tagCelebrities & Fan FictionHelping the Stars Find Their Way Ch. 01

Helping the Stars Find Their Way Ch. 01


All characters in this story are above the age of 18.


Nick gently lifted the covers and swung his legs over the side of the bed. He made his way to the dark living room.

Ever year Nick's family got together in Maine and rented a big house for one week of the summer. He liked his Mom's side of the family and it was always fun to bring everyone together.

The one think Nick didn't care for was the lack of privacy that his current situation afforded him. With over 20 people staying at the cottage, there was very little time and space for him to conduct his normal routine. Especially affected were his hormones, which had not been tended to since he arrived at the reunion the week before. He typically handled most of his personal business right before he went to sleep, however, the close proximity of his cousins made these potentially embarrassing activities very risky. He was the youngest of his cousins at 18, and most of them had move beyond the horny teenager phase.

The shower was also a popular locale for Nick to play with himself, but with so few bathrooms and so many people, his bathroom time was often closely monitored and occasionally interrupted by the angry knock of an impatient family member.

Tonight, however, Nick had decided that he could go on no further without some form of relief. It was well after 3 a.m. and everyone had returned to their respective rooms for the night. He didn't feel completely safe out in the middle of the living room, but everyone was surely asleep and it was the only place that he could sit down in comfort and do the job right. When he got to the living room all the lights were out. He tiptoed to the couch and flicked on the lamp on the side table. He removed a travel size bottle of lotion from his pocket and looked around for some form of inspiration. Nick considered looking for some late night soft-core porn on the satalite tv, but he feared that the noise might wake his relatives up and that was the last thing he wanted. He settled on some trashy celebrity gossip magazines that his cousins had been perusing on the beach.

Further down the road from Nick's family's cottage, two girls of some notoriety were dealing with their own set of issues. Hillary Duff and Scarlett Johansson had been on their way to spend a week or so relaxing at a local secluded cottage before they started shooting their new movie. Unfortunately, the slightly intoxicated duo was hopelessly lost among the dark winding roads of the secluded resort community.

"Hill, we're never going to find this pathetic place," Scarlett said. "I mean, let's just get a hotel room somewhere and try again in the morning. I can't see a thing!"

"I didn't see any hotels back there, did you?" She responded with a sigh. If we can't find this cottage were going to be stuck sleeping in this rental car so keep your eyes peeled.

Just as the girls were giving up hope, they spotted a cottage with a light on in the window. "Hey, maybe someone is awake up there and can help us!" Scarlett said enthusiastically.

"Are you serious? A serial killer could live there!" Hillary said skeptically.

"Are you kidding, there is like a bagillion cars in that driveway. No serial killer has that many friends!" Scarlett said laughing. "It's the only shot we've got."

Back in the living room, Nick was flipping through the beach bodies section of the magazine. He felt his neglected dick twitch as he glanced over the perfect figures of his favorite celebrities. He tried to build up fantasies in his head involving the scantily clad beauties. He imagined fucking Jessica Alba on the beach, getting a blow job from Lindsay Lohan in the hot tub and tit fucking the jizz out of his 18 year old cock in between the perfectly shaped melons of Jennifer Love Hewitt.

With each erotic thought, his erection became stronger and pushed violently against his mesh shorts. He rubbed his rigid member through his shorts and closed his eyes as he succumbed to his most natural desires. Feeling like he could wait no longer, Nick yanked his shorts and boxers down to his ankles and freed his throbbing cock

Nick immediately grabbed the bottle of lotion and squirted some into his right palm. He glanced back at the current page of the U.S. Weekly, which was a paparazzi photograph of Jessica Simpson jogging down the beach in a bathing suit. He imagined what it would be like to have her sexy body all to himself on a secluded island or something. He couldn't help but picture himself sucking on her supple breasts and finger fucking the blonde buxom while she pleaded for more. He felt his dick pulse even harder now and he began to stroke his cock, smearing the lotion up and down his shaft. He closed his eyes once again and imagined her plump lips wrapped around his big cock.

Scarlett and Hillary walked quietly up the path towards the lit cottage. Both were noticeably nervous and uncomfortable by the situation, but they also realized that they had very little choice. As they reached the door, Scarlett reached out and nearly hit the door bell before Hillary knocked her hand out of the way.

