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Her Biggest Fan Returns


It had been a long time since I'd gone to see Danielle Colby Cushman in a live burlesque review.... and a private "show" of her own. Thoughts of licking her sweet pussy, and what she'd done to me, and how she finally got me off, constantly tumbled through my mind. They fueled my fantasies and made every session with my own wife spicier. They always ended in a huge explosion of come, which she never knew was because Danielle owned my sexy thoughts.

So it was with great delight, as well as surprise, that I received a call from Danielle one day. I'd somehow managed to forget about giving her my number.

Her luscious alto purred over my phone, "Well HI, Dean. Know who it is?" I managed to gulp out a nervous affirmative. "Good. I'm going to be back in town next week. I'm doing another show. You can attend or not, but I DO expect you to show up at my hotel. That is, IF you can obey what I tell you...." She paused expectantly.

"Well, yes.... Yes, I can...." I stammered, feeling stunned and foolish. She had that effect on me, and probably all men. It had been incredible to actually have a sexual encounter with my ultimate fantasy girl, and the reality of it happening again blew me away.

"Very good, then," she replied smoothly, as if I'd just made a suave come-on to her, "it's a date. DON'T disappoint me, love." She hung up. My heart skipped a beat from horny anticipation. I made plans to be working in that town on the date of her show.

I did take in her show. I enjoyed burlesque, and watching her barely-clad, voluptuous form whirl gracefully- powerfully- through the song and dance numbers was like extended foreplay. As the thin veil of outer garments were tossed away from the performers, the sight of a gyrating Danielle stripped down to a tight-fitting black bustier, panties, a garter belt, and thigh-high hose made my prick stir restlessly. Her milky, well-inked, silky skin gleamed with a sheen of sweat. I thought forward of what she might be planning to do to me. I was near the front, and Danielle knew I was there.

But she mostly ignored me completely. However, briefly, her eyes lit on me. My own eyes had been on her strong white thighs, and I was trying with all my mental might to suppress getting a full erection in the middle of this crowd. She held my gaze for an instant, and a faint, knowing smile touched the corners of her lips. Then it was as if she'd never seen me. She spun and flounced away to another part of the stage, her full hips swaying alluringly.

When the show ended, Danielle and her troupe were treated to a well-deserved standing ovation. I had somehow managed not to develop a rail spike in my pants, and stood with everyone, applauding Danielle and her girls vigorously.

The crowd couldn't let out of the hot theater fast enough for me. I went to my car and got in, not sure to proceed. And, with Danielle being as she was, it wasn't smart to proceed without instructions.... I considered calling her number back, wondering if this was a "violation" of her absolute need to command. Just as this ran through my brain, my phone rang. It was Danielle's number. I answered instantly. "Hello, Danielle!" in a voice that I hoped sounded solid and submissive at the same time. Of course, it came out a bit shaky.

"HI Dean...."WELL done," she praised in her sexy alto voice, "Bet you don't know what to do yet, do you? Because I haven't told you. Oh, you DO learn well!" She sounded pleased.

She spoke on. "The rules remain the same, Dean. You do ONLY what I tell you to do. You speak only when spoken to. I know these are simple rules, but you seem a bit willful, Dean, so I'm reminding you. I'M the queen bee. All the honey you seek is mine to reward- and you know I'm quick to sting!" She gave a soft, playful chuckle. "So can you follow these rules?"

"Yes, Danielle, I'll obey you," I replied, my voice tight with lust and nervousness.

"Then I'm yours....so to speak," she rejoined. "Here's how it's going to happen. Go to my hotel. Be sure to dress nicely, and bring a briefcase. At the front desk, have them ring my suite. Tell them you have business with Ms. Colby-Cushman. You won't attract any attention- I do legitimate business all the time when I'm on tour. You'll take the front elevator to the top floor. I'm in the same suite as last time. Just knock at the left door. DO NOT knock at the right door- that's Sam's door."

I remembered Sam, all right. He was the living brick wall who served as Danielle's bodyguard. I wondered momentarily what kind of assailant she couldn't handle herself, that she'd need him for. It wasn't a comforting thought. Her voice cut this consideration off. "Do you understand me, Dean?" I affirmed that I did. "I'll see you soon, then.... and DON'T disappoint me." She broke our connection.

