tagIncest/TabooHer Brother Turns 18 Ch. 03

Her Brother Turns 18 Ch. 03


I personally find this chapter to be much, much better from the first two. Please have a read, looking forward to your comments.


Sarah woke up the next morning. Her hand still between her legs. Panties drenched from rubbing herself crazy last night. Rest of her naked. Feeling a little cold.

Her quilt seemed to have slipped off the bed. This got her thinking that she hadn't locked the bedroom door last night. She wondered and felt insecure with the thought that if someone had come in, she would have been completely on display.

Sarah liked wearing panties when she played with herself, liking the feeling of her hands not having any room as she rubbed her clit and fingered herself furiously. She had a vast collection of hot panties, and she was as fashionable in her undergarments as she was on attire, she didn't own a single granny panty. Last evening Sarah wanted to surprise her boyfriend and had worn her new red thongs - and pleasantly surprised he was, as he fucked her while she wore those thongs, loving how the slim red material looked on her naked ass. When she came home later that night, she took off everything except for the thongs. While she had always been happy about her ass, she felt more proud that her boyfriend was crazy about it, which had made her more confident and she now preferred wearing either no panties, or really thin ones - including thongs.

Noticing the time - 10.30am - she decided to get up. Not in a mood to shower, not in a mood to wear any clothes. "I really hope I'm home alone today" just as she thought that, there was a knock on her door "Fuck!" she ran into the washroom. Her clothes from last night were still on her bed, her bra proudly laid out in the open. She quickly found a half decent thing to wear, her long t-shirt - it would go lower than her hips - and a slightly more decent pair of red panties as she headed to the door to find her brother patiently waiting.

He had come to ask for an opinion. The same morning Asim had received another job offer, and he was considering taking it. "Since after all - you are my elder sister, I thought to take your opinion," he said, stating the obvious. Here he was, in her bedroom, while she wore bare minimum clothes, he headed to the bed to have a seat - her bra sitting right there.

Something about being exposed always gave her a kick. That's why she had a quite a lot of deep necks and short tops. She was hot - with 32B cups, slender and sleek frame, and ass to feed on - and she liked to flaunt it. Another one of the things her boyfriend had introduced her to. But obviously she hadn't thought about exposing herself to her brother - not yet at least. Sensing that this conversation could last longer, she thought about changing into more decent clothing, however, the explicit move to go and change would give a very clear signal to her brother about how conscious she was around him, and make him very uncomfortable, so she decided against it. She went and sat opposite to the bed the chair, she was covered properly from upper body, and her legs were the only part on display. Unlike earlier, her brother wasn't staring at her this time - may be because he actually had a serious thought in mind - but him not paying attention kinda encouraged her to be more daring.

She was, however, getting used to being noticed. Someone at home gazing at her, sinking at her beauty and hotness, it was a good feeling to have - albeit a little weird. Especially when she's wearing shorter clothes, exposing more skin, yet not being stared at seemed unusual now. The whole turn on of being an exhibitionist was to enjoy the subtle and obvious stares, and that was missing this morning.

Sarah, involuntary, crossed her legs, showing the waistline of her red panties. She kind of showed her brother what underwear she was wearing, if only she was wearing thongs, it would have been just a strip of waistline, and that wouldn't have left much to imagination.

Asim noticed this move though, his eyes went straight to her hips, and he skipped a beat or two, also stopping in the middle of what he was saying, and Sarah immediately got the drift. This made her recall that she had to talk to him about the staring, but it didn't make sense anymore, as she had already made a couple of moves herself without any prompt from him - she would assume that he didn't walk into her room while she was asleep all naked except for hot slutty thongs.

The siblings had a conversation for about fifteen minutes, then Asim excused himself, giving her a good look before leaving, also noticing the red bra casually placed on the bed.