"What the heck Hill?" Scalett said in shock.

"It's 3 a.m. in the morning! Let's try not to wake everyone in the house up, she said. "Look, the door is unlocked. Let's just go in quietly and see if we can find a map of the area or something."

Scarlett nodded and opened the door quietly. Hillary followed close behind her and the two headed for the light coming from the living room. The two were nearly silent as they crept down the hallway.

When Hillary turned the corner into the illuminated living room, her mouth dropped open in surprise. Sitting in front of her, less than ten feet away, was Nick with his pants at his ankles. His hand was wrapped around his hard cock and he was stroking it with his eyes closed and his teeth clenched on his lower lip. He moaned softly every so often as he aggressively yanked his rigid cock up and down.

Scarlett's arms dropped to her sides as she too became aware of what was going on. The car keys slipped carelessly through her fingers and crashed onto the floor. The loud noise immediately alerted Nick of their presence.

"Oh my god!" Nick said as he dropped the magazine and quickly pulled the blanket across his lap. The thin fleece blanket did little to hide his bulging erection, which had clearly been seen in the flesh by the two girls standing before him. His face was bright red with embarrassment and he stared desperately at the floor hoping that he would wake up from this terrible dream.

Hillary and Scarlett stood in shock as well. Hillary had both hands covering her agape mouth in disbelief. Her gaze was locked on the ornate chandelier hanging from the ceiling. She was as frightened to look at Nick as he was to look up at her. Scarlett's mouth was wide with shock as well, but her gaze was hopelessly affixed on the tented blanket on Nick's lap.

After about thirty seconds had passed, Nick knew he had to face the music. He lifted his head and looked at his unexpected guests. Nick was still verbally paralyzed from embarrassment, but he immediately recognized the two girls before him. They were none other than Hillary Duff and Scarlett Johansson.

"Hi," Hillary managed to say. She was still awkwardly starring at the chandelier but she continued to talk to Nick as if everything were completely normal. "We are a little lost and, um, well, we were hoping you might be able to direct us on our way," she said.

"That is if you're not too busy," Scarlett added. She cracked at smile at Nick who could only smile back. He knew he had been caught red handed.

"Yea, I guess I could help you out. Where are you trying to get to?" Nick said. "Oh, I'm Nick by the way," he added outstretching his hand toward Hillary.

"No offense Nick, but I think I'll pass on the hand shake," Hillary said looking down at him. Nick withdrew his hand, which he noticed was still shiny from the excess lotion he had applied. "We are looking for the Mason House. My name is Angela and this is my friend Dominique. We would really appreciate if you could help us out."

"Just for the record, my name is Scarlett," Scarlett chimed in. "And when you're making up names next time will you make mine a little less ridiculous!"

"Shut up, we're trying to keep a low profile you dumb bitch," Hillary shot back. "What part of that don't you understand?"

"Listen, girls I know who you are," Nick said trying to deflate the situation. "I am sorry you had to walk in on me like this. Truly, I am embarrassed. But maybe I can help you guys out and keep your presence here a secret, and in return you guys can just forget we ever met under these circumstances."

Hillary was surprised with his candor. She nodded in his direction and then glanced at Scarlett, who shrugged her shoulders in indifference.

"The Mason House is the eighth house down on the left," Nick said with a hand motion in the general direction of his description. "Its sitting back a bit but its right after the house with the pin wheel, so you can't miss it."

"Thank you very much! It was very nice to me... Well I wish we could have met under different circumstances. You have been very helpful," Hillary said as she turned to walk down the hallway. She had gotten only a few steps before she realized Scarlett was not walking with her. She turned around to see Scarlett in the same position she had left her. "Scarlett, come on!" Hillary said in frustration.

Scarlett turned around. "Come on Hill, this deal is all wrong!" Scarlett said.

"What are you talking about?" Hillary said. "He said he's not going to say anything, so let's go!"

"No I mean I think we should give him something," Scarlett whispered. "He gave us directions and what do we give him? We promise to keep his jack-off session a secret. I mean who were we going to tell anyway?"

"That's hardly the point," Hillary hissed back. "We're free and clear; let's just get the fuck out of here!"

"No, I want to leave here even. My therapist told me I need to try not to take more than I give from any situation," Scarlett said.

