Helping Uncle


He wasn't my uncle. He was just some guy my aunt divorced. But he was family, the only family who would give me a place to stay in the town where I was entering college. Nobody had money to put me in the dorms. College was supposed to be harder than high school. Everyone thought that's what I needed. My own parents' divorce made me somewhere between nowhere. No-one seemed to want to pay attention to me. At eighteen, that felt lonely.

But there were upsides to this time in my life. I had developed. Oh yes, I had developed. Anyone could see, anywhere I went that I had the best tits and ass for miles. And I loved the attention that got me. And so I used it.

College was no different. On my first day, I was propositioned in gym class. "Show us your tits and you can suck our cocks," the three boys said. What could I say? I said yes. That's when the trouble started. Of course the coach caught us, with only the second boy's dick in my mouth. The coach dragged me out of the boy's locker room with unfinished business. The third boy looked seriously bummed. I buttoned up my blouse while the coach brought me to the college dean, who solemnly dialed my uncle's number. Suspended! Suspended for one week. First full night at Uncle's house and I was in trouble already.

Uncle pulled the car up to the curb in front of the school. He idled the engine, said nothing, waited. Maybe he didn't care. Who was he, anyway? I could barely remember him. Living with him in this strange town throughout college would be weird.

The car door of the convertible made a slam sound. I slumped down in my seat. "Sit up straight," was all Uncle said. I sat up straight. He paused, did not step on the gas. "Put your seatbealt on." I paused. I didn't want to. He looked angry. I felt, for a moment, frightened. I'm not bad, afterall. I just...don't do what I'm told to do.

After a minute, Uncle said very quietly: "I know what you did. I am ashamed you are such a little slut. I am angry, and ashamed for you. I don't know what to do." Suddenly, I felt ashamed, too. I did not know they would tell Uncle details. Did they?

"Eighteen years old and the first thing you do at college is suck some boys cocks," he said, staring down at my chest, where the seat belt would be. I could feel my nipples harden. My bra, which wasn't refastened quite right, let my nipples spill out. They hardened against my white half-shirt. This was awkward, to say the least.

Uncle did not move his eyes. I wished he would.

Finally, he did. He looked down briefly, and then said: "I'm buckling you in."

It was strange. Why would he buckle my seat belt for me? But his shame had some power over me. I simply sat still. I complied. I waited.

His whole torso was in front of mine while he leaned to grab the seatbelt buckle from my door. He was unshaven, his hands rough and big. Slowly, slowly, he pulled it in front of me and pushed the metal piece into the buckle until it snapped. Then he slowly guided the belt so it lay across my chest. The strap edge he placed right on top of my fat left tit, his fingernail scraping my hard nipple as he let the strap go.

He did not move his torso away. "So you let these boys see these fat tits, is that it?" he breathed, not two inches from my face. I swallowed. I nodded. I was so, so ashamed.

He turned the key in the ignition. The car began to roll. The thing about convertibles is the breeze. I felt the breeze all over my body. I wondered how far to his home. Then something strange happened.

He cut the ignition. The car stopped. I had thought we were just turning around. We were next to the chain link fence of a junkyard on one side, and on the other there were trees all around.

"I want to talk to you about something here," Uncle said, gravely. I heard chains rattling and barking. I gasped. Less than a foot from my side of the car was a pack of junkyard dogs, jumping up against the chain-link fence and barking. What was going on? I felt confused.

"It's time you knew the difference between boys and men." Uncle said.

"Pull your T-shirt up. Do it now."


"You heard me. Do what I said."

This must be wrong, or dangerous, somehow, I thought. But I did what he said. One of my tits was not properly back in my bra. My nipple and half my boob poured out. The dogs barked. I felt afraid.

"Boys are just like dogs," Uncle said. "Attack dogs. If they see you, they want you. They want to bite you."

I swallowed. This was a hard lesson. I did feel stupid. Ashamed. He was making me feel ashamed for being a slut. No-one had ever made me feel ashamed before.

"Pull both your fat titties out into the air," Uncle ordered. I did what he said.

I was in the passenger side of a convertible of my uncle-in-law with my tits hanging out while dogs jumped up against chain link and barked at me. I did not know what to feel. I was afraid. My nipples felt the cold forest breeze, my ears heard the dogs barking. I felt exposed. I waited.

I waited for five minutes or more. I just waited. I was pretty sure he wasn't supposed to see my tits. This was just a lesson. A lesson for me not to act like a whore. Of course he wasn't looking. Not at my tits. I looked down at my skirt. I raised my eyes to the left, to the side, to see him. I did not dare look up. His pants were bulging. In his jeans, my forty year old Uncle's cock was bulging. Maybe that was to be expected. I was, after all, half naked in his car. What else could I expect? But it was wrong, somehow, and my confusion grew. It was me, my fault. It's not some game to be such a slut, Men get hard. People react. Things happen. Man, this place was isolated.

"When did you get your tits?" Uncle asked, almost whispering. His voice was breathy, ragged. "At thirteen," I whispered.

After what seemed like forever, Uncle answered. "Good," he said. I did not look up.

"What have we learned today?" Uncle asked me.

I thought for a while. "If I show my tits, things will happen."

"Good," he said, "and what would you like to have happen?"

I didn't know what to say.

"I don't know?" I ventured.

Uncle sighed a deep sigh of satisfaction. "Then you don't yet know the difference between boys and men."

Then Uncle turned the key in the ignition and the car screeched backward. I grabbed the door to keep steady.

"Keep your tits out while we drive home please, Cindy. That would help me."

I did as he asked.

Then he said that if I did as he asked and always helped him, he would teach me the difference between boys and men.

I gasped. I nodded.

I had a feeling all of this, and more, would happen again.

To Be Continued...

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