tagIncest/TabooHer Brother's Child Pt. 01

Her Brother's Child Pt. 01


Part 1.

In the shadowy darkness of the hallway, Christian saw her silhouette figure stepping out from her room. He saw her lithe body, clad in silk transparent nightgown, accentuating the full breasts and her five-month pregnant belly. She filled him with lustful wanting.

Silently she approached him. He held out his hand and together, they walked to his room.

It was sheer madness. They knew what would happen if her husband was to awake. It was the knowledge that Jack was a deep sleeper, that they took the chance.

The moment they stepped inside his room, Christian took Angela in his arms, kissing her with unbridled passion. He slipped the nightdress off her shoulders. She stood naked before her 56-year-old brother. He was a big man, almost 6ft 4, well built, while Angela, at 34, came up only to his shoulders. He had to bend his knees to kiss her breasts and suck her nipples. She gasped as her nipples hardened, her hands grasping his head. They felt so sensitive, especially now in her pregnancy.

Christian was so eager for them to start producing milk. He ached to suck it off her; just the thought made his penis stiffened. He could make love to them the whole night.

With his arms around her, Christian knelt on the floor, his lips trailing down to kiss her small, swollen belly.

His eyes met hers and in a whisper, he said, "Our baby."

Angela stroked her brother's graying hair, her own thoughts in turmoil. God, yes, she was carrying Christian's child in her womb, the consequence of their taboo sin of incestuous coupling that had been going on the past 6 months.

She clamped her mouth to stifle a moan when Christian's lips kissed her wetness. His tongue licked her tiny bud. Her knees became unsteady but he held her firmly, as the excruciating sensation consumed her.

He released his hold and stood up, clutching her face in the palms of his hand. His lips were on hers, his face wet with her secretions. She tasted herself.

Both were breathing deeply.

Christian slept in Angela's house that night, on the pretext that he was tired to drive home. The siblings had yearned for each other's desperately as they had not been together for the past one month. Jack was always around.

Their sexual craving for each other made them throw caution to the wind, even with Jack at home. Discovery of their illicit affair would be fatal.

With Jack at home, Christian knew that he could only find release in Angela's mouth.

When Christian came in her mouth the first time, she was startled at the amount of cum he ejaculated in her mouth. He had just fucked her and it felt so right when he straddled her face and lifted her head, looking into her eyes with love and desire. She understood what he wanted. She opened her mouth. The first drops of his sperm seeped out, and then the staccato spurts followed. It splattered on her nose and eyes but most was into her mouth. When he stopped ejaculating, she surprised herself by closing her lips on his still leaking head, sucking him off. She felt the tremors of his smooth bulbous head as he watched her.

"I love you so much," he had told her quietly.

He watched with amazement when her larynx moved. He knew that she had swallowed.

Angela had shown graphically how much she loved him by accepting his seed down her gullet.

She did it for Jack just one time and repulsed the experience. She had rushed to the bathroom and washed out the offending taste and odor. Her husband tried to make her do it again and she had refused him.

Christian sat on the edge of the bed while Angela knelt on the floor, between his legs. She spread apart his night robe. His penis was already firm and hard. When Angela kissed the smooth head, his pre-cum oozed out to wet her lips. She cupped his balls, squeezing them gently. Slowly, she made little kisses along the length of his girth. When she reached his scrotum, she took the sacs into her mouth. She felt Christian moan as she sucked his balls gently.

She took him in her mouth, sucking him as he caressed her swollen breasts. When he came, she tightened her lips around the bulb of his penis so that his sperm did not seep out. She felt the spurts hitting the end of her throat and she had to keep swallowing. It stopped gradually and she continued to suck him until he heaved a sigh and fell back onto the bed.

Angela had the erotic sense of accepting his essence of life as nourishment for the unborn child they had conceived.

After washing her mouth and wiping off the love juice that wet her thighs, she made her way back to her own room. Slipping under the bedspread, she could still taste the odor of her brother's semen. She trembled wondering whether her snoring husband asleep beside her would ever find out what they had just done.

Part 2.

