tagIncest/TabooHer Daddy Comes at Night

Her Daddy Comes at Night


This story was written for my lovely friend.

Note: All characters are over age 18. No reproduction without permission, please.


Anticipation was always the hard part.

Pacing in her dimly lit room, the light from the hallway seeping under the bedroom door, her heartbeat quickened as she thought about what was to come. What had always come to her at night since turning eighteen. Fidgeting, she walked over to her white vanity dresser, peering at herself in the mirror to ensure that she was presentable. Her curled shoulder length hair, dark cherry red in color, framed her fair-skinned face. Her lips were thin, cheeks high, and her face round with a tapered chin. Her eyes, hazel green, shone brightly as she looked herself over. She wore a satin rose-colored nightgown that accentuated her hour-glass shape and stopped just above her knees. Underneath was as bare as her smooth pussy. She loved the sensation of the fabric against her skin, tickling her full bottom as she swayed. A slight smile crept up on her as her cheeks began to flush.

Voices, indiscriminate and faint, could be heard coming from the living room. Probably finishing up the show now, she thought to herself as she glanced at the small wooden clock on her nightstand. Next to the clock sat her pink ballerina lamp, the low light casting her silhouette against the flowery bedroom walls. He'll be here soon.

Anxious, she sat down at the edge of bed, making her nightgown ride up her thighs. She closed her eyes and spread her knees apart. Grazing her thighs with her fingertips she could feel her pussy moisten with excitement. Gently she touched herself, alternating between drawing light circles around her clit and running fingers along her wetness. She placed a hand on her large, pillow-like breast and gave a rough squeeze, brushing the nipple with her thumb. Not ready to orgasm yet, she let her hand fall away from her pussy and straightened her nightgown.

The voices from the living room suddenly stopped as the television was turned off. Quickly, she reached over to turn off the light, and got under her covers. She placed her hands together and rested her face on top as she lay on her side, facing the door. It was dark and quiet now, save for her heart beating in her chest. She tried to steady her breathing as she closed her eyes, pretending to be asleep. Just how he wants it, she thought. Just like the first time.

Her anticipation heightened as she heard approaching footsteps, the light from the hallway coming under the door covered in shadow. She inhaled deeply as her bedroom door slowly creaked open, the light spilling in, stopping short of her bed. She peeked through the tiniest of slits in her eye at the imposing figure in her doorway. He was short with a stocky build. Broad shoulders, barrel chested and thick. He was wearing his bootcut denim jeans, white socks, and a loose fitting burgundy t-shirt. His arms were covered in reddish brown hair and his head clean shaven. She couldn't see his face clearly in the shadow, but she could feel his eyes on her. She held her breath, daring not to make a sound.

Slowly he approached her bed, looking down on her seemingly sleeping figure. As he stood there she could smell the mix of day old sweat and bourbon wafting from him. He tucked a lock of her red curly hair away from her face and behind her ear. With the back of his hand he caressed her cheek down to her neck line. She closed her eyes tight and slowly let out her breath, nearly forgetting she had been holding it. Taking a step back, his hand went to his belt buckle as she heard it being undone. He tucked his thumbs into the waistband of his boxers as he pushed them down, his jeans making a soft thud as they hit her bedroom floor. She stole another look though her eye slit, watching as he pulled his shirt over his head, tossing it on top of his jeans. His chest was hairy and body muscled, except for a pot belly. Her eye fell on his semi-hard cock that was slowly growing stiff as he approached her again.

He stroked himself before bending down to kiss her on the cheek. She stirred, the wetness between her thighs more apparent. He straightened up, sliding his hand between her hands and resting face, lifting her head up slightly as he put the head of his cock up to her lips. She could smell his musky odor, drawing his scent into her nostrils. Like the good girl she was, she took her daddy into her mouth.

Eyes shut, she moved her hand to grasp his manhood. She licked the precum off his tip, then swirled his head in her mouth, stroking his dick as she did. He was fully hard now, long and slender with a mushroom head. She licked the underside and continued sucking. He grunted his satisfaction, moved his hand to the back of her head and grabbed a mound of hair, pushing himself farther in. She relaxed her throat and took her daddy in as far as she could, trying to breathe through her nose as he fucked the back of her throat.

