tagLoving WivesHer Best Birthday Ever

Her Best Birthday Ever


It all started as an effort to get my wife Renee a really good birthday present. I wanted something out of the ordinary, something special. You know, something that would get me some serious gratitude.

I'd shopped around and nothing was really wowing me. I happened to mention my frustration to my buddy Craig at work. He told me about a great spa that gives ladies very special treatment. I told Craig that I'd already done the whole spa treatment before. I was looking for something more special than the usual facial or pedicure.

"Oh, you'll get that," said Craig with a sly smile. "This spa is located over on the east side."

My interest was immediately piqued. The "east side" is on the other side of the river. It's where lots of adult entertainment and gambling takes place. I expressed some reservations to my friend, though, not wanting to take my wife to some seedy massage parlor.

Craig assured me that this place was very high-class. He told me the name of the place and even directed me to their website. Not wanting to get in trouble, I waited until after work to look them up on-line. The website had a nice look to it. It was classy-looking with a hint of sensuality. You could even purchase spa packages from their menu.

After looking over some of the more modest packages, my attention was drawn to one called the Deluxe Queen Treatment. It said it included a mud bath, a sensual massage, and "an experience she'll never forget". It was way more than I would normally pay for a spa package, but I was very curious now. Rather than purchase online, I printed off the directions and, since my wife was working late that night, headed over to check the place out for myself.

I was pleasantly surprised to find a very upscale-looking establishment much like the classier spas to which I'd treated my wife before. I was greeted at the reception area by a tall, buxom redhead named Sonya. I told her I was interested in the Deluxe Queen Treatment as a birthday present for my wife. I went on to explain I wanted something really special but the package was somewhat more than I would normally pay for spa services.

Sonya gave me a sly smile and said in a very sexy voice, "Oh, she'll be getting something very special, I assure you. Every woman who's ever gotten the Deluxe Queen has been extremely satisfied."

I pressed her for more details, but she simply stated that it had to be experienced. She helped me to find a date that worked to schedule the service, and told me that I should come with my wife to observe the proceedings.

Okay, now I was really curious. Sonya could sense it and simply said, "Just to make sure you've gotten your money's worth."

* * * * *

The countdown to the day of service was as long for me as a kid waiting for their own birthday. I was easily distracted all week at work. When the day in question finally arrived, I counted the seconds and was out the front door the instant the second hand hit 5:00 PM.

I met Renee at home and we went out for a nice, light supper. I'd not told her the final surprise, but I told her not to eat too heavily. As we were finishing the last of our wine, I showed her the gift certificate and told her simply that I'd bought a special spa package for her. She had a bit of trepidation when she heard the general area to which we were headed. But my gentle reassurances were good enough for her and we made the trip over to the spa in 20 minutes.

A petite blonde greeted us at the door and introduced herself as Lizzie. She fixed us a couple of cocktails and seated us at a bar/lounge area near the front of the spa. She then excused herself and told us she would let our team know that we were here for Renee's package.

Renee sipped her drink and raised one eyebrow. "My team, huh? You really did go all out this year."

I just gave her a big smile back and took a long pull off my own drink.

Lizzie returned shortly with another girl, a raven-haired beauty who introduced herself as Simone. While Simone escorted Renee back to a changing room, Lizzie led me up a flight of stairs to a small, dimly lit balcony area. It was a lot like one of those opera boxes you see in very fancy live theaters. Instead of looking over a stage, however, I had a bird's eye view of a regular spa room. I was invited to sit in a large throne-like chair in the center of my little balcony area and Lizzie told me she would freshen my drink.

I was already feeling pretty mellow, and after Lizzie gave me my second drink I was really starting to get a good buzz going. She told me I should sit back and enjoy the proceedings.

Shortly after that, the door to the spa room opened and Sonya led Renee into the room. I was high enough above eye level that Renee did not even notice me. Renee went first to the massage table and while Sonya turned her back, Renee dropped her robe and lay face down on the table. Watching her like that was a great reminder of why my wife and I still enjoy an active sex life. Renee is a gorgeous brunette, 5-foot-3, with curly hair just past her shoulders and a va-va-voom body that includes a lovely set of 36D breasts and a gorgeous round ass that just begs to be slapped and rubbed.

Having made sure Renee was comfortable on the table, Sonya exited and a young Asian girl walked in. "That's Kristie." I was startled out of my haze. I'd almost forgotten that Lizzie was in the balcony with me. "She's one of our best masseuses."

The massage itself was uneventful. I could tell that Renee was relaxing. When it was all over, Kristie exited and said she would be right back. When she came back, Kristie was joined by Sonya, Simone, and two other beautiful young women I'd not seen yet. They beckoned Renee to get up from the massage table and follow them over to another special table.

I could tell Renee was more relaxed than usual. She got up from the massage table and made no move to cover herself, walking in all her naked glory to the new table. She seemed to be in kind of a dreamy trance from the booze and the massage.

The new table was like nothing I'd ever seen before. It was sort of like a very shallow tub, just large enough for a person to lay in, with sides all the way around no more than four or five inches tall. It was mounted on top of a pole like a barber chair that could be adjusted up and down. Renee was helped onto the table and instructed simply to lie back and enjoy the rest of her special treatment. There was a small inflatable pillow underneath her head and there were hand towels at the side of the table.

Sonya began to apply a green mask to Renee's face. The other four had small canisters of what appeared to be a grayish-white mud. They took small sponges and began to paint all over Renee's magnificent nude body. They started innocently enough, covering her hands, arms, feet, and legs. Gradually, though, they worked their way up to her torso, covering her shoulders, her tummy, and even her breasts.

Through the haze of my slight buzz, I could feel a new electricity in the air. I could hear Renee's breathing deepen as her every curve was gently covered by this warm, wet substance.

