Helping the Stars Find Their Way Ch. 01


When Hillary was finished, she winked at Nick and dismounted his face. She plopped down next to Nick on the couch and look up at her friend Scarlett. "Oh my god Scarlett!" Hillary shouted when she saw her friend's cum covered face. Scarlett was wiping the cum out of her eyes with a wry smile on her face.

"I think I got the raw end of this deal," Scarlett said laughing. She continued to wipe off her face and clear Nick's sticky white goop away from her eyes and mouth. Nick reached over and handed Scarlett the fleece blanket so she could do a more thorough job.

Hillary looked down at Nick's cock, which was quickly returning to a flaccid state. "Looks like the fun is over for tonight!" Hillary said jokingly.

"I don't know?" Nick said. "I think you might be able to bring him back to life," he said winking at Hillary.

Hillary was taken aback slightly by Nick's new found confidence. He reached forward and pinched her nipple in jest. Then he slid his hand behind her neck and urged her head down toward his semi-hard, jizz covered cock. Almost unconsciously she took his member into her mouth and applied light suction as she worked her lips down to the base of his shaft. Nick moaned softly as Hillary locked her lips around his cock and rubbed her tongue against the underside of his shaft. Hillary could taste the salty liquid that was still leaking from Nick's penis.

To Hillary's surprise, she gradually began to feel Nick's penis growing in her mouth. Slowly but surely, she felt his cock become harder and extend further into the back of her mouth, eventually pushing forcefully against and creating a noticeable protrusion in her right cheek. As Nick's manhood grew even thicker and longer, the swollen head of his rejuvenated cock pushed against her stretched cheek and caused her lips to slide up his hot flesh, so that only about half of his cock was still in her mouth.

It was at this point that Hillary came up for air and pulled her mouth off his penis. She stared in astonishment at his once lifeless manhood that had returned to its fully erect state. His cock throbbed rhythmically as the blood pumped up and down the veins of his rock hard cock.

"Oh my God!" Hillary stated emphatically. "I can't believe you're hard again. It looks bigger than before!" Hillary wrapped her small hand around the base of Nick's cock. It was as thick as her forearm and her fingers could not reach her thumb. None the less, she could feel the solidness of his member in her palm. It felt rigid as if she had her hand wrapped around a thick piece of hard salami. "I know a place I'd like to put this fat cock," Hillary said as she began to softly jerk him off. Then she ducked her face back into his lap and took the engorged head of his cock in her mouth. She twirled her tongue against the tip of his tender cock and tasted the pre-cum that was beginning to ooze from Nick's urethra.

Nick noticed out of the corner of his eye that Scarlett had removed her bra and was massaging her naked chest as she watched Hillary suck him off. He observed as she rubbed her nipples and bit sensually on her lower lip. When she noticed him watching her, Scarlett moved closer to Nick and ran her hand up the inside of his leg. She gently placed her hand overlapping Hillary's hand, which was still wrapped around the base of his cock. She moved her hand up and down in accordance with Hillary's jerking hand motion as both girls were now effectively jacking Nick off.

After about thirty seconds, Scarlett leaned in and whispered something in Hillary's ear. "I want to feel that monster back in my throat," she said softly.

Hillary obliged and she pulled Nick's throbbing sausage out of her mouth. "I know some place I would like to stick that thing too," Hillary said as she released his cock and looked back at Scarlett. Then the two girls leaned close to one another and embraced in a passionate kiss. Scarlett's hand remained wrapped tightly around Nick's cock as the two stars tangled tongues. As they pulled one another closer, there bare breasts came together and touched nipples. Hillary slid her idle hands down to Scarlett's panty line and hooked her thumb inside the waistband. Hillary slid her second hand into her underwear and started to massage Scarlett's snatch.

"OH Hill!" Scarlett moaned as she broke off their kiss. Hillary continued to rub her fingers against the engorged clit of her friend. Then Scarlett felt Hillary slide one finger deep into her wet pussy. "Hmm, oh that's it," she said as she grinded her pussy against Hillary's nimble fingers. "OH, just keep doing it just like that. Put another one inside of me Hill!"

