tagIncest/TabooHelpless Sins Ch. 02

Helpless Sins Ch. 02


This story is dedicated to Brianna for her understanding, and to all who made me feel like a writer on my very first try.

Chapter 2: The Morning After

"Lord, give me strength." Charlene whispered. The tiny rasp of her voice was the only sound penetrating the silence of her bedroom, save the shallow breaths of sleep coming from beside her. Charlene had awoken to face the terrible and sensational truth that her son David was in her bed, naked as she was and the scent of their passionate sex still lingered in the air as though they had only finished crossing that line only moments ago. Charlene's words felt like a prayer in her heart, though she was really only whispering to herself out of a need to talk to anyone who would listen. As the gorgeous young man beside her dreamed into the morning hours, she hadn't the heart to wake him yet to subject him to rambles of incoherent thought on her part about what had happened. As she stared at David so attentively that she occasionally forgot to blink until her eyes stung, Charlene rolled her thoughts around inside her head.

"Alright. It happened. It's not like you can convince him it didn't." She began over thinking with all the intensity that a complex calculus question might require. "And it was wonderful... perfect... No! Stop that! He's your son for Christ sake!" Charlene stabbed herself with her own logic. "This can't continue." She decided flatly, resolved that she would allow him to sleep and when he awoke they would talk. She would tell him how wonderful it was, how incredible he was as a lover. That she loved him and was terribly sorry for putting him in the position they were in but that was the end of it.

"But I'm not sorry." She whispered aloud once more, realizing what she said with the full force of an epiphany. She wasn't sorry enough, was more to the point. As she recalled the delicious feeling of being entwined with his body and the taste of his lips against hers, Charlene felt achingly certain that all the guilt and pain that would come from doing it again was an acceptable price. "Oh my God this whole thing is totally fucked!" The thought sounded like a scream in her head. She was torturing herself beyond any decision she had poorly made in the past. Perhaps, she realized, some lines weren't crossed, but not for the reasons she'd always understood. "Alright, one thing is still certain. I have to talk to him. He's a part of this and I need to hear his thoughts on it too." She decided and to her amazement, all the other voices battling to be heard in her mind ceased, apparently satiated that that was the best course of action... for now.

Charlene jumped as her son's body unexpectedly moved over and nuzzled against hers. Her instinct to recoil was defeated by the fact that she had nowhere to go. She was already nearly against the side of the bed. His strong young thigh had draped over her hip, pressing his cock against it which with all the stereotype of a young man, had swollen to its rigid potential in the fading hours of his dreams. The heat of it warmed her naked skin, sending her body into an electric state. As Charlene lay perfectly still marveling at the sensation, she closed her eyes, feeling her son's steady pulse in the soft twitch of his manhood against her. Any resolve to await David's alertness to discuss the previous night vanished as she slid her hand slowly down her body until her fingertips met with the solid fleshy head of his engorged phallus.

David's lips parted as he continued to sleep peacefully while she inched back from him just enough to permit her fingers to wrap around him. The gentle thump of his heartbeat swelled in her grasp like it was giving her permission to continue. Despite the eagerness of her intent, Charlene couldn't help but be aware that her grip was feeble and shaky as she slid her fingers tightly up along David's shaft. Her maternal shame contended with her desire heavily, until at last her hands steadied. Without her eyes to see her labors under the covers, he felt even longer than she had recalled as her hand glided softly from his base to tip with controlled even movements.

"God what's wrong with me?" Charlene whispered as she stared up at the ceiling expecting in part that a divine reply should come from above to caution her against this further decent into depravity. Without warning a hot flow coated along her hand and dribbled out along her hip. Charlene immediately lifted the comforter to see the intoxicating sight of her son's clear sticky pre-cum evacuating his penis in a heavy flow as she fondled him.

"Stop this! Stop while you can!" Her better reasoning screamed inside her mind, but Charlene had become helpless at the sight of her son's hot natural lubricant going to waste under her skillful efforts. Feeling like she could weep at her helplessness, Charlene looked back up at her son's sleeping face. His mouth had opened further, panting softly as she stroked her hand along his cock. She wondered if she could possibly be lucky enough that he was dreaming of her. Locking her eyes on his, ready to abandon what she was doing at the first sight of David rousing, Charlene inched her body downward until she was engulfed in the covers. Soon it wouldn't matter if he woke up, but until then something about him simply opening his eyes to it happening felt safer to her. It was a cowardice she could live with.

