tagBDSMHelplessly Teased on Mia's Bed

Helplessly Teased on Mia's Bed


Mia went from a complete stranger to my intensely loyal girlfriend in two weeks flat. We met at a club after her cousin dragged me across the bar. I was sure I was being kicked out until he planted me in front of an absolutely stunning Spanish girl. "This is Mia."

She gave an embarrassed laugh as her cousin walked away. "Hi, sorry about that." She was petite but with a round face, framed by raven black hair parted in the middle, pillowy lips and a bronze complexion. She couldn't have been over 5 feet tall, which made her D cups that much more intimidating. Yet somehow she was the nervous one. "All I said was 'that guy's cute.' I didn't think they'd drag you over here. This is so embarrassing!" I was too buzzed to even register my luck. I just gave her a big smile and introduced myself. And so it began. We talked closely over the booming music, danced in a tequila haze, but didn't kiss. She typed her number in my phone and made me promise 3 times to call her.

I suggested dinner and she suggested takeout at my place. She was an enthusiastic conversationalist, and inexplicably seemed a little nervous around me. When I threw on a movie she silently put my arm around her, and when I tilted her chin up her parted lips met mine in a soft stillness. We tasted each other... Then she straddled me. Stroking my head with both hands as she pressed her salivating tongue into my mouth. A palpable tension was being released in her wet, forceful kisses, and her vanilla lotion wafted into the air. She took my approving moan as a cue to grind harder against my jeans. Mia was making me crazy.

"I'm Spanish, we cook for our men." The next night she cooked her first meal for me, which honestly was nothing special, but her smile at my exaggerated approval was priceless. Of all the girls I'd dated, no one was more eager to please than Mia. We chatted a lot about Spanish culture, her slipping in questions like "Do you like shy girls, or do you want a girl who takes control?" I of course, was careful not to bring up my sexual fantasies 3 days in. "I was taught that you have to keep your boyfriend satisfied," she added from behind her wine glass. "Like, I never understand girls who won't go down on their man. I mean, I love it," she said with a bubbly smile.

"Marry me," I joked back.

She laughed as she circled the table, then sat on my lap with a kiss. She reached down and grabbed the bulge in my jeans with a curious "Mmmph... I'll give you something to be excited about," she boasted.

She yanked my jeans to the floor, got to her knees and smiled up at me. She pressed her wide tongue against my cock and slid it around. Lightly at first. But she liked to keep her eyes on me, and it didn't take her long to figure out that handling it a little rougher was what really drove me crazy. An expert at non-verbal feedback, Mia got off on making me react, and any audible moan made her double down on whatever was working. I was frozen in ecstasy as I came into her mouth. She held me in her until she massage-sucked every drop. "Dessert?" she asked as she strutted to the freezer. We cuddled on the couch and I fed her neapolitan.

I was intoxicated by Mia's energy, and evidently she was thrilled to have me as her boyfriend. We saw each other every day and when I surprised her with flowers, she swelled with tears and we fucked for the first time. She insisted I stay inside her for what ended up being almost 2 hours. Kissing slowly, staring, recovering until we were ready to start pumping again. This girl was a drug. Even saying her name gave me a rush of serotonin: "Mia."

I hadn't seen her for 3 days when she opened the door for me, fully primped. She had been to the salon, her hair a deeper black, blow dried and parted perfectly in the middle, falling lightly over her shoulders. The white around her big brown eyes popped against her long black eyelashes. Her skin was mocha and her lips puffed with a light pink, slightly wet look. She wore a pink t-shirt with no bra. Tight enough that the thin cotton pressed against her pierced nipples and outlined them with clarity. Small enough to expose the tiny pudge of her tummy. She straightened her short black skirt and smiled at me with those big cheeks. I picked my jaw up off the floor and followed her inside. To my surprise she headed straight for the bedroom.

