tagCelebrities & Fan FictionHelping Torrie Wilson Ch. 02

Helping Torrie Wilson Ch. 02


Note: If you have not read 'Helping Torrie Wilson' I recommend you do so before reading this chapter. All feedback is welcome and encouraged.


The sudden feeling of heat on his skin and light on his eyes woke Kyle Cunningham from his pleasant slumber. The sun had just begun filtering in through the window onto Kyle where he lay, creating slightly unpleasant warmth on his face. He rolled over slightly to look at the clock.

'Fuck!' He shouted as he jumped up and raced into his wardrobe, ripping his pants off the shelf and clambering into them at lightning speed, almost tripping over in the process.

'Hahaha.' Torrie Wilson laughed from the doorway. She was wearing a red sports bra and matching red bike pants, a gleam of sunlight reflecting of the slight sheen of sweat cover her tight body. She'd clearly just had a morning workout. 'It's alright. Your worked called two hours ago wondering where you were. I told them you'd developed a fever and wouldn't be able to make it.'

Kyle relaxed slightly, leaning against the wall in relief. 'Of course,' Torrie said, still highly amused. 'Your boss seemed to think it was bullshit. She said that you were just skimping off work to have a day off to see the wrestling.' Kyle's head banged back against the wall in disbelief. He'd been absent from work enough already. This might just be the last straw.

'Fuck.' He muttered under his breath.

'Might I make a suggestion?' Torrie said, still amused but sounding helpful. Kyle nodded, not sure she could help. 'Give her your ticket.'

'What? I've been waiting all year for this...' Kyle said in exasperation.

'It's either your ticket or your job... at least that's how it looks by the way you're acting.' She said, matter-of-factly.

She was right. Kyle knew it. Kyle slowly made his way over to the phone, picked it up and dialled. Putting on a slightly huskier voice, he told the person at the other end that he wasn't going to the show and they could pick up the ticket from his letterbox. He hung up the phone and sighed heavily.

'It's a pity you had to give your ticket to your boss.' Torrie said, a look of pity on her face. 'Shame you told her you couldn't go too... Especially considering I could've given you these... Stephanie made special bookings for the front row...' She said, holding up two tickets in her hand.

Kyle looked at the tickets in her hand, his eyes opened wide in realisation. 'You – You had them all along...' He jumped up and grabbed at the tickets but she quickly pulled them back. He lunged at her, but she screamed and darted out of sight back into the living room, a wide grin on her face. He chased her out into the kitchen and backed her up against the wall. 'Give them to me...' He said, advancing towards her and grinning widely. She placed the ticket hand behind her back and her face turned into an innocent pout. Her other hand raised to her chest and a finger gently caressed the right side of her cleavage.

Looking up through her blonde, wavy hair, she said to him innocently, 'What do you mean?'

Kyle was drawn between the tickets and her obvious seduction. He kept advancing slowly, the determination on his face wiltering slightly. 'You know exactly what I mean Torrie... hand them over...' He now had her forced back against the kitchen bench. He placed a hand in front of her, signalling for her to give him the tickets. She smiled hesitantly, and slowly brought her left hand around in front of her. Kyle grinned as the tickets made their way into his hands.

But as soon as they were in they were out again, and Torrie had ducked under his arm and out of the kitchen. He chased her back into the bedroom and saw her disappear into the bathroom. He walked slowly towards the bathroom and paused in the doorway. She was leaning against the back wall of the shower, tickets held up in one hand and a massive grin on her face. 'If you want them, you have to come and get them.'

He placed one foot inside the shower and stepped forward, cautiously avoiding what he knew was coming. He was now standing in the middle of the shower, hand outstretched to accept the tickets and carefully watching Torrie's right hand to ensure it did not turn the tap on. He saw Torrie's eyes dart towards the showerhead and his followed. He watched as the tickets flew over the top of the shower and in that instant of carelessness Torrie's hand flicked on the shower and Kyle was drenched in a torrent of water.

Kyle stood there, amused but defeated, letting the water drench his work pants. Torrie giggled profusely as he remained stationary, letting her take in her victory. Kyle grinned, defeated, and raised his arms outwards, as if to stop the rain. Torrie's giggling ceased, and her smile turned into a seductive grin, as she grabbed his water-soaked pants and pulled him towards her. Water ran over their lips as they kissed, Kyle's right hand pinning both of Torrie's above her head to the wall while the other traced lines down and across her body.

