tagBDSMHelpless in the Woods Ch. 02

Helpless in the Woods Ch. 02


My name is Matt. In the first Chapter I describe how I came upon these two attractive women stranded deep in the Canadian woods. Their canoe had been swept down a rain-swollen river for miles before crashing on some rocks. They were wet, cold, and lost. I offered to lead them to the nearest road, but told them it would take days, and we would all have to live off my hunting and fishing skills. They would have to obey my instructions. Also, I informed them that I had only one small tent and one sleeping bag, and the nights would be cold. I promised to be a gentleman and that nothing would happen that they did not want to happen.

As it grew cold that first night, Susan crawled into the sleeping bag with me, after agreeing to my rule that no clothes could be worn in the bag. Judy, the dominant one in their relationship, refused and tried to stay warm by the fire. With some spooning and touching I got Susan warmed up, and one thing led to another, culminating in noisy mutual orgasms that Judy could not fail to hear.

"Do you think Judy heard us?" Susan whispered.

I was still cuddling her from behind, coming down from that other world, and slowly channeling my shrinking erection in the now very slippery groove in her basketball ass. "Are you kidding?" I chuckled. "You nearly ruptured my eardrum."

"Was I really that loud? I do tend to get carried away."

Judy's voice came from outside the tent. "Oh, I heard you all right. Not that I didn't expect it. Christ, I'm cold."

"Don't be mad, honey," said Susan. "Come in here with us and get warm. Matt is like a furnace."

Judy sighed. "Okay, I give up. I'm dying out here. Maybe he got it out of his system."

Fat chance. Judy had a full, lush body that complemented Susan's small, tight frame. With Judy and one side of me, and Susan on the other, I would be one happy hot dog in the middle. Susan had dropped hints about being up for a threesome, and I was counting on her to help me. My cock stirred, and Susan took note.

"So soon?" she tittered. "Remember what you promised. Nothing happens that we don't want to happen. Judy doesn't think you can control yourself."

"That's right," Judy said. "But from the noise you two were making, it's obvious you were BOTH out of control."

Susan shivered in my arms. I could feel her smiling.

"Come on in Judy," I said. "Crawl in feet first and throw whatever clothes you're wearing into the back of the tent. When you're ready, I'll unzip the bag and let you in."

"Here I come. Remember your promise."

"I remember."

With a little urging, I got Susan to roll over so that she was facing me, on the side away from where Judy was slithering in. Susan kissed me and put a cool hand between my legs. Instantly I grew another inch.

"Don't turn over facing Judy," she said softly. "Let her get warm without worrying about you."

"We should put her in the middle," I said. "She needs our body heat on both sides."

"Good idea. I'll crawl over the two of you once she gets in position." Then she gave me a squeeze. "But don't let her feel this big thing. It'll freak her out."

Judy crawled in and stretched out beside me. "I'm here. Unzip the damn bag!"

I couldn't resist teasing her. "Are you naked?"

"Yes, damn it."

The zipper was on the side, and I had to roll onto my back to reach it. As I did so, Susan threw a leg over mine and ground her pussy on my thigh. Putting her lips up to my ear, she flicked her tongue in and out. "This scene is sooo hot" she whispered.

Wow. I was fully erect and hard as I'd ever been. With supreme self-control I refrained from putting it to Susan on the spot. I had gone off too soon the first time.

A grateful Judy slid in on her back and snuggled her side against mine, teeth chattering. "How do I close this thing? Quick, I'm colder than ever!"

"I'll do it," I said. "Just lie still. You'll be warm in a minute."

To close the zipper I had to reach an arm over her, and as I pulled up on the metal tab, I skimmed her body from her thighs to her neck. Her plump breasts pushed against my forearm like a couple of grapefruit. She was shivering so badly that she probably didn't notice. It was tight with three of us in three-person bag, but I finally managed to get the zipper closed.

"OK," I said to Susan. "Crawl over and let's put some heat to this ice cycle."

