I love it that you masturbate to my writings. Usually these are rememberances, but occasionally they are fantasy. One of my secret fantasies has been to find you reading my stories. Catch you in the act, with your hand down your pants.

We agree to meet at a hotel where I am staying while on business. I leave the key in an envelope at the desk and you have no trouble retrieving it. You are early.

I'm very specific with what I want you to wear and when you are to show up, so you have a thrill of trepidation. I've never shown anger and tell you over and over I'm not mean, but you've also always done everything I said. You love it that way.

You love the way I make you cum after torturing (there's no nicer word for what I do to you) all day - once for an entire weekend. You take the key from the desk manager and notice your hand is trembling.

When you get to the room, you almost turn back to wait in the bar. Afraid of what you will find. I'm always so private with you and defined.

A deep breath and open the door, peeking in first, then a step. No one. Nothing out of the ordinary. My lap top on the desk, open, a few papers, my bag. You've noticed I never unpack at a hotel, at the cabin, at your house, just pull out what I need. "Tools", clothing, soap, shampoo, food.

The bag catches your attention. At least this time it was jeans, one time I had you dress in pajamas like a fourteen year old. Once in just a coat. Overdressed now, jeans, t-shirt, hoodie. You peek to see if the bag is open. It's not, but it is unzipped.

You look over your shoulder and pull open the flap. Food in tupperware, clothing folded underneath. Somewhere in there you know will be ties. Silk ties for blindfolding, tying hands and feet, rubbing on your body. All the things you now associate with ties.

You see them so differently now. Drawn to silk ties on men where before they all looked alike. Drawn to the patterned or the plain differently. In an elevator you sometimes find yourself wondering what that one would feel like around your wrists.

Eventually you exhaust the bag and turn to the desk. The open laptop draws you. The papers are ordinary, but the laptop. This is how he ensnared you to begin with. The stories he would write to you. The times you spent masturbating to his words over and over. One story more than another until a better one caught your imagination.

Mostly there were the usual files. A few pictures you hadn't seen before, a couple work files, locked and they looked large. There were spreadsheets and Access folders, Powerpoint files and, finally, the likely one you were subconsciously searching for, a Word folder named "hers".

There were a number of stories in there. One you'd just read "First". You like that and re-read it quickly. Unbelievably, it still has the same effect of soaking your panties and making you feel trembly. Finally you move on to another you haven't read, after pushing your jeans apart and down far enough to reach your hands in and touch your throbbing clit.

You realize you are absolutely drenched and think of taking your pants all the way off even knowing you may not have time before I get there. You wonder what I would do or say finding you going through my things. You know me for a very private person and can't imagine a decent reaction. The thought seems to almost make you hotter. "Bad girl" you think to yourself. You wonder if you want to be caught and think of closing the file now and going back downstairs.

The next story catches your eye. It starts with her tied to a chair. You know I have restraints I haven't used on you yet. You've seen them. The ones they used to use in the mental hospitals.

The one time you saw them they gave you a thrill of fear. It was early in our relationship. Now you think you would welcome them.

The woman in the story is strapped to the chair with them. She can hardly move. He places his dick at her entrance but she's able to get little more than the head rubbing past her lips. Try as she might - and she does - she gets just the outer lips surrounding it and sucking at it to get it in, but the chair is too wide and she becomes nearly frantic with the attempts.

She's already been teased and tempted until she can't stand it and now when it's given to her she cant' take it. When it's near her mouth, she can't bend far enough forward to take more than the head in her mouth and she bobs back and forth in want. He reaches down and inserts a small egg vibrator into her pussy and sets the remote control on the lowest setting. Soon she is moaning and her body is humming with need.

You know this feeling. The first time I brought you to the edge of orgasm and wouldn't let you cum it made you mad. The fact that I did it over and over the same session made you utterly mine. By the end of the night your body was quivering on it's own, waiting for the next touch or prod.

You remember that feeling well. It's what keeps you. Takes you from your world to this one over and over. Makes you want me to tie you and torture you. Take you and enslave you.

Your hand has been stroking your clit and you realize you could cum at any time. You think you'll just finish quickly and go downstairs, finish this story another time. You were so engrossed, however, it wasn't until I take your hand gently from your pussy that you are the slightest bit aware that I am here.

"This is a work in progress" I say as I gently but firmly take your hand in mine. I take your other hand firmly in mine, look you in the eyes and tell you. "You're early".

Your hands are trembling as you nod, your eyes widened. There is a scent of you on the air that is stirring my desire and a hint of fear that is churning my imagination. "So you come up here and can't resist poking through my things".

Again you nod. There is something in your eyes this time that tells me you realize what is coming and want it. Your scent becomes stronger and I note the chair is getting a good soaking. Holding your hands, I move around behind you and begin kneading your shoulders after first placing your hands softly in your lap.