When her brother left and closed the door behind him, she felt a tingling sensation between her legs. Before she knew it, her hand was again inside her panties. She was softly rubbing her clit as she pulled off and threw her t-shirt away. She pinched her nipples lightly bringing her fingers to her mouth to get them wet, then rubbed her clit some more. Spreading her legs, Sarah started pushing two fingers inside her hungry pussy, those smooth neatly shaved lips, so fucking wet outside, even more wet inside. That's when she realized she has been wet the whole morning, even when she was sitting in front of her brother. That thought made her push in her fingers deeper, feeling a dam breaking inside herself, making that gushing sound her boyfriend loved so much. She brought herself to a climax playing out the moment when her brother saw her completely naked back, and now him noticing her red panties.

She recalled that she told her boyfriend about the first time she noticed her brother ogling at her - disgusted was the word she had used to describe that experience - yet this morning she was a disappointed that he wasn't looking at her that way. Her mind was perplexed by this sudden change in her own feelings towards the matter, and she needed a second opinion on the whole thing. She decided she will talk to her boyfriend about this, the next time they meet.

Sarah noticed the time, it was past noon now and she finally decided to start her day. Taking a hot shower, she dressed into a t-shirt and shorts, she stepped out of her bedroom. Her lovely soft arms, and recently shaved legs were visible all the way to her buttocks. She knew her brother was home, but she didn't care, or maybe she wanted to be seen.

She had some history of exposing herself, more for the pleasure of her boyfriend, but undeniably she did get a kick out of it too. One time as they were had booked a hotel room, having fucked each other since checking in, they both had gotten terribly hungry and had ordered food. Sarah recalled how her boyfriend had persuaded her to open the door to receive the order wearing nothing but his white dress shirt and her red panties. When the doorbell rang, he quickly checked her attire, opening the top two buttons of the shirt to make sure some of her breasts are in view, she protested that but to no vain. Then he tucked shirt from one end into her panties, so that they delivery guy would get a view of red panties too. Taking cash in her hand, she went to the door, knowing well enough how much she would be exposing to a random stranger at their door, feeling a sensation between her legs taking over. She opening to collect the food, but soon realized this encounter wouldn't be a simple open the door, give the money, close the door. Nope. When she received the bill, she realized it was more than the cash in hand, this meant she would have to go back in the room.

As she did, she involuntarily left the door open, this surely would have been the highlight of the delivery man's day, as she turned and walked away from him, swaying her panty clad tight ass as she fetched the additional cash from her boyfriend. Knowing fully well how much the stranger at the door could see, her boyfriend pulled her towards himself on the bed to kiss her, bending her on all fours, her ass directly facing the door. When Sarah finally went back to the door to settle the bill, she couldn't miss the look on his face - clearly he would use this memory to get off tonight - completing the transaction, she closed the door, swayed her ass back to the bed - feeling the wetness between her legs - and got naked, joining her boyfriend for a quickie. Needless to say, eating the food that caused the whole situation wasn't a priority anymore.

As she walked out of her bedroom now, she noticed her brother was watching TV in the lounge, she made herself some cereal, and joined him. She sat on his left side, pulled her right leg up - casually showing the not-so-long naked legs - while innocently eating her breakfast. She noticed a few glances her way, but this time she was more amused by the attention than feeling disgusted.

They talked about random things, and after a while she noticed her brother had stopped checking her out. Did he get tired of the same view? She wondered, and shuffled her legs. This time straightening her right leg and pulling up the left one. This caused a bit of a problem because now he was able to see the front of her shorts. Sarah was still feeling that familiar tingle between her legs. She was sure he couldn't see anything from the current angle, but what if he decided to get up and walked in front of her? Would he be able to see the wetness between her legs? She wrestled with the thought for a minute, but this had gone beyond caring now, and she maintained her position.

She could swear her scent was evident, at least to herself. But to anyone who didn't know what her wet pussy smelled like, they would feel a scent in the air, but not quite be able to point out the source. It was only for her to know. She was distracted by the sudden vibration of her phone, it was a text from her boyfriend asking "how come I didn't get to see you in those tops you just bought," that was quite a ritual between the two. Whenever she would buy something new, she would model for her boyfriend, sending him saucy snaps, wearing only the top and no bottom if it was a top, and vice versa if it was a bottom. She had just finished her breakfast, and wasn't doing anything apart from sitting and sort of letting her brother have a view of her legs, so she decided to give her boyfriend the treat he deserved.

