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Her Calling in Life


I first met the man I adoringly call my Master a little over 18 months ago, I was invited to work conference and as part of the day we were organised into small discussion groups and that was when I saw him, I was immediately struck by his good looks and as I listened to him speak I was taken in by the confidence he exudes. As the conversations went on around me the only thought in my head was what it would be like to have his hands all over my body and from that moment on I knew I had to have him.

As we didn't work in the same building our affair began with lots of emails finding out about each other, we were both married at the time so we had to be discreet, when we had the opportunity to meet it was usually in a car in a secluded spot where I would pleasure him with my mouth and he would bring me to a climax with his fingers and occasionally with lots of planning we were able to satisfy our ever increasing desires in a room.

As our relationship evolved our emails became very erotic stories of what we would love to do to each others bodies and it slowly progressed to involve others we knew, I had never been so aroused by reading another's thoughts and my own imagination expanded to imagine the most wicked of desires, acts I would never dream of telling another living soul but I had found another I could divulge without the embarrassment or fear of shocking and I soon discovered just how much we had in common.

My marriage eventually fell apart as I knew I had been living a charade for so many years and it was time to break free, I found a place in walking distance to where he worked and I couldn't believe my luck when a position in the same building came my way and was able to attain, now we would have the opportunity to actually act out all those fantasies we only ever talked about.

My first experience with bondage was when he suggested how exciting it would be to tie my hands behind my back; I was certainly up for anything new and eagerly agreed. Using a scarf my hands were bound and I was forced onto the bed, as his hands explored by body I was so aroused by being so completely vulnerable and at the mercy of another. At first these sessions were gentle and playful but I could sense he wanted more, it was suggested he would pretend at our next meeting he was a real-estate agent coming to inspect the property but his intentions were sinister and as we acted out this fantasy it wasn't long before his hand was over my mouth I was thrown onto the bed and a bag placed over my head, his voice turned cruel and aggressive and told me if I screamed he would hurt me so badly I would ache for days. My heart was racing as I didn't know how far he would take this but even though I felt nervous I was amazed how my cunt throbbed to be violated. His hands squeezed firmly around my throat as I struggled for breath and he forced my legs open ramming his fingers into my now drenched cunt and fucked it hard. As I came with such intensity the bag was roughly removed from my head his cock was now at my mouth and I was ordered to suck. I did with such yearning desperate to hear his grunts of satisfaction and have him fill my mouth with his creamy offerings, just to make it all the more real I was told if I spilled any of his come I would be punished severely and I made sure I didn't let any trickle from my lips.

Just as I thought he was finished my body was dragged up against the door of the wardrobe and he slapped my face hard, my ears rang from the blow and I could feel the tears welling in my eyes my emotions in such a turmoil but his last action was to kiss me passionately on the lips and he left.

I knew from that very moment our relationship had taken a dramatic turn and I wanted more.

We spoke about the seriousness of what we were about to get ourselves into and there was no going back to what we had once we both agreed but deep down in my heart the desire to be his slave was everything I had ever wanted and after a contract was drawn up and signed my life changed for ever.

My work, home and play time was controlled by his demands, I was given duties to perform sometimes it was to write wicked and perverse stories to arouse him either at work on paper or once home and to email to him, he would critic them and tell me if they were good enough to make him hard or if I had failed miserably. Other times I would wait for him to arrive, a collar that I had purchased for my role around my neck and blindfold over my eyes, to be naked and kneeling without speaking, I would listen to him undress and have his cock pushed into my mouth and told to suck as he spoke of those stories I had written. I was either made to stand against the wall as he pounded my body with his fists or receive multiple lashes to my arse back and legs with a branch he has found on the way, at no time was I allowed to cry as this would be the end of the session and he would leave.

I could endure any pain as it always made my cunt drip but the thought of him walking out would be like having my heart ripped from my chest and I forced myself to withhold any tears.

Other times after he decided I had suffered sufficiently by his hand and exhausted all the pent up aggression from a day at the office dealing with stressful situations he would order me to crawl on my knees outside scraping them over the concrete and told to lay on the cold ground force my fist inside my cunt as he aimed his cock at my mouth and pissed over me making sure I swallowed his hot golden fluid then he would go inside to retrieve a towel, throw it at my saying I was a disgusting sight and I needed to clean myself up before he kiss me goodbye.

He soon realised I could cope with any physical punishment he dished out as I had such a high pain threshold so that's when his punishment turned to emotional control and his biggest kick was to humiliate or ignore me.

There were times I would be told not to wear panties to work, at first I was uncomfortable because on those days I had to wear a dress and if he gave me the order I had to lift the material and show him my cunt without others seeing but it soon became so natural I didn't need to be told not to wear. Then other days I was to come to work braless, this was harder to conceal as I had to wear a top the revealed my nipples and I was sure everyone at office noticed but if it pleased my Master then I obeyed and what others thought didn't concern me.

His ideas never ceased to amaze me but at the same time caused incredible anxiety because I knew there would come a day when I would be given instructions that weren't as easy to fulfil but if I was to be a true slave I would have to ignore my needs and complete the task to his satisfaction and he so enjoyed watching me struggle.

One of his many ideas was to fill a jar of his piss or cum, leave on my desk and instructed to consume in front of my work colleagues or come to work wearing a butt plug without my panties and as he walked past I was made to stand with the fear it would fall out and everyone would see.

Another humiliating duty was to go outside naked in daylight and cut flowers from a plant by my front door, I prayed no one would walk past but as I lived in a busy street cars drove up and down road as I did and I was surprised they didn't stop for a closer look.

Or leave my blinds open and undress in front of them or fuck myself with my vibrator for every passer by to witness but no matter what was ordered of me I did with the passion of a slave wanting to please my Master and it fulfilled something within me that I have only now discovered, I felt complete.

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