I can tell you are torn between leaving them there and checking to see if I will be gracious enough to let you finish playing with yourself. They slip ever so slightly toward your swollen clit. My thumbs make circles into your shoulder muscles and my fingers drape over onto the top of your chest. I can feel it rising and falling with deeper breaths than normal.

"So after poking through my things, you come over here and start reading my files." You nod. I can feel you swallow as your fingers take an almost imperceptible move toward your throbbing nub.

"You must have read something else first." This is said as a more definitive statement. You nod again followed by another swallow, deeper than the last one. I bend to your ear and question you gently. "Are you not talking? Which one did you read? How many?"

My fingers pressure your chest a tiny bit and my thumbs continue to circle your shoulders. You begin to shrug, swallow, nod and shake your head before telling me in a constricted voice "this one and the one before it. I just started this one."

"Let's go to the one you read before shall we?" I reach over you, placing the mouse cursor and clicking until it comes up. I like this one as well and get a jolt in my already swelling member when I think of what it's done to you.

Your slender fingers take another reach toward your desire and appear to be about to take another one when I reach down and stop them by placing my hand on them. I work my way past them and slip a finger down along your slit, over your stiff little clit and into your sopping wet pussy. Your lips are swollen and reach out to suck my finger in as it presses against your opening.

You moan and I feel one I suppress. My cock leaps against the chair. I pull back, pass your hands, pulling them back slightly, and back to your shoulder where my thumbs return to circles and my fingers put pressure on your chest. I tell you to go ahead and read it to me as my fingers move up onto your face and touch and massage everywhere.

As they slip across your lips one of them - you know which one by the taste - presses in between. You suck greedily at it, thrusting your tongue into it and wrapping around it. A moan escapes you and again I have to suppress one myself. How incredibly sensual! I lean forward to your ear and tell you so. As I pull my finger out, you start to read.

You are absolutely squirming and completely soaked through your jeans and I am so hard I ache through my entire body by the time you get through that story, to the next story and to the part where he inserts a vibrator into her as she sits at the computer.

I've been kissing your neck and the side of your face, nibbling at your ears and running my hands all over your shoulders, neck, face and occasionally down your front to your delicious mounds. I often have had to stop your hands from straying to your pussy. One of the times as I gently took them in mine, you growled and expressed your frustration by trying to pull them back.

I moved around to kiss you deeply and long. Pressed my chest against your heaving bosom and ran my hands through your hair until the ache went away from your groin ever so slightly and the need for my hands on your face crested.

Going back to your shoulders and standing behind you sent you into a body shaking sigh. Your head drooped. I thought I would have to give you a small orgasm just to keep you needing more, but your need came back even stronger and with more ferocity than before.

This is why I love you. The utter need and abandon I feel from you.

"We need a vibrator" I say. You moan. Your voice was little more than a husking, whispery croak as you read, now it was non existent. I walk over to my bag and sort through it. As I straighten I can feel you tense in excitement from across the room. This turns to confusion as you see in my hands not a vibrator, but handcuffs.

I take your hands in mine, then your face in my hands. "I don't have a vibrator for you." I say. "That is a personal thing and would have been for another day but you have done this to yourself." A moan escapes you as you realize that you will be waiting for me.

The thought that I will cuff you and tie you and leave you here while I shop makes you nearly weep. You think of struggling as I put one of the cuffs on, but you are resigned to it. To the way I always get what I want with you and the way you always want me to. The way you've always been glad I did get my way in the end.

I put the chain and the second cuff through the front pocket of your hoodie before clipping it to the other wrist. You get a thrill and another gush of fluid when I tell you "Don't worry, you'll be coming with me."

I've often threatened to take you out into public as my slave but never shown the least inclination to do so, spending all our time entwined emotionally if not physically. The thought often gave you trepidation and now gives you near terror mixed with the hope that it will be quick so you can have the orgasm you need so very badly. Your legs tremble and nearly collapse as I lead you to stand.

You don't trust yourself to speak as I straighten your clothes and fuss over you a slight bit, even brushing your hair. As we step out the door, you wonder how you will ever get in and out of my truck.

As we left the hotel room, I couldn't resist pulling the hood up on your hoodie and kissing you deeply, hidden as we were. Your hands in cuffs and secreted in the front pocket and the hood covering our faces. It felt so secure and yet so public it made me so hard I thought of pulling down your pants and fucking you right there.

It was all I could do to pull back from you. You were obviously feeling the same as your tongue was pulling at mine and your lips trying to grasp at me. Your body had completely melted into mine and even your hands, cuffed and inside the pocket were pulling at me.

I backed away with some difficulty and reminded you we were headed off to purchase a toy to finish our story with. The walk to the car (good thing I brought that instead of the truck) and the drive to the adult bookstore were a blur.

