tagIncest/TabooHer Brother, The Maniac 04

Her Brother, The Maniac 04


Rachelle had awakened at the crack of dawn, when suddenly the reality had hit her as to what she had done with her brother the night before. She looked down upon him as he remained sleeping.

Although she loved him and he was the only man that she would ever love, she felt guilty and morally wrong for what she had done and she couldn't believe herself. Her heart was filled with conflict and torn in two.

As she scrambled to get up and dress, she struggled to walk. He ravaged her pussy and tore it in two. She could still feel his cum and her blood squishing around. She felt so filthy and dirty. She felt like a slut.

Sad to say, she wanted more. But the guilt and the shame overpowered the lust she felt for her brother. She carefully grabbed her clothing and as she bent down, she nearly fell over. Every inch of her body ached from the mind blowing sex she had the night before.

Shane awakened and without warning her, he firmly wrapped his arms around her waist and pulled her back to the ground, pinning her underneath him, his strong arms restraining her. He nearly knocked the breath out of her.

He planted his soft lips against hers, and savagely shoved his tongue down her throat. His morning wood was rock hard and he wanted more. He was determined to get what he wanted and that was her tiny little pussy.

She almost gave into him, practically melting against his beautiful body. But the shame and guilt remained in her conscience. She pulled her lips away from him and with what was left of her strength she tried to push him away. But he was too strong. At some point, a struggle ensued and she was trying to wrestle him off of her. He didn't care. He wanted more and he was going to get it.

He caressed his lips against every part of her body and the pleasure weakened her some more as she collapsed in self defeat. Even though she had given up, trying to break free of his wild lust she began to verbally protest.

"Shane!," she gasped as wave after wave of pleasure cascaded throughout her body. "This is so wrong! We can't keep doing this!," she cried. "We have to stop!"

Completely entranced with his carnal desire, he ignored her plea as he continued to swarm her body with his tender and loving kisses. "I know you want it," he protested. He was right. She caved yet again. Although she was a sticky and dirty mess of cum and her virgin blood, her pussy tensed with arousal.

He scooped her up with his arms, sitting up right and he straddled her over his lap. She could feel his monster cock swelling up and awakening with excitement as it grazed against her pussy.

He mounted her right over his cock, and he gently grasped her hips as he thrusted and slid his cock deep inside of her dirty little pussy. He began to pound away. He pounded fast and furiously locking her hips in place, and he wouldn't let go.

She let out a breathless scream as she rode and bounced up and down on his huge prick. The fat head of his cock was hitting her cervix over and over again as she cried out in both pain and pleasure. She loved riding his cock as she was able to take a lot more than she could handle. His cock hurt so good.

He grasped his hands around her voluptuous ass, gripping the cheeks tightly. His sexual desires were insatiable as he wanted to do every dirty thing he could think of to her.

The thought just hardened his cock some more as he continued to impale her sweet pussy. The faster and harder he fucked her, he could feel her juices gushing down his cock like a stream. He knew she was going to squirt all over his cock and he wanted to feel her warm cum spray everywhere and all over him like a geyser.

She completely lost control of her body as her hips and her pussy convulsed wildly against his cock. She was bucking and bouncing up and down his prick like a little slut and she loved every bit of it as she cried out and growled in sheer ecstasy. She was like a wild animal that couldn't be tamed.

Suddenly, as she began to reach her climax, she felt like she would lose control of her bladder and piss all over his dick. She tried to stop but he held her down and he continued to fuck her brains out.

Through her multiple orgasms, she managed to protest. "I'm about to pee! We need to stop!"

He ignored her as he continued to hold her down and fuck the living hell out of her. Her pussy began to contract over and over again, as it gushed her nectar everywhere and all over his cock. They both began to scream with pleasure, as he dumped his thick and hot cum deep inside her. Her pussy was filled to the brim with his cum and hers and it slowly trickled out. He creampied her and he loved it.

She quickly stumped over in exhaustion and laid in fetal position on the ground, trying to take in what had happened. Even though she was overwhelmed with pleasure, tears fell from her eyes and she cried. She didn't even know why she was crying.

He laid down next to her, and held her closely to him. He began to comfort her and kissed her behind her ears.

"I love you..."

"I love you too...," she said.

He wiped the tears from her eyes and he reassured her that everything would be okay. They both laid together over the wild flowers as he spooned her and held her tightly.

They both watched the beautiful sunrise, emerging like ball of fire and illuminating the sky all around it. The ray of lights peaked through the large and fluffy clouds descending like large staircases, as if the angels were to descend upon the earth. Even though she felt a warm glimmer of hope that this was all a dream, the sad reality plagued over her like a rain cloud and all hope had diminished.

"We need to go... I need a shower."

"Okay, baby..."

They rose from the ground, and dressed. She struggled to walk and she was limping. Her body was aching, and her pussy was ripped apart. The pain was so intense, she began to tremble.

Being the gentleman he was, Shane lifted her into his strong arms and carried her to the car.

"It's okay, babygirl...I got you."

He opened her side of the car, gently guiding her in. He quickly went in on his side, and proceeded to drive on. Throughout the drive, her heart ached because she knew that this must come to an end.

It was wrong on all accounts, and what they were doing was an illegal offense that could have thrown them in jail. Not to mention, they lived in a small town where there was nothing to do but gossip. If word got around, they would be considered abominable freaks. Although she was not concerned of her future, she was moreso concerned for his as he had his whole life ahead of him. She decided to do the only thing that was right, therefore, she had to end it all. She couldn't live her life in denial or lies.

When he pulled into the driveway of her home, he leaned in to kiss her and she pulled away, resisting the temptation.

"We can't do this anymore!" she cried. "You know, this is wrong in every way! People go to jail for this kind of thing!"

"Nobody knows... they don't have to know..."

"I love you, Shane and I always will but we can't..."

A teardrop fell down his face, followed by a stream of tears. "Please don't leave me... I need you... I love you so much... We can run away together and live our lives together with privacy. We can act like none of this happened.."

"We can't do it- we can't live our lies with deception and denial, Shane! I love you, but we need to take time apart from each other so we can get over this..."

"I will never get over this... you are the only woman I ever loved..."

She didn't say another word, as she left his car and she didn't look back. She desperately wanted to run back into his loving embrace and ignore the reality. But she couldn't. When she went inside the house, she went straight into her bedroom. She was in such a state of depression, she lost all drive and motivation. She no longer cared and she didn't even want to shower. She curled up on her bed, hiding under her blankets and she cried herself to sleep. This was going to take a while to get over this and she didn't know if she would have the strength.

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by Anonymous07/20/18

when will you upload chapter 5 and 6 ?

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by Racheldiaz06/04/18

Thank you


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by Familyluv2114u05/19/18

Well that did it!

I came so hard before the short but sweet chapter ended....specifically the part," She was bucking and bouncing up and down his prick like a little slut and she loved every bit of it"!
My god that partmore...

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by Turtle195205/09/18

Love it

This is a great story and I am enjoying it. I hope you keep going with it. I hope they can work things out and enjoy life together

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