I caught up to embrace her from behind but she stopped me. Turning me toward her bed she pushed me lightly onto it. "Take your shirt off and lie down." Yes ma'am. She climbed on top of me, upright on her knees as she scooted up to my chest. She sat firmly and smiled down at me. "Hi," she said. She took my right arm and slammed it up toward the bed post. By the time I realized what was happening the first handcuff was already locked. Cold steel wrapped in fuzzy pink, my heart raced as my eyes traced the chain to a thick wooden bedpost. The chain tightened as she yanked my left left arm in the opposite direction with all the force her cuteness could muster. CLINK. Pulled tightly into a Y shape, she centered herself over me, and placed one finger over my lips. I was speechless anyway.

She scooted down to undo my belt, then slipped off the foot of the bed, the rest of my clothes with her. As she tossed them aside I scooted towards the headboard to give my arms more slack. She smiled at this as she leaned onto the foot of the bed, tits pressed against the ivory sheets, and reached toward my legs with a length of black strap. She stared sternly at me as she wrapped my ankles together in the figure 8 over and over, then circled them. She fed the strap between my tight feet, stood up and pulled me down with a tug-of-war body lean. My arms were tighter than before as she yanked again. I could feel the steel through the pink fuzzy cuffs as she disappeared beneath the bed. After a moment she popped back up and crossed her arms at me. She nodded with impatience. "Go on. Try to get out." I tried to thrash but could barely wiggle.

Mia took a step back and breathed a relieved excitement. I was surprised at her forcefulness, then immediately realized I had only known her 2 weeks. Her queen size bed had tall oak poles on all 4 corners shooting high up, transparent pink silk draping back down. It was a princess bed like that imagined by a little girl, but suddenly it seemed a lot less innocent. She grinned widely at me as she opened the top drawer of her dresser... and removed a roll of duct tape.

She hopped back onto the bed with excitement and straddled me. My eyes followed the duct tape as she placed it beside my head, but she took my face with her hands and guided my eyes to hers. "3 days without you" she pouted as she bent over me, her raven hair draping down all around my face. She lingered an inch from my lips, giving a faint aroma of whatever strawberry perfume she picked up from the mall.

"I missed you toomphh-" Her gloss smeared onto my mouth as she panted in me with open tongue. Suddenly I wanted my hands back. They were pulled so tightly. She found my cock behind her and positioned her ass over it. She hoisted her skirt up and continued pressing the full length of her tongue into my mouth, as she pressed the tip of my cock into her clit. Rubbing it against her nerve bundle, back and forth, eventually slipping the tip into her tight wet warmth.

As I tried to thrust, she gripped my neck for balance and hoisted her ass further in the air. I was helpless as she teased the top 2 inches of my cock while moaning into my mouth. "God I missed you so much."

After several minutes of passionate torture I released a desperate "Oh God, please", and she stopped and sat up.

"No," she said plainly, as my penis bounced against my stomach. She ripped off a piece of duct tape.

"Come on now, Mia, you can't do that," I argued, slightly more desperate than I intended.

Unamused, she replied, "Your MY boyfriend. I can do whatever I want. And what I want, is to drive you fucking crazy." She slapped the tape over my mouth and patted it down firmly.

She slipped back off me and took her shirt off, her overwhelming breasts spilling out. She help them with fingertips on bits of metal, massaging as she continued: "Sometimes I like to keep my man completely helpless and just torment the shit out of him." Her breathe increased at her own massage, or more likely at the reaction it was getting out of me. I huffed into tape. "What can I say, it makes me wet. And I want to cum tonight. A lot." She moved away from me as I tried to push words out louder. "And that's what I'm going to do, and I don't want to hear a peep about it." She turned on the radio and cranked up the volume. The latest pop song blasted off the walls.

She headed back to her drawer of toys, and let her hand linger inside as she stared at me. She pulled out a large white vibrator. She fake pouted, and in a playful shyness lifted the vibrator up to her face and peaked around it at me as she inched toward me. She flipped it on and off coyly, the sound of the hummingbird speed getting closer and closer. She stopped at the edge of the bed, reached out and pressed the rounded top firmly against my testicles. "Does this feel strong to you?" She flipped it on, laughing at my helpless inch-twisting, then back off again.