I followed her instructions to the letter. The pretty blond at the front desk and the thin, dark-eyed young guy operating the elevator never gave me a second glance- both of them were courteous, thoroughly efficient, and colossally bored with it all. Soon I was on Danielle's floor with the elevator doors swishing shut behind me. I stepped quickly over to her door- on the left- and wondered if Sam was poised behind his, waiting at any instant to spring into action. But no matter. I rapped gently at Danielle's door, and she instantly swung it open. Had she been waiting for me? My heartbeat sped up with anticipation and I swallowed dryly.

"WELL Dean, you certainly look businesslike," she teased, tilting her head playfully as her clear blue eyes twinkled. "How do I look?" She was wearing blue jeans- that followed her generous curves beautifully. She wore a red checked flannel shirt and had her hair in a casual pony tail. She was barefoot.

I thought she looked extremely sexy in this everyday garb, and said so. Boldly, I replied, "You look like the most fuckable thing I've ever seen." Too late, I wondered about her damned riding crop.

But she was amused by this particular audacity. Tilting her head the other way, she took her chin in her hand and gazed speculatively at me, luscious lips slightly turned up at the corners and eyes still sparkling with mischief. "Wellllll..... about that, we'll see." she replied. "Come with me now." She took my hand and led me through her suite.

Her housekeeping still left much to be desired- clothing everywhere, road cases and luggage scattered about. Did she make this much of a mess in one day, or did she just not want to be bothered by housekeepers? A familiar sight came to my eyes- a chrome metal tubing structure, padded in places, with levers and handles in various spots. It was enhanced with heavy ropes and padded cuffs. She had restrained me here last time, and clearly meant to again.

"Okay, Dean- put down that silly briefcase. You know what to do, don't you?" I nodded, and stepped in front of the device, facing her. She stood in front of me, and disrobed me quickly. She even had hangers for my suit- wouldn't do to wrinkle it, I guess- and hung it up on a door.

She teased my undershirt over my head, pausing a moment to trace delicately around my nipples with one long, red, lacquered nail. I couldn't see with my shirt partly off over my head, and this unexpected touch made me shiver. She laughed softly, sweetly, and left me with my hands awkwardly over my head and my shirt covering my face. Her warm breath puffed over the right side of my chest, and then her soft lips surrounded the nipple, which she flicked with her tongue. Her long fingernail continued its journey along my body, easing ever so gently down the hairs on my chest, around my navel, and down my belly to my waistband.

I was in a fever of anticipation by now, beginning to breathe hard. She took a second to flip my shirt off with her other hand, and now I could see. She was gazing up from my chest, right into my eyes. The finger with its long nail was still poised on my waistband. She straightened, eyes still locked onto mine. My prick was now fully, achingly erect, protruding from the fly of my shorts and desperate for attention. She looked down at it, then removed her finger from my waistband and used the finger to raise my throbbing prick, as if for inspection.

"Well Dean, I've said you may not be my BIGGEST fan- but this IS nice." She curved her fingers downward, like talons, and poised them on the waistband again, dangerously close to my sensitive, vulnerable cock. Then suddenly she YANKED my shorts down, snapping them painfully by my cock, nails just barely missing my manhood. Still focused on my pulsating dick, she said, "Step out of them." I stepped out of my underwear, and she tossed them carelessly aside. She looked me right in the eyes again, then went behind me, taking each arm and leg in turn, cuffing me to her restraint device.

"I've left you free to touch me, Dean," she instructed in a tone such as a teacher would use, "but only do that if I say so. Remember, there are consequences for disobedience." She curved the fingers of both hands into red-tipped talons. One she used to grip my scrotum and the other my penis; using the most delicate of touches. She traced them softly, softly, softly over the engorged flesh. The ethereal touch of her sharp fingernails on my manhood was both fearsome and agonizingly erotic. A thick drop of pre-come squeezed out of my prick head.

She knelt and with my male parts still caged in her fingers, placed a tiny kiss on my dick head with her luscious red lips, then trailed her tongue up my shaft, licking away the trail of pre-come. She placed another kiss on the head of my cock, this time engulfing it with her lips. The sensations of her hot mouth and her dangerous sexy nails were unbearable. I quivered violently, on the edge of explosive ejaculation, and struggled not to come all over her face. I would have loved to, but without permission? How would she react? She could emasculate me with one bloody clench of her hands....

She looked up at me, seeming to read my thoughts. "REMEMBER," she soughed quietly but intensely, tightening her nails for a brief instant so the nails dented the flesh painfully- but didn't harm me. This brought me back from the edge of orgasm. She stood in front of me.