"I'm going to Hell..." She panted as she leveled her face with her son's outstretched cock. The head was glistening with his pre-ejaculate and his skin still wore the aroma of her own vagina from the night before. Closing her eyes, Charlene held him firmly in her hand, extending her tongue from her pouty lips until it met his tightly stretched skin. The salty mix of their torrid sex enthralled her taste buds immediately, forcing her to lick upward in a single heavy pass of her tongue until her lips crested over the oozing head of David's cock. She locked her lips over it tightly, suckling her son firmly for more of the delicious nectar that she now craved like a drug addict. The musky scent of his crotch filled her nostrils like a poppy field, and like a perverted Dorothy of Oz, she breathed him in deeply as she savored the pleasure of his manhood pressing against the inside of her cheek like a child with a sweet. She opened her mouth around him, pressing forward as she swallowed his cock in more deeply, then slowly she withdrew, allowing her lips to pass her saliva in a heavy coat against his flesh to make the next time easier.

"God David, why do you taste so good?" She wondered as she gulped with increasing eagerness along her son's forbidden fruit. Each time her lips pinched nearly closed at the tip of his penis, David unknowingly streamed more of his adolescent sweetness into his mother's hungry mouth. She continued fellating him, letting it pool in her mouth richly before she swallowed in satisfaction but the yearning in the rest of her body was beginning to cry out for fulfillment.

"Wake up baby." She thought, willing him to feel her need as he slept. Charlene grasped him tighter in her hand, tugging at his throbbing hardness as she sucked David more vigorously, allowing deep throaty moans to pass her lips and stimulate his tender flesh. "Wake up. God, please just wake up and..." She begged in silent madness. Like the answer to the silent prayers of a blossoming nymphomaniac, young strong hands wound into her hair along the back of her head with a sudden trembling firmness.

"Please don't stop!" David's voice groaned deeply with urgent need from outside the protective concealment of the blanket surrounding Charlene's aching body. His hips thrust forward gently, sending the head of his cock back in to his mother's mouth. She took it deeply between her soft wet lips and flattened her tongue to caress it as it sank to the back of her throat. She surrendered, allowing David to control her; holding the back of her head gently but with no obvious intention of letting her move as he guided himself in and out of her mouth in long deliberate movements. Charlene's hand again sought out the flowing moisture between her legs, furiously massaging her clit as her son used her mouth for his pleasure. The act of giving in to him like this, of allowing such abandonment of control was unlike any arousal she had ever experienced. He was making her his, and in spite of any effort she could have ever imagined mounting, she was helpless to deny that she wanted him to.

Charlene reached out along her son's swollen cock, raking her fingernails along its length as it pushed forward into her lips until her fingers felt the delicate thin flesh of her son's testicles. They rested in her circled fingers like monstrous olives, his fragile scrotum contorting and tightening under her touch with delicious reactions. Softly, Charlene teased them with her tickling touch, cupping them and rolling them between her fingers as her sons gentle thrusts into the recesses of her mouth intensified in speed and force.

"Oh Mom..." David groaned. Charlene's other hand had become a flurry of motion over her vagina. Hot thick fluid spilled through her rapidly circling fingers as her puckering sex opened to receive them with longing. David's cock swelled and receded with each thrust he made into her wet velvety mouth, seeping stream after stream of his manly nectar along her taste buds. Charlene moaned a muffled and desperate cry of passion along against his cock as she plunged her fingertips into her core; three at once with remarkable ease. "God Mom!" David cried out again. The more he said 'mom', she more deeply lost Charlene sank into the desperate enthrallment that incest now offered. Her own ambition replaced the need for the hold of his guiding hands against her head. She worked her face forward of her own accord as she rolled him onto his back and took a place on all fours beneath the blanket and bobbed her mouth up and down along his slippery cock.