Angela had married Jack on the rebound, when she broke off her relationship with her former boyfriend. Jack's insistent courtship had finally broken down her resolve not to get permanently involved. She married him more for companionship than for pure love. At 30, and after four years with Jack, she was still childless. Jack made love the way he conducts his business, quick and without much foreplay or passion. Now, he does it only two or three times a month. Angela accommodates him but it left her unfulfilled.

It happened that fateful day in June when Christian had come by the house. Angela and her brother had always been close and because of their age difference, she had looked up to him for comfort and advice.

As usual, he walked into the house unannounced. He called out for her but there was no answer. Needing to take a pee, he went into the guest room. He opened the bathroom door and stood transfixed. Angela was on the toilet seat, and the sound of her pissing cuts through the silence. For the first time in his adult life, Christian's eyes took in the nude form of his sister.

"Get out," Angela cried out at her brother. Her arms automatically clasped around her chest to cover her exposed modesty.

Christian could not move. He soaked in the exquisite beauty of the naked woman. He watched the squirting golden showers that drained out of her. He had seen the gentle slope of her full firm breasts and the brownish puffy nipples. His eyes took in the curly pubic hair. She was a goddess, unlike his wife who had grown chubby with age.

"Please get out," she pleaded, her eyes unable to meet his.

Christian felt tightness in his groin. His mouth was dry as he shut the door and leaned against it, inside the bathroom.

Angela felt helpless and panicked when Christian walked slowly towards her.

"Please Christian, don't, please leave," Angela pleaded again.

He stood in front of her. She saw the glazed look in his eyes looking longingly at her nakedness.

In a state of shame and horror, she watched as he knelt in front of her. He took her hands and slowly placed them down by her side. He stared at her breasts.

She felt his mouth on them as he gently licked and sucked on her nipples, one after the other. She felt them hardened and grew taut as he kept sucking. The sensation was something she never felt before. She tried to push him off but when his hand touched her crotch, it only made her sigh deeply. With eyes shut tightly, her head fell back as she leaned against the coldness of the marble backing, groaning quietly. He lifted up her legs, and placed them on his shoulders. His head was between her thighs and he licked her wetness. She gasped at the contact of his lips. A tingling sensation shot to the core of her being when he rasped against her tiny bud.

The scent and taste, remnants of her urine still wet on her pubic hair intoxicated him as Christian kissed her nether lips.

His actions shocked her as Christian lapped her already flowing juices. When he inserted his middle finger inside her, he watched her glazed look. Slowly, he fucked his sister with his finger.

Taking her hand, he led her to the marble counter. She could see their image in the mirror staring back at them. The erotic sight of his hands kneading her breasts and his thumb and finger tweaking her engorged nipples was intoxicating.

"God, I love you Angie," he whispered in her ear. "I'm crazy about you, I have dreamt of this day forever," he continued.

What he was saying confused her. Her brother was confessing his carnal love for her!!

She watched his mirrored image as he stripped. She felt his stiffness against her back. He was so much taller than she was and he had to bend his knees to insert his penis between her buttocks.

They had reached the point of no return.

Christian rubbed the head of his penis against her soaked vagina and pushed inside her, moving ever so slowly, until his balls mashed against the softness of her buttocks. She felt the sensation of fullness as he stood still, allowing her to get used to the rigid firmness of his lodged hardness. His girth made her open her thighs slightly. As he straightened his knees, he lifted her up. Christian started to fuck her.

"Oh God, Oh God," she groaned, as his hardness moved in and out of her.

With his penis deeply engulfed inside her vagina, Christian carried her to her room and stood by her bed. She felt so light and tiny in his arms. Her submissiveness overwhelmed him and with a grunt, Christian continued to fuck his sister in the lifted position. When he felt he could not hold back anymore, he placed her on the bed, on her stomach. He climbed on her back and entered her again.

Angela was in a trance as she felt her orgasm approaching. Her hands clutched desperately at the bed sheet. Christian took her hands and held them tightly against her back. He groaned and ejaculated deep into his sister's womb as Angela went into multiple orgasms. It shook her, as she never experienced such exquisite sensation before. He came in spurts as he deposited his cum until it seeped out of her, wetting the sheets beneath.

He lay on top of her back lightly, supporting himself so not to crush her.

