tagMind ControlHer Coffee Slave Ch. 03

Her Coffee Slave Ch. 03


Erin, with nothing to do behind the counter, stood and watched Annie as she carried about the cafe.

"I have another gift for you, Annie!" Arman said, beckoning the younger woman over. Annie sighed, then approached the table full of Armenian businessmen with a bright smile on her face.

"Here," he said, presenting her with a tiny jewelery box. Annie thanked him, then took the lid off and looked inside. The Armenian men howled with laughter once they saw her expression.

Inside was a butt plug, shaped in precise detail to look like a man's cock. The only difference was the fact that it tapered towards the base then flanged out, so as not to get stuck inside of her. Annie studied the thing, and Erin didn't have to guess whose cock the thing was based off of. Annie swallowed, keeping a smile on her face as best she could.

"Thanks Arman! I'll wear it as soon as I get home," she said, trying to extricate herself.

"No! No! Is part of your work outfit. You try it on here," he responded. The color drained from Annie's face, but she only nodded her head and went to the bathroom to put the butt plug inside of herself. The men chattered amongst themselves for a few minutes, until Annie rejoined them, walking in a different way than she did before. She was blushing deeply, and tried not to make eye contact with anyone.

"You like?" Arman said.

"Yeah..." Annie answered, with a weird expression on her face.

"Eh, you sound not so sure. Here, let me show you its feature," Arman said, mischeviously pulling out his smartphone. He pressed a button, and Annie nearly jumped, instinctively reaching for her behind. If Erin had to guess, that butt plug was either vibrating or shocking the poor girl.

"See! It vibrates! Keep your day more interesting, yes?" Arman asked, savoring in Annie's obvious discomfort.

"Uh, Yeah.." Annie said.

"Ah, you don't sound happy! Ungrateful bitch! See all that I do for her, she doesn't even give me thanks," Arman said to his friends at the table.

"No! I'm sorry," Annie said, quickly kneeling at Arman's feet and putting a hand on his knee. "I love it. I will wear it all the time and think of you, varpet."

Arman grinned widely, gloating to his friends that this beautiful white girl was so devoted to him.

"Okay struk. You come with me, and show me how you say thanks," Arman said, standing up and offering a hand to Annie. She took it, and followed him into the massage room.

Annie had complained to Erin that Arman acted like a monster now that she was helpless but to obey his commands. Where once he offered to buy her nice things and take her out to dinner, he now expected her to perform sexual favors whenever he wanted. The only things he bought Annie now were toys and outfits that obviously satisfied some fetish of his, and he often brought his other dates to the cafe as though to rub it in Annie's face that he was free to do as he wished. He used to compliment her all the time and begged her to be his girlfriend. Now, nothing she did was good enough and he seemed to get off on treating Annie like a slave.

Per Julia's conditioning, Annie met all of his demands with a perfect smile and deferential obedience.


Erin looked over to see that the two lattes were ready. She walked over to pick them up, and bring them out to the customers.

Most of the work of the cafe was done by machines and computers which Julia and Sophia had invested a considerable amount in. The new technology was a significantly more advanced than the old style of espresso machines found in cafeterias across the country. They could create perfect drinks in a fraction of the time that it would take a person, and freed up the labor to be more service-oriented. This way, the girls at Romm's Coffee were only responsible for bringing the drinks to the customers, and they got no breaks from satisfying their clintele in whatever ways they wanted. Naturally, because the work was done by machines, the girls' pay had been reduced considerably and people felt less of a need to tip.

Erin carried the drinks out on a tray towards Ali's customer.

"Mmm, that's lovely Ali, keep going just like that."

Ali was in her usual position at the feet of an older woman. She was expertly kneading and manipulating the woman's tender feet, paying special attention to her toes. The woman's brown hair had a few streaks of grey in it, but her face had no wrinkles and her body was in top shape. She had sharp facial features, although the blissful expression on her face softened them considerably. Erin noticed she was wearing a wedding ring on her finger, studded with diamonds along its whole length.

"Mm, I'm so glad Deborah told me about this place," the woman cooed as Erin handed her a drink. Ali pricked up at the mention of the woman's name.

"Would Miss like the special foot reflexology?" Ali whispered in a very thick Chinese accent.

