I awoke, dazed and confused. I was surrounded in complete darkness and it took me awhile to decide if my eyes were actually open. My chest and crotch felt rather itchy, but much to my dismay I couldn't move my hands to relieve the annoying itch.

"What is going on?"

"Ahh , so you are awake?" a bodiless voice said. It sounded as if it were coming through some speakers. "As I'm sure you are now aware, we have rendered you immobile for now, but don't worry it won't be for much longer."

"Who are you? Where am I? What the fuck is going on?" And why does my voice sound so weird?

"Easy now just calm down, little missy."

Did the voice say missy? "Where the hell am I?"

"I understand your confusion, but I'm afraid for now I cannot answer those questions. I'm only here right now to explain what has been done to you?"

"What has been done to me? Wha- what are you talking about?"

"You have been selected to take part in a ground-breaking new procedure to provide entertainment for those willing to pay for it. I highly recommend you come to terms with these changes quickly as you will find it much less traumatic and very rewarding, Miss Rhodes."

Did he just say woman? What the hell is going on?

"Over the next month or so you will undergo rigorous training to become a perfect sexual being, able to give and receive much pleasure in any way your "clients" see fit."

The way the voice said clients sent a shudder through my body.

"What the hell are you talking about!? Let me go!" I screamed, trying to move my arms. I couldn't feel anything restraining them; put in the darkness I couldn't be certain.

"I'm afraid that is not an option Miss Rhodes."

"My name is Cody! I'm a dude not a chick!"

"Not anymore Miss Rhodes. The man formerly known as Cody Rhodes is dead."

"What are you talking about?"

A flash of light burst through the darkness, momentarily blinding me. As my eyes adjusted to the light, a mirror hanging on the ceiling came into focus, but what I saw only sought to further my confusion. Where my reflection should have been lying, was that of a gorgeous woman sprawled out on a large bed covered in white, silk sheets. Where was I? Was that... me?

"Wha-," I stared at the mirror in total disbelief.

"Take a moment to come to terms with your new self," the voice said.

Where my buzzed brown hair had once been was now long and blond, coming down just past my shoulders. My goatee was gone, replaced by an elegant and angled jaw line and a cute little chin. I tried to wipe my eyes, perhaps I was still foggy from just waking up, but my arms were still restrained. Looking in the mirror, I saw no restraints and could not figure out why I couldn't move.

"I will now allow you movement to explore your new body. Any aggressive movements and that privilege will be taken away again."

A sudden tingling sensation swept over my body, and suddenly I could move. My hand immediately went to my face. As I moved my head, my long blond hair fell across my face. I pushed it behind my ear, just as I had seen women do it before. I sat up on the bed sitting in the center of the room and noticed that the walls were covered in mirrors; all sending my reflection back to me. An unfamiliar weight shifted on my chest and a tear slid down my face as I finally began to fully realize what had happened. I was now a chick.

"For now, this is your home. Here you will train, exercise, and entertain and depending how your training goes, you will once again be released out into the world. I will give you the rest of the night to explore your room and your new body. The bathroom and your wardrobe are located through the door on your left and we expect you to stay clean, inside and out, at all times. Sleep tight, Miss Rhodes."A small beep sounded from the speakers in the corners of the room and I was alone, or so I thought.

I could do nothing but look at my reflection in the mirrors that surrounded me everywhere. I was dressed in a light pink, silk nightie. I lifted to my hands to my chest, cringing upon the realization that my breasts were in fact real. Not only that, but they were perfect; perky and just the right size.

Without knowing why, I gave them a squeeze and waves of pleasure shot through my body, and down to my crotch. A soft moan escaped my throat as I began to feel my nipples through the nightie. It was unlike anything I had ever felt before.

Before I knew what was going on, my right hand slid down my now slim and toned stomach and started to reach under the edge of my nightie. MY nightie? What the hell is wrong with me? I forced myself to stand up and fold my arms behind my back to keep from touching myself. I did not want to find out what was waiting for me between my legs.

The sudden need to pee began to sneak up on me, but as hard as I tried to hold it, the urge became too much and I sprinted into the bathroom. I pulled the nightie up and reached for my cock, praying it was still there. My hands found nothing, and I began to cry as I sat down on the toilet to urinate for the first time. Even after I was done, I sat there and continued to cry. Why me? Why did this have to happen to me?

After I gathered myself and wiped away my tears, I reached for some toilet paper, but was instead surprised with a blast of warm water to my crotch. As much as I didn't want to admit it, it felt rather good. Oh how I missed the ability to shake my dick and walk away. I stood up and adjusted my nightie and began to sulk back to the "bedroom" when I came to another door just outside the bathroom. This must be my wardrobe, I thought to myself. I stood in front of the door, battling with the curiosity to open the door and the dread of finding out what was on the other side of the door.

With a sigh, I reached for the handle and turned the handle. As soon as I pulled open the door, the room lit up. It was nearly as big as the "bedroom" and was stocked full of clothes and accessories. Dresses and shirts of all different colors and styles hung on hangers above racks and racks of shoes, most of which had at least 4 inch heels. Straight ahead was an extremely ornate white dresser with several intricate carvings. Upon further inspection they appeared to be princesses with flowing gowns. Was this what I was to become?

I opened the first of four drawers my heart dropped. It was overflowing with skimpy and colorful underwear. My worst fears were confirmed as I examined them further. Almost all of them were thongs and g-strings, with a few boy shorts scattered amongst them. I quickly slammed the drawer shut and tried to push the thought of wearing such things out of my mind.

Sheer curiosity forced me to open the second drawer, which was filled to the brim with lacy and sexy bras. Grabbing a light blue one, I checked the tag to discover they were C cups. I shuddered at the thought wearing such sexy lingerie. Had I seen this kind of underwear on a girl I wouldn't be able to keep my hands off of her.