David ripped the blanket back, revealing his mother to his eyes. "God that's so hot!" He gasped as he took in the sight of her, on her hands and knees, taking him into her throat with each sinking motion oh her head. She kept one arm draped back along her body and Charlene felt certain that David could hear the lewd sloppy sounds her fingers were making as she feverishly masturbated. Somehow, that only made her hotter for him.

"Look at me..." David begged. Charlene looked up from the sight of his cock vanishing in her face into David's intense gaze. His eyes penetrated her to the core as though his fixed gaze could fuck her all by itself. The connection forced helpless moans from Charlene as she grunted to continue to fuck her son with her mouth. Willing her throat to become an equal to the saturation between her legs, she decided in a moment to allow what she had never permitted of another man out of nervous hesitancy. Gaping her jaw open as far as she could tolerate, she flattened her tongue to keep it out of the way and pressed her head slowly down further. Her eyes shut tightly on their own as Charlene breathed deeply through her nose, willing herself to relax as she felt the mushroom head of her son's cock ease into her throat. The intrusion, new and frightening forced her to cough against him, but still she allowed him in further despite the discomfort of a certain gag reflex. Her eyes began to water as the feeling of suffocation swept terror through her nerves but putting aside every warning her instinct to raise back up could muster, Charlene sank lower until more of him was lodged tightly in her throat than not.

"I'm actually deep throating! I'm deep throating my own son." She realized as she continued to force herself to breath normally through her nose. He felt gigantic inside her neck. Despite a certainty of an impending sore throat, the desperate look of pleasure in David's eyes urged her to continue taking him in, sending endless inched of phallic delicacy into her mouth. Familiar terrors of pleasure and broken boundaries consumed Charlene as she drooled against the meaty shaft each time it withdrew. It was becoming easier to take him in, like a virginal pain that had given way to the delights of amazing new pleasure. With new found boldness, she eased her head forward with each deep thrust into her face as her fingers redoubled their efforts inside the swollen folds of her parted labia.

David held perfectly still, watching her intently. In his eyes offered a sudden gentle reassurance that she should continue, but only at her willingness. Charlene felt the warmth of security and began to try to press down more deliberately with her slowly bobbing head. He was so deep it was impossible to believe that his heavy looking testicles were nearly resting on her chin. As she looked down the length of his cock she silently wished there was a way to consume them as well if only to bring his pleasure to heights no woman would ever again be capable of. The idea that she could be something to him in the privacy of her bedroom that he would never be able to replace elsewhere made her feel powerful and alive. In that moment of perfect fantasy, Charlene came heavily, tugging her hand from her sex to support her against the bed as she screamed in delight against the intrusion she had forced into her throat so deeply. Her pelvic muscles convulsed, sending a squirt of her juices out of her core and down the inside of her thighs with a wet spitting sound. She felt exposed and embarrassed as she tried to look up at David who had cocked his head to the side, glaring at the trickle of his mother's ejaculate that at this point was running nearly to her knees.

"Jesus Christ that's beautiful." He whispered as he looked at her warm tingling leg like it was something to eat. Charlene's embarrassment evaporated. Had she only the will to take him from her mouth she longed to kiss him, to thank him for how sexy she felt. Suddenly David winced. His hands reached out, clutching the sides of the bed like he was bracing himself. It was not a look of discomfort. Charlene had already come to know that face well and pulled her head back, gurgling until her son's plump cock head rested between her lips. Eagerly she circled the tip with a dancing tongue as she took hold of David's length and began to stroke her slippery salvia along it like some treasured lubricant.

"Mom!" Was all he managed before his penis noticeably jerked before Charlene's eyes. Almost immediately she was rewarded by a heavy warm rush, spilling into her mouth faster than she could swallow it. With heavy gulps she drank from her son's cock as his hips bucked involuntarily and his labored breaths broke into manly howls of pleasure. Charlene was transported back to the innocence of infancy; the need to suckle and nurse, and it occupied her mind as grossly appropriate that her own child now nourished her craving the way she had once nourished his from her breast. She sucked harder, desperate for the bittersweet blessing flowing over her tongue not to end until reluctantly she finally pulled away gasping for air, having ensured that her son's last drops were not lost to the hot flannel bed sheets beneath them.