Hillary did as she was told and slid a second finger into Scarlett's tight cunt. Hillary fluttered her fingers inside her pussy in swimmer fashion. She occasionally took the opportunity to remove her fingers and focus her efforts on Scarlett's clit.

As Hillary continued to finger fuck Scarlett's aching pussy, Scarlett returned her attention to the fat flesh pole that her hand was still clutching unconsciously. Nick was enjoying the show and did not mind the girls having a little fun without him, but he was not disappointed when Scarlett leaned in and shoved his manhood back into her mouth. A warm sensation ran down his cock as Scarlett took his cock deep down her throat. She bobbed up and down quickly, deepthroating his cock effortlessly. She was clearly the more experienced cock sucker of the pair.

Nick rested his hand on the back of her head and watched as she took his cock in and out of her hot mouth. Hillary had intensified her efforts and Scarlett was rocking her body back and forth as she sucked Nick off. She squirmed as she took her idle hand and held it forcefully against Hillary's hand through her panties. All the while she continued to blow Nick until she finally started to climax. Scarlett's body shook with pleasure as her orgasm shot through her entire body. Hillary felt Scarlett erupt as her juices squirted all over Hillary's playful fingers"OH, AH, YES! OH YEEAAHH! Oh my GOD! YESSSS!" Scarlett moaned as she yanked Nick's cock from her mouth.

While Scarlett panted heavily and did her best to catch her breath following her climax, Hillary removed her sticky fingers from Scarlett's snatch and hopped on the couch next to Nick. She took her pussy juice covered fingers and slid them into Nick's mouth. He gently sucked her fingers until they were clean. As Hillary pulled her hand away from his face, she leaned in and whispered in his ear. "Do you have a rubber?" She said glancing back down at his cock, which was still impressively standing at full attention.

Nick's heart dropped in angst as he realized that he surely did not. He shook his head frustratingly and looked back at Hillary. She looked disappointed as well as she ran he fingers against her tits and once again admired his beautiful cock. "Well," Hillary said. "Tell me this, how many girls have you had sex with?"

Nick was motionless and did not say a word for at least ten long seconds. "Well, the thing is that I am a virgin," Nick said shifting his gaze downward in embarrassment. "I've never had sex with anyone." When he finally raised his head to look up at Hillary, he was surprised to see that she was smiling and biting her lower lip. Scarlett's ears had also perked up as well and she too was smiling at Nick.

"I think it's time to change that," Hillary said seductively as she stood up and unzipped her jean skirt from the back. She let the denim skirt fall to her ankles, revealing once again her finely manicured snatch. Scarlett followed suit by pulling her thong panties down to her ankles as well. Her pussy was completely shaved and still glistening with wetness. Nick could not believe his eyes as Hillary and Scarlett stood in front of him completely naked and lustily ready to mount his cock.

Nick was speechless as the two girls approached him and knelt next to one another in front of him. Hillary took his cock in her hand and angled it toward Scarlett's open mouth. Scarlett engulfed his cock and took it as deep as she could before pulling up. Then Hillary pulled Nick's cock back in the direction of her own mouth and wrapped her lips around his rigid member. Hillary let her mouth take one last taste of his salty flesh before she pop his cock from her warm mouth. Then she spit some saliva on the tip of his cock and used her hands to wipe it down his shaft. Scarlett followed her lead and did the same.

As Scarlett glossed his cock with her saliva, she also began to jerk him off from the base of his shaft. Hillary rose from her knees and took a step toward Nick. She was playing with her pussy with left hand, inserting her index finger into her glistening slit. She used her right hand to stabilize herself on Nick's shoulder as she straddled him. Scarlett stopped jacking Nick off and held his thick cock steadily aimed at Hillary's sopping pussy.

Hillary slowly lowered her slit onto Nick's throbbing member. The girth of the tip of his cock surprised Hillary. She felt her tight cunt spread open as the head of his cock entered her. She even felt a slight pain as his rigid cock burrowed into her hot tight cunt. Fortunate for Hillary, she had primed her pussy and it was very wet. Once she had gently worked the head of his cock into her pussy, her minor pains turned into extraordinary pleasure.

