tagInterracial LoveHelping the Elderly Ch. 03

Helping the Elderly Ch. 03


This is a continuation of the original story without any recaps. Read "Helping the Elderly Chapters I and II" to get the full story from the beginning.

Much thanks to Hislittlehotone for help editing.


"Darlin,' I need to run an errand before we head on to your house."

"Okay, Harry. Where do you need to go?"

"We need to stop by the Walmart pharmacy to pick up a prescription."

"Alight. I will wait in the car. I can't go in looking like this."

Tracy loved dressing like a slut for Harry, but wasn't about to parade her body around in public. She looked down at her clothes, the skin-tight orange T-shirt, white booty shorts that showed just enough ass, and white pump sandals; all would cause quite a stir if she were seen in public.

"You're going in with me. You need to get used to dressing like this all the time we are together. Understand?"

Harry was serious. Tracy's nipples got hard in reaction to her being aroused by Harry's demands. 'Oh my God! What if someone I know sees me? What will people think of me in these clothes, walking around with an old black man? Why does this turn me on?' She thought of several scenarios as she continued to drive to the local Walmart.

Tracy smiled to herself as she parked the car. She was nervous and wet and horny and felt like she was about to carry out a dare in a teenager's "Truth or Dare" game. She couldn't stop thinking about how out of character it was for her to dress like this and be seen by so many people.

Harry got out of the car and waited for Tracy to come around and take his arm. Once she took his arm, they started the walk into the store. Tracy immediately felt exposed. Harry walked fairly slowly, but even at a slow stroll, she felt her tits bounce and jiggle under the thin shirt. She felt a little humiliated at having to show her body in public as she was doing. Two large Latino men walking out of the store actually stopped and stared blatantly at her as she walked arm-in-arm with Harry. They made cat calls to her before they continued on their way. The attention they gave to her made her feel like she was going to explode! Tracy was discovering that dressing this way turned her on.

"Oh my God, Harry. Are you sure you want me to go in with you like this?"

"You have a smoking hot body, Tracy. And you being dressed like this shows that you are willing to please me. You are dressed to service me. You need to get used to it because this is how I want you from now on." Harry said this her in a very matter-of-fact way.

Tracy loved being claimed by Harry. It made her moist, aroused her, and caused her to feel sexy, although she still had to deal with her feeling of being embarrassed while dressed this way in Walmart.

The two continued their slow approach into the store. Tracy was trying to get Harry to pick up the pace. She felt like she was basically dressed in lingerie and wanted to walk at least a little faster to get this over with, but Harry was a very slow walker and she was forced to adjust her stride in order to stay with him.

Harry and Tracy walked into the store together, as a couple, being seen for the very first time in public. The greeter at the entrance to the store was so shocked at the sight of the couple, and at what Tracy had on, that he forgot to greet them. The senior Walmart employee stood with his mouth open as he watched what appeared to be a whore escort an old black man through the front door.

As they continued walking, Tracy held on to Harry's arm as they made their way past a middle-aged man who stopped just to ogle her. Two teenaged boys grabbed their crotches and stared at Tracy as she passed by. They followed for a bit until they noticed that she was with Harry. An older woman scowled at her. She was making quite the commotion on what would normally be an ordinary day at the discount store.

Tracy's nipples shown through her top and the natural shape of her breasts was apparent underneath. All of this attention was getting Harry turned on as well. He finally had something everyone wanted. Tracy saw their reflection in a mirror and about had an orgasm. There was no question that when someone looked at Harry and her that they could determine that the two were having sex. This excited Tracy.

Harry stood in line at the prescription counter behind two other people. His Viagra had run out and he had his doctor call in a new prescription. His doctor also warned him about his increase in sexual activity combined with too frequent use of the drug. As he approached seventy-nine, an active sex life was a wonderful boon. Having sex with Tracy was another matter altogether; she could be dangerous to his health.