She went to her room to put the tops on back to back - no bottoms needed apart from the running shots she was already wearing, and sent her boyfriend the pictures on snapchat - which he happily screenshotted to use as jack off material later. As she tried the last top, she realized it was a little tight, and without the pants which are usually high-rise, it was ending at her belly button. That was the one her brother had convinced her to buy. She told her boyfriend that, knowing very well what his kinky mind would imagine. He immediately messaged "that's a little short isn't it? Maybe you should complain to your bro by showing this!" Sarah knew what he was doing, while in words he meant complain, his ulterior motive was to let her brother get that hot view. She had tried all these tops without bra, taking these hot selfies was exciting to her already, and given that she was already wet, her nipples had also added to the problem. The top was tight enough to highlight her poking nipples. Her boyfriend didn't think she would go through this, but she did!

As she stepped out of her room, she realized her indecent attire. Dark blue top which came a few inches down her neckline, exposing just the beginning of her perky breasts, her nipples hard and easy to notice as they popped out. The top ended at her bellybutton, exposing a bit of her skin above the waistline, then finally her running shorts. These were a lot less clothes to be coming out of her room, her mom would have given her a full lecture on culture and religion if she had seen her daughter like that.

Sarah went to the living room, right in front of her brother. Asim couldn't help but have his jaw dropped, dumbfounded. She stood a few inches away from him, and said "see this top is really tight, and look at how short it is! Told you it doesn't fit me!" Asim mustered words in his mouth, unable to form a sentence. Even if he could, what would he say? She was right, but damn did she look hot! He could just grab her ass then and there, made out with her wildly and taken her to his bed! That thought did cross his mind - but obviously it could only be a thought, at least for the moment. He remained silent for what felt like an eternity, then finally responded "But it does suit you! Bet your boyfriend's gonna love seeing you in this!"

When Sarah had decided to confront him, she had no clue his response would be such a confident one, not to mention highly inappropriate. He just fell short of calling her hot or sexy. Then he went on to say that her boyfriend would love the view, which basically translated to she'd get a good fucking after this! Sarah really didn't have a response to his assertive stance, she just made an angry face - though inside flattered by the compliments - and walked back to her room. She had laughed off when her boyfriend had suggested the confrontation, and therefore didn't update him on what had happened now.

Rest of the day was rather uneventful. Around midnight, the whole family decided to call it a night, except for Asim who was just starting his favorite movie - the classic - Ocean's Eleven. Sarah also went to her bedroom, she had changed into full clothes around evening as that mini top and shorts would have been a strict no in front of mom and dad. She decided to sleep in just her red thongs, she sent a saucy snap to her boyfriend and switched off the lights.

For about thirty minutes, she couldn't sleep. And this got her thinking of an interesting plan. She knew that once her family members go into their respective bedrooms, they only get out in the morning. She decided to use that to her advantage. Rubbing her clit for a while, getting herself a little wet to loosen her inhibitions as she went to execute her plan. She got up and put on a white shirt that would cover about half of her hips to go with her red thongs - the color contrast would come in handy. She looked at herself in the mirror, texted her boyfriend "ask me what I just did, you'd be very proud ;)" and left her room - she wanted him to wait for her response, making it that much hotter for him.

Heading to the living room, she first made sure no one else was around, except for her brother. She grabbed his attention first by asking "what are you watching?" pretending to not know it already. This question made him look at her to respond, and as he did, he noticed how hot his lovely sister was looking. From the front, her hard nipples were visible, and as his eyes went lower, he couldn't help but check out how the V between her legs was covered by a thin strip of red panties - he couldn't tell yet if she was wearing thongs.