I wanted you so badly my cock was alternating between throbbing and aching with a steady dull ache, shoving against the light cloth of my pants. Your hands were in your lap struggling to get a finger to your clit through your jeans and not be noticed by me. We couldn't get there fast enough.

In the store, you tried to keep a very stoic face. Now and then as I would look at you, your lips were trembling. As I picked through the various dildos and vibrators, occasionally we would share a laugh imagining the uses of some of them.

I chose a nine inch realistic vibrator and a remote control egg. Your eyes widened with the vibrator and a shudder ran through you. It was only your trust in me that kept you from saying anything. The egg you looked at curiously and long.

I bought them both with batteries and even though the clerk stared and stared at you, he had no idea you were chained and mine. As we left you teased him by pulling your hand out just a little, flashing the chain and cuff.

I couldn't wait. It was too much for me and I knew you were feeling it. We'd done this before when I'd teased you too far. I still have the memories and the visions of taking you from behind, pressed against the hood of the car out in the woods. The warmth rising from the engine and the pressure of your lips as they spasmed in orgasm is often the food of my dreams.

You had dripped so much there was a puddle on the hood as we drove off that pushed it's way up to the windshield and we delighted in reliving the pleasure. It's not often you orgasm that way though you love it dearly and that day was one of the clearest and most cherished memories I have of you. I reminded you of this as I lead you to the car.

I had thought to park in the back area and in the darkest spot. As we reached the car I had already gotten the egg out of the package and the batteries were on their way in. I stopped you against the car and pressed against you against it, my hands feeling you all over and down onto your ass. As they slipped to the front of your jeans, you shuddered and looked around for anyone watching. No one there but I could suddenly see you decide you didn't care anyway. One of the delights of being with you is the way you just decide you want it and that's that.

My hands slid easily inside your unbuttoned pants and pushed them down over your luscious round buttocks. My finger sought and found your wetness and with barely a pressure slipped inside. You were so deliciously soaked and dripping! I moaned at that involuntarily and reached my other hand around to insert the egg.

You were pushing your ass at me, rubbing it on my crotch and my straining member. It was causing shudders up my spine and I nearly dropped the egg putting in position. It went up inside you so easily and with a small gushing of fluid over my hand. Another moan torn from me.

As I pulled the second hand back, leaving the first with a finger inside and my palm over your clit, gently pressing, you moaned and pushed harder against me, feeling the jump of my already rock hard cock in response. When I turned on the vibrator, you came. It was hard and sudden and unexpected for me, though you obviously knew how close you were.

Feeling you shudder and jolt and spasm against my hand and groin was incredible and sent me to the very edge myself. As soon as you had come down enough, you turned, pulled your hands out of the pocket of the hoodie with the chain tugging at the fabric between and bunching the pocket, and tugged my pants open with a swift and well practised manouever.

My cock was out and sliding into your mouth before I could do more than gasp. Your thumbs ran up the underside as it practically leaped in between your luscious lips and that beautiful red opening pushed your thumbs back as I watched them close around my throbbing member.

It felt so incredible and I watched closely as five or six strokes brought me to the point where my legs were shaking and I could feel my balls pulling up. You slowly moved your lips out along my pole, savoring it with your tongue and when you clamped down and pressed in suddenly toward my balls I felt them burst with pleasure.

The explosion was as intense as I've ever felt and the only thing keeping me from collapsing to the ground was the car. I felt myself buck and shove eight, nine or ten times before I came back under control. You were licking your lips.

I watched a trickle from the corner of your mouth and your tongue snake out to taste it back inside before I could move or talk.

I knew there would be a spot on my pants as I shoved my dick back in, but I couldn't have cared less. I pulled your pants back up and buttoned them. I couldn't resist running my hands and fingers all over you in as possessive a manner as possible. You moaned over this and I turned the vibrator inside you up just a notch.

The ride back had you squirming in your seat and although I threatened to take you to a restaurant for dessert I didn't. The vision of your cuffed hands raised to take my cock in them and guide it to your mouth was too much for me!

I was hard again and straining against my pants. I told you I had only gotten to the point of taking you out of the hotel in the story and I began to tell you how it would go from here. I would sit you back at the desk, the egg inside you, turned on low and write the rest.

Especially the part in the parking lot. Seeing you like this, however, had kept me so excited that we were not even in the door before I had to have you again. Pulling your hoodie up and off your head, I used it to hang your arms onto the door just as soon as we stepped over the threshold.

Your pants came off and I pulled you up onto my cock as soon as I could push them to my knees. Your wonderful legs wrapped around me as you tried to take me in you with the vibrator. I had to pull it out, reinserting it into your anus before I could plunge fully and forcibly into you.

When you came, hanging there on the door, I thought you would pass out. Taking you down and carrying you to the bed, I had just the last thought of the story and how it would have to remain a work in progress this week before I lost myself in the joys of our time together.

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