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Henry's Love


It was 6:30 am as I left my home as usual. I got in my car and headed off in the direction of my workplace, only today would be different. I had booked a day of annual leave unbeknownst to my wife. I was finally going to meet someone whom I had never met before. We had become good friends' online; very close and intimate friends in fact discussing sex and trading very explicit photos. I never thought that we would be able to meet for real. My online friend and fantasy lover lives on the west coast of the USA. I live thousands of miles away from her, that is, across the Atlantic Ocean near the East coast in the UK.

Kathryn, my friend's name, had never been over to the UK before and now she was coming over for business. Anyway, that was when she told me. When she texted me about spending a couple of nights in a hotel not far from my place of work, I become excited with my cock becoming instantly hard. That's something that seemed to always happen whenever I saw an email from her. Even after all this time, I still wonder why a gorgeous woman like Kathryn would want to meet me.

I'm tall with waving dark hair and over 50, have kept in shape and don't yet have a pot belly. I know my libido isn't what it used to be. But here I am meeting the most beautiful young gorgeous Lady I've ever seen in photos. And those were quit explicit photos too, just like I've seen in a few porno magazines. Nothing was left to my imagination. I still couldn't help wonder, why she was meeting an old guy like me.

We had arranged to meet up that morning. As I parked my car at the hotel, I felt so nervous and yet excited that we could spend a day together. I was early, so I sat in the hotel reception area and waited for her to come down from the room. After about 20 minutes, she showed up wearing tight fitting short white dress. I recognized her straight away from the sexy illicit photos that she had been sending to me wearing that exact dress. As she sauntered looking around for me, her form and those long legs with white fuck me shoes on, started giving me a bulge in my pants. Too my disappointment she had a bra on underneath cotton material. The photos she sent me wearing that dress always had her nipples protruding from under the top. Still she looked just as stunning, if not more beautiful in the flesh. I loved her long red hair flowing as she walked. Her piercing beautiful blue eyes and stunning figure made my bulge into an instant hard on, as she strolled toward me. I stood up to greet her with my arms outstretched.

"Hi Kathryn, so good to see you sweetheart," I shyly replied.

She greeted me with a kiss on the cheek and sensually replied, "Hi Henry! I'm so excited that we could finally meet up. Oh My! You are even cuter in person."

I blushed and asked, "Have you had breakfast yet".

She shook her head no and responded, "No I haven't had time this morning, because I had to prepare for meeting a nice guy and it made me late. I wanted to look fabulous for you."

"Well then come on and I will buy you breakfast," I offered. "We can talk a while and decide what we are going to do today. I could show you the sights if you like or." Before I could say to stay in, she interrupted me.

"Or we could get better acquainted and see the sights afterwards." She offered with a cheeky wink. We both knew what we wanted and the sightseeing would have to wait.

Over breakfast we got to know a bit more about each other, while making small talk about our work, hobbies and the like. We were sitting across from one another and with a sexy smirk every so often, she would rub her foot against my leg. As we relaxed, the conversation soon turned to the steamy emails and photos that we had been sending each other. We had both enjoyed fantasizing, as we masturbated. Me thinking of what it would feel like having my cock plastered inside her cunt, if we ever met for real. And Kathryn telling me about the dildo she had vibrating inside her as she looked at my cock photos. She told me I had a very suckable cock and couldn't wait to finally taste it. Finally all of our dreams were quickly becoming reality.

I looked across the table into those twinkling blue eyes, held her hand and blurted, "God, I want you so bad right now Kathryn." I don't know why I said that because I'm usually not that bold telling a Lady that I want to fuck her.

Kathryn just smiled and blushed as she replied, "I think we should go somewhere a little more private Henry. I've been sitting here all wet waiting for you to finally get the hint. Didn't my foot rubbing your leg get you hard for me?" I just nodded it did.

Quickly we got up. My hard cock was bulging from under my trousers, begging to come out as I paid the bill. Then Kathryn took my hand and led me upstairs toward her room, which by now had been freshly serviced by the maids. As I followed her up the stairs, I admired the curves of her pert bottom and lovely legs in the tight fitting dress. She seemed to get great pleasure sultry walking slowing in front of me. She had to know how much her walk was driving me crazy. As she climbed the stairs, I waited a few steps behind her and look up at her pink thong riding in her cunt. I was now in total lust to get my throbbing cock buried in her as soon as possible.

As soon as we closed the door to the room, I just couldn't contain my thirst for her any longer. I pressed her up against the door and kissed her hard on the mouth. She responded by kissing me back. As our hands started to grope each other through our clothing, I had to get my hands on her tits. Those beautiful firm mounds of pleasure that I've only seen in her photos. They felt great in my hands as our passionate kissing continued. Suddenly, I could feel her hand rubbing my hard cock over my pants. The passion I felt from Kathryn's fabulous kisses and of course feeling her wonderful tits, was more than enough inspiration to fuck her. I felt her tugging at my button and zipper. In no time she had my cock out and standing at full attention. It seemed like being free and throbbing in the open, had me gasp in pure pleasure as she began stroking it.