After a few moments he pulled out of her mouth with another grunt as she gasped for air, her watery eyes open ever so slightly. He continued to hold her head up in his strong hands as she steadied herself. Subtly, she moved her head to the side and sweetly kissed his forearm, inhaling his smell. A rough tug on her hair reminded her that he was in control, and she shut her eyes tight again. He let go of her face and eased away, reaching over and tapping his palm on her shapely bottom. Understanding his cue and what he wanted, she turned to face away from him, repositioning herself facedown with her chest resting on her bed and ass in the air. He walked over to the door, and carefully shut it closed.

Her heart began racing further as felt him position himself behind her, his weight shifting the edge of the bed. He explored her body with his hands, caressing her ass and ample breasts, trailing his fingers across her lower back. He grasped her breast firmly, pulling her up so her back was against his chest. While he continued to massage her breast he began kissing her lovingly on the neck, grazing his teeth on her skin as he did so. He brought his other hand around in front of her, rubbing her inner thigh, inching his hand towards her smoldering pussy. As he parted her lips and slid a finger inside she let out a yelp. His hand that had been caressing her breast quickly moved to cover her mouth tightly as his body tensed. She dared not look at him now, she knew what she would see, soft golden brown eyes overshadowed by a stern, thick brow. She gave a soft whimper as his grip around her mouth tightened. She nodded in understanding and he eased his hold. She stole a kiss on his hand as he pulled it away.

A firm push on her shoulder told her to get back down where she was before. Like a good girl she presented herself for daddy. Reaching between her thighs with her ass in the air she spread her pussy lips with one hand as she supported herself on the bed with the other. He followed with a swat on her bottom, soft enough to not be loud but hard enough to sting, jarring her. She placed her hand in front of her, grasped the sheets and buried her face in her pillow as she felt his hard cock at her entrance. Her pussy, warm and soft, was penetrated slowly at first as he eased himself into her. She inhaled sharply as she felt his length continue to enter her, filling up her tight, wet pussy. Her grip on her covers tightened as he began fucking her, his pace and force gradually increasing.

"Oh, Daddy" she quietly moaned into her pillows, the exclamation drowned out by the slapping sounds of him taking her from behind. He withdrew himself from her drenched pussy, nearly to the brink, before slamming back in hard to the hilt. She bit down on her covers to keep from screaming out loud as her toes curled. Her bed squeaked as he continued to pound her wet slit. She could feel beads of sweat forming down her neck and lower back as their body heat increased. With a grunt, he grabbed her slim waist and slammed his cock home, pushing inside as deeply as he could as he spurted his cum into her. The pulsing of his cock triggered her own orgasm, her cry muffled by her pillows. He fell forward on top of her as they both collapsed on the bed, he cock still buried in her throbbing pussy as she rode wave after wave of delight.

He kissed her gently on her shoulder as he pulled out from her. She rolled over to face him and sat up, her chest heaving, as she looked up lovingly with her bright, green eyes. He took one side of her face in his strong, rough hand and leaned into her, kissing her firmly on the lips. As he started pulling away she playfully nibbled on his lower lip. Gently he planted one more kiss on her forehead before walking away from the bed. He opened the door as carefully as he had closed it, allowing light to enter her room once more. He gathered his clothes, and as he dressed continued to look at her in the low light, admiring the curves and shapely body as she caught her breath. When he was finished he walked towards the door, stopped, and turned around to look at her once more.

"Good night, Baby Girl." he said.

"Good night, Daddy." she replied, and blew him a kiss.

He chuckled slightly and quietly closed the door. With a faint click the light went off and she was enveloped in the darkness of her room as the footsteps proceeded down the hall. Lying on her back with her knees up to her chest she could feel her daddy's semen inside her, mixed with her wetness. She inserted her middle and ring finger into her pussy, wishing his hard cock was still in there. A soft moan escaped her lips as she rubbed her sensitive clit, using her daddy's cum and her own as lubricant. Soon enough another orgasm washed over her, not a strong as the one he had given her but pleasant nonetheless. She withdrew her fingers and brought them to her wanting mouth, tasting their sex and then inhaling the aroma on her fingertips. She took a deep, long breath and exhaled with satisfaction, a look of content on her soft face. She curled up with her covers and fluffed her pillow. As she drifted off into sleep a lovely thought entered her mind.

Until tomorrow night, Daddy, she thought to herself with a sly smile. Until tomorrow.


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by Anonymous02/02/18

I love this x

Gah, ///,
I wish I had a daddy like this...
Except If I were her, on the first time I'd of stayed pretending to sleep so he'd think he was getting away with touching his baby girl every night and thenmore...

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