Lizzie again slightly startled me with a soft explanation. "It's a rare beauty mud from the Caribbean island of Barbuda. It tightens and rejuvenates the skin."

After they had let the mud sit on Renee's skin for a bit, they took washcloths and gently removed it. The water trickling off her body looked very sensual. It ran down the table and into a small drain at the bottom. It was at this point that things took a turn for the decidedly more interesting.

The women were using the washcloths and removing the last few traces of mud when Kristie leaned over and gave Renee a kiss on the neck. I could hear a long, slow intake of breath between Renee's lips. As Kristie moved up to lightly lick Renee's earlobe, Simone kissed Renee on the opposite shoulder. The two other girls began nibbling on her toes and ankles.

Before I knew what was happening, Renee had been engulfed in feminine lips and hands, kissing and caressing her all over. I looked over at Lizzie. I would liked to have been able to see the expression on my own face at that point. She only gave me a wicked smile and motioned me to look back at the proceedings.

Kristie continued to lick Renee's earlobe and gently stick her tongue in Renee's ear. Simone had moved down from her shoulder and was now lightly licking and sucking on one of my wife's ample breasts. The other two were gently working their way up Renee's legs and inner thighs.

I could see that Renee's lazy alcohol-and-massage dream state had subtly transformed into a dreamy state of arousal. The four-fold foreplay was now causing her to writhe on the table and to moan ever-so-slightly.

I'd almost forgotten Sonya. It was at this point that she moved from behind Renee's head, where she'd been observing everything, to the foot of the table. The two girls licking the inside of Renee's thighs moved back down to her ankles and slowly spread her legs apart.

Sonya gently touched my wife between her legs and Renee sucked a sharp breath in between her teeth. Sonya caressed and rubbed and Renee began to writhe some more. Once she had her moaning more loudly Sonya leaned over and blew warm breath on Renee's clitoris. She then gave it a gentle lick which caused my wife to arch her back and moan even more loudly.

I could take it no more. My cock was straining against my pants and so I unzipped and released it. I started stroking it, but never took my eyes off what was going on below me.

Simone and Kristie moved so that each was sucking a nipple. Each was also caressing an arm. The other two girls had moved back to Renee's feet and were sucking on her toes. Sonya began to lick Renee's clit more fervently. My wife bucked and writhed and moaned. Finally she went over the edge and climaxed with a loud scream that reverberated throughout the room.

Miraculously, I hadn't climaxed myself. I looked sheepishly over at Lizzie, cock still in hand. She leaned over and whispered in my ear, "Don't worry, as you were. The show's not over yet."

I looked back to see Renee coming down off her orgasmic high. She made a feeble attempt to sit up on the table but Sonya came around and gently pushed her back down, kissing her full on the lips in the process. With her view blocked by the passionate kiss, Renee could not see Kristie reach below the table to bring out a large, pink dildo. She squirted some lubrication onto it and rubbed it all around, making sure the phallus was thoroughly covered.

As she was breaking the kiss, Sonya's hands ran down Renee's arms until she was gently grasping my wife's right wrist. Simone had moved forward and gently grasped her left wrist. Each of the other two girls grasped one on Renee's ankles. Renee's head raised slightly, questioning the gentle restraint under which she now found herself. She raised just in time to see Kristie insert the dildo into her. Her eyes rolled up in the back of her head, and with a groan her head fell back onto the pillow.

Kristie expertly worked the dildo in and out of my wife's increasingly juicy quim. Renee was really getting worked up, but was held in place by the girls to enjoy her exquisite torture.

I was so totally mesmerized by the action in front of me, I had forgotten that Lizzie was in the balcony with me. So I was a bit startled when I felt a petite, well-lubricated hand grasp my cock. Lizzie whispered in my ear, "just keep watching and enjoying the show."

Just as I looked back, Kristie leaned forward. She was still working the dildo in and out of my wife, but now she was also gently flicking her tongue across Renee's clit. Each woman who was restraining a limb began to join in. Sonya, still holding onto Renee's right arm, forcefully kissed her on the neck while massaging a breast. Simone licked up the arm she was holding to begin tonguing and squeezing the other breast. The other two young women licked their way up the leg they were holding and began alternating licking Renee's love button with Kristie.

It was an unbelievable sight. My gorgeous wife was like a buxom Egyptian queen being serviced by all of her handmaidens. She writhed and bucked and groaned as the action sped up and became more intense. She was being bathed by five tongues and caressed and restrained by ten hands. As she neared her climax, Renee's hips pushed up toward the dildo as Kristie continued to push it in and out of her at a frantic pace. At that point I lost it and shot my load. Lizzie kissed me on the cheek and exited the balcony.

Renee finally succumbed to the inevitable and came again. If I thought she had been loud the first time, it was nothing compared to the second climax. The walls reverberated with the sound of her pleasure.

Renee then collapsed downward onto the table, her breathing in short, ragged pants. As she came down from her orgasmic high, the five ladies continued to kiss and caress her as if bringing her down off of a cloud.

After a couple of minutes, Kristie gently slid the dildo out of my wife. Each woman massaged a part of my wife's anatomy and gave her a final kiss on the cheek before leaving the room. Sonya was the last to exit. She softly told my wife that she hoped she had enjoyed her special treat and hoped she would come back again some time. Sonya then left the room and came to retrieve me from the balcony.

After she had put her clothes back on, I had to help my wife back to our car since she was still a little wobbly. As we drove back home, she sat curled up on the passenger seat facing me and looking at me with droopy eyes and a sensual smile. She said that we would continue at home with just the two of us. And then she thanked me.

"This was my best birthday ever!" she purred.

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