The initial view was so amazing that he forgot about the movie and started talking to her, as an excuse to keep looking at her. Sarah's plan was working. Between the conversation, she went for the deal breaker move. She went into their open kitchen, stood in front of a cabinet whose view wasn't obstructed by anything. Once again checking that Asim was looking at her - facing him one moment - the other moment she suddenly turned around, and reached out into the top cabinet to find something. She had to stretch her arms and whole body as she did that, making her top go higher from her back. Her brother was blabbing about something, but immediately lost flow of the sentence, and she knew her plan had succeeded. She had exposed her bare ass cheeks to her brother - and now Asim knew it was a thong.

Pretending to have found what she was looking for, Sarah turned around facing her brother, not bothering to straighten her shirt. The siblings finished their conversation and Sarah ran to her room, a little too excited to have exposed herself to her brother like that - second time in two days. She could feel the dampness in her thongs. A completely unknown spirit had taken over her usually safer instincts - being so naughty was driving her crazy.

She closed the room behind her and pulled off her shirt. Dimming the lights, she got into her bed, with her right hand in the thongs. She squeezed her breasts as she rubbed her clit harder, she couldn't help but moan as her pussy ached for her fingers. Spreading her legs wide, Sarah pushed three fingers inside, arching her back as she couldn't believe her pussy could take three - she was used to fucking herself with two. Pinching her nipples, she fucked her pussy wild, definitely drenching the bed with her juices now. She lost track of everything around her, as she busied herself in getting off, alternating between rubbing her clit and pinching her nipples, when suddenly she heard the noise of door creaking. She was too close to immediately stop, and in walked her brother, with his eyes prying at her. They exchanged a look for a split second - in that moment, her pussy had a mind of her own, her couldn't miss the squirting between her legs, while her face showed a weird expression of WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON! Her brother pulled back and covered his eyes, Sarah grabbed the quilt and pulled it over herself in a hurry.

She called after him "what the fuck were you doing?" but he didn't come back nor did his answer. She realized he had ran off, saving both of them from the awkward conversation. After a couple of minutes it transpired over her what had just happened. Her brother had first seen her bare ass in thongs, then he got a magnificent view of her front, not just that, but of her hand inside the same red thongs, getting herself off, that too immediately after putting on that show in the kitchen. She realized that her brother must be connecting the dots too, but for some odd - fucked up - reason, wondering if he saw her pussy squirting. She found this new situation more arousing than anything else in her life!

She got up to lock the door, switched off the lights and decided to sleep. Her hand still between her legs as she dozed off.


He couldn't believe this was happening. His sister had locker eyes with him, as he removed the only piece of clothing from her, lifting legs high to his own face, he tugged at her red thongs. Sarah happily lifted her ass from the bed, allowing her brother to slip them off. He inhaled at the fabric, getting familiar with his sister's scent, watching this only made Sarah more wet, she smiled but she also give him a look that said "get to the real deal bro!"

He picked on that, as he kept her legs high, bending himself over his sister. This time he inhaled from the source, then softly kissed his sister's hot, firm yet jiggly ass - that she had already shown him twice before this moment. She brought a hand from around her legs to guide her brother, the anticipation was getting the better of her, she was getting more and more wet with every millisecond, and just wanted her brother to quit the teasing.

Asim let his elder sister guide his head. She brought it right in front of her gristling pussy lips, he sank in the sight. Her lips were wet, puffy from excitement. Completely clean shaven and smelling like heaven. Definitely the most beautiful thing he had ever seen in his entire life. He got closer and closer, till he felt her pussy move when he breathed at her. His sister was going crazy by now, and finally he stuck out his tongue, and licked his sister's bare pussy for all it was worth.

From bottom to top, he savored every centimeter of his sister's beautiful sex. He brought his hands to squeeze and fondle her ass cheeks, spreading them slightly, as he pushed his tongue inside her. All the dams in the world broke violently by that move, he felt more and more of his sister juices making their way to his hungry mouth. He moved his tongue around inside of her, now spreading her legs wide, making circles inside, moving his tongue left to right, then up to down, really exploring his sister's pussy, and she kept on leaking. He lifted his head slightly, he wanted to see his sister's face as he gave her the ultimate pleasure. She was eagerly waiting for him to make eye contact, while his tongue still in her. Their eyes met, and her pussy flooded on his tongue once again, each burst harder than previous.

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