Suddenly the tingling sensation returned and my hands reached for the edge of my nightie and pulled it over my head. I struggled to pull it back down but my hands had a mind of their own. They carefully hung the nightie up next to the dresser and proceeded to open the top drawer. My right hand fished out a black g-string that hardly qualified as underwear. Horrified, my legs stepped into the garment and my hands began sliding it up my legs. An involuntary shudder shook my body at the feel of the silky underwear gliding over my now hairless legs. The string settled neatly in my crack, brushing my asshole and sent another wave of pleasure through my body. What the hell was happening to me? I don't want this!

The realization that they were somehow controlling my body hit me like a ton of bricks. I was completely helpless.

My hands then shut the drawer and opened the second. They found a black half-cup bra with pink trimming and a little pink bow holding the cups together. I shut my eyes as I felt myself putting the bra in place and snapping it together expertly behind my back. As much as I hated to admit it, my breasts felt much better with a little support. I opened my eyes as I felt myself start to bend over at the waist, sticking my ass high in the air, and reach for the bottom drawer.

I almost fainted upon discovering the horrors that waited inside. It too was filled to the brim, but not with clothes or underwear, but with dildos and vibrators of all shapes and sizes. I gasped as my hands reached for not one, but two different dildos. One was a smooth, glass dildo that looked to be about 7 inches long and had several life-like veins stretching from the balls all the way to the large mushroomed head. The other was a purple vibrator that looked slightly larger and had a rotating head and a clit massager.

The glass dildo was in my mouth and down my throat before I knew it as I made my way back to the bedroom. As my old self I had barely been able to brush my tongue with my toothbrush with having to fight off my gag reflex, but now it was completely nonexistent. My feet took me right up to one of the mirrors and paused, as if I was forcing myself to take it all in. I began to cry so hard I could barely see, but after my hand wiped my eyes momentarily clear, I couldn't help but notice the look on my face as the glass dildo rested in my mouth. It looked as if I was in heaven with my full, puffy lips wrapped around this makeshift cock.

My body began to sway back and forth, rocking my hips promiscuously as if I was putting on a sexy show for someone. My back arched, forcing my boobs to stick out more from my chest and I couldn't help but think about how badly I wanted to fuck the girl staring back at me in the mirror. That mere thought sent me over the edge and my panties became very wet.

Leaving the glass dildo in my throat, my feet took me back to the bed, where I laid down and spread my legs wide open. My hand set down the purple vibrator next to my head and shot straight to my now sop and wet crotch. While one hand worked the glass dildo in and out of my mouth, the other ran up and down my new slit and brushed my clit.

Small explosions went off in my head as pleasure racked my body. My back arched again as middle finger slipped inside me up to second knuckle. My thumb began to circle my clit slowly before gently rubbing over it, just as I had done to so many girls before.

At this point, my mind was screaming out for it to stop, but I had absolutely no control over my body. The idea that I was literally fucking myself was appalling. I felt nothing but shame and embarrassment, and I couldn't do a thing to stop it. I could only watch in the overhead mirror as my body writhed on the bed in obvious pleasure as the dildo slid in and out of my mouth and a second finger slipped into my pussy. My humiliation quickly subsided as I felt the familiar feeling of an approaching orgasm.

Suddenly, my vagina tightened around my finger and my whole body spasmed as my first female orgasm tore through my body. For what seemed like several minutes, my whole body rocked and bucked as wave after wave of overwhelming pleasure flowed through my body. Finally the feeling began to subside and my hand pulled the glass dildo from my mouth.

Thinking it was over, I breathed a sigh of relief, but it was short-lived as my left hand took the glass dildo and began to run it along my slit and against my clit.

Suddenly I felt an overwhelming desire to be penetrated in all of my orifices. My mind was screaming for it to stop, but I laid there helplessly as I watched the dildo begin to slip into my pussy.

As much as I hated the idea of inserting anything resembling a dick into me, the feeling of having something in my vagina was amazing. I wanted to cry again, but must have been all out of tears. My pussy tightened around the dildo as it slowly slipped further and further into me, until it reached some kind of blockage. My heart dropped as I realized what it was, but in the mirror a wicked smile crossed my face.

With a light shove, my hand pushed the dildo past the barrier, causing me to scream in pain. Blood mingled with my juices, staining the white silk sheets. The pain quickly subsided though as the dildo slid all the way in. My hand rotated the phallus so the balls were on top, resting against my clit and a moan escaped my lips. Why did this have to feel so good?

A few more pumps and my hand pulled the glass cock from my pussy, but instead of setting it aside, it drifted further down, finally coming to a stop at my trembling bud. Terrified, I fought with every inch of my being to pull my hand and the pseudo-cock away from my hole, but to no avail. With a little push, the dildo breached my sphincter and worked its way up further. Despite never having anything up my ass before, the dildo met little resistance, slipper y with my juices and blood.

My mind screamed at feeling of having this 7 inch toy in my ass, but pleasure my body derived from it quickly shut out the screaming.

Apparently it wouldn't stop there though. Suddenly, my hand reached for the purple vibrator whirring next to my head and quickly shoved it into my dripping pussy. The massager came to rest against my clit and my body was immediately racked with another orgasm.

After I recovered, I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror. A gorgeous girl impaled on two dildos, writhing in the silk sheets like some sex-starved slut. My hands immediately went to my breasts, kneading them and playing with my nipples. The waves of pleasure that swept over my body made the muscles in my pussy and anus tighten around the phalluses inserted in each, bringing me to yet another mind-blowing orgasm.

I felt as though I were drifting through space, without a care in the world. Any movement I made sent into back into that blissful state. After what seemed like several hours of floating amongst the clouds, I passed out in exhaustion.

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