Torrie's hand slowly moved towards Kyle's pants and began to rub his cock through the drenched fabric. Kyle felt it slowly beginning to rise beneath his pants as Torrie's hands moved over his body. Gently, Kyle began to suck on Torrie's neck and she moaned slightly in pleasure. Kyle grabbed her sports bra and pulled it over her head, watching the water run down her full round breasts in waves. Again, he let his tongue explore her mouth while his hand gently caressed her tit, kneading it slowly and gently flicking the nipple with his thumb.

Torrie was breathing heavily, the running water increasing her pleasure and Kyle kissed and sucked her neck, and slowly made his way to her hard nipple. She shivered as he let his tongue encircle her wet nipple, licking it and then taking it all in his mouth and sucking hard. She moaned softly as he did the same to the other nipple while he slowly pulled her bike pants down her legs to reveal her dripping snatch.

Kyle was now on his knees, staring at Torrie's shaven cunt as water raced down her thighs. He reached up and ran a finger along the length of her cunt lips and Torrie moaned in delight. Torrie shook slightly as Kyle plunged two fingers inside her wet cunt, and she was forced to use Kyle's head for support as his finger thrust in and out of her. Kyle stopped, and gently began rubbing her clit while softly kissing her inner thigh. Torrie moaned and began running her hands through Kyle's hair, gently urging him to taste her.

Kyle slowly reached around and caressed Torrie's ass with both hands and he continued to kiss her inner thighs tenderly, teasing her. Torrie's moans soon became gasped of lust as her hands applied more and more force to the back of Kyle's head to relieve her. Finally Kyle obliged and he pulled her towards him, gripping her firm ass tightly and ploughing his tongue as deep inside her as he could. Torrie grunted in pleasure as his tongue explored her cunt. She gently began flicking her own nipples, stimulating them til they were hard.

Torrie shook violently as Kyle began to flick his tongue back and forth over her clit vigorously. The faster Kyle's tongue worked the closer she came to orgasm and she was moaning loudly before too long. 'Don't stop... Oh god! Don't stop! I'm close! Please don't stop! Yes! I'm gonna... Don't...'

But Kyle stopped. He stood up, took off his pants and then turned Torrie towards the wall. Before Torrie knew what was happening Kyle's cunt was penetrating her cunt from behind, slamming in and out of her with wilful abandon. She moaned loudly as he pounded her, groping her breasts and sucking her neck. Her eyes were half closed and her breathing heavy, her body shaking with every thrust as his cock filled her pussy with pleasure.

He began grunting as he approached his orgasm and his kisses turned to bites as Torrie's hand pressed his head into her neck. She began to whisper softly and he thrust his cock deeper inside her cunt than before. 'Yes... Fuck me... Fill me with your cum... I want you to do it... Cum with me... Cum inside me...' She moaned ceaselessly as his thrusts began faster and stronger. 'Fuck... ugh... Yes! Do it! Cum... I want your cum... Please... ugh... Oh God! Ugh... I'm cumming...' She screamed loudly as she came, her body shaking forcibly with lust and pleasure as his cock continued to pound her cunt.

Her cunt gripped Kyle's cock tighter and his balls tightened as they erupted inside her, hot cum shooting from his cock. Thread after thread of potent semen shot inside her womb as he spasmed, his thrusts more involuntary now than forced. He grunted heavily as the last of his cum escaped his balls and his orgasm subsided. They both stood there, shaking from adrenaline, exhaustion and pleasure and gasping for breathe. Torrie's could feel Kyle's cock pulsating inside her as blood pumped through it, extending her pleasure and creating a warmth inside her she had needed. She felt his cum dripping out of her cunt and she made for the exit.

'We have a show to get to.' She said.

Kyle needed a little more time to recover. After all, it was the second time in two days he had cum inside Torrie Wilson's cunt.


Note: Please vote on my story and any feedback is welcome. Tell me what you liked or didn't like about it - and suggest ways I can improve. Requests will be taken into consideration.

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