Without another word, she began to strip. Even though she was wearing cowboy-style garb, she made this deeply erotic- and it was soon to become more so. She swayed her hips back and forth gracefully while trailing her fingers down the row of buttons on her shirt. She briefly slid a hand up beneath each of her bountiful breasts, hefting them as if offering food to a starving man. I licked my lips.

She then unfastened each button of her shirt from the top down, and slowly slid the shirt tails out of her jeans. Still swaying, she opened the shirt with maddening slowness. Her upper chest with its spectacular tattoos came into view, then she shouldered out of the shirt entirely. She was not wearing anything underneath. Her big, beautiful breasts, nipples delectably erect; jiggled delightfully as she tossed the shirt aside. My prick snapped back to instant, pulse-pounding attention.

She stepped closer. "You may touch them, Dean, but I expect you to make my leniency worthwhile. You can only use your mouth IF and when I tell you." I raised my hands, which were shaking with lust, to her gorgeous tits. I cupped them carefully, savoring their weight, their warmth and softness. I traced my fingertips along the colorful patterns of her tattoos, very softly, barely touching her. I eased my fingertips all around them, then very very softly to her nipples. They were dark pink and fully erect, the areolae wrinkled into sexy knots. Again barely touching her, I made subtle plucking motions along her areolae, ending with the fingertips encircling the nipple then easing away. We continued this way for several minutes, not speaking, her eyes slipping closed in obvious enjoyment. Her breath began to hasten.

Suddenly, she seized me by the back of the head and harshly drew my face down to her breasts. "YOU HAVE PERMISSION!" she whispered in a throaty voice I hadn't heard before. I knelt before her and, taking a bit of risky initiative, kissed around the deep cup of her navel while still caressing her tits. I was nervous, but as I'd hoped Danielle was fully absorbed in the sensations on her body and there was no punishment for acting outside the program.

I kissed my way up to her boobs and, still caressing them, kissed a decreasing spiral around her left boob until my lips were against her areola. Her chest was heaving quickly now. I parted my lips and extended my hot, stiff tongue to her areola, flicking it and circling it, now and then taking it suddenly into my lips, then pursing them against the nipple as I pulled them away. Each time she shivered, and goose bumps appeared on her torso. Next I took the end of her breast completely into my mouth and sucked softly, swirling my hot tongue around her nipple and areola at the same time. She went crazy, goosebumps standing out all over her skin and grinding her still-clad crotch against me.

She broke away without warning, now quivering in her own ague of lust. "Finish stripping me!" she commanded. I began to ease the snap open at her waist. "NO!" she ordered, "NOW!" I yanked the zipper down, and as she leaned on my shoulder, yanked first one, then the other pantleg down, setting her muscular, sexy legs free. Her poor, neglected, delicious-looking pussy was also free- she hadn't been wearing any panties. I noticed with some satisfaction that the crotch of the jeans was quite wet. She kicked them hurriedly away, sending them flying to whap against a wall.

She drew my face to her chest again, and took my left hand in hers. "HERE," she snapped, placing it on her moist, warm camel toe. "Now proceed onward," she said, the throatiness returning to her voice. I continued to lick and caress her left breast, meanwhile softly easing my fingers between her juicy labes, then all over them. I worked my fingers in decreasing circles around her labia, finally converging on her hot, erect love button. I dipped a finger briefly inside her to lubricate it, then teased it rapidly back and forth across her clit as I licked and sucked her nipple in time.

Danielle's breath now came in rapid, broken gasps and she finally sailed over the edge. Her hips bucked powerfully, thighs clamping my hand almost to the point of paralyzing my fluttering finger- clamping tight enough to hurt. But I continued to lick, caress and suck her as a chain of orgasms wracked her with delight. A tantalizing warm oozing issued from her pulsing vagina, wetting my hand and her upper thighs.

Finally, panting with release and eyes glazed, she unsqueezed her thighs so I could withdraw my hand. Her tantalizing pussy was completely slicked with her juices, and I got a glimpse of her deep pink labia, glistening. My prick ached for her, and another big drop of pre-come squeezed out of the head. Standing, I wordlessly held my slippery fingers up, eyebrows arched inquisitively. "Yes...." she said distractedly, "...yes, of course you may...." I licked her luscious dew from fingers, eyes anxiously on her pretty, sated face. She recovered amazingly quickly. "Dean.... that was EXCEPTIONALLY well done. We'll now go on to the next phase of my plans for the night."

