tagLoving WivesHer & Him - Late to a Party

Her & Him - Late to a Party


We were ready to leave for the company End of Year Holiday party. His company was full of stuffed shirts, so it was definitely a 'dress up' sort of affair. No fancy gowns and tuxedos, but the ladies definitely had to wear Heels, and a 'nice' party outfit. The guys had to wear a suit and tie.

I'm not normally a woman who enjoys 'dress up' occasions, I'm more of a jeans, beer, and peanut shells on the floor sort of girl, but I DO like to look my best when I go anywhere. So I took my time getting ready.

He thought reminding me of the time every 5 minutes was an incentive for me to go faster, he was wrong.

Before I finally came out into the living room, I took a look at myself in the dressing mirror.

"Not Bad!" I thought, "I've still got what it takes to make the boys cry!"

I was certain I would make my particular boy's jaw drop, so when I came out, I said, "TaDa!" and spun around so he could see just how lucky he was.

"Well, it's about damn time! We're going to miss the happy hour!" was all he said.

He NEEDED to be taken down a notch, "Get Naked" I said.

"Honey! You're beautiful! But we don't have time for that!"

"I said GET NAKED!"

"No! We need to go!"

I walked over to him. We are roughly the same height, but when I'm in those uncomfortable 'fuck me' heels, I can look down on him a bit. "Do you REALLY think it is a good idea to disobey me?"

He looked into my eyes and saw that I was pretty serious, so he looked away, and in his small voice, said, "no . . ."

"Then you need to get naked, don't you?"

Silently, he started to strip.

Once he was naked, he smiled tentatively at me, his penis half erect, "Go hang up your clothes, when we finally do get there, I don't want you looking all wrinkled. When you are done, come back to me."

When he came back, he stood before me, silently waiting for some instruction. I placed my hands on his shoulders, and pushed him to his knees. I stepped closer, lifted my party dress up and over his head. I took a wider stance, and I heard him gasp when he realized I had removed my panties.

Slowly, I pressed his head towards my sex. He knew what was expected of him and he gently began to kiss and lick me, his hands on my ass, pressing me ever closer to his face. I sighed, he was very good at this. But then again, I had always made sure he got a lot of practice.

I kept pressing him to me, and taking little steps forward. I didn't plan it, but it wasn't long before he was leaning backwards in an uncomfortable position.

"Lay on your back." I said, and broke contact with him.

Within a second, he was lying on the floor, while I stood over him with one foot planted on each side of his body at the shoulders. Slowly, I lowered myself onto his bare chest and arranged my dress so his face was covered and the back of my dress covered him to his knees.

Only then, did I move forward and planted my ass on his mouth and pressed his nose onto my clitoris. I had taken possession of him, and we both knew that he was helpless. Even the air he would breathe was a gift from me and he needed to keep me happy and squirming so that he could grab just a few scraps of air.

I felt his tongue gently caress my anus, and then felt it enter me.

Instinctively, I began to move my hips and rub myself against his nose. We weren't having sex, I was using him to masturbate with. He has always been the best sex toy of all. Always available, always ready (well mostly!), and always grateful for the opportunity to have some small part of my orgasm.

I rode him for ten minutes before I finally came. During that time I kept telling him what a good boy he was, how obedient he was, and how I would reward him If I felt my orgasm was intense enough. Eventually, I did come, and it was GOOD!

I rested a bit, then slid back to his hips and exposing his face to the relatively cool fresh air of the living room. I could feel his now fully erect penis trapped under me. He took a deep breath and smiled lovingly at me. He was deep into that place where I was the center of his universe. He had surrendered himself to me completely.

I smiled back at him and then rose up and placed the tip of his penis at my vagina. But before I inserted him into me and fully rode him, I asked him if he remembered the rules.

He smiled and nodded, "Yes, I can't come unless you say I can."

I slid down him, taking him for my own, "Good boy! But there's a new rule tonight, no talking! Not a peep, do you understand?"

He nodded, he was always quick to catch on to my whims. That's why I've kept him around all this time.

"But!" I continued and leaned to the side where I had dropped my panties. I grabbed them and shoved them in his mouth. "I can't take the chance of letting you talk. These should stop you from making noise!"

"Your job is to lie there and be my personal sex toy! Dildos don't come and they don't make noise. Their job is to pleasure their mistress. If you do that, I will allow you to have an orgasm, do you understand?"

His eyes were big, and he nodded slowly. I knew him well enough to know that at the moment, I was both his fantasy and his fear all rolled into one well dressed and sexy lady.

I began moving my hips and he slid in and out of me. He was a lovely little engine that could! And I was the woman who was in complete control of that little engine.

I made him go faster, then slower. I pinched his nipples, and told him he was pleasing me very much, and that he was my very good boy! When he moaned, I reminded him of his promise to make no noise. He was so cute when he clamped his jaws shut around my panties.

And when he was close to an orgasm, I stopped moving completely and made him rest, reminding him that only I could grant him an orgasm. His eyes would get bigger and bigger as he struggled not to come.

Three times, I made him rest to avoid an orgasm. I was pretty sure that he was at his breaking point and that he would come with just the slightest encouragement from me. So once he had calmed down a bit I raised up off of him and smiled evilly as I stood over him.

His eyes said it all, "Where's mine?" "Don't I get to come?" His erection stood, swollen, slightly red and purple, and twitching as if to music only it could hear.

"I promised you an orgasm, and you've earned one. Don't worry, I will keep my word, but I didn't say WHEN you will get that orgasm. But now, you've got to get dressed or we'll miss dinner, we've already missed the cocktail hour."

I could see he wanted to speak, so I reached down and pulled my panties from his mouth.

"Wha . . . WHY?"

"This is punishment for nagging me about getting ready faster! It takes time to look this good, and all you were interested in was drinking Black Russians with the guys from work you don't even like all that much. So NOW you will go to this party all erect, with my juices on your face and your breath smelling like me. You will see your work mates wives all dressed up and beautiful with their heaving bosoms and long legs and you will drive yourself insane with lust."

"And if you don't see them, I will point them out to you. You will be very attentive to me all evening and tonight when we get home, or maybe tomorrow, or, I don't know, next week, you will get your orgasm. But only once I think you've learned your lesson!"

He smiled, I could tell he was intrigued. "I have a truly evil wife!"

I pressed my toe to his lips, "No", I said, "I'm not just your wife, and I'm not evil, I am the woman you obey."

I'm reasonably certain that neither of us would want to change that!

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by Anonymous

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by Anonymous01/28/18

What you don't understand

What YOU DON'T UNDERSTAND is that dominance and submission IT'S NOT AN USUAL LOVE and,YES,it is also about "pain and kinky sex"!So,before accusing other people that they "don't seem to understand anythingmore...

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by WillieTurner01/11/18

What a lot of anonymous posters don't understand . . .

Is that dominance and submission isn't about pain and kinky sex. It is really about loving someone enough to know that neither of you will violate that trust even in extreme situations.

Sorry, but allmore...

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by Old_biker_dude09/22/17

This a funny fiction story

People need to lighen up

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by rightbank09/21/17
by Anonymous09/21/17

"your a humiliating wimp"

or a closet-fucking-cuck like you - did your parents have any kids that lived?


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