"Mmmm! That feels good," I softly said. All the times that I had wanked off, looking at those hot pictures of her sucking on another cock and dreaming it was me, were now coming true.

My own hand was now on her leg. I slowly moved it higher up Kathryn's dress, until my fingers were against the thin fabric of her thong that was pressing into the groove of her sex. I knew from the pictures that she liked to keep herself smooth shaven; just the way I like a pussy to be. As my fingers slipped inside her panties, I could feel those smooth lips and was not disappointed.

"My god, she was so wet," I thought! I easily slipped two fingers up to the knuckles inside her wide open pussy and finger fucked her, as she rubbed my cock.

After a while, I pulled my fingers out and we broke from our embrace. I unzipped her dress and slowly lowered the straps exposing her bra and slipped it down her body. She stepped out of it without any coaxing. Her bra immediately came next. I took a couple of minutes to stare at those luscious firm breasts that I had admired so many times before. Then I buried my head into them.

Pushing my head harder on them, Kathryn gave out a sigh of pleasure and said, "Oh god Henry that feels fantastic. I love it when a man plays with my nipples. It makes me so freaking horny. Oh Yes. After you describe making love to me, I've wanted this for such a long time."

She had her head back and eyes closed, as I flicked my tongue over her nipples and swirled it around. Then some gentle sucking which gave her goose pumps. I continued my teasing of her boobs, as I again put my hand in between her gorgeous legs and plastered two fingers up her cunt. Only this time she was soaked and began moving her hips as I finger fucked her into one huge orgasm. Once that happened I took off her thong. Kathryn was now standing naked in front of me with just her fuck me shoes on, sporting a huge content smile across her face. Her eyes were twinkling in pure ecstasy.

Then she sensually said, "Oh my god Henry! I've fucked over 30 guys on this trip and no one had me cum like that. I feel like you are making love to me and not just fucking me. You really know how to make me happy, now don't you? But now it's my turn. I've been wanting to taste you cock for so long!"

Kathryn helped me out of my clothes until I was completely naked with my erect throbbing cock standing out at full attention. As she dropped to her knees and took my hard cock in her mouth, I was in heaven. It felt so good, but I was so over the edge that it took all of my willpower to stop myself from erupting huge load of semen in her mouth. With her rubbing my cock and swirling her tongue over my cock head made me moan in pleasure, but I had to stop her. I wanted to dump my first load inside her pussy. It's what I had fantasied doing for so long. I also wanted to dump a load in her gorgeous ass and would eventually get around to her mouth. But I've always thought of her as a Lady and not a slut or some whore. You don't blow a load of cum in a Lady's mouth. A slut's mouth you do, but not my fair Lady Kathryn.

I told her to lie on the bed on her back so I could explore her body some more. I needed to calm down or lose my load. As she did, I moved on top of her. I began kissing her again on the mouth, then down to her neck and onto her tits. She just sighed in pleasure, as I tantalizing each breast again in turn. She let out a moan of joy, as I moved down kissing her body until my head was between her legs. She spread them wide apart and I gently kissed her pussy. It was very wet and I loved smelling her aroma of sweet pussy nectar. Then I pressed my tongue against her labia, licking and tasting her yummy juices.

"My god, your pussy is so wet Kathryn," I barked.

She giggled and in between moans pleasure answered, "You made me cum so freaking hard darling. Oh my god, what you are doing to me feels so good! I'm so hot from you darling. Oh yes! Love me!"

As I used my thumb and forefinger to open her sex wider and exposing her pink inner parts, I enjoyed inhaling her sweet musky scent of sex. I licked her harder, sucking on her clit and it wasn't long before she was cuming hard in my mouth.

She began shouting out, "Oh my god Henry! Right there! Yes! Yes!" She even lifted her bottom off the bed, pushing it hard against my face as she came.

As her orgasm subsided, I was now so desperate to fuck her. My balls were overfilled with semen and I needed to dump it inside her. I moved up the bed again and she could feel the head of my cock pressing against her sopping wet pussy.

"Oh yes Henry, I want your cock in my pussy. Fuck me baby, fuck me now! I want to make you cum in me. Don't tease me anymore. Fuck me!" Her cries of permission put a big smile across my face.

I replied, "Yeah Kathryn, I'm going to give it to you just like you want. You constantly told me that you like it hard and fast. Here it comes Kathryn!"