"Yes. Definitely," the woman answered, and leaned back in her chair expectantly.

Ali continued massaging the woman's feet, now with slower, more deliberate strokes. Occasionally the woman would gasp in pleasure as Ali hit a certain spot, then giggle afterwards. Her skirt had hiked several inches up her legs, but she didn't seem concerned about it.

Gradually the woman's breathing changed and she gripped the arms of the chair she was sitting in. The business woman seemed pleasantly surprised, and her eyes widened as she realized what was about to happen. She was about to orgasm from the foot massage!

Ali was completely focused on her duty as the woman lost her composure, gasping and laughing and muttering pleasant things to herself. Few people in the cafe paid attention to her: this was a pretty normal thing nowadays. As Ali pampered the woman's feet, the brunette squirmed and gasped, rocking her body and arching her back in what seemed to be a wonderful climax. Erin looked at Ali, who was doing her best to conceal the fact that she too was having an intense orgasm.

Few customers knew (or cared) that the employees or Romm's Coffee were fitted with strange new technology that had peculiar and life-changing affects on them.

For Ali, there was some kind of neuronal re-orientation so that she felt intense sexual pleasure from giving massages. More than that, Ali could consistently bring her clients (always women, Erin noticed) to orgasm by giving them a lengthy foot massage. Ali's own orgasms always synced up with her client's, so that the girl had spent countless hours in the throes of passion while tending to the feet of wealthier women. Erin couldn't guess the impact that would have on her, but she still judged Ali's situation as better than the role Cami had.

"Wonderful, Ali. Let's do that just... one more time," the brunette woman said, a thin layer of perspiration covering her now glowing face. Ali nodded, and began the ritual again.

Erin walked back to her place at the register, which was only a tablet anchored to the desk, and continued her own task for the day.

As Sophia's assistant, she had been tasked with planning a wonderful vacation for her. Sophia, of course, was extremely difficult to please and would often lash out at Erin for the smallest reason. Erin frowned as she compared Tokyo and Paris, noting that the hotels alone would cost over $800 a night. Every expenditure of money was a slap in Erin's face as she watched her inheritance squandered on the most frivolous things. It especially pained Erin that she had lived so modestly, only to have Sophia barge in and waste all the money she had worked so hard to save.

Yet whenever Sophia asked her to do something, Erin obeyed without pause.

Erin spent the afternoon planning itineraries for her Aunt. In her peripheral, she saw Arman walking out of the massage room looking like a million bucks, followed by Annie who appeared wan and sad. Instead of rejoining the group of men, though, Annie approached Erin.

"Kish me," Annie said, like her mouth was full of something. Erin didn't have time to react as her friend pulled her in for an open-mouthed kiss.

Erin was shocked, and even moreso when Annie spat some warm, thick fluid into Erin's mouth. Her eyes shot open as she realized what was happening, and Annie quickly took a few steps back and whispered, "sorry." Erin looked over to the group of men, who were grinning from ear to ear as they watched the scene. Annie rejoined them as Erin wrapped her head around the fact that she had just taken Arman's cum in her mouth. She swallowed quickly, though, not wanting to give them a reason to be mad at her.

"You help my friend Alex too, go on!" Arman told Annie, who smiled and invited Alex for a 'massage.'

She had worked through the entire table of men and they all appeared quite happy and relaxed by the end of the day when they settled their tab and left. Each time, Annie would walk up to Erin and theatrically kiss her friend, sharing the man's cum with her. The guys seemed very pleased to watch this exchange, and would laugh heartily each time. On their way out, Arman slapped Annie's butt loudly enough that the sound reverberated through the cafe, then jiggled her pert behind a little bit.

"You wear this every day now, and think of me always!" Arman said before he left.

There wasn't even the slightest crack in Annie's smile.

Cami stopped in to the cafe that evening as they were cleaning up for the day, followed by Julia. Cami wore frayed denim short shorts, flip flops, and a simple white shirt that showed off her toned body while Julia had on her usual business attire. Erin felt a pang of jealousy at Cami's hairstyle: she had long blonde locks that went all the way down to the middle of her back that was always waved to have a beautiful volume.