"Well I don't have any cash," Hillary scoffed back. "I mean what do you want to do? Leave him a autograph or something?"

"No, I've got something better," Scarlett said as she took a step closer to Hillary. She leaned in close as if she were going to whisper something in her ear, but instead she pressed her lips up gently against Hillary's unsuspecting mouth.

Hillary pushed her back almost immediately. "Scarlett, what are you doing?"

"Come on Hill, just play along. The kid is obviously deprived. Let's make his day!" Scarlett did not wait for Hillary to accept her plan. She leaned in again and planted a kiss on Hillary. This time she allowed her hand to slide behind Hillary's head and she caressed her hair. Just as Scarlett expected Hillary to push her off again, she felt Hillary's tongue slip into her half open mouth. Scarlett happily twisted her own tongue around Hillary and pushed it back into Hillary's mouth.

Nick continued to watch as the two went at it. After a few seconds they broke off their wet kiss and smiled at each other giggling. The look on Nick's face had turned from embarrassment to utter shock. He pinched himself again to be sure that he wasn't dreaming. It was too good to believe.

Hillary and Scarlett turned to Nick and took a step forward. Hillary was wearing a short jean skirt that showed off her beautiful legs. She also had on a light sweatshirt that covered up a slinky tank-top. Scarlett was more moderately dressed in jeans and a white blouse, but Nick could see her black lace bra through the thin silk material. Just looking at the two celebrity beauties made his throbbing cock twitch under the fleece blanket.

"So you like to jerk off to celebrities, huh?" Scarlett said motioning to the US Weekly on the floor. "Now here's your chance to live the dream Nick!" Scarlett reached down and unbuttoned the top three or four clasps on her blouse, exposing her black bra and ample cleavage.

"Yea, I think maybe we got off on the wrong foot," Hillary said smiling at Nick. "How can I make up for our untimely interruption?"

"Well I don't know," Nick stammered. "I really can't think of what it is that I..." Nick trailed off in nervousness. He wasn't even sure what exactly the two girls were proposing.

"Maybe, me and Hill can brainstorm for you," Scarlett said. "Then when you find your tongue you can chime in!"

"Yea, like maybe you want Scarlett to come feel my tits," Hillary said smiling. Scarlett took her cue without hesitation. She pulled Hillary in close and slipped her tongue into the busty blonde's mouth. Then she let her hand drift south and slide beneath Hillary's half-zipped sweatshirt. She began to massage Hillary's breasts as the two teens remained lip-locked.

Scarlett pulled back from Hillary and looked back at Nick. "Maybe you want us to get more comfortable," she said. She reached down and undid the button on her jeans. Then she seductively pulled down the zipper on her jeans and pealed the denim material down to her ankles. She was wearing silk panties that matched her dark red lipstick. She stepped out of her jeans and closer to Hillary.

Then Scarlett reached out and finished unzipping Hillary's sweatshirt. Hillary shrugged her shoulders to do her part and let the sweatshirt fall to the floor. The flimsy tank top did little to hide the fact that she clearly wasn't wearing a bra and her nipples were rock hard. The blonde starlet could feel her own arousal and she reached down and rubbed her aching nipples.

Scarlett licked her lips as she watched Hillary play with her tits. She looked back at Nick who was eagerly stroking his cock beneath the blanket. His eyes were locked on Hillary, who was now getting into it and starting to enjoy herself. Scarlett reached down and pulled her blouse open, shooting the buttons all across the living room. "Hey Nick! We're supposed to be doing all the work!" Scarlett said as she threw the blouse to the floor. Nick's hand froze in motion as her admired the beautiful young woman that stood before him in nothing but lingerie.

Scarlett walked swiftly over to Nick and jerked the blanket off his lap. Nick's hand was still wrapped around his healthy erection and he looked up like a deer in the headlights. Scarlett dropped the blanket on the floor and knelt on it in front of Nick. She gently removed his trembling hand and replaced it with her own. His cock was almost eight inches long and so thick that her thumb and forefingers were nowhere near touching each other.

Nick's eyes rolled back momentarily as he felt Scarlett's cold hand grab hold of his hot shaft. Scarlett could feel the blood pulsating through the rigid member in her grasp. She wrapped her other hand around his throbbing cock closer to the base.