In one movement, I roughly thrust my cock balls deep into her wide open pulsating cunt. Every time I moved out, I quickly rammed it back in as hard as I could, while gazing into those blue twinkling eyes. She responded by placing her hands on my buttocks to make me go hard into her love box. She even cried for me to fuck her harder a few times. Soon she was cuming again crying out as she climaxed. It felt great feeling her shaking in orgasmic bliss under me. I slowed for a moment to allow her to enjoy it fully, while moving over her to kiss those soft lips. Then I began a fast nonstop pace of pumping her luscious wide open soaked cunt. But after some time of my continue plundering, I was finally felling the need to shoot my saved up load. I tensed up, pushed deep into her wet hole and blew it, filling her pussy with my hot seed.

This was what I had wanted to do for such a long time. So instead of wanking myself off from her photos, I was really inside her gorgeous body dumping my semen and it felt wonderful.

I had dreams of doing this ever since we had started to exchange all those hot emails and pictures. I could hardly believe that this was for real and not another of my fantasies; that this beautiful goddess actually existed and here to please me. Here I am looking down at her in awe over how attractive she is in person. I don't think one day is going to be long enough to enjoy her treasures. So I guess I will enjoy her as much as time allows.

As I collapsed on top of her and we stayed locked together for a while, we caught our breath. I withdrew from her and we talked for a few minutes. But I could not keep my hands off her body for long. Soon I was exploring her naked booty again with my hands as we talked. As I touched between her legs, I could feel the wetness of our combined juices. After flashing her lusty grin, I moved down between her legs and spreading them wide apart, while watching her open cunt spew my semen from it. I flicked my tongue inside her, gathering up my goo mixed with her own juices in my mouth. Then I moved back up the bed and gave her a big sperm kiss on the mouth. This seemed to really turn her on. She told me that she loved the taste of a man's jism and now I believe it. So I moved back down, licked up some more, and back up for another kiss. I repeated this a few more times and we were both getting horny again with my cock suddenly standing up at attention. This was when I finally realized that my Lady Kathryn was really a wild slutty woman in bed. Therefore anal sex was an okay thing to do to a slut.

"Turn over my darling," I said. "I want to take you from behind."

Giggling, Kathryn reached into a bag and pulled out a pink vibrator. Then she turned over and pushed her ass in the air. As I moved behind her, I positioned the head of my cock against her pussy hole. Reaching between her legs with the toy, she started to rub it against her clit. I held onto her hips and slid my cock into her pussy again. It easily slid in and I savored the sensation of her pussy gripping me, although it wasn't as tight as before and felt well used. Once again I started to fuck her. She turned on the vibrator and pressed it against her clit. I could feel the vibration sensation against my cock and it made me fuck her faster and faster.

As I was enjoying her treasures, I saw her little ass hole glistening with her juices. It looked very inviting. I knew that she was used to being penetrated anally from the pics she had sent me. I had never taken a woman this way before and I had an overwhelming desire to lose my anal virginity to her. I withdrew from her pussy and positioned the head of my cock against her back door.

As I started to slowly push it in, she yelped, "Oh yes Henry, fuck me in my ass. You do know what I like and I'm all prepared for it. Just take it slow!"

With her encouragement I was too eager to get it in there. I guess she could tell that I was inexperienced in anal fucking, even though I told her in emails that I loved anal.

Again she squealed, "Go gentle Henry, please ease it in slowly!"

As her ass hole stretched to accommodate my thick long cock, I realized why guys like anal. It was so very tight around my manhood and energized every inch of me. I was in heaven as my cock penetrated her, sliding balls deep. She gasped and moaned like she was in pain, as I started to move in and out of her ass. I looked in the mirror over the head board and her expression was just that. Then out of know where and unexpected by me, she pushed the vibrator into her pussy to form a DP with my cock. I could feel the thing vibrating against the thin walls of her inner sanctum and it made me just more stimulated. I looked in the mirror and she now had a blissful expression.

Her sighs of, "Yes, yes, Oh god it feels so good," radiated the room. She seemed to be fully enjoying the plundering. Soon she was cuming hard again.

The combination of my first anal experience with the vibrations from her toy had me flooding her ass with cum in no time. I withdrew once again and lay down beside her to catch my breath. I couldn't believe that I had fucked and dumped two loads of semen in both her holes. That was a rare occurrence for me in such a short time. It usually takes me a lot longer to charge up again.

This truly was a dream come true. I pinched myself to make sure that I was not hallucinating. But no, I really was there with her this time. This was not just another of my many fantasies I had about fucking her whenever I masturbated. And believe me; I had a lot of wanking from her photos thinking about her luscious body and what I would do to it if we ever met.

We had only been together for a couple of hours and now had the rest of the day together. As we spooned I began thinking about what the rest would be like. Suddenly she turned to me and asked, "So how long until you can recharge that big cock of yours?"

Maybe that statement answered my question. I was really going to enjoy my day off and it was so much better than being at work. I wish every guy who writes Kathryn has this opportunity to experience what I have. She just loves sex and was one fantastic fuck. It was like she couldn't get enough. I was totally drained when I left for home. I still think of that day often when I look at her photos and why I wrote this too her.

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