Susan scooted over me, hesitating a couple of seconds when her pussy contacted my hardness, then dropping on Judy's other side. "Turn toward me," she said to Judy. "I'll warm your front, while Matt does your back."

"Yes... please... I'm so cold," she groaned.

The two of us acted like a waffle iron, heating batter from both sides. Only this time the batter was the quivering flesh of a voluptuous woman. I did not try to minimize the contact with my rock-hard erection.

"How does this feel, Judy?" Susan asked.

"Sooo good... I may live."

"I told you that Matt was like a big heat stick."

"Yea, he's got a big stick all right."

"You want me to move?" I asked, even though there was no place for me to go.

"NO WAY. I need both of your heat."

I reached over her to put my hand on Susan's back so I could pull and compress our sandwich even more. Susan's body was plastered to Judy's, tit to tit, pussy to pussy, their faces inches apart. For a minute we lay still, letting Judy draw heat from our bodies. Then I felt movement as Susan closed the gap between their faces and kissed her friend on the mouth. Judy stiffened.

"Relax, honey," said Susan. "Go with the flow. You are not in charge here. Matt is. We have to do what he wants."

"I know what he wants. I can feel it."

"So? Is that so bad?"

"I don't know, Susan. I'm still so cold."

Bless her randy little heart, Susan came up with a great idea. "Matt," she said, "I think my friend is losing heat though those domes on her chest. You know... like I was. Don't you think you should put a stop to that?"

"Absolutely," I agreed.

"And pinch off the little smokestacks," she added. "I know from experience that will warm her up considerably."

When Judy didn't say anything I took that as her wanting it to happen. My big right hand closed on one full breast and squeezed. She twisted and moaned, but Susan silenced her with another full mouth kiss. I moved from breast to breast, massaging the firm mounds and teasing the nipples.

"Ummm..." she hummed into Susan's mouth.

"Give me your tongue," Susan whispered.

That did it. Judy's body relaxed, resigned to her fate. Her ass wiggled against my cock. I pinched a nipple, hard.


I could have taken her then, but her skin was still cool, and I wanted her fully recovered before I had my way. Also, my inflated sense of honor required that she openly acknowledge that she wanted it.

"Judy, you were a bad girl to burn up all the firewood," I said, as I rolled a long, hard nip between thumb and finger. "You agreed to follow my instructions in return for my helping you, remember?"

"But I was so cold."

"No excuses, Judy. You must be punished. You know that, don't you?"

Judy tensed. Her friend giggled and snuggled closer. "Answer me, Judy," I demanded, moving to the other nipple.

"What do you mean, punished?"

"Well, if this were daytime, and we were on the trail, I would tie you over a log, pull down your pants, and spank you."


"But I can't very well do that with us all crammed into this sleeping bag, can I?"


My thumb and finger clamped down hard. "No what? You two have to learn who's in charge here. From now on, it's 'yes, sir', 'no, sir', 'please, sir', 'whatever you want, sir'. Understand?"

"AHHhh... yes, sir."

"That's better. A little humiliation becomes you. No more bad-mouthing men. Now roll over on your back."

Taking a deep breath, Judy twisted and turned her head toward me. Her wide eyes shown in the dim light from the still glowing fire. I stroked her cheek.

"Your punishment is that you must submit to me, and to Susan if I wish it. You must do it now, and anytime I say while we three are together."

"What exactly do you mean, submit?"

"Anything I want."

"But you promised..."

"So did you. You promised to follow my instructions regarding survival. You broke your promise. Therefore, I am released from mine. We start from square one."


I took that non-objection as acceptance of my convoluted logic. But she had not yet fully acquiesced. I wanted to hear her beg for it.

"Matt," she said in a small voice. "You should know that I'm not on any birth control."

I chuckled. "Not a problem. Some guys carry condoms. I carry morning-after pills. A Boy Scout is always prepared."

"I hope you've got more than one pill," tittered Susan.

