tagRomanceHer Breasts Are the Beginning Ch. 03

Her Breasts Are the Beginning Ch. 03


She awoke to see him watching her. He always enjoyed watching his women sleep and she had been no exception. As she slept, her mouth curled up in a small, sweet smile. He had hoped that she was dreaming of them together. She reached up and touched the side of his face. He leaned in to kiss her.

The rest seemed to have made her more aggressive. She moved her hand behind his head and pulled him close to her and kissed him; more forcefully than she had up to now. Her tongue parted his lips and explored his mouth. They both moaned; showing the passion that had been building in each other.

His hand reached up and found her shoulder. It moved easily down the smooth skin of her arm, squeezing her hand and finding the curve of her hip. A slight push and she rolled over onto her back. His hand moved to her belly, making small circles on her skin. As they kissed again, he could feel her breathing more rapidly and could feel her body quiver with excitement and anticipation.

He moved his hand downward and could again feel the hair that surrounded her pussy. His fingers moved down to where his tongue had been previously. Two fingers spread her lips gently while his middle finger traced a path up and down her slit. She was wet again. As he reached down further, his middle finger found her open and waiting and slipped slowly inside her. He reached deeply as he kissed her and could feel her inhale; not a gasp of panic but one of passion.

Her hand was roaming also. She again tickled his chest through his chest hair; he found later that he was her first lover with such abundant hair and it fascinated her. Her fingers made their way down his chest and across his belly until it found her goal; hard and excited by her. She ran the palm of her hand down the length of his cock, feeling his hair surrounding the base and she reached down to his scrotum. She squeezed gently, then wrapped her hand around his cock and slowly moved toward the head. As her hand moved over the tip, she could feel the wetness she had caused leaking from his opening. He hand continued underneath his cock and soon began a slow stroking up and down while she kissed him.

As their hands stimulated each other, he broke his kiss and moved his face to her chest. Her nipples would large, dark and very erect with excitement. His lips found them as they had in the beginning, wrapping lovingly around them as he sucked gently; pulling them slightly as a second finger joined the first inside her. Her free hand again reached for the back of his head, her fingers moving through his hair as she held him in place at her breast. He could feel her body preparing to orgasm once again but knew this was not the way she wanted to be released this time.

Their hands released each other in anticipation of the moment to come. She could feel his body move across hers. She opened her legs, making a space for his hips between hers. Her hands reached down behind her own knees, pulling her legs toward her chest. As he laid his hips on hers, she could feel his erection. His hips moved, causing his cock to slide through her pubic hair and rub on her hardening clit.

He moved his hips down further and she could feel the head of his cock at her opening. She was wet and ready for him and pulled her knees slightly more, opening herself to him. She looked up to see him looking at her, his eyes asking her if this was what she really wanted; giving her a final chance to stop if she wanted. Her body answered by raising her hips slightly, touching her pussy to the tip of his cock.

She felt him slowly lower himself toward her. The tip of his cock separated her lips and easily entered her. He was moving slowly and she could feel every inch of him slide into her. He could feel her tightness engulf him as he moved for the first time into her. As he reached into her as deeply as he could, he could feel the tip of his cock against the upper wall of her. He was fully inside her now but did not move. He leaned forward to kiss her softly as he saw the first tear in her eye.

She smiled softly at him and felt him begin to move slowly inside her. Despite their longing to finally be together, he did not rush. She closed her eyes and let her body feel him there; she loved the feeling as she engulfed him totally. As he reached his deepest point inside her, she would squeeze her muscles around him. After all this time, she wanted to savor every inch and every motion. She wanted to hold him there.

The feeling in his belly told him the time was near. Her squeezing around him aroused him like no other woman had done before. His hands reached for her hips, raising them higher off the bed so he could enter her even more deeply. She moaned with passion as their hips met each other faster and faster.

Her legs wrapped around him tightly. She knew he was close and she was as well. As his thrusts got deeper, her body shuddered as her orgasm swept over her. He could feel her cumming and it only excited him further. In a few more motions, he pushed himself full inside her and stopped. She could feel his pulsing as he came over and over, filling her. Their moans filled the silence.

She released her legs as he relaxed between then and laid his head to her breast. He could hear her heartbeat once again and could feel the perspiration on her skin. She could feel his warm breath flowing over her as he exhaled deeply. As they both recovered he rolled off of her onto his back and she curled up beside him. He ran his fingers through her hair as she again drifted off to sleep.

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