Helping Out Sis


Jane: "I can't believe you're just 'hanging there' but okay. We girls promised to get back at that weasel Frankie with an idea of our own. We could sue him, and hope that his good job would give us a lot. But, we hate him so much that that was not good enough. So, the other day we told our actual story to his boss...a woman. She fired him on the spot. She also called around, posted a few facts about him, and now he can never get a real job again. When we saw him yesterday, he was flagging down cars near the highway entrance, holding a sign, asking for money. It seems he had rented his house and car, and now had nothing. What a pity."

Well, call me mean and cruel, but that justice got me off. I gripped Jane's svelte hips and penetrated her to the hilt, jetting squirt after squirt after squirt, nine lengthy spends of my mighty unit. I coated her fertile insides white with baby batter. I was hoping to show up that weasel and get my gorgeous sister pregnant with a REAL love child.

My sister had her moments. She kept grudges forever. So, months later, when we stopped at the light and saw her nasty ex-husband cleaning windshields for change, Jane waved him over. He was dismayed by the new Volvo 760 and the sight of my sister once again restored to stunning beauty. As we drove off, she tossed a small portfolio at him which hit the rough pavement but held together. Curious, he took it into the shade of the overpass and looked inside. My justifiably cruel sis had given him pictures of the new car, our new house, her and me happily together (he had no idea who I was).

Completely on her own, she was angry enough to inform him of the two other women terminating their pregnancies. Also, she informed him of the illness that (sadly) took his third baby (the one that Jane was tricked into). Finally, the portfolio included the ultrasound of our five, count 'em five, babies in her. We were going to have quintuplets, making a temporary total of ten children for me, with the nurse and her two friends. The final crazy total was nurse three, friends two, and Jane my gorgeous and oh-so-fertile sister, an even eight. The world would have to put up with thirteen little copies of me, with perhaps more on the way. Quite a change from the time I was walking to my door in the middle of the night, still a bachelor and childless. What a wonderful change.

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