Staring up at David as she traced a finger up from her chin to deliver a dribble of ejaculate that had escaped her mouth, he gazed back down at her, breathless and mesmerized. Between his legs sat a proud wet cock that had lost none of its rigidity; the blessings of youth. Charlene swallowed deeply as she realized that whoever her son was looking at, it wasn't his mother anymore. His pupils sparkled as though his eyes were made of a glistening liquid flame.

"Oh yes. Please let this happen again. No! It can't yet. We haven't talked." She thought as the weight of terror and wonder fermented in her mind to prepare her for what was to come. David sat up, reaching out for her arm. His grasp was firm and unyielding. Charlene felt helpless as he pulled her forward and directed her to lay flat along her bed as he rounded her body. She watched him silently, battling with fight or flight instincts as he placed his knee between her thighs and scooted them apart only just slightly. Every fiber of her being seemed to beat in her heart with millions of shouting voices, all competing to convey the emotional flood that was welling inside her.

"Yes..." She hissed. "David I want you so badly." She whimpered. The words represented the dominate voice in her scramble of confused thoughts. Suddenly she knew that any protest on her part and it would end. She felt secure and safe with herself and above all her son. She knew what had to happen. She knew what she couldn't go another minute without. Charlene turned her head away from David, rested her head against a pillow and waited to be ravaged.

She groaned in anticipation as she felt the heat of her son's strong thighs mount her from behind. The hot sticky length of his cock rested blissfully along the crack of her bottom as his hands massaged up her back and teased back down her spine with delicate brushes of his fingertips. She lay there, still breathless with the taste of his semen on her tongue, ready to open herself to him. She felt him take hold of himself, rocking his hips back to align his beautiful cock with his mother's wet depths.

"David..." Charlene whispered as she finally turned her head from the pillow it rested on and looked back over her shoulder at her secret lover. He leaned down along her back to listen, his heat enveloping her and his breath against her ear. "Make me yours." She groaned with a deep huff of air as she felt the meaty head of his cock penetrate her. His lips closed along the back of her neck and Charlene's eyes fluttered up into their lids as she scarcely remained aware of her voice crying out while her son thrusted forward, sending his complete girth into her without the slightest resistance. Her body echoed what her heart desired most. She was terribly wet for him, ready to surrender to any manner of power he would send through his cock into her delicate aching vagina.

"You're so hot." He gasped. Charlene rolled her head forward, digging her teeth into her pillow as her son began to thrust in and out. His hands stroked up along her arms until they found her hands, clenching his fingers tightly in hers as his hips collided against her bottom forcefully until the sound of their mutual moans of pleasure was augmented with the delightful noise of impacting flesh. "I can't believe we're really doing this again!" He panted as his breath became ragged.

"Then don't ruin it by talking about it."Charlene wanted to reply but kept the thought to herself. She didn't want him to ever stop, but was terrified that if he made it feel any more real her resolve would crumble and she would flee her room in agony; to cover herself and face her son as a mother and tell him that what they had done, what they were doing was impossibly wrong. "How can you call yourself a mother?" She asked herself, hoping almost that some part of her would answer. She wondered if the gorgeous young man behind her, driving the perfection that was his young penis into her so forcefully had even the same cares over their situation; she hoped not. In this moment of bliss, Charlene dared to wish that David felt totally at ease as he took her with such recklessness. More than anything, she wanted to receive him with the same careless joy, as though they were simply well acquainted friends who after many years had discovered each other in a new light.

"David!" She cried out in reply. "Your cock feels so perfect inside me! Take me! Take your mother!" She added, hoping that the filthy words would urge him to pound the doubt right out of her. His pace intensified. Continuously, Charlene rocked forward along her mattress, gasping in pleasure as her vaginal walls clamped down on the welcome invader that speared into her slippery womanhood deeper than she could ever remember having had before. His hands clenched hers tightly. His body, now slick with perspiration slid along her back with each lunge of his hips. His mouth washed over her shoulder, biting her flesh as he growled through his lust.

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