She jumped back on, flopping her 110 pounds onto my chest. She playfully smushed her slips against my duct-taped mouth, then worked her way down to my neck. She sucked firmly as her arms moved down and under, squeezed my ass. HER ass. She listened attentively to my helpless moans as she worked her tongue down, circling and flicking my nipples, giving her own moans back to me. Suddenly she popped up and laughed and she slapped her hands down on my chest and clawed firmly. I have to admit I was alarmed at how much she was enjoying this.

The vibrator clicked on. Upright straddling my waist, she closed her eyes and began vibing her clit inches below my cock, which she grabbed onto for balance. She began stroking me tightly, an afterthought to her own self-pleasure. Her eyes were closed intently as she arched back, moving her grip to my balls. She squeezed me tighter and nodded rapidly at the sound of my muffled yell. She finally released me and fell forward over my face, pressing the vibrator firmly with her clit down onto me. I could feel it on the tip of my cock. She quickly ripped off my gag and shoved her nipple into my mouth as she panted, "Suck on my tittie, suck on my tittie!" Her whole body shook as she came, and she released a scream I didn't know she was capable of.

She collected herself and smiled down at me. "That... was incredibMmph" - She put the tape back over my mouth, then a fresh piece over it for good measure, and fell to the bed cuddling my side.

"Oh, poor baby," she stroked my head sympathetically, both of us calming for a moment. Broken by the sound of the vibrator turning back on. She pressed it against my nipple, but unsatisfied with my lack of reaction went straight for my swelling penis, tracing its entirety. My whole body quivered, it was way too much. She smiled at this and into my ear whispered, "Should I tie this in place while I go and make dinner?" I shook my head desperately for mercy as she went into her fun-drawer.

She climbed back over my legs with a piece of string. Sweat dripped down into my eye as I watched her wrap it around the base of my cock. She paused at me with a 'So what do you think's gonna happen next?' smirk. She cupped my balls as she tightened the string lightly, guided her mouth over my cock and began sucking. She was already an expert at keeping me on the edge with her mouth, and coupled passionate moans with a lighter touch to keep me pulsing for more. I was in heaven when suddenly "99 Red Balloons" began on the radio. She sat up and stared at me blankly with a slight slap to my dick. "I love this song."

She flipped around nimbly over my head, reached down between her legs and ripped the tape back off. She lowered her tight round ass onto my face, bent down and continued her mouth work. I matched her slow speed as I worked her clit, then flicked my tongue faster. She responded in kind, using both hands and her plunging mouth to bring me to the edge. I tongue-flicked at full speed as her quick breathe began to form Oh Gods. She let go of me, placing her hands on the bed as she lowered her tits over my twitching cock. Her body tensed, then released into another powerful orgasm. "Don't stop," she gasped as she resumed suck-stroking me as fast as she could, devouring me.

She sat up as I began to cum, the most I had given her, all over her front. She squeezed tightly, then bent back over to suck out the residue. She flipped around and proudly displayed her milky tits and stomach. "So much cum!," she declared happily, flopping down into me and rubbing it between our torsos. She slipped her tongue into my mouth for a deep, longing kiss, then pulled away. She held the tape over my mouth again and let it linger, taking in the silent plea of my eyes. She slowly lowered it onto my mouth, flipped around and focused again on the string around my cock.

She flipped on the vibrator as she hopped off the bed and I thrashed wildly, then inched my head off the mattress and winced at her. She turned back to me from the doorway. "Torta for dinner? Yes? Okay!" She closed the door shut behind her. My muffled yells were drowned out further by the blaring radio, and panic began to settle in. The over-stimulation on my shaft was almost blinding, and I couldn't stop my futile thrashes. I closed my eyes and tried desperately just to breathe.

Suddenly I felt fingernails on the bottom of my feet and my eyes shot back open. Mia jumped back on top of me with a laugh. "Just kidding!" she said. She removed the vibrator and pet my penis gently. "Poor thing," she pouted. "Hmm... its still hard though." She pursed her puffy lips at me, considering.

She hoisted her black skirt back up to her belly button and guided me into her. Once she settled over my taut body she breathed in deeply. "OK. One more," she said to herself. The bed began to creak as she rode my burning cock.

The end.

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