Tracy was waiting for Harry in the vitamin section. She had only been browsing for a moment and already had a man strike up a conversation with her. Harry watched how she reacted. She seemed to feel obligated to talk to the tall white man who looked to be in his twenties. The handsome brown-haired man took off his sunglasses to get a better look at Tracy and stared at her tits while he asked her questions about whether she was here with anyone and if she was attached or not. Harry smiled as he saw her innocent, naïve personality come through as she spoke with the stranger. She was a classic submissive and had taken to this new role quickly.

The two left Walmart with Harry's Viagra and started back to Tracy's house.

In the car Tracy thought 'That was exciting!' She found that after the trip to Walmart was over, she actually liked showing her body off. She liked the attention she got from men. Harry reached over and slipped his hand between her legs and felt that she was wet. Harry smiled.

As they entered her house, Tracy saw that Jim wasn't home, and Harry had said he needed a nap so she settled him into bed in the guest room by the pool and went into the den to straighten up. Jim had left it a mess.

She noticed Jim's laptop open and decided to see if he had anything on it that might explain his recent change in behaviors. She found a camera app that was connected to a remote camera that was already set up in the pool area. It was aimed near the shallow end overlooking the patio furniture. She found this a very interesting development but nothing of any interest other than this was on his desktop files. Then she opened his browser history. Tracy's eyes grew wide with what she discovered. Jim's browser history revealed dozens of Internet addresses for porn sites. She saw titles like "Wives Gone Black," "Interracial Threesomes," "Black Dick/White Wives," "Amateur Wives," and several visits to a site called "Cuckold Living."

Tracy had never heard of the word "cuckold" before but learned quite a bit by visiting the site. She read that the term had to do with husbands who actually liked their wives to cheat on them while they watched. She found this to be a bizarre topic and read more. Through his history, she was able to read several posts that he made to the message board that were connected to an advertisement he posted that seemed to be looking for a sex partner for Tracy.

The original ad read:

"Hot wife with big tits needs black bull for regular fucking while husband watches."

There were three responses asking for pictures from what she guessed were interested black men.

Tracy continued her investigation and visited some of the specific pages that Jim frequented just to see what exactly he was into. She saw videos of white women having sex with well-hung black men, but what was different about these videos from those she saw on Harry's computer was the presence of what appeared to be a husband in all of the scenes. In each one, she saw a white male either sitting off in the corner, or taking videos and pictures of his wife having sex with a black man while a stationary camera recorded the action. In some scenes, the husband was naked and jacking off, in others, he was fully clothed. In nearly all of the scenes she watched, she noticed the wife was pretty much ignoring the husband and having sex with the black man.

Tracy closed the browser and left the computer as she found it. She sat thinking about Jim's behavior over this past week: the sexy clothes he purchased for her, the bathing suits, his enthusiasm about Harry (whereas there was only indifference before). He seemed to be changing right before her very eyes. This made her even more curious about her husband.

Tracy went upstairs and found her own laptop, then sat on a lounge chair by the pool and continued her research. She found the idea of Jim watching her as she had sex with a well-endowed black man, or any other man for that matter, to be deeply exciting. She watched several cuckold videos paying particular attention to the husband and what he was doing in the scene. She discovered that of all the variations in the individual sets, she enjoyed the scenes where the husband was naked, but not participating in the sex the most.

Watching the videos made her intensely horny. She checked in on Harry who was snoring, so she decided she would change into a miniskirt with no panties and return to her cuckold investigation. Her plan was to play with herself as she watched.

Tracy made herself comfortable on the padded lounge chair and watched more videos. In one particular video, the camera, which must have been placed on a tripod, captured footage of a woman standing between a black man and her white husband. The wife was holding the huge black dick in one hand, and with her index finger and thumb was holding the tiny penis of her husband in the other. This aroused Tracy very much as it reminded her of the contrast in size between Jim and Harry. As the scene continued, the wife rejected the husband and told him to sit in the corner while she sucked the huge black cock right in front of him. Tracy was rubbing her sopping wet pussy frantically while watching this scene. The black stud in the video tossed the wife on the bed and began licking her pussy while the wife sucked his cock in what Tracy assumed was a "sixty-nine" position. Tracy's body shook in a very powerful and satisfying orgasm as a result of watching this video.