As Nick's cock entered her slit, he felt the tight hot grip of her vaginal walls on his virgin cock. It was a sensation that exceeded his wildest imaginings. The inside of her sex almost felt as if it were massaging his shaft as she took more and more of his cock.

Hillary continued to take more and more of his cock as her pussy began to get used to his size. Hillary had never felt such a force. Even her most provocative dildo paled in comparison to Nick's hot bulging erection. She only had half of his cock inside of her and she was already hitting spots she never even knew were there.

Scarlett was still holding Nick's sausage in her hand as Hillary slowly lowered her pussy and drove his cock deeper into her sex. As Hillary's lips neared Scarlett's hand, she let go of his cock and began massaging Hillary's clit. Hillary could barely contain herself at this point. Not only did she have 7 inches of the fattest cock she had ever sat on buried deep in her pussy, but now Scarlett was toying with her clit. As she muscled the last bit of his cock inside of her, she closed her eyes and let out a sustained moan that echoed in the spacious living room. Nick felt the reverberations on his throbbing manhood as she came. "Ooooh oh yeaaaah!" Hillary squealed. "Oh my god! It feels sooo goooooood inside me!" she purred. "OH I'm cumming! Oh I'm cumming so fucking hard right now!" She cried out. Her pussy shook around his rigid cock. Nick felt her juices seeping from her slit and oozing onto his balls and pubis.

Hillary's own cries of pleasure resonated deep in Scarlett's loins and she felt her pussy start to secrete some sensual juices of her own. She diverted her attention from Hillary's clit to her own and began to insert two fingers into her dripping sex. Nick noticed this too and massaged her breasts with his hands. Then he pulled her closer and kissed her.

Scarlett's fingers were still deep in her pussy as her and Nick tied tongues. She felt his hands slide around and grasp her bare ass. Nick squeezed and spread her soft round ass cheeks as they continued to make out. Then he broke off their kiss and began to suck sensuously on her neck. "I want to taste you, Scarlett," he whispered as he licked her salty flesh. He kissed his way down from her neck, to her collarbone and finally down to her perky tits. He ran his tongue up her cleavage and around her quarter sized nipples. Her dark red nipples hardened in his mouth as he alternated between her left and right boobs. His hands squeezed her tits together on either side so that her nipples were only a few inches apart.

As Nick continued to suck on Scarlett's milky white tits, Hillary regained her focus and began to slowly move up and down on Nick's love pole. The juices from her recent orgasm made his penetration that much more smooth; although his thick cock still felt like it was stretching her pussy to its limit. She worked slow and only increased her speed as she felt her pussy getting more accustomed to his size. His cock slid in and out of her like hot knife through butter.

Nick worked his tongue down to Scarlett's belly button and encouraged her to step up on the couch. When she did, her bald pussy was just inches from his face. He could smell her bouquet as he noticed the secretions that were dribbling down the inside of Scarlett's thighs. She stood on his right side and pushed her pelvis outward so that her pussy was closer to his face. He responded by turning his head and digging his extending tongue deep into her orifice.

As he did this, Hillary continued to impale herself on Nick's throbbing member, bouncing up and down and using his chest for support. Every time she slammed his cock all the way into her sex, she felt a shockwave of pleasure that resonated deep within her. His thick sausage was rubbing firmly against her engorge clit every time she went up or down and the sensation was driving her crazy. She was gradually approaching her second orgasm and she started to really grind against his rigid cock. Once, while his cock was fully inside of her, she stopped and rotated her hips around in a circular fashion. This caused his cock to hit pleasure points inside of her that she didn't even knew existed.