When Nick opened his eyes again, Scarlett started to slowly pump his cock with both hands. She licked her lips and smiled at him as she teased him. "I'm going to suck your dick so good," she said. "Oh Nick, you're so hard! I want it in my mouth now."

He noticed Hillary was pulling down her white cotton panties in the background. "I think maybe you should lose the shirt too!" Nick said.

Hillary obliged without resistance. She pealed the slinky tank top over her head and tossed it on Nick's awe struck face. When he pulled it off, Hillary was standing before him in nothing but her jean shorts. Her C cup breasts were perky and tan. They bounced freely as she walked toward him. "So it looks like you found your tongue," she said as she kneeled on the couch next to him. "I think I know a place you can put that!"

Hillary hiked up her skirt and straddled Nick's chest. He could no longer see Scarlett, but he could feel her hands continue to slide up and down his aching shaft. He looked up at Hillary's beautifully shaped breasts as she worked her way up to his chin. Then she hiked up her skirt high enough so that her pussy was fully visible. Hillary moved further up and hovered only a few inches from Nick's mouth. Nick could smell her aroma dripping from her moist cunt. He examined her sparse pubic hair, which was limited to a thin centralized strip.

Just then the busty blonde started to caress her tits and moan uncontrollably. "Oh Nick! I want to feel your tongue in my pussy!" Hillary said as she continued to massage her breasts. "I want to see some dexterity!"

Nick felt Hillary run her hands through his hair. As he leaned in to lick her pussy, she pulled his face against her snatch and grinded up against his chin. He inserted his tongue deep into her slit and let her do most of the work. Just then, Nick felt a warm sensation on the tip of his dick. With his face pressed firmly against Hillary's pussy, Nick's view was still obstructed; but as the sensation continued to extend down his shaft, he knew that it had to be Scarlett's succulent lips working their way down his cock.

The feeling of Scarlett's tight mouth wrapped around the tip of his manhood inspired Nick to intensify his own oral effort. He ran his eager tongue up and down Hillary's slit more quickly, occasionally pausing to rapidly flick his tongue back and forth over her clit, or push his tongue deep inside her. When he did this, Hillary would moan and grip Nick's hair as she grinded against his face. He slid his hands under Hillary's hiked up jean skirt and started to grope her firm round ass with both hands. She looked down at him and smiled to show him she admired his effort.

Scarlett continued to suck up and down on the end of Nick's cock. One of her hands remained at the base of his penis and stroked his thick rod as she sucked. The other hand had been removed so that she could put the rest of his pulsating sausage into her mouth. Not counting the few inches covered by her narrow hand, Scarlett had about five and half inches of his triumphant cock to work with. She methodically took his erect penis further down her throat until her lips met her pumping hand. Then she would raise her head back up and let her tongue encircle the swollen head of his manhood, before taking his cock back down her throat.

Hillary sighed louder as she started to reach her climax. Nick could feel her juices running slowly down his chin as she panted. Scarlett had started to gently squeeze and caress his sack with her free hand as she sucked. The feeling of her soft hand massaging his balls made his own juices start to flow as well.

Scarlett could taste his pre-cum in her mouth and she knew that he wouldn't be long. She started to jack him off faster as she wrapped her lips around the engorged head of his cock. Then she used her tongue to massage the sensitive tip of his throbbing member.

When Nick felt her tongue encircle his cock once again, he quickly reached the breaking point. All of a sudden, a glorious orgasm rushed over Nick's whole body and he felt warm spurts of his cum shoot into Scarlett's awaiting mouth.

Though she had been expecting a similar result at any moment, Scarlett was none the less surprised by the thick rope of cum that was launched down her throat. She instinctively pulled the pulsating member from her mouth to catch her breath, but she got a lot more then she bargained for. Almost immediately, she was plastered in the face by another powerful blast of Nick's cum. He let out a low pitched moan that was followed by yet another sustained eruption that left Scarlett's entire face covered in his juices.

Almost simultaneously, Hillary cried out in sheer joy as she came all over Nick's face. She covered her mouth and tried to muffle her orgasmic moans as her body shook for several seconds. Nick continued to lick her slit and she held the back of his head as her pussy juice cascaded down Nick's chin.

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