All of the girls beamed when they saw Julia, and greeted her as though she were their best friend in the world. When the cleaning had finished, Julia sat with her employees at a booth. She had slipped off her high heels at the door of course, and she currently had one foot in Erin's lap and the other in Annie's lap as the girls dilligently rubbed her feet.

"So, Cami, why don't you tell the girls how your new job is going?" Julia said.

"It's great!" Cami announced. "So, Julia got me an internship at the fertility clinic up the street. At first I was a little nervous, but the job turned out to be totally doable."

Erin tried not to sigh. The job was a mockery of everything Camille used to believe in.

"Details, Cami!" Julia ordered. "We're all friends here!"

"Well," Cami said, blushing, "Specifically, I help with their research into the affect that partnered orgasms have on sperm count. So, when some men come in, they can use me to help gather their sperm sample."

Cami continued like it was the most normal thing in the world.

"Sometimes they want me to help them with my hands, sometimes they want me to use my mouth. Sometimes, we even have sex to see exactly what their sperm count would be during intercourse. Whatever they want, I help them with. It's a really casual atmosphere too. Like, occasionally the guys get too excited and accidentally finish inside of me. That's totally okay when it happens, though, because then they just have to wait two days to come back and we try again!"

Erin's jaw would have dropped, if she were a free girl anymore.

"Although, usually the guys like to have a second go just to see what it would look like," Cami added, trying to sound nonchalant.

"We're getting amazing research," Julia added. "It turns out that when guys are with Cami, they produce around 22% more sperm compared to being alone! Oh, and Cami tell them about the new method of improving motility that you helped discover!"

Cami swallowed, and blinked her eyes more quickly.

"Oh yeah," she began, sounding genuinely distressed. "Well, it's kind of embarassing. But I was helping Mr. Livinsgstone, you remember him? He's that banker who made his money in the foreclosure wave last year."

She didn't add that she had protested the man's methodology, writing to local papers calling him a criminal and a villain who preyed on the poor.

"Anyway, he wanted me to... stick my tongue up his ass to stimulate his prostate as he, you know, worked himself. And he called me names like, "slut" and "whore" and "stupid bitch" the whole time. When he came, though, his sperm showed 40% more motility than normal! So, a lot of men have shown interest in that specific treatment and I've been doing a lot of it. They finish pretty hard though, and sometimes they can't even stand afterwards."

Annie, Ali, and Erin were aghast. Julia smiled as she saw the looks of disdain on their faces.

"And?" Julia said, prodding Cami along.

"Oh yeah," Cami said, playing with her hair in a disarming way. "And it's not just rich old men who come to the clinic. In fact, some of the guys who come aren't even trying to have kids anytime soon, they just want to know they are healthy. You remember the Phi Kappa Gamma fraternity?"

Erin felt a pit in her stomache, but continued the massage. She dared a glance at Annie, who had a measured smile, looking like the crack in a frozen lake right before the thing shatters and you fall in.

The Phi Kappa Gamma fraternity was a loud, piggish group of guys that Cami had campaigned against after an email leak revealed they viewed and treated women like sex objects. They boasted of the women they slept with, the cars they drove, the jobs they were guaranteed once they graduated. They got a lot of bad publicity, and Camille's efforts resulted in the college pulling funding for their organization, when they could have otherwise skated by. As a result of this decision, the fraternity had to cancel a lot of their mixers and focus more on community service to rebuild their image. Cami had laughed when she learned how badly she messed them up, and couldn't help but gloat about it on her various social media profiles.

"So they have been coming in, too. Darien, their president, likes it when I fit his balls in my mouth while he... jacks off. He's pretty... inaccurate though. So far, he hasn't once made it into the collection cup - he always finishes on my face. We don't even have his numbers yet, because he prefers me to gather it up with my fingers then swallow the stuff. And I always finish by thanking him and asking him to please schedule his next appointment."

To Erin, this was nearly too much. She was still a virgin after all this time, despite her intimate familiarity with performing oral sex on other women.

Julia cleared her throat.

"Oh, and it's an unpaid internship," Cami went on. "So I had to get rid of my apartment, my nice car, and I even sold my old phone to get some cash on hand. That's the bright side to Phi Kappa Gamma losing funding from the college: this way, there's fewer inspections from campus security. I was worried for a bit about where I would stay, but Julia had a great suggestion."