Lifting himself off her, he pulled her on top of him and made her sit astride him. Angela felt exhausted and completely satiated as Christian's penis entered her again. His hands reached up to cup her breasts. He was still so hard and firm.

Christian fucked her again. He sat up, sucking greedily at her nipples. He could not get enough of this woman. Angela succumbed to his lust as he came a second time, flooding her already soaked vagina.

They clung to each other, kissing almost in desperation. As if a crazed and depraved man, Christian lifted his sister to sit on his face as he suck her soaked crotch. Angela writhed in convulsion; her vagina muscles gripped his tongue as she drained out their musky juices into his mouth.

She collapsed in total fatigue beside him. Within minutes, she had dropped off into a deep slumber.

He covered her with a blanket. There was neither recrimination nor remorse on his part when he left her. When Angela awoke, she thought she had an erotic dream. She realized it was not when she sat up and touched the tenderness of her slightly reddened and matted crotch.

Guilt overcame her as sobs racked her body knowing that they had committed the ultimate sin. She had not stopped him; in fact, she had enjoyed the pleasure of his cravings. There was the terrible price to pay. He could have impregnated her.

In that same week, she had to lure Jack to the bed although it was a despicable occasion on her part. His need was just to deposit his cum inside her and she felt dirty. When he had finished, she immediately took a bath to wash away his cum, unlike the exquisite pleasure that Christian had given her.

Her period was late. She tested and it was positive. In her heart, she knew the new life inside her belongs to her Christian and not Jack.

Part 3.

Jack was ecstatic when Angela announced that she was pregnant. He called his brother-in-law to give him the good news. But Angela had informed Christian earlier about her condition. She was convinced that her brother was the father and he accepted the fact. Only both of them knew the truth.

From that day, Christian could not stand the sight of Jack, knowing that he had access to his sister's body.

In the 7th month of her pregnancy, Jack had to leave town to attend to some business seminar. Jack informed Christian that he would be away for a week and requested him to look after his pregnant wife.

Christian and Angela sent Jack off at the airport. When they went back to the parking lot, they walked together holding hands like husband and wife.

When they reached home, they headed straight for her room. Christian longed to see his sister naked again, as he had not done so for the past month. He watched as Angela took off her clothes and stood facing him. Her bulge had grown bigger since the last time they made love. Her breasts were fuller, dropping slightly and those incredible nipples looked darker and more pronounced.

Christian felt pangs of jealousy knowing that Jack was the one who touched Angela's wonderful body anytime he wished to.

He looked at her and said, "How often does he fuck you,"

Angela could see the pain in his eyes, but the crude question her made her cringed. She answered him softly, "Not since the day I told him I was pregnant."

"Have you started lactating?" he asked.

"Yes," she replied.

He trembled slightly hearing her answer.

"He sucks your breasts?" his voice tight.

Tears welled up in her eyes as she realized her situation. Christian had no right and was unfair to cross-examine her with intimate questions about Jack. He was still her husband. They were the ones who had committed adultery and incest.

She stooped to pick up her clothing.

Christian knew he had been a jerk. Instead of loving and caring for her, he was accusing her with miserable self-consuming possessiveness.

He came to her and held her in his arms.

"Please forgive me Angie, I am so sorry. I am a jerk. I never meant to hurt you," he said, kissing her forehead. "I love you so much, it will never happen again," he said.

He kissed her lips and their passion took over. His tongue was in her mouth.

He tenderly caressed her swollen nipples and squeezed them lightly. After a while, he felt wetness. It was her milk. He put his finger into his mouth, tasting her precious gift for the first time. He sucked her like a baby. The milk was not much but soon. In her 9th month, it will flow freely. His penis grew painfully hard at the prospect of drinking from her nipples.

He took off his clothes. Naked, brother and sister climbed onto her bed, the bed she shared with her husband. He rubbed and kissed the extended belly. He looked at Angela, her nude body, her full breasts, her bulge; it just drove him wild with intense desire.

Their love making after a month of yearning was passionate and fulfilling. In her pregnant state, he took her in the spoon position, flooding her with a load of his semen. They lay languidly, in their own world when they finished.