Nick could feel his own juices starting to build up as Hillary worked his cock in and out of her tight wet pussy. He distracted himself by focusing on Scarlett's sopping wet cunt that was conveniently located right in front of his face. He spread her lips with his fingers and put his anxious tongue as far into her pussy as it would go. He dragged his tongue up and down her slit and she squealed in delight; especially when his oscillating tongue came in contact with her aroused g spot. Scarlett grabbed the back of Nick's head and pressed his face harder against her sex. Then, she wrapped her right leg around his neck so that her pussy was fully accessible. Her lips naturally parted and Nick pressed two stiff fingers into her wet snatch. His tongue was still twitching against her and Scarlett was becoming increasingly aroused. She panted and sighed as Nick worked his tongue rigorously in and out of her slit. "Oh, mmm oooh ah ah AH ooh, oh baby just like that!" Scarlett called out. "Fuck me with your tongue you young stud!"

Scarlett's body shook as she came all over Nick's face. Her juices careened down his chin and covered his fingers, which were still twitching in Scarlet's exploding sex. "Uh ah, I'm, ah I'm cuummming baby," she panted. "Ooh aahhhhh yeah, oh yes, oh my fuck! Oh my god yesss!" Scarlett squealed as she bit her lower lip and clutched Nick's soft brown hair. Her secretions tasted sweet to Nick, who continued to lick Scarlett's pussy even though she had released her firm grip on the back of his head. He ran his tongue gently along her outer labia and slowly toyed with her pulsating clit.

Scarlett's dramatic orgasm hadn't gone unnoticed by Hillary, who was on the brink of a second orgasm of her own. She impaled herself one final time on his rigid cock and drove it deep inside of her. A wave of pleasure rushed to her sex, which pulsated with delight as she came. "Oh, ooh I'm, ah, I'm cumming! I'm cumming!" Hillary yelled out. Her juices squirted onto his lower abdomen. Her pussy walls flexed and massaged Nick's tender manhood. He felt the vibrations squeeze and release his cock as Hillary reached her climax. "Mmmm, oh yeah that felt so unbelievable! Oh! It still feels sooo good! Oh yes, please leave it right there, don't take it out Nick. Oooooh don't cum, ah ah, oh it's so full insiiide of meeeee! Oh yes, oh my God!" Hillary screamed out as she grinded her body from side to side. His cock was still deep inside her as she worked her hips around in a slow circular fashion. "Hold on for me baby. Oh mmm yes, oh I'm almost there Nicky just like that. I know you're about to explode right now but... Oh shit! OH YES! Ahhhh ooh, oh my God, I've never... Mmmm ooh, oh yeah, I've never, I'm going to cum again," She managed between breaths. "OH fuck, oh fuck! Oh my fucking God!" Her body shook as she was overcome by her third orgasm. Her twat gripped Nick's ailing cock, which could endure no more torture.

He blasted his thick creamy load deep inside of her. "Uh, uh, oh yesss!" Nick grunted as he packed her tired twat full of his sticky juices. "Ah, take it you fucking whore!" He rocked her body furiously as he came inside of her.

Hillary held Nick close to her as she felt him erupt deep in her pussy. Her soft breasts and erect nipples were pressed firmly against his naked chest. His body reared as his last spasm of pleasure subsided and the last of his juices were released in her sex. He was out of breath and clutching at Hillary's sweating naked body. His hands crept slowly across her sticky flesh until both hands were caressing Hillary's toned rear-end. He squeezed so hard that it almost hurt Hillary; but she clearly enjoyed it and grinded against his body as he molested her. His dick began to soften inside of her and he gradually released his grip on her ass cheeks. As Hillary felt Nick's cock wither inside of her, she sat back and dismounted him—his flaccid penis sled effortlessly from her sopping snatch. She took a step back and looked at the exhausted boy, who was too tired to even speak.

Not much was said between the three of them from that point on. Scarlett was already nearly dressed, and Hillary quickly followed suit by sliding her white cotton panties back on. Her cunt was still dripping wet and a damp spot quickly appeared at her sex. She slid on her jean skirt and looked back at Nick, who hadn't moved a muscle but had a smile from ear to ear. "Well I guess we showed you a good time," Hillary said, still standing before him topless.

Nick nodded eagerly and tried to think of something clever to respond with, but his mind was blank. The blonde vixen smiled as she pulled her tank top over her perky breasts, winked at Nick and followed Scarlett back to the car.

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