"A whole bottle," I assured her.

Judy sighed and pressed her leg against mine. "I guess you've got me," she breathed. "Please be gentle."

"I'll be what I want," I said firmly. "Susan, hold her arm down on your side. I can hold this one and still have one hand free to explore this lush body."

"Yes, sir," Susan quickly answered.

For the next few minutes I let my hand roam. Starting at her eyes, down her cheek to her lips, along her neck to her breasts, over, around, under, flicking the turgid buds, then following a line across her stomach, bypassing her pussy to tease her thigh, going as far down as her calf, then returning up the other leg, retracing my path until I was again at her mouth.

She lay still, taking shallow breaths. I could feel the sexual tension in her body. She wanted it, but was fearful. I had to break through that barrier to force her total submission and unleash what I expected was a latent volcano.

Her skin temperature was almost back to normal. It was time to take things up a notch.

"Open your mouth, Judy. Suck my finger."

Her lips parted. I probed her mouth gently, moving over her tongue and the inside of her bottom lip. "Get me nice and wet," I whispered. "That way it will feel so good when I begin fingering your pussy."


"You like dirty talk, don't you Judy," I teased. "Do you talk dirty to Susan when you do her? Does she, Susan?"

"Oh yea. We both love it," said Susan.

I continued talking with Susan as my wet finger began its slow journey down Judy's torso. "What kind of thing does she like to hear?"

"She likes to hear me whimper as she whips me," Susan said. "She likes to deny me and make me beg. Don't you, honey?"

"Oh god..."

"I'm going to do the same thing to you, Judy," I said. "Every day on this trip. Susan's going to help me. You're going to feel what it's like to be on the bottom for a change."

I reached her lower abdomen. Short, well-trimmed hairs caressed my finger tip. An inch more, and I was into her moist nest. Her hips jerked upward, drawing me in.

"What do you beg for, Susan?" I asked. My finger slithered in the slippery groove, eliciting a series of quick-breathing moans. "What do you like Judy to do?"

"I like her to finger my pussy like you are doing to her now."

"It's so dark in here. How do you know what I'm doing?"

Susan laughed. "She's humping something, and I don't think it's your dick. At least not yet."

"You're right. I'm saving my dick for later."

At this point I began gently massaging the soft, wet lips. She groaned and shifted, opening herself more. I rewarded her by nudging a curled finger against the base of her clit.

"AAAHHH..." Judy wailed.

"I want it too, you know," Susan pouted.

"Don't worry. We have many days together. Right now your friend Judy is the priority. I want her begging for it."

"Let me help," Susan panted. "I know just how to touch her."

"Okay, we'll do her together. Push her on her side facing me. I'll play with her tits and talk to her while you put your hand up between her legs."

Between the two of us we maneuvered Judy into position. "Make her put a leg over you," said Susan. "Open her up."

I captured a nipple and pinched. "You heard your friend," I said.

"Oh - Oh - Oh"

"Perfect," cooed Susan. "Now I can go to work."

Although it was pitch black in the tent, Judy's rapid breaths guided my mouth to hers. She met my tongue with a gasp and engaged it with her own. Her hips bucked as Susan's fingers worked their magic.

By the time I ended the kiss, Judy was literally thrashing in the cradle between our two bodies. My cock reveled in the stimulation from her humping pelvis. To top it off, Susan's hand came from between Judy's legs and grabbed me.

"Jesus Christ!" I cried.

"You are sooo hard," Susan moaned, as she rubbed the tip back and forth over Judy's wet lips. "Feel this, Judy? You're going to get the real thing for a change. And you're going to love it!"

"OH GOD..."

"Beg him, Judy! Ask for it and I'll feed him into you!"

Frantically Judy pulled at my hair to get her mouth up to my ear. "Fuck me, Matt! Please, fuck me! NOW!"

"Are you going to be a good girl, do everything I tell you?"

"Yes, sir."

To be continued??

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