back to try to comfort her. She didn't stop.

"What did I say. I am sorry I upset you." I had been married. I know the drill and how to apologize even when I didn't go anything wrong.

"It's not you. You said bang and it made me realize that Todd and I have't had sex in months. I know he isn't attracted to me. I have become a fat cow. And a bitch and he is repulsed by me."

"You are not a cow," is all I could come up with to say. It didn't come out right and it sounded like I was agreeing with her on the fat and bitch parts. I regretted it as soon as the words left my lips. But I couldn't get the back. I feared she would have a go at me or start to blubber. But, she didn't. She actually started to laugh. She laughed that big, deep laugh that consumes your whole body. The one that is a release of all that pent up emotion.

She laughed so hard that she started to cry again. But a good set of tears ran down her face. She sat up right next to me on the sofa. She put her arm around me in a half hug and gave me a friendly kiss on my cheek. "I needed that laugh. It feels like I haven't laughed in years. There just isn't anything fun or light around here anymore."

Julie rested her head on my shoulder as her laughter and tears subsided.

"I really don't think that he finds me attractive anymore." She said out of nowhere, ending the awkward silence of my best friend's wife's head on my shoulder. "I am not sure that I blame him."

"I am sure that isn't true."

"It is. He can't get even get it up for me anymore. The few times I try to be romantic with him, he never gets hard. I feel like I have put on some weight and he is repulsed by it."

I didn't know how to respond. But I mustered, "You told me a lot tonight that I didn't know. I am sure it is not you. It is probably just the drinking and the stress at work and the weight HE has put on. He just may not be able to get it up at all right now. Seeing a doctor and dropping a few L B Ss should fix him right up"

"It's not that. I've seen the browser history on his phone. He watches a lot of porn. All 'Teens' and 'Cheerleaders' and 'Young.' Nothing about real women. Women like me. It is me that he doesn't like.

"And don't disagree. I know it is true. I see the way he looks at me. It used to be the way that Lori looked at you tonight. She likes, you, by the way. But he doesn't look at me like that. That is what is the worst part of what is going on with us."

I didn't know what to do. I just sat there, doing my best to be supportive.

A few long minutes passed. We sat there on the couch, her head on my shoulder with Todd asleep a few feet away.

The awkwardness broke when Julie stood. She had kinda collected herself. She had decided to start to clean up. I grabbed some glasses and headed to kitchen. Julie told me to go home. She would do this. I insisted on helping.

We cleared the cups, emptying them into the sink and tossing them in the blue recycling bin. Wine glasses went into the dishwasher. There wasn't room for the bowls that held the pretzels and chips, so I just hand washed them. It was easy.

As I was working on the last few bowls, Julie came in. She had a very intense look on her face.

"Can you stop and turn around? I have a serious question to ask you. I need you to answer it. I want you to be thoughtful and very honest. I have to hear the truth and I want you to feel you can be blunt. Don't sugar coat it and fear no repercussions. Just tell me...

...Have you ever THOUGHT about me, you know, in that way? I know that Todd had thought about Mary. He told me that all guys do it. Well, have you thought about me?"

My mouth was open. I didn't know how to respond. The truth was, every guy thought about every girl he ever saw. Duh! So of course I had thought about her. But could I be truthful? And how truthful?

I took a big hit off of the beer bottle next to sink. It wasn't mine. It was warm. But I needed the time and wanted some more alcohol.

"Todd is right. Every guy thinks about every girl he comes in contact with. I have thought about you. Sure."

She smiled, but there was some distrust. There were more questions coming. I couldn't avoid it at this point.

"When do you think about me?"

"Usually I have those thoughts as I lay in bed. In that state between sleep and awake. When my consciousness just kind of flows. That is when I think of all of the women I know." I wanted to be sure to put out there that I wasn't thinking just of her.

"Do I make you hard? Do you get aroused when you think about me? Do you have to touch yourself afterwards? During?"

"Julie! I can't answer that. You are married to my best friend. And he is asleep in the room right next to this one. It would be inappropriate and against the bro code to talk about another guys wife."