She wanted to see more. In another video, Tracy saw a well-hung white husband take photos of his wife having sex with a young black man. This was interesting to Tracy because the white husband had a huge penis, even larger than the black man having sex with his wife. She continued watching and realized that there must be something about seeing a black man with their white wives that was a turn on for these husbands. It apparently was not entirely about penis size either, at least not in every situation.

Tracy began visualizing what it would be like to have Jim in the same room as Harry and her. She couldn't get past the point of the three of them being in the same room because Jim just never struck her as a sexual person, at least not the type to have a threesome or anything. She couldn't imagine he would be okay being compared to a monster cock like Harry's. Who would? Even a man with eight or nine inches would feel self-conscious standing next to Harry and Jim was a long way from eight or nine inches!

The sound of the garage door being opened prompted Tracy to close the computer and get up from her chair. After a moment, she heard the familiar sound of the kitchen door opening and Jim's voice.

"Hello?" Jim was coming in with a few shopping bags.

"Hi, Honey." Tracy gave Jim a polite kiss on the cheek. "What have you been up to?" She asked.

"Oh, just a little shopping. Is Harry here?" He asked.

"Yes, he's taking a nap."

Tracy was now better able to understand Jim's new-found interest in Harry, and his recent purchase of sexy clothing. Her afternoon of research provided a great deal of insight into her husband's sexuality and his new fetish. Tracy suspected that the new camera was installed near the pool to take hidden camera pictures of her.

'Maybe I will give Jim a little show and see how he likes it?' She smiled a devious smile. She rather liked the idea of playing exhibitionist to her voyeur husband.

As Tracy went into the guest room to check on Harry, Jim went to the den and opened the camera app on his laptop. He went back out to the pool to quietly make some adjustments, then went back into the den again.

'The picture is so clear!' He thought. Jim was pleased with is new camera set up. He couldn't wait to see his wife and Harry interact in the pool.

Harry was awake. Tracy laid out the swimsuit for him as he used the restroom. It was a red Speedo swimsuit that was what an Olympic swimmer might wear.

'So this is what Jim bought for Harry...interesting.' Tracy thought. She held it up.

'Wow! That's a small suit for Harry. He's going to look huge in that little thing!' She took delight in her new understanding of Jim and how it translated to this funny bathing suit.

"Here, put this on." Tracy tossed the suit to Harry who just walked back into the room.

Harry looked at the suit and said "This isn't going to work, it's too revealing." Harry was smiling at the bathing suit thinking how it would barely hide his package. He actually thought Tracy was messing with him.

"Try it on, Harry. For me, please?" Tracy wanted to see how his gigantic penis looked in the swimsuit.

"Alright, Darlin,' anything for you!" Harry went into the restroom to change into his suit. Tracy went upstairs and put on one of the news bikinis that Jim bought for her yesterday.

She had difficulty arranging the panels of fabric and figuring out what part was the top and what was the bottom. When she finally got everything in place, she walked over to the mirror.

The yellow suit barely covered her pussy and exposed all of her ass in back, save for narrow band of fabric between her cheeks. The top covered her nipples, but that was about it. The bathing suit was very sexy. It was something that, prior to Harry, she would have never even considered wearing, and were it not for her discovery on Jim's laptop earlier, she would have never understood why he would buy her such a suit to begin with. She didn't feel very comfortable in the suit. Now that she was so used to being nude around Harry, the suit was much more than she would be wearing in the pool otherwise.

Harry walked through the open French doors to the covered pool area and sat down on a patio chair. Tracy could tell immediately that the swimsuit showed his massive bulges off in a way that was actually more indecent than if he had just been naked. She became excited.

Tracy checked on Jim, and seeing that he was on his computer in the den, she joined Harry by the pool. Knowing that Jim could see and hear all that the couple did and said, she reached her hand out and helped Harry up and started her show for Jim. If her conclusions about her husband were correct, this would be a life-changing experience for the two of them.

In the den, Jim was anxiously awaiting Tracy and Harry to use the pool for Harry's therapy.

'Oh, wow! The picture is so sharp! Look at Tracy's tits in that sexy swimsuit!' Jim was very pleased with his camera.

By the pool, Tracy saw Harry's bathing suit for the first time. "Oh my God. Harry! Look at your penis!"