She strode over to the side of machine, and with a nod indicated I should lean back against the padding. I did so, and she tilted it back using a lever. I was now on my back, fully supported by the padding. I could move, but I was restrained enough so I couldn't escape, and was still at her mercy.

"REMEMBER Dean, you are here for me, and to do as I say. YOUR pleasure is incidental, unless I choose to reward you. You don't want me to punish you, now do you?" She looked at me expectantly.

"No, Danielle- I'll do as you want," I replied.

"GOOD boy," she rejoined mischievously, holding my gaze with her own.

She walked her sinuous walk over to the side of the machine, then climbed aboard- straddling me. Her Junoesque figure in all its magnificence was fully visible to me- her large breasts with protruding, erect nipples, her small waist, soft belly, and big, round, sexy hips. Her mighty thighs held her above me, and in between them her delicious, deep pink vagina protruded teasingly from within her tender camel toe. Inside, luscious moisture glimmered in its wide-open, paler pink depths. A lusty smile lit her pretty face, eyes sparkling and red lips parted.

She slowly, slowly lowered herself down until my throbbing purplish cock head was nestled snugly between her wet, slippery labia. She took my shaft in her hand then began rocking her hips back and forth, slowly, tantalizingly, while easing my engorged cock between her silky labes with her expert hand. Every time her erect clit touched the sensitive skin on bottom of my prick head, a jolt of sensation ran down the shaft. She leaned her head back and closed her eyes in ecstasy, using my swollen cockhead to rub herself to another orgasm. Her massive boobs heaved in time with her breath as she brought herself off. She snapped her hips sharply back and forth, and wet slippery sounds emerged from her oozing labia as she came. Inarticulate moans and sighs issued from her delectable red lips as she used me to get off. She looked so beautiful in her ecstasy!! It just felt better and better to me.... but not enough for me to come.

She allowed her full weight to rest on my hips. Her labia spread down over my prick, and her inner heat and slipperiness enrobed it with delightful sensation. I wanted SO BADLY to be in her!!

Finally, she leaned forward, and opened her beautiful blue eyes . They looked heavy-lidded; sated. She smiled at me, and I smiled back. I began to speak, but she held her finger to her lips and shook her head. She raised her hips, and tilted them slightly forward. Using her hand once more, she took hold of my now-aching, freely-oozing prick and slid it down her labia until it was poised at the entrance of her hot, slippery cunt. She tossed her hair insolently and, still smiling lustily, inserted my prick into her.... but only about an inch. "NOW then, " she purred softly.

Danielle began to gyrate her hips in big circles as she slowly, torturously, deliciously eased her dripping pussy down over my eager cock. Inch by inch she slid down, expertly making it last, until finally she had rotated herself all the way down my shaft, and I was fully inserted in her. The sensation was nearly indescribable- almost like being dipped into molten honey. "OOOH my Dean, you're VERY hard. Is this what you were waiting for?" she inquired teasingly.

"Yes, OH yes!" I gasped out.

"Of COURSE it is," she replied, "and it's only going get better!"

Resting her hands on my chest, red-tipped fingers spread wide, she began to rotate her hips forward and back, sliding my prick in and out of her fantastic cunt. As the shaft was slid in and out of her juicy labia, I could see it shimmering with her copious moisture, and wet sounds escaped from our enjoined crotches. As she thrust back and forth more vigorously, even my balls became wet with her warm dewy moisture.

Her eyes closed again, while my eyes drank in the incredible sexual spectacle of her- strong thighs rippling, stomach muscles undulating gracefully; big, spectacularly-inked boobs tipped with erect deep cherry nipples swaying invitingly; face flushed and sexy. She spoke throatily, almost as an afterthought, "You may touch me with your hands. CAREFULLY."

I gingerly placed my hands on her undulating waist, then eased them down until they rested gently on her powerfully rotating hips. I could feel her strong body work as she fucked me gracefully. "Mmmm," she sighed, but nothing more.

But then.... all the stimulus she'd given my poor, tormented prick before proved to be too much. The hot, juicy sensations coming from her silken cunt pumping along the length of my throbbing cock were too much, as well. The head swelled tight, and a sensation like a spark began at the very base of the shaft. An almost unbearable warm glow of pleasure enveloped my straining prick. If she didn't stop and wait for a moment, there was going to be one hell of an eruption....

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