"I will take that as a yes," she said as she stepped closer to me. I could feel where this was going and I didn't like it. She felt my hesitation. But it didn't deter her. She wanted some comfort and to feel close to someone and some intimacy and to feel sexy. She wasn't going to get it from Todd; not tonight and maybe not ever.

I pressed as far back into the sink as I could. I tried to escape but I couldn't get away. Julie sensed that I was trapped. She stepped all the way up to me. Our fronts were touching. She pressed her crotch into mine. I leaned back and away from her as much as I could. She pressed her chest into mine. I tried to push her away, off of me. But her weight and some freaky leverage she was working kept her on top of me, pressed into me. I am only human. Her efforts were having an effect and my erection started to betray me. I started to get hard. I liked her aggressiveness. It was turning me on. Even though she was married to Todd and not at all my type...actually, twice my type.

"You know this is going to happen. Stop fighting it. You have thought about me before. You have jerked off thinking about me. You have cum all over yourself thinking about me. And now your body is betraying you. I can feel that you want me."

She stepped back two steps. I was relieved. I thought that maybe it was over; a sick joke I didn't get in some way. I was wrong.

In the space between us, Julie reached back under her wing, grabbed the zipper on her dress pulled it down. She crossed her arms across her chest, reached to her shoulders and pulled her dress down in the front. She extended her elbows in front of her and fabric followed. The flesh of her massive tits were exposed. They were held back by a bra that was straining to do its job. Her fat was hanging over the sides of the straps under her arms. It created folds that weren't supposed to be there. The bra itself was tattered and old. It was not the bra that a woman put on when she was expecting to show it to anyone.

I was transfixed on her ample bosom. I guess I had never really looked at them before. They were the biggest boobs I had ever seen. They were pale and veiny. They were, by all accounts, ugly. But I still couldn't stops staring at them. I was riveted.

Julie's hands went behind her back and fiddled for just an instant with her bra's clasp. Her hands reappeared and busily went to her shoulders. In one fast move she shrugged and pulled and the bra fell away and into a pile on the kitchen floor at my feet.

Her tits were even more massive once freed. They flopped onto her chest. They had long before fallen victim to gravity. Julie ran her hands over her gut, just above where she had lowered her dress. She raised each tit off of her chest. With her palms underneath, she held her tits in cupped fingers like she was carrying over-filled water balloons. But she wasn't gentle like one would be with water balloons. They weren't fragile. She oscilated her hands, moving them up and down and in circles. The fatty tissue of her breast moved and swayed in direct reaction to her hands. They flopped around like windsock in a light breeze. Her forefinger and thumb pinched and pulled at her nipples making them bigger and erect.

I stood there, mouth gaping. I was almost hypnotized by her actions.

"I can see by the bulge in your pants that you like what you see." I did. I didn't. It wasn't sexy, but it was erotic.

Julie walked toward me. I was still pressed against the sink. I could hear the water still running behind me.

When she was only inches away, she dropped her tits. They slapped against her bared abdomen. Then she dropped to her knees.

"Let's see what I am working with here," she declared to no one in particular as her hands went to work on my belt.

Julie unfastened my belt and went right to the button and zipper holding them up. They stood no chance against her efforts. Once past them, she lowered my jeans and underwear in one pass.

My erection popped free nearly slapping her in face.

It was Julie's turn to be transfixed. She wasn't so much hypnotized as I had been, but vacantly staring with desire. With lust.

"I haven't seen a cock this hard in a long time. It looks so good."

Her hands were stroking my length. Wrapped around my shaft and one on top of the other she pistoned them back and forth.

After a few long and tight strokes, she replaced one hand with her mouth. She parted her lips and formed an O. She worked both of her hands toward her mouth. When the lead hand closed in on her face, she lowered it to her right. Her trailing hand worked its way up my shaft to the ridge below my cockhead. It stopped there and just gripped me. She leaned forward at the neck and took my head into her mouth.

I passed thru her lips and beyond her teeth. She was warm. She was wet. She was savoring me being inside her. I looked down at her. Her eyes were closed. She really was savoring it. She was taking in my taste, enjoying my hardness in her mouth.

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