"I know; can you believe it fit in this thing? Jim can't see me in this. No way, no how." He shook his head. "He would never let me around you again."

"Don't worry about Jim. You just follow my lead and act naturally." Tracy smiled.

She then reached down and began stroking Harry's flaccid dick through the smooth material. She had Harry stand up and angle toward where the "hidden" camera was pointed. Even when soft, Harry's cock looked gargantuan. It lay horizontal to his body about seven inches across his groin area...and it was soft. Its thickness made it bulge out away from his body. Tracy thought it was a sexy package to be sure.

"It looks delicious, Daddy." She had a look of intense longing on her face that Harry loved to see.

Jim couldn't believe what he was watching. His hot wife in a next-to-nothing bikini, reached down and was fondling the enormously endowed black man who barely fit in his swimsuit. He sat in his den absolutely stunned. His heart raced, his body tingled, he felt awake, alive, and very sexual. He had never felt this stimulated before. This was his new drug.

Jim quickly got his hard little cock out and started stroking it. He saw Harry enter the pool area before Tracy. He zoomed the camera in to his crotch area and stared. 'No fucking way. What in the hell is he packing under that suit?!' Jim had never seen a bulge like that. Before he could adjust to Harry, Tracy entered the field of vision and looked straight at Harry's crotch.

It was immediately apparent that this wasn't the first time his wife and the black man had been familiar with one another. Jim realized this by their body language; the two were very physical and had been together sexually prior to this. Jim couldn't believe his wife was already well on her way to being a black cock slut.

Jim felt turned on like never before, he had an orgasm within seconds of seeing his beautiful wife and mother of his two children reaching out and touching a black man's cock. He was also apprehensive. At that moment, at least to him, their relationship had completely changed. He knew that he would never be the same again and he wondered what was in store for the two of them.

Tracy was fondling Harry's cock through the suit. She was smiling. She could almost feel Jim's eyes on her. Jim watched his wife kneel before the giant cock, pull the red trunks down and begin taking the hanging mass of meat into her mouth. She was using her free hand to play with his enormous balls.

Jim continued to stroke his little penis and came again. 'Oh my God. This is too much!' He said to himself.

He couldn't get over the recent turn of events. Thinking back, he thought that perhaps he had subconsciously picked up on a sexual vibe between the two a few days ago, and maybe this fueled his new fetish, but he didn't really know for certain, until now, that there was something sexual between them. What he did know was that it turned him on to see his wife with another man. His arousal was so complete, that he felt little jealousy at all. The fact that the man was black, and that he happened to also be well endowed, made the situation all the more outrageous, and stimulating for him.

Tracy knew that Harry did not feel comfortable enough to cum from her blow job, not with Jim at home, but she just couldn't keep her mouth off of that beautiful cock. She had another reason for sucking Harry's dick. She wanted to work it up to full erection so that she could show it off to her husband, whom she was nearly positive was watching every move she made from his laptop in the den.

Tracy had Harry turned sideways before the small, hidden camera to give Jim a profile of the foot-long monster. She was alternating sucking and stroking and became so turned on by her staged scene that she wanted to cum right there. She felt like she was a porn star in a private movie.

Jim had jacked himself off to yet another orgasm and had his phone out to take pictures of the action on his laptop screen (he didn't know how to record on his new camera app yet). His eyes were filled with lust. He felt new levels of sexual excitement that he never knew possible take him over in waves. He never wanted this to end.

"Cum for me baby!" Tracy encouraged Harry.

"I don't think I can. Your husband might come out at any moment." He reminded her.

Tracy had decided that she wasn't going to tell Harry about Jim watching. In fact, she wasn't going to let Jim know that she had discovered his camera either. Instead, she visualized a situation where she could use both men to achieve a sexual gratification that she had only now been made aware of. She felt much better about having sex with a well-endowed man like Harry knowing that her husband not only approved, but wanted to watch. And she didn't feel like she was cheating when her husband condoned the sexual activity. She was afraid that if Harry knew that Jim was watching that he wouldn't want to have sex anywhere near where Jim might be able to see.

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