Her Daughter's Husband

byBig Gunz©

"We can end the tension." He breathed in her ear, leaning in closer, his nose pressing into her softly layered blonde curls. "You know we can end it right here and now. Just say the word and I'll give you what you want. What you need."

"No, I..." she began to protest, unsure of how to respond.

"I know you want it Kayla." He whispered, pausing to place his lips on her shoulder and gingerly kiss the flesh beside her exposed bra strap. "I know you want it just as much as I do... maybe even more."

She squeezed her eyes shut, wishing it all were just a dream. Her body shivered as his lips touched her skin and his pelvis pressed against her ass.

"Jason, we can't..." she argued softly.

"Tell me you want it." He insisted, as he continued to alternate between kissing her neck and nuzzling into her hair. "Ask me and I'll give it to you."

Her breath was becoming ragged and her heart raced. Once again, he had manipulated her emotions into a battle within her.

"I can't," she finally stammered out. "I won't."

"Tell me," he persisted, ignoring her attempts at resistance. "Ask me to make love to you. Tell me you want me to fuck you."

She could barely breathe. Her knees felt weak. Her nipples were rock hard. Her pussy was sopping wet.

"Please..." she pleaded, barely loud enough for him to hear. "I can't do this."

"Say it Kayla." He whispered, his lips pressed against her ear and his groin grinding against her ass. "Tell me what you want. Ask me to fuck you."

"Yes." She moaned softly, finally relenting. "Fuck me Jason, fuck me."


Kayla let out an unadulterated moan of satisfaction as the very tip of his tongue grazed the outer edge of her cunt. She forced her eyes open just long enough to glance down and see the top of her son-in-laws head bobbing up and down in between her legs before she squeezed them shut again, desperate to focus all her attention on the pleasure she was receiving, rather than the circumstances surrounding her ill-gotten bliss.

With her skirt hiked up around her waist and her white lace low-rise v-string panties pulled over to one side, she shivered and groaned as he began to nibble up and down each side of her labia. Slowly his mouth opened and he enveloped her wet folds completely. His tongue swirling inside of her, restlessly lashing the hot entrance to her pussy, she could not help but cry out his name in ecstasy.

"Yes! Oh, Jason yes!" She bellowed, encouraging her daughter's husband in his oral adventures in between her legs.

She let out a submissive mew as his gentle fingers softly peeled back the hood of her fiery clit and then his lips slowly pressed against the glistening red button. Her entire body jerked and she let out a short scream of pleasure as his tongue pressed against her clit. Immediately, she thrust her mound upwards, relentlessly grinding it into his face.

"Yes, oh God yes..." she moaned, a powerful orgasm quickly building within her. "Eat my pussy."

Her breathing ragged and her body trembling, he slowly eased a finger into her wet slit, massaging her fuck hole as his tongue continued to lap at her swollen clit. Within seconds it hit.

"Fuck yes!" She wailed as her legs instinctively squeezed together, clamping the young man's head in between her thighs as she thrust her pelvis against him.

In no time, her entire body quivered in a giant wave of rapture as her orgasm subsided while he continued to lap up her sweet nectar relentlessly. Gradually, her body fell limp, satisfied and spent. She only shook from her semi-conscious state of bliss when she heard his words.

"My turn..."


Kayla brought her hands up and gingerly touched his stiff dick. He trembled at the contact as she slowly wrapped both her hands around his thick shaft. She took a deep breath and he let out a low moan as his cock pulsed in her grip, a thick bubble of pre-come oozing from the slit at the tip. Then, with a sudden move, she leaned forward and slid the head in between her lips.

"Oh fuck yes," Jason groaned as he felt the incredible heat of his mother-in-law's mouth. "Suck it."

Her swirling tongue offered soft, yet firm, caresses as her hands slid down to the base of his thick member and began to massage his aching balls. She moaned lightly as she tasted the flesh of his dick, working the underside of his shaft with her talented tongue.

"That's it baby," he sighed in pleasure. "Suck it. Suck my cock."

Not needing any words of encouragement, she slowly stared gliding her soft lips up and down his cock, increasing the strength of her suction with each pass as her fingers fluttered around his shaft and stroked his balls. He gasped in pleasure, one of his hands shooting forward and digging his fingers into the bed of blonde curls at the back of her head as the sensations in between his legs intensified.

"Oh, God Kayla," he growled. "It's even better than I thought it would be."

She whimpered softly and began sucking harder and deeper, louder and wetter as he pushed back with his hips. But her efforts did not last long. Within a couple of minutes of her intensified activity, she felt his hands thread his fingers through her hair and tug back, breaking her lip-lock with his dick.

"Tell me you want it." He demanded once again, looking down at her with a combination of dominance and lust.

She tried to avert his eyes, looking away, ashamed of herself. But he was not going to take no for an answer. He tugged a bit harder on her messy blonde mane, forcing her to look up at him.

"Tell me," he persisted. "Tell me what you want."

Their dialogue almost turned her on as much as the sexual acts themselves. She hated herself for it, but could not deny how aroused it made her to hear him talk to her like that, not to mention how deliciously sexy she felt when she joined the conversation.

"Fuck me Jason." She whispered. "I want you to fuck me."