Erin's mouth felt dry. She hated where this was going.

"So, after I begged Darien for long enough, he agreed to let me stay at the Phi Kappa Gamma house as their house... pet," Cami said, and she couldn't manage to sound happy about that part.

"I do all the housework: the cleaning, the laundry, the cooking, the dishes, and in exchange they allow me to stay there for reduced rent! It's really a win-win, because now that the guys can work off their sexual energy, they do better in school and they are more relaxed and laid back when dealing with girls on campus. They only want $1100 a month from me, and they provide me with all my outfits to wear so I don't have to worry about not having a room to keep my stuff," Cami said, as though she had any reason to be happy about her situation.

Erin knew for a fact that her friend used to pay just $600 a month for her own studio, and she prized her independence and solitude. But where could Cami possibly be getting $1100 a month for the fraternity's ridiculous rent?

"Mostly, I've been paying the rent from my savings," Cami added as though answering her friend's question. "But with that money running out, I've been looking at other ways to make money. One of the brothers has a hook up at a place called the Lavender Lounge, and he says I could try dancing there to get some cash. In the meantime, the frat house is a great place to practice collecting sperm samples from the guys. They love it when I go around in the mornings working on them. They call me, "the cure for morning wood."

"Are there any downsides?" Julia asked. Cami seemed conflicted - what was she allowed to say that was negative?

"Only a couple, honestly. I only wish they didn't make me eat on my hands and knees out of a cat food bowl. And I also wish they didn't have the policy that I have to drink any leftover beer or alcohol before I pour out the bottle or cup or whatever," Cami answered.

With that, Cami seemed to be finished. Erin didn't know exactly how to respond: should she be enthusiastic? Encouraging? Did Julia want her to volunteer to join in?

"Well, it sounds nice," Julia said, urging all her employees to agree. The rest of them nodded and smiled, even though it sounded like torment.

"Annie, how are things with you? Why don't you tell us about your new political awakening," Julia said, with a sarcastic tone. Annie cleared her throat, and Erin gave a crooked smile.

"So, it started with a job offer from Arman," Annie started to explain. It was an offer he had made countless times before, and Erin had strongly considered banning him from the cafe for being so crass. Yet here Annie was, taking him up on his seedy request.

"At first, I found it hard to wrap my head around. I mean, I used to be really against the stuff he does," Annie said, obviously feeling put on the spot.

"What is it?" Julia asked. She knew full well what it was.

"Well, Arman is involved with a company that makes... erotic videos for certain audiences. I had first thought it was kind of trashy, but he talked me into seeing what it's about, and I was surprised."

Erin tried not to scoff.

"Basically, they find actresses who will act out certain clients' requests, then they make a film with them. Some of their clients are high-rollers, and they'll spend $20,000 to produce something to their liking."

Erin knew that none of that money was going to Annie.

"And sometimes, a bunch of guys can come together and each chip in some money to create a project based on what they want to see. It turns out guys have a lot of different things they like to see."

Annie sighed, and went on.

"Sometimes, it's a simple role play. Teacher / student is popular, or a Lady and her maid. A lot of guys love discipline videos: I've been spanked more times than I can count. Outfits: those are a big thing guys like. I've worn latex, high heels, leather, lace, you name it. One time I wore an angel costume as I... performed oral sex on a young man."

"But he doesn't make the videos with you, right?" Julia asked.

"No," Annie answered. "Guys, it turns out, want a variety of women. Even Arman says he's getting a little tired of me."

Erin suppressed a sigh - Arman used to obsess over Annie and offer her anything for just a kiss. Now he was openly telling her he was tired of fucking her?

"So what I do is help Arman's company to audition the actors and actresses. They will have a casting call looking for people, and I partner up with them to act out a certain scene. Sometimes Arman will want to see how a girl reacts to... having me lick her pussy on camera. Or he will want to see the expressions a guy makes as he has sex, so they bring me in to find out. The casting calls are small sometimes, but sometimes they get a big response. One day I licked more than ten different women to orgasms, and it was also a discipline shoot so they each had a riding crop they would hit me with while I did it. By the end of the day, my knees and my tongue and my back hurt, but we found the perfect girl for the job."

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