They washed each other's body in the tub and Angela sucked him off, swallowing his cum. At his age, he was amazed at his ability to achieve repeat orgasm in such short period. He felt invigorated. He could not control his desire and need for Angela.

After dinner, they retired back into her room.

Lying beside her, Christian said," I can only be the godfather to our child but I promise you, he or she will have the best godfather in the world."

His bittersweet pronouncement brought tears to her eyes.

"Don't cry, my precious," he said, kissing away her teardrops.

"I know you will," she said softly. "I love you so much, Christian."

He caressed her tummy, smiling at her, giving her the assurance that he will always be there for her and their baby.

"Daddy is here," he said, kissing her belly.

Even in that poignant moment, his penis had grown hard again. He turned her to lie on her side and he moved down to face her shapely bottom.

Christian kissed the soft hillocks of his sister's buttocks. She smelt so fresh and clean. He spread open the alabaster flesh and licked her inner thighs. His heartbeat quickened when he watched her tiny anus palpate sporadically. So far, he had not touched her there. He wondered whether anyone had taken his pleasure in the brownish opening. Bracing himself for her reaction, his tongue licked lightly against the taboo place.

Angela's body twitched at the contact. She cringed as shivers ran up her spine as he kissed and tongued her. She had heard about anal sex but never imagined performing the act. The sensitive nerve ends of her tiny opening sent waves of unfamiliar pleasure as Christian kept licking her. She lifted her leg wider for him to access.

"Oh Christian," she moaned as he tried to insert his tongue.

He stopped and raised himself, moving up her body.

"Did you like that, sweetheart," he asked her, his mouth against her ear.

Angela was so ashamed of her reactions.

"Don't be shy," he said tenderly.

She nodded her head.

Christian felt untold joy knowing that he had her consent.

"Have you been fucked there before," he asked.

She shook her head in reply.

"I will make it good for you, Angie, I will never hurt you," he assured her.

Christian was going to take her anally. How could she take his penis inside her rectum? She had felt so full when he was in her vagina. She trusted him and knew that he would never hurt her intentionally. It was her ultimate offering to him, her virgin orifice. She could not imagine how she was to take him there. It sent shivers through her body.

Christian was a wonderful lover. He was gentle and made her relaxed, as he kissed and licked her anus until she cried out shamelessly, "Ahhhh, so nice, I love you, my darling."

"Do you have any lubricant," he asked her.

"On the third shelf, in the cabinet next to the dressing table, there's a bottle of olive oil," she replied.

He got off the bed and walked briskly to locate the lubricant.

He was kneeling behind her in no time. Christian poured a generous amount on his palm and smeared the lotion onto her buttocks, rubbing the oil into her soft flesh. He massaged the cleft between her buttocks and she felt his finger rubbing against her anal opening.

"Just relax, and don't push down," he said.

When Christian tried to insert his finger, her anal muscle clamped tight, refusing him entry.

He poured a few drops of the oil directly onto her anus and his finger entered her backside. He gently pushed an inch inside her and pulled out again, repeatedly, moving slowly, allowing her to get used to the insertion. He probed deeper until the entire length of his finger was inside her.

"Is it painful?" he enquired.

"Noooo," she replied.

He inserted a second finger as she relaxed. Her anal opening widened. He poured more lotion inside her orifice, as he finger fucked her arse hole.

"I'm going to fuck you now, just relax and it will be ok," he assured her.

His words sounded so obscene, and she braced herself to be deflowered.

Christian rubbed his throbbing phallus with excessive oil. He knew that it was going to be painful for her initially but he was insatiable with pent up desire to fuck her virgin hole.

He rubbed the head of his penis against her anus. His pre cum had oozed out in anticipation. It seemed almost impossible to enter her. Her anal opening was so small compared to his size.

He had to force it in.

"I can't take it," Angela cried out. "It's too big."

"Just relax, sweetheart," he said as he exerted more pressure.

Angela was gasping for breath when Christian pushed against her as she grasped the pillow tightly. Her anal muscle gave way and he penetrated her, the head lodged inside her rectum. Her tightness was excruciating for him, as he held her, allowing her to come to terms with his size. Angela had bent her knees up to her belly as sweat broke out at the sudden sharp pain.

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