Kayla let out a low groan as her son-in-law's strong hands bent her over the side of the couch. She held her breath as she felt the tip of his rigid cock brush against her slick pussy lips. Her skirt and panties had been pulled off completely now and her hips rocked back and forth almost involuntary, anxiously inviting him in.

"Say it again." He ordered, continuing his master manipulation of her.

"Fuck me!" She answered immediately, her blonde curls flipping over her shoulder as she looked back at her daughter's husband with lust.

They both moaned in pleasure as he took hold of his shaft in one hand and shoved it hard and fast into her hungry cunt.

"Is this what you wanted?" He asked. "Is this what you needed?"

"Yes! Oh, God yes Jason." She replied. "Fuck me."

Immediately she began pushing her ass back towards him to meet the thrusting of his hips. He slapped his strong hands onto her hips and guided her firmly back and forth with each smash of his dick into her.

"Tell me," he continued as his balls slapped against her ass. "Is this what you've been fantasizing about?"

"Yes..." she whispered in between ragged breaths.

"Do you fantasize about this when you masturbate?" He added. "When you fuck your husband?"

"Yes..." she confirmed again, ashamed and aroused by her admittance.

Reaching forward, he grabbed a handful of her curly hair and pulled her up against him as he continued to slam into her from behind.

"Tell me." He breathed into her ear. "Say it."

"Yes," she moaned again. "I fantasize about you when I masturbate and when I fuck my husband."

"That's it Kayla," he sighed in satisfaction as his hands quickly made their way up to her shoulders and pulled her top down below her white lace push-up bra. "Tell me more."

"I wanted to fuck you so bad," she answered immediately, clearly becoming more comfortable with her participation in their illicit dialogue. "I needed it."

"You wanted to fuck your daughter's husband, didn't you?" He asked as his hands slid her bra down, exposing her heaving bosom.

"Yes," she panted as his fingers took hold of her erect nipples and began to squeeze. "I wanted to fuck my daughter's husband."

"It's what you needed wasn't it?" He grunted, using his grip on her tits to force her backward as his hips bucked forward, driving into her hard and deep.

"God yes!" She cried out, a mini-orgasm bursting as she said the words.

The pace of his thrusts increased with each word of their conversation. By this point her shame was almost completely overshadowed at this point by her the carnal bliss enveloping her. Her entire body trembled in ecstasy. Suddenly she felt his hard cock slip out of her pussy and he quickly repositioned himself, sitting down on the couch that she remained bent over.

"Get on it." He ordered with a wicked grin, his words becoming staggered as his breath quickened.


Kayla straddled his crotch and slowly eased her dripping pussy over his waiting dick. It was already slick with her juices and she moaned softly as his hands took hold of her hips and began guiding her up and down on his hard shaft. Her hands immediately moved to her breasts and she began squeezing and pinching them enthusiastically as she bounced up and down on him.

"My God, you wanted this badly didn't you?" He asked, clearly pleased with her eagerness.

"So bad, so bad..." was all the response she could muster as her cunt greedily sucked his manhood in and out.

"Tell me how long you've wanted it." He demanded, delighting in the power he had over her.

"So long Jason!" She cried out, their dialogue immeasurably adding to her building orgasm. "I've wanted to fuck you for a long time."

Her hands were all over her chest, massaging her tits and pinching her nipples as her hungry snatch slid up and down on her son-in-law.

"Tell me how much you love it." He dictated, his hands joining hers on her bouncing bosom. "Tell me how much you love fucking your daughter's husband."

"I love it!" She all too happily replied as his fingers tugged at her rock hard nipples. "I love fucking my daughter's husband!"

He leaned forward and sucked one of her nipples in between his lips as she bounced harder and faster on top of him, her back arching in uncontrollable contortions as they fucked.

Kayla could not believe how turned on she was, not only by the taboo fucking she was engaged in with this young man, but equally by the language the two of them were throwing around while doing so. Never before had she been spoken to like this, nor spoken herself. She could not get enough of it. Her pussy spasmed intensely with their words and she tossed her head from side to side, her tangled curls swinging wildly as she rode his as fast as she could.

"Fuck me!" She screamed at the top of her lungs like a woman possessed. "I love fucking my daughter's husband! I wanted it so bad!"

Hearing herself admit such unspeakable desires sent her over the top and an orgasm washed over her, the size of which she had never imagined possible. She thrashed and bucked on top of his cock as the thunderous release burst out of her.

"Fuck me!" Jason grunted, finally having hit his peak as well.

Without another word he quickly pulled her off of his throbbing cock and flipped her onto the couch. Rapidly stroking his throbbing dick, he took aim at her heaving bosom, and exploded. Her eyes widened in surprise as she felt the strands of his hot come splash onto her tits.

As he finished off, he looked down at her with a satisfied grin and guided his softening prick to her lips. He let out a groan as she willingly slipped it into her mouth.

Kayla looked up at her son-in-law as her tongue washed over his cock. She could hardly believe how fulfilling it felt to admit her taboo desires and act out on such illicit fantasies. Never before had she felt so completely satisfied... and so completely ashamed.

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Tasting the forbidden fruit.

I hope all goes well for